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The model

first time posing nude
The Model


I've been a freelance photographer now since I was in my late teens. I am now 61 and have had many interesting shoots over the years. From your normal studio high school shoots, to glamours, nudes, erotica, outdoor, weddings, etc. Keeps life interesting to say the least.

About a year ago a new restaurant opend in my home town. I live in a small agriculteral community in eastern Michigan. This was but a small mom and pop eatery. One of the waitresses (I'll call her Anne here) caught my attention from the very start. Small, about 5', slender, and just turned 20. Even my other half commented on how she looked, and teased me....calling me a dirty old man (DOM).

On more than one occasion I told Anne I'd love to shoot her. She'd blush, or make some sort of comment that she wasn't 'MODEL' material. I told her it didn't matter, I still found her attractive and wished she'd model for me. After a couple months of this persistance, she sat at our table one night and asked what I wanted.

I told her there were sites on-line that she could make alot of money posing naked. She could use an alias as to offer some protection. I gave her the site name so she could look and see that she'd fit in with the other gals there. A couple days later she asked if she could come over and talk further.

The site requested that she submit a minimum three postings a month. Anyone 'purchasing' admittence to her pages, paid a monthly fee. Anne would receive 50% of all funds coming into her site. Over and above her photo sets she could sell videos, extra 'private' sets, lingere, even arrange 'meets' with a client if she wished.

Anything above the original sets, she would receive 100% of. For setting up the site, taking and editing, and uploading the pics. Responding to the eventual e-mails, sending out anything purchased, I would get 20% of the gross. Some 'FANS' would even send her lingerie to model in, which for an agreed upon set of private pics, she would get to keep.

Anne needed the extra bucks, so we set a date for her to come over and start. We set up an e-mail account in her chosen stage name. then we purchased a post box that folks could mail to. Sent in all the required paperwork to the site and started building the site.

The first afternoon she arrived to pose, I could tell she was a bit nervous. The wife stayed at home to assure her that nothing would happen, that she didn't want to happen. She and I went into the bedroom and she started to strip right away. I had to stop her. I told her lets start this dressed and slowly uncover. She was a quick study and followed what I said.

First were a few plain shots with her dressed and standing against the wall. All the normal stuff, hands to side, hands on hips, hands in hair, slightly turned with her ass sticking out some. She had a youthful figure 34b-22-34. As she'd begin taking off her blouse, I knew I wouldn't be sorry. She wore a simple black lace bra, her tan nipples visible through the lace. Dark tan circles capping her firm conical breasts.

As she took off her jeans her slender toned leggs came to view. They looked as if sculpted from the finest marble. Rising, ending at a wonderfully rounded ass. Neither too big, or too small for her build. She looked as if the finest engineers had sculpted her body, Tight bikini panties, black like her bra, accentuated her ass. In front was a prominant mound that seemed to scream to be felt.

Slowly, Coyly, I had her remove her bra. Almost forgetting to take pictures as she disrobed. She was just starting to take off her underwear when I told her to do so as if she was enticing a boyfriend. To tease me, to keep me interested. She seemed to et the idea and hesitantly removed her bra. One strap, sliding from her shoulder, an impetuous look in her eyes. Covering the front of her bra with her forearm, she slipped the other strap from her shoulders. Now the only thing holding it in place was that forearm.

By this time I'd taken almost 100 photos and had yet to see pussy or breasts. I told her to hand the bra out to me and took the shot: as if she, in offering her bra, was offering herself. As I took the bra from her, Anne stood there like some young innocent. Shoulders pulled together, her arms crossed at her wrists, squeezing her breasts together. The viens on the insides of her breasts stood out. There was no sag at all, just perfect cones. In her nervousness her nipples were hard as granite. I had to pause and just admire for a moment. That, and adjust the erection in my sweats.

I told her to strike some poses for me, and she did. Arms across her chest, her nipples peeking from between the crooks in her elbows. Then, her arms behind her back, head turned slightly, chin down, eyes looking up and to an angle at me. Then a shot with her looking downward's toward the floor.

