The Mail Man Came Twice

By gela08

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She was relaxing on her sofa and waiting on a package.
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It was a  hot August afternoon, I was waiting for the mail man to deliver a special package I had ordered online.  He usually came around noon and it was 11:30 am.  I was hot and sticky and really wanted to take a quick shower but was afraid that I would miss my package.  I looked out the window and decided I would chance it.  So I got into the tub and took a quick cool shower.  It felt so good.  When I got out of shower it was so hot  there was no reason to even dry off, so I didn't.  I slipped into my black silk robe the one that barley covers anything and took a quick glance out the window and laid down on my sofa. 

I must have fell asleep because when I opened my eyes I thought I was dreaming.  There in front of me was the mail man.  He was wearing that dull blue uniform but he looked so sexy.  I should have been scared but I wasn't.  He on the other hand looked turned on and nervous all at the same time.   He quickly mumbled out an apology and said I just didn't want you to miss your package.  I noticed he was staring between my legs.  I sat up and my robe fell from my shoulders.  

His name was Jon.  I thought you would never cum, I mean I was waiting for your "delivery".   Jon was now staring at my ample breasts and every time I took a breath he seemed to lose his.  He said I am sorry if I scared you but when I saw you through the window I knew I had to touch you.   Well then touch me.  I slowly opened my legs moved to the edge of the sofa.  I asked him to kneel in front of me and he did.  I took his hand and guided his fingers to my clit.  He began to rub it and I let out a little moan.  His manhood was so hard and large I could feel it against my leg.  I asked him what he wanted to do and he told me that he wanted to eat my pussy but that there was one problem.  What's  wrong?  I have a trainee down the street that I am supposed to train today.  He might mess up if I am not there.  What is  the trainees name? His name is Robert. I used to have a boyfriend named Robert.   Well, if today is his first day what a great day for all of us.  I have never had sex with two men, especially not two men in uniform.  Jon got up and repositioned his dick so he could walk.  I laid back down and waited for him to return with Robert.  It took them less than two minutes.  They both came running into my front door, half out of breath and way excited. Jon introduced Robert to me and I told them that we only needed to make one deal.  They both quickly responded "anything".  The deal is I get to run the show.  They agreed.  I stood up and allowed my robe to fall to the floor.  I told Robert to undress and he did.  I sat back down and spread my legs wide and told him to get on his knees and when he did, I took his head and directed him to my pussy.  He began to suck on my clit and I was lifting off the sofa to meet his mouth.  It felt so good I wanted to cum in his mouth. I told him to slow down so we could all enjoy ourselves.  I motioned to Jon to come over and sit on the sofa next to me.  he did.   I began to massage his penis through his blue uniform pants.  He was getting harder by the minute and I couldn't hold in my cum any longer.  When Robert slid two fingers inside of me, while sucking on my clit I just bust right into his mouth.  I fell back into Jon's arms.  It felt so good.  I laid there for a few moments.   I asked Robert did he want to keep sucking and of course he said yes so he did.  While he began eating my pussy I unzipped Jon's pants and began sucking his dick.  I was stroking his dick with my hand while licking the head and moving up and down the shaft.  I took a quick break and noticed that Robert was stroking his own dick while he was eating me out.  I increased my pace and felt his dick get stiff he said I am about to come where do you want it.  I said on my breast and pulled back so he could shoot his hot cum on my chest.  He was ready to eat some pussy and asked if they could switch.  I said no I need some dick inside of me. 

So Robert got on the sofa and I got onto my knees in front of him and began to suck on his large dick.  While I was doing that Jon got behind me and spread my cheeks open and started eating.  I was so weak in the knees that Jon had to hold me up while he ate my ass and pussy.  Poor Robert didn't even get off because I was way too weak to give him the great sucking that Jon got.  I asked Jon to go get a wet cloth and he did.  I decided to ride Robert backwards so that my breasts would be free for Jon to suck on.  When Jon came back I was already moving up and down on Roberts ample dick.  Jon handed me the cloth I wiped the cum from my breasts and told him to suck my breasts.  It felt wonderful, the combination of riding up and down on Robert's dick while Jon massaged, sucked and pulled on my nipples.  Jon placed his hands around my waist to help me keep my rhythm.  I could tell he was about to cum and I bounced up and down only three more times before he held me there and I felt his hot cum shoot into my pussy.  The feeling was unexplainable.  I turned around and put my arms around his neck and he began to move with me so I could cum again.  When I came I just sat there on his lap.  They both commented on how they had worn me out.  So Jon got up with me still on his lap and carried me into my bed.  I asked them to join me for a quick nap.  Robert had my front while Jon took my back and we took a short afternoon  nap.  When I woke up they were both gone.  Jon had left me a note that said I had great time and so did Robert, I sure hope you order something soon.  I immediately got up and walked over to my computer to place an order that would require special delivery.