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The Neighbor's Daughter III: April Needs Someone

Henry helps a depressed teen come out of her shell.
Henry’s life had settled down considerably after popping their cherries and initiating sixteen-year-olds, Candy and Tasha, into the world of sex. Even with the little blue pills, those two teenagers along with Tasha's mother, Helen, had nearly worn out his fifty-year-old ass. Helen had become Henry’s girlfriend and a frequent visitor. Henry and Helen enjoyed maintaining the fantasy of her being the student to his sex teacher role. They had a very full sex life.

Then, one Saturday morning, another woman knocked on Henry’s door. When he opened the door she said, "My name is Mona. May I come in and speak with you, Sir?"

Henry stepped aside and replied, "Come in, Mona. How may I help you?"

Mona was the middle-aged mother of April. She described April as a seventeen-year-old girl who attended the same high school as Candy and Tasha. Mona said, "April is nothing like those two cheerleaders. She stands about 5'6" and weights a little over 200 pounds. Even though she is rather heavy, she is not an unattractive girl."

Mona hesitated a moment then continued to speak. "We understand you have, shall we say, ‘trained’ a couple of the girls from the local high school. We thought you might do the same for April."

Henry put on a good surprised act. "Whoa, Mona! I don’t know what you’re talking about. Just what kind of training are you alluding to?"

Mona continued, "April is so sad. She’s seventeen and can’t seem to get a boy interested in her enough to even ask her out for a date. As I said, she’s over weight. She’s tried losing weight but hasn’t been successful. She is ashamed of herself and is showing signs of depression. We’ve been to all kinds of councilors. They just depress her all the more. Can you help her, Sir?"

"Mona, please call me Henry. I am not a shrink, nor am I a councilor. Perhaps that is where you should continue to go. I don’t have the expertise to address depression." Henry tried to be gentle.

"Sir, er Henry, we know what you do. Knowledge of you, and your special training, is all over the high school. We want you to try to help April. Please, Henry." Mona was practically begging.

"Mona, let me be blunt. At the parents request, I have made love to a couple of young ladies of legal age. I show them how good sex can feel and to enjoy different acts by doing them. Is that the kind of thing you want for your daughter, April?"

"We’ve tried about everything else. I'm afraid we’ll lose her to drugs or health issues if we don’t do something soon. Please, we don’t care how you do it. Just do something to help get her out of her depression. I know Tasha’s mother Helen. I’ve seen the drastic change you’ve made in Helen's life. Please Henry, try to do the same for April."

Henry asked, "Have you spoken with April about this?"

Mona replied, "Yes, she was actually the first one to tell me about you."

Henry used his sternest voice, "And did she also tell you how you must convince me you’re serious and the $100.00 per hole fee payable in cash in advance?"

Mona hung her head and replied, "Yes sir. I’m married, but my husband knows you want me to give you a blow-job. He’s not happy about it, but agreed if it would help April."

Henry inquired, "Where is April now, Mona?"

"Waiting in the car. Would you like to meet her?"

"Have her come in and we’ll talk some more."

Mona quickly went to her car and brought April in to see Henry. In the mean time, Henry quickly set up his video camera.

When Mona and April returned, Henry greeted the teen, "Hi April. I’m Henry. I understand you’ve been talking to a couple of my young friends."

April shyly nodded affirmatively. She then hung her head.

Henry reached out and gently lifted April’s chin. "Let me take a look at you, please."

April’s round face was framed by long, silky, dark brown hair that hung straight down her back well past her shoulder blades. Her best features were her bright hazel eyes. Her eyes captivated Henry right away. She also had a large set of tits with a belly and butt to match. April and her mother stood quietly while Henry looked April over.

Henry addressed Mona, "Why don't you go for a short ride while I talk with April. Leave April here and we'll have a nice little talk while your gone. Come back in about an hour."

Mona agreed, "Yes Sir." She then walked out to her car and left.

Finally, Henry spoke to April, "What a lovely young lady you are, April. I find it hard to believe the boys aren’t chasing after you all the time. April, if you’d like, I’d enjoy entertaining you for a while and maybe teach you a few things. I just love a young girl with big breasts. April, may I see them?"