I then had her turn her back towards me, leaning against the wall, her arms spread out over her head, her legs spread wide. The roundness, the firmness of her asscheeks, perfect spheres against the lace of her panties. First looking straight at the wall, then downwards, then looking back over her shoulder at me. I could feel the precum moistening the inside of my sweats.

It was time to see the rest. Telling her to remove her panties, she slid them from her legs....snap.....snap....snap. In a bit of playfulness I had her stretch her panty waistband between her fingers and 'shoot' them to me.....snap. Now she was now nude. For the first time fully naked before me. Her shaved mound prominent below, nipples hard on her chest. I stood from the bed where I'd been sitting taking her photos and told her to lie back. It was as she laid back on the bed I think she actually noticed my erection.

As she laid back, she accidentally (??) let her hand graze my hard cock. She asked me she was the cause of that. I simply told her there was no one else around, what did she think.

As I posed her for the next 45 minutes I caught her many times looking at the swelling in my pants. A couple times I had to coach her to look someplace and she would realize I'd caught her looking again. I put her to ease, letting her know that, a 20 yr old woman, looking at my bulge, was a compliment I'd happily take.

Many shots were taken...on her side, her back, on her belly, each and every one I found as erotic as the many I'd shot before it. As I posed her on her hands and knees, her pussy aimed at me, I saw for the first time a creamy moistness seeping from her cbetween her legs. I rested my hand on her asscheek for but a moment and then let my fingers slide along her slit. Her pussy lips parted as I heard the softest gasp come from her. Feeling her juices on my finger.

A couple more shots and I had to taste her. Bending forward I knew she was aware of what I was about to do and didn't move or resist my advance. She bent down, resting her shoulders on the mattress. This left her ass parted, her pussy lips hanging slightly open, and her juices seeping from inside. As I leaned in I could smell the pugnancy of her sex. Like a drug my mind became numb to anything else.

I tenderly drew the tip of my tongue form the hood covering her clit, upwards, over her clit, through the swollen lips of her pussy, to the edge of her hole. Tightening my tongue, I started inserting itinside. I could not only taste, but feel her inner wall convulse on my probing tongue. Her knees weakened causing her ass to move back towards my face.

Laying the camera on the floor, I reached betwen her legs and arms and cupped those hard, firm breasts. When my tongue was deep inside, and my hands on her nipples, Anne began to move back and forth, fucking my tongue on her own. I didn't have to move. She used my tongue as a small cock, stabbing inside, devouring her as it traveled too and fro.

In little time I felt her thighs harden, her lungs gasp, and felt the rush of her orgasm on my face. I drank her essence like a man possesed. As she laid her head in her hands, I stood momentarily and dropped my sweats, my cock standing out like it hadn't in years. I could wait any more, pushing the fat head against her I thrust deep in one long lunge. "Arrrrrgggghhhhh", she gasped!

As my balls slammed against her clit, my cockhead buried deep, I could feel that tunnel of her pussy milk me. I knew this wasn't going to last long, but none the less, I fucked her with everything I had. Each thrust seemed to take the wind from her lungs. Reaching under me she cupped my nuts. I could feel my cock begin to swell, ready to spurt its seed deep within her. My knees weakened, the tingle we all know, set me like a volcano erupting. Shot after shot of cum fired deep into her cunt.

As I softened and slowly withdrew, steam after stream of my cum leaked from her pussy. Anne turned, took my softening cock in her mouth and tenderly licked our mutual juices from my cock and balls.

The next hour I shot a 2nd set of photos as she took a hot soaking bubble bath cleaning the sweat and juices from her body. When she left that evening I'd taken over 500 photos, and fucked her twice.

For the next 6 months we'd meet about once a week taking more photos, fucking, and both of us (at least me) having the time of our lives. I'm sad to say that she moved away 6 months after we started, but those six months were some of the most wonderful in my life. I still have the thousands of pics I took, and the memories of the sex we shared. Me eating her, her eating me, and the positions and areas we found to fuck. never tell a 61 yr old man he's too old.

PS, if you'd like to read more of Anne and I, just let me know.

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