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The Lesson

A young an is asked to stay after school by a sexy teacher....
It was the second time in a week that his teacher had asked him to stay late after class. The first time was a detention for speaking out of turn and he's had to sit in a classroom empty except for Miss Robertson at the teachers desk.  He was meant to have been finishing his maths but spent the entire 40 min surrepticiously watching her mark papers.  She'd been wearing a charcoal skirt and an ivory silk blouse which was tight over her chest, indeed so tight that a button had come undone and he could see the white lace of her bra and the curve of her breasts.  He had developed an embarrasing erection that wouldnt quit and that got harder every time she uncrossed her legs or moved her arms for then he could see more of her underwear.  At times he was sure she saw him watching, but he must have been wrong as she didnt change her behaviour.  And no matter how he tried he couldnt look away. When she came over to him at the end of the time and leant down to check what he had done he could smell her, and the brush of her arm as she accidently touched him sent shivers down his body, he was so scared she'd be able to see his hard on under his trousers.  But again she didnt seem to notice.  She left the room first, and seemed to look him right in the eye as she did up her blouse.  It took him a while to leave, he could hardly believe what had happened.
This time it was just the two of them again, but Miss Robertson locked the door behind her.  Instead of assigning him work she asked for his help in preparing the next lesson.  He sat down at the desk, uncomfortable with the fact that he was already hard just remembering the last time.  She didnt speak, she just stopped at the desk in front of his and placed one shiny black high heel on the chair and started adjusting her stocking, he could see right up her skirt, he could see the lace at the top of her stocking and the ribbon of her garter belt and the darkness that was obviously black knickers.  His arousal was urgent and swift, he had no idea about what to do and could only think of the fact that he was so hard he couldnt move.  She smiled a knowing smile and ran a hand up her leg to her hip, across her stomach and over her breasts.  This was more than anything his 17 year old mind could have imagined, and he gulped, the sound audible in the quiet classroom.  He saw her unbutton her blouse, saw the beautiful satin bra emerge and watched as she touched her nipples, pinching them and squeezing them until they stood out through the material.  He was so turned on and wondered if he was meant to be doing something.  Did she expect him to try and touch her?  By this time his confined erection was becoming painful, and no matter how embarrasing it was he had to do something about it.  He moved his hand to his lap, ashamed, but she was staring at him as if she was waiting for this then she took a step forward.
"Let me help you there." She said as she reached down.  Her breasts were pushed towards his face as he felt her hand cup him  and rub him through the denim.  He moaned, unable to move as her fingers ran up and down the zipper before pulling it down and releasing him. He was ashamed at how ready he was, at the fact he was wet already, and he wondered if she knew she was the first person to ever touch him.  He was so turned on that he knew he was about to come and there was nothing he could do about it. He was frozen to his seat. His balls felt hot and tight and full, and he was harder than he'd ever been. His teacher was in front of him, top undone, breasts covered in shiny satin inches from his face, her fingers running lightly over him.  He knew it was about to happen and couldnt stop it if he wanted to.  As her hand gripped him lightly and her thumb ran over his head he shook and came, spurting all over her fingers. She'd barely touched him, he was mortifed at his lack of restraint and was sure he'd disappointed her.  To his surprise when he looked up she was smiling at him, and said "Lets start the lesson."
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