April had lifted her head as Henry spoke to her. She even had a bit of a smile on her lips, but didn’t move.

Henry realized April was probably shy and very self-conscience.

"April, now that Mona's gone would you please let me see your breasts? Like I said, I love big breasts."

Very slowly, April lifted her pull-over shirt and tossed it to the floor. She then slowly removed her bra. She stood stock still while trying to cover her large tits with her crossed arms.

Henry approached April, hugged her, stroked her arms, and whispered in her ear, "April Honey, you have a beautiful set of tits. Please don’t try to hide them."

April lowered her nervously shaking arms to reveal a set of D tits that, despite their size, had just a little sag. Her tits were topped by half dollar sized aureola. Her nipples were quite small, especially for large tits.

Henry told the nervous teen, "You’ve got a nice set of tits, April. As a matter of fact, they're a beautiful set of tits. I love big firm tits like yours. Never try to hide such a wonderful pair."

As April began to grin, she asked, "You really like my boobs?"

Henry continued, "No Honey, I love your tits!" He then reached out and took a tit into each hand and squeezed.

April sighed.

Henry then pulled her close and gently kissed her lips while fondling her tits and said, "Now April, why are you here?"

She softly replied, "Candy and Tasha said you could make me feel real good."

Henry asked, "Did they tell you how?"

Lowering her head, she softly answered, "Yes. They said you’d show me how to enjoy it when I have sex."

Henry asked her, "Do you really want me to do that, April? Are you sure?"

"Yes! I’m sure. Please, I know I’m not as pretty as Candy and Tasha, but I really want to learn about sex from you. Yes! I really do! I want to stay with you for a while so you can show me what to do to attract a boyfriend. Henry, I feel so bad about myself. If you like my boobs, why don't the boys at school like them?"

Henry hugged April again and replied to her question, "I don't know about the boys at your school. I just know you have a very nice pair of tits and I like them." He then squeezed them again and had April join him on the couch.

While waiting for Mona to return, Henry and April chatted about her life and her feelings of not being wanted. Henry had April remain topless to help her get over a bit of her nervousness and shyness. He would give each tit an occasional squeeze just to remind her of her exposed situation.

When Henry heard Mona returned he kissed April and squeezed her tits. "Okay Honey. Put your top back on and run across the street to Candy’s house. You can wait for your Mom there." He gently kissed the teen told her, "Your mother and I need to chat a while"

Henry greeted Mona as she and April passed in the doorway, "Welcome back, Mona. We need to talk about this. April seems to know exactly what I do here and she wants me to show her how to have make love and maybe attract a boy." Henry asked, "Mona, are you okay with that?"

Mona responded, "Yes! April needs a little pleasure just like anyone else."

Alright then, "Mona, let me see your tits!"

Mona was shocked at the boldness of Henry's instruction, but she complied. She had been expecting it. Mona slowly and nervously opened her blouse and shrugged it off her shoulders letting it fall to the floor. She then unhooked her bra and dropped it to the floor as well. Like her daughter, Mona wasn’t exactly a light weight. She sported a heavy set of DD tits that drooped to her belly.

Henry reached out and hefted a tit in each hand, "Nice tits, Mona. Very nice tits. Now, if you will, get down on your knees and suck my cock."

Mona was aghast that Henry would really insist she give him head. She was married and had never had any kind of sex outside her marriage. "I just can't do that, Henry. Please don't make me suck you."

Henry relented, "Very well, Mona. Get dressed, pick up April, and go on home. No harm done and good luck."

Mona instantly changed her mind. "Wait! Alright! I’ll do it!" She immediately fell to her knees, unzipped Henry’s pants, and pulled out his flaccid cock. She easily sucked the flaccid member fully into her mouth.

Henry’s cock grew rapidly with Mona’s licking and sucking. She did a good job of giving him head. In no time, she had a mouth full of his fat seven and a half inch cock. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked hard and rammed the cock’s head into her throat. In a short time, Mona had Henry about to cum.

Henry warned her of his impending eruption, "Mona, I’m about to cum. Be sure to swallow it all.

