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The Mistake

Two intelligent freshman profit from the school's error.
“There must be some mistake,” the pretty girl said as she stood in the middle of the dorm room looking at the thin boy wearing just his Jockey underpants. Two suitcases and a old brown dufflebag were at her feet and a tennis racket in her hands.

Bill grabbed his khakis and pulled them on, bouncing on one foot. “I guess so. Let’s go see the RA.” He picked up his shirt and followed her to the elevator, admiring her slim body and bouncing, blonde ponytail. She was about his size but an altogether different shape.

In the RA’s office, he punched up his computer, made a face and said, “Nope, it’s the right room. What’s the problem?”

“She’s a girl, sir. Didn’t you notice?”

The man smiled. “So she is, but the box isn’t checked so they just read her name. Tommy, right?”

The blonde nodded. “Guess I missed that.”

“You’re on scholarship, huh, both of you are. That’s unusual.”

“So’s this,” Billy said. “Where’s she going to... " He stopped and blinked at her and licked his lips, feeling some very unusual thoughts. His penis twitched.

“Don’t have an open bed. You can give her the room and bunk in the lounge I guess. We’ll get it sorted out by the end of the week. Always some no-shows and some quitters.”

He waved them away.

Back in their room they sat on the wooden desk chairs and looked at each other. Tommy sniffed and wriggled her nose. “It’s your room. You were here first.”

He nodded. “What are you studying?”

“Physics, theoretical probably. Might change; things are always changing.”

He nodded. “I’m into particle stuff.”

“Well, we could help each other I guess.”

He nodded.

“You have a sister or anything?”

He shook his head.

“I’m an only child. I’m only sixteen.”

“Wow,” he said. “I just turned eighteen, last week. You must be smart.”

She smiled and nodded.

“You’re awful pretty.”

“Yeah,” she said. “So I’ve heard a few times.”

“I guess we could both sleep here for a few days.”

“I guess,” she said. “I mean if you’re, you know, not horny or anything.”

Two hours later they went down to the cafeteria, still taking string theory and had their supper.

They watched the news on his Blackberry and then the girl used the bathroom and put on her new flannel pajamas while he looked out the window. It was about 11:30. Billy brushed his teeth, urinated and stripped off and climbed into his bed, determined to quickly sleep, trying to ignore his lusty thoughts.

“Pretty interesting day,” she said quietly.

“Yeah. You sure were calm, I mean I’d probably be yelling and jumping up and down.”

She laughed and inhaled, smiling. “We’re both intelligent. We can work this out I’m sure.”

“I don’t think I’ll write home about it. Nobody’d believe me any way.”

“Right. You’re not on Facebook or anything are you?”

“No, that’s dumb stuff. I look at Physics Today sometimes.”

“Me too. He’s pretty sharp.”

They both lay quietly looking at the lights flickering on the ceiling.

Billy heard her bed creak and then she was beside him, hugging him and breathing in his ear. “I’m scared. Sorry. Never been away from home.”

He shivered, well aware that he was naked. “It’s okay, but back off some; don’t hug me.”

Her hand slid down his ribs and then his hip. “You don’t have anything on,” she whispered.

He sighed and tried to relax, feeling his penis getting excited. She took her hand away and turned over so her back was to him. “This better?” she asked quietly.

“Yes, I guess so.” He tried to slow his breathing, lay on his back and felt his cock filling and rising. He grasped the sheet, downing the urge to grab it. His swelling rod quivered, rubbed the sheet and kept growing, poking straight up.

“You always sleep like that, no clothes, no pjs or anything?” she asked quietly.

“Well, yeah, always have.” He didn’t say he had been doing since he started getting erections at night and creaming in his pajama pants. Now, when the urge overcame him, he grabbed some tissues. He still had nocturnal emissions from time to time. He hadn’t thought about that problem. He heard her breath get deeper and more regular and tried to turn off his head. It didn’t work.

He snuggled up behind her, one hand folded into his chest and felt his long, hard ram slide up between her thighs, dragging cloth with it, her flannel pajamas.

She made an um sound and wiggled some.

Billy tried to sleep, pulled free and turned on his side as he usually did, but his cock demanded attention.

“Tommy,” he whispered.

She shuddered and awoke. “Um, what, are you?”

“Uh huh. This isn’t going to work. My body wants your body.”

“You can sleep on the floor.” She sniffed.

“Thanks,” he said with a laugh and grasped his prick and fell to his back. She turned toward him and put her hand on his stomach. He let go of it and gritted his teeth.

“I’m sorry. I was asleep I guess.”

“S’ok. But you ought to get back in your own bed.”

Her hand slid down his belly and found his cock. She scratched it gently and then grasped it firmly. “It’s hot.”

“Blood,” he said. “Ninety-eight point six.”

She giggled and stroked a couple of times and then palmed his cock head. “I’m legal,” she whispered.

“We shouldn’t.”

“Why not.”


“No problem. Got a shot. I’m protected.”

“Not STD’s.”

“You had a lot of girls, have you?” Her fingers fluttered over his globular scrotum.

“Never. I’m a virgin.”

“Me too.”


She took her hand away. “You don’t want to.” She wiggled off her pajama bottoms and turned her back to him.

“Didn’t say that,” he whispered.

He turned to her, grasped her breasts with both hands and pulled her to him. Her breasts were small and round, baseball sized, and his striving cock was right up between her legs and poking out between them.

“I’m scared,” she sighed, trembling, feeling his penis in her folds.

He rubbed her slit with his rigid horn, back and forth gently. “How’s that feel?”

“Odd, strange, exciting,” she said. “Do some more.”

They did. And did. And then did some more.

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