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The Long Hot Summer - Part 1

Best friends become more.
Home alone... My folks will be gone for about three hours - perhaps a bit longer, but we can't count on it. My dreams have been full of you since those few minutes we snatched two days ago, my mind awash in elaborate fantasies, what we'd do if we could get time and privacy - and now we're going to have both! I hear a rap at the door and get up to open it, hoping... Yes, it's you, and my heart gives a leap at the sight of your smile. I usher you in, carefully locking and chaining the door behind you. Then you're in my arms, those wet scorching lips are devouring my mouth, breathing heavily already. I run my hand up your back, pressing you tight against me, tongues wrestling playfully.... Your t-shirt is old, faded from many washings, worn thin from years of use and it clings to your curves as if it fully appreciates the privilege. I can feel that there's nothing beneath it but you, and the realization pours through me in a rush. I grow hard and thick beneath my cut-offs; pressed as tightly together as we are, there's no way you can't feel it, and I hold my breath... you could be flattered, maybe even aroused, or you could be insulted, slap me and leave.

I see your eyes widen... then, with a grin, you lunge back to capture my mouth again, kissing feverishly, moaning into each others' mouth... God, I love the way this feels. Your nipples are hard as bullets. I can feel the heat of them through two layers of cloth. Damn, I'm horny!

You break the liplock to whisper, "Let's go to your room." I nod, my blood racing... we walk arm in arm to my room. I close and lock the door and flip the radio on. We get on the bed and kick off our shoes. You even have pretty feet, and God, those softly tanned legs...! You're wearing well-worn cutoffs today, a concession to the heat outside. They fit with never a wrinkle, outlining your tight ass, terminating in a soft fringe where the denim is slowly giving up the ghost.

It takes us a minute to get arranged on the bed to our comfort - then we surge into each others' arms again. Our mouths meet hungrily, eating each other alive, our tongues playing. My cock is fit to explode through my cutoffs; the outline of it is clearly visible. The sounds we make as we kiss have ceased to resemble human speech; they're something more primitive, something that calls to the blood rather than the intellect. You press your body tight against mine, our legs intertwining. I draw my lips along your throat, licking slowly; your head goes back, giving me freer access. One hand draws lightly down your back, coming to rest at the waistband of your shorts. Your t-shirt has rucked up a little there, and there's an inch-wide band of naked flesh under my hand. I kiss and lick and bite your smooth throat, loving the taste of you, watching your reaction under veiled lids so I can learn what you like best. My heart is thundering in my chest, my mind awash in wicked fantasies. Your hand finds its way as if by accident to my engorged cock and we both gasp; you, at the hardness and heat of it, me from the amazing rush that flows up my spine at your touch. You snatch your hand back and I almost groan in disappointment, but my mouth is engaged with yours.

My hands move up and down your sides as we kiss, brushing the sides of your breasts with every descent, and you reciprocate by rubbing them against my chest. Your lips find my throat, nipping, taking it between your teeth and tugging... I groan as you lick, your tongue so hot, so wet...! I don't know how much more of this I can stand, but I'm certainly gonna find out!

Your t-shirt has rucked up some more from all the play, at least three inches of your belly on display, decorated by the cutest belly-button I've ever seen.... I've seen you wearing less that this; you've been laying out in your bikini all summer, but somehow that three-inch gap means more. Maybe because my hand is stroking lightly across it and you're moaning with delight, all but lying on top of me now, shivering, shuddering, grinding together unconsciously. I can scent your arousal and it inflames me still further, if such a thing is possible. Abandoning pretense, I begin to work your shirt up higher, breaking the kiss to ask, "Is this okay?". You answer with a fierce kiss that seems to go soul-deep and I gradually widen the expanse of soft bare flesh. You moan and writhe against me, then with an impatient "let me", you rise above me and wrestle your t-shirt over your head, letting it fall where it will.

Oh fuck...! Your tits are soft and shapely, your nipples hard pulsing peaks that ache to be touched. I reach out, but you shake your head with a throaty giggle. "Your turn." I set a world speed record whipping off my shirt, then you smile and fall on top of me. Oh my God! Heated flesh to heated flesh, we grind into each other, all but naked, wanting, aching for more. A dark spot is spreading across the crotch of your faded cutoffs, and mine are near to exploding. I cup your breasts, pinch and twist and tug at your nipples, leave love bites all over your breasts. It's not enough and we both know it, but I can't get enough of you. I want to make love to every part of you, not just your pussy - if I even get that far. It seems likely, though, because your hand is squeezing my cock through the soft denim, tracing every contour of my swollen shaft. If it was accidental before, it seems an accident you're ready and willing to repeat indefinitely....

I kiss my way down your body, my tongue hot and scorching as I kiss and lick your tits, tug at your nipples, short hot licks down your belly, swirling into your belly button... I trace it all the way to the waistband of your shorts and slip it just beneath; you moan, your hips wiggling madly. "God... just take them off."

It takes a minute to get them down over your hips; the tightness I'd admired earlier now seems like a Chinese finger trap - but finally they come free and I skim them down your luscious legs - and off. You raise your legs so your feet are flat on the bed, spread them wide and I dive in with my mouth. Later I'll take time to admire the view; now this is about your pleasure. Bypassing your thighs, I move straight to the core of you... kissing your sweet wet pussy, the fragrance of you intoxicating, the taste of you as heady as ambrosia. My tongue forces your swollen lips to part and I take my time, licking and kissing along the edges, gliding beneath to taste more of you. My mouth glistens with your wetness and I want more. My tongue probes you slowly, lovingly, tasting you, breathing in your scent. Your clit is pulsing with every beat of your heart, but I avoid it for now.... Instead, I concentrate on eating you. You've given me the gift of your nakedness today, and your passion. I want to repay those gifts with the most amazing orgasms I'm capable of giving.

Licking, sucking, teasing, probing... my tongue plays the 1812 Overture on your overheated pussy; your hips jerk and twitch as I eat you and your voice is a long low continuous moan. You've had several small climaxes already and my cock is fit to burst. I move to bring just the tip of my tongue against your glistening pearl and lick. Your legs come up, wrapping around my neck, pulling me closer, deeper... I kiss and lick and suck your hot little button, reveling in the sounds you're making, every tremor that races through you. I rake it gently with my teeth, even take it between my teeth and bite - with infinite care - while I continue to lick. My tongue flickers over your clit, fast as a hummingbird's wings. Your fingers are in your pussy now, fingering yourself unashamedly - perhaps even unknowingly.

It's coming, oh God it's coming! It builds slowly, like a wave, rising... cresting... and then it roars over you, smashes through your defenses, rips a scream from your throat - and then another and another and another, my tongue tireless and unceasing, wanting to make you cum forever....

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