Mona seemed to double her efforts and quickly had a mouth full of Henry’s cum. She showed Henry the pool of cum lying on her tongue then closed her mouth and swallowed.

Mona stood and reached for her clothes when Henry spoke, "Very nice blow-job Mona. Now finish stripping."

Mona complained, "What? You said I had to give you a blow-job. Nothing more."

"You heard me. Strip! I want to see how well you’ve held up. Besides, your attitude makes me question your sincerity. Now, Strip!"

Mona reluctantly pushed the elastic waist band of her slacks down her legs taking her white cotton panties down at the same time. When they were at her ankles, she kicked off her shoes and stepped out of her pants. Mona then stood buck naked before Henry. Poor April had taken after her mother. Mona’s tits sagged badly and were laying on her belly. Her ass sagged too. Her belly wasn’t too big but it was flabby.

Henry patted Mona on her ass and gave her some instructions pertaining to April, "Mona, take April shopping. Buy her some sexy nighties, not slutty but sexy. Get her some sexy underwear, a low cut dress, a bottle of Obsession, and have her hair done. In short, lose the cover up sweats. Have her dress and act like a girl. Before you bring her back tonight, have her shower and shave her legs and pussy. I like bald pussy. Agreed?"

Mona curtly replied, "Okay! Here!" She then handed Henry an envelope from her purse. It contained $300.00 in cash.

Henry took the envelope and continued, "Alright then. Now what are we going to do about your poor attitude? I know! Bend over. I’m going to fuck you before you go."

"What? That wasn’t part of the deal," Mona bitched, but bent over.

Henry stepped up behind Mona’s fat droopy ass with his reawakened cock ready to spear her pussy. Patting her big ass, he said, "Nope! That thing is probably sloppy as hell. Maybe some other time." Swatting her right cheek, he ordered Mona, "Get dressed and get out of here. You’ve got a lot of shopping to do."

Without a word, Mona dressed. As she turned to leave, she glared at Henry and said, "I am not sloppy!" She then walked out.

It was almost 8:30 PM when April knocked on Henry’s door. He barely recognized her as he let her in. Her hair had been cut, curled, and styled and was laying softly on her shoulders. She was wearing a tan print off the shoulder dress that was low cut enough to show off some of her cleavage. The hem was just above her knees. She had on nylons and patent leather shoes that matched her dress. She wore just a bit of make-up and smelled deliciously like Obsession, his favorite perfume.

"Wow! April, you look great. You look and smell delicious. Please come in." Henry held out his hand and led April to his couch.

Over April’s shoulder, Henry saw Mona start her car and slowly pull away.

As she stepped in, April smiled and said, "You don’t mean that, but it’s nice to hear anyway."

"April, I do mean it. You’re a lovely young lady. Being with you will give me a great deal of pleasure. I especially like your lovely eyes."

She stated the obvious, "But I’m so big. Candy and Tasha are so small and cute."

"True on both counts. You are a big girl. You’re a lovely big girl with wonderfully large tits. If you so choose, you can loose some of your weight, but don’t do it for me. As for Candy and Tasha being small and cute, that’s true as well. Their butts are too small and their hips are boney. When having hard sex with one of them, there’s no meat there to protect their pelvises. So, it sometimes hurts to screw them hard."

Henry continued, "You on the other hand have a beautifully large set of tits. I look forward to playing with them for hours. Also, once you’re into it, sex with you promises to be a very comfortable ride. Now, come and sit on the couch with me."

April couldn’t believe someone really wanted her, "You really mean it don’t you? You like my big bo... tits? Do you really want to... ahh... er... screw me?"

"Yes! I really want you!" Henry then firmly hugged April and kissed her with passion. He then bent and kissed the exposed portion of each tit once. "April, would you like a glass of wine?"

"Yes, please, if you don’t mind."

Henry led April to his couch, held her hand as she sat down. He then went to the kitchen to get the wine. While getting the wine, he popped one of his little blue pills.

Returning to April, Henry sat close to her and put his arm around her shoulder. They chatted and sipped wine for a couple of hours.

By then April had consumed several glasses of wine and was a little buzzed. She didn’t remember turning to lie in Henry’s lap, but there she was. She hadn’t noticed when Henry unbuttoned her dress down to her navel, but it was crumpled around her waist. Nor did she remember when he unhooked her new front closing bra, but her tits were completely exposed.

Henry was eagerly sucking one of her tits and its hard little nipple while fondling the other. All she really knew was she was thoroughly enjoying the attention, caresses, and kisses Henry was lavishing on her face, ears, neck, and tits.

April gasped when Henry sucked as much of one nipple and tit into his mouth as he could and firmly squeezed the other. She brought her hands up and, with a moan, pressed his hands and face tightly to her chest.

Henry sucked even harder. April’s nipples were fully erect and still only the size of peas. Regardless of their size, April's tits were very sensitive and she was constantly moaning as Henry ministered to them.

Henry helped her sit up and got on his knees on the floor in front of April. He firmly squeezed both of her tits. She continued pulling his face tightly to her chest. He then proceeded to place a large hickey on her chest between the large tits he was enjoying.

As he sucked on her chest, Henry pinched her nipples and placed his knees between April’s feet. She soon spread her feet and her knees naturally followed. As he continued to suck on her chest, Henry lifted her dress and crawled forward between her knees. He was pleasantly surprised to find stockings and a garter belt instead of pantyhose. They allowed him to rub the hard cock in his pants against her crotch.

April’s legs were soon widely spread around Henry’s hips. Her new silky white panties were soaking wet with her pussy’s lubricating juices. Henry released a tit and placed his hand between his hips and her drenched crotch.

April gasped as she felt a man make contact with her pussy for the first time. She then laid her head back on the couch and moaned deeply. As Henry fondled a tit and petted her crotch, she scooted her butt nearly off the couch and spread her legs as wide as she could to give better access to her virginal pussy. Almost unconsciously, she was rocking her hips as Henry petted her.

Not wanting to take her virginity on his couch, Henry stood and kissed April’s lips and softly said to her, "Come on Baby. Let’s move to the bedroom. We’ll have more room to pet you there."

April held out her hands, and he helped her to her feet. She stumbled a little and said, "Woo wee! I think I have a bit of a buzz going.

Henry pulled her tightly to his chest crushing her tits between them. He told her, "That’s okay, Baby. I’ll help you along if you need it." He then hugged and gently kissed her before leading her to his bedroom.

Standing next to his bed, April let Henry finish undressing her. The wine had done its job. April was no longer nervous. She was horny. A few more buttons, and her dress fell to the floor. Her loosened bra fell with the dress.

Kneeling on his knees in front of her, he unhooked April’s stockings and rolled each of them down her legs and off her feet. The garter belt followed. Taking the elastic waistband of her soaked panties in his fingers, Henry kissed her wet pubic mound and pulled the panties down and off. Her freshly shaved pussy was revealed to an appreciative Henry.

April stood quietly before Henry completely nude. She was no longer shy about her body’s size or shape. She was just horny.

Still on his knees, Henry pulled her hips toward him and again kissed April’s pubic mound. He inhaled deeply and told April, "Baby, there’s nothing like the smell and taste of a fresh, young, virgin, pussy. I especially like them shaved bald like yours. Yummy."

April giggled and said, "Tasha and Mom both said you liked shaved tails. So I shaved mine for you. I hope you like me."

Standing, Henry took April’s hands and stepped back to survey his prize, "Honey, you are a lovely girl. I’d like you whether you shaved or not, but I do prefer shaved pussy. I am really going to enjoy our time together."

April was smiling broadly as Henry helped her sit then lay on his bed. He crawled in next to her and resumed playing with her large tits. April’s nipples responded and were quickly erect again. She was again firmly holding Henry’s head to her chest as she moaned her approval.

In a short time, Henry slid a hand down April’s belly until he was petting her bald pussy. "Very nice, April."

When he began stoking a finger through her snugly closed slit, she slowly spread her legs. Henry began stroking a second finger along her split and gently pried her outer labia apart. Her lubricating juices were heavily flowing. Not only was her pussy soaked and slick, even her chubby thighs were glistening with her juices. As Henry lightly teased her clitoris, April’s breath became ragged. She spread her legs wide so Henry could enjoy her treasure.

Henry rolled onto