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The missing piece

Forbidden Love...High Risks
Can you please comment after reading this as this is my first time on here? This story is about me having my first time with the boy I could never be with. He was about 6'2", big brown eyes, a killer smile, and a six pack. As for me I'm about 5'4", tiny waist , medium size ass, 38D cup breast.

I rolled over and looked at the clock. Wow it was already 3:00 am. Then my phone started ringing and I knew it was him. I opened the window and he climbed in without making a sound. He was drenched from the rain. I felt his grasp around my hips and his soft lips meet mine. Our tongues wrestled and his 9 inch dick was longing for some attention.

He gently lead me to the bed where he unclipped my bra and let my D cup breasts fall out. He looked me in my eyes and started slowly sucking on my neck. Then down to my breast where he flicked each nipple with his tongue, then he lowered down kissing my flat stomach. Then he arrived at my tiny wet pussy.

He started kissing my thighs with such soft kisses it made me squirm. He gently glided his tongue sliding my soaking wet panties to the side. Then he dove in sucking and flicking my pussy. It was to much to handle I could feel the anxiety building up. Then he plunged his tongue into my tiny hole. I started grinding my hips into his face as he shoved his tongue even deeper. I couldn't take it anymore. I arched my back and screamed and with that I exploded.

He quickly got up and put his head near my entrance. I sat up quickly which shocked him.I pulled him closer and grab his wood and slowly twirled my tongue around his head. Then I took him all. I suddenly realized what I got myself into. I started gagging as his dick was throbbing rapidly in my mouth. Then I felt him pull me up. "Babe let me please fuck you I want you so badly.",he whispered.

He put his dick near my entrance again and pushed. The pain was unbearable but the pleasure was great. A tear rolled down and he quickly pulled out. "Baby I do not wanna hurt you," he said.

I got up an pushed him down on the bed. I climbed on top of him and started slowly rocking my hips back and forth. I could feel him in my gut he was so big. He started to fuck me hard and rough with me screaming his name with every stroke. That feeling was back again and my walls clamped down around his dick and I screamed as I felt his creamy hot load shoot into me.

I laid limp for a minute or two and I slowly climbed off and cuddled up against him. He then whispered into my ear, "Baby I'm ready for round 2."

We soon were back into another passionate kiss. I felt his cold hand slide down my curves to my ass. Then he slid his finger into my throbbing pussy again. He started slowly with just one finger. Then he added another. Soon there was three fingers going in and out my tiny whole at full speed. The feeling was back again. I dug my nails into his skin and screamed out, "Oh baby don't stop please don't. This feels so freakin' amazing."

He pulled out his fingers when I finally relaxed but he shove them in my mouth. My juices tasted so sweet. Then he started kissing me again pushing his tongue further into my mouth. I was so busy that I did not notice that the doorknob to my bedroom started to jiggle....

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