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The Long Hot Summer - Part 3

Best friends become more.
Some time later….

We've been necking some more, just messing around since you made me cum and inevitably we're starting to get horny again. Part of it is your gorgeous body. I'm smart enough to know that you bear little resemblance to a Playboy  centerfold - but you're real. Sexy soft skin, a real tan, real tits, a genuine smile and real enjoyment in the real pleasure we share. That's worth more than all the airbrushed-perfect beauties they can stack up.

Part of it is just you. We've known each other since elementary school, way back before you liked boys, and I think I've loved you a little all that time. It sounds like a dumb after-school special, but it's the way I feel. And then you were a tomboy, always having to do everything the guys could do, but better… Somewhere in those years you went all bosomy and leggy and tan and just amazingly hot - and the friendship remained. I was there for your first boyfriend and the first time your heart got broken. When you got laid for the first time, I was the person you told first. You were there for me, too, and friendship turned to attraction, to lust, to…?

Still, it feels… incomplete, and we both know what we have to do to make it complete. Which is no hardship, 'cause we want to anyway.

There must have been an unspoken signal, a look in your eyes, or in mine, something… We move toward each other again, kissing, tasting each other, our hands roving again… I cup your tits, pinch and twist and tug at your nipples. Your teeth worry at my throat, my own sweet vampire. We play without apparent purpose for maybe ten or fifteen minutes, just reveling in pleasure - and then there's another of those silent signals. Your eyes meet mine and you take a deep breath… you raise your legs as before, spread them wide for me…. I look at you for a long moment, trying to burn this memory into my brain forever and ever. You're smiling, and so are your eyes.

It's time.

I kneel above you, kiss you slowly and deeply, and slowly ease my cock into your tight hot pussy. We groan as one. God, you feel so good!  I try to go slow, something I can do now since I've already cum once, sliding deep, holding it here, feeling you clench tight around me - then slowly pull back till just the head is left inside you. Again, feeling your wetness gliding along my cock. Again, with your legs wrapping around my waist, pulling me in deeper. Again, with my heart racing, pulse pounding, feeling your arousal, feeling your lust, feeling - what? My cock is throbbing fit to burst and your sweet tight cunt has a deathgrip on me.

And then - quite simply - we snap.

"Oh God, baby, fuck me! Fuck me!" And I do, pounding into you hard, splitting your pussy wide, driving in deep, taking you. You thrust forward to meet me, taking my cock, wanting more, more! "Oh, harder, baby! Fuck me hard, fuck my little pussy!" Your body is covered with a light sheen of sweat and you look beautiful, fucking me, taking me, letting the beast loose to devour. I ram into you - hard, rough, ruthless - and you respond, wailing, a long ululating scream as I slam into you again and again.

I pull out of you. "On you knees! Now!"

You move to obey and I kneel behind you and slam deep again, penetrating farther, deeper than before. You're crying with pleasure now, tight and wet and hot, feeling me split your pussy wide open with my aching shaft. I fist a hand in your hair, pull your head back tight and fuck you with everything I have.

"Oh God, baby, yes - like that, just like that! Oh God, yes, fuck me! Fuck my tight little pussy, fuck me hard! God it feels so fucking good! Oh, that's it, baby - yes - oh yes! Fuck! Make me cum, make me cum hard! Oh God, don't stop, please don't stop! Yes, yes, yesyesyesyesYES! Fuck me!"

I feel you cum, feel it rippling up your spine, riding you hard, pounding and pounding and pounding - and then it hits me, too. I throw my head back with a growl and I burst inside of you, just a minute behind you, GOD, cumming and cumming and filling your hot pussy with molten heat…!


It feels perfect. It feels right. Like a piece I didn't know I was missing until now… we look at each other, wrapped around each other, smiling -

then my alarm clock goes off.

Fuck! My parents are gonna be home any minute!

Getting dressed seems to take hours, days even, but we make it just in time. You give me one last hot-as-hell kiss before you wink at me and slip out of my window.

Five minutes later, my folks are home.

"So what were you doing while we were gone?"

"Ah - nothing much. Stuff."

But the memory remains….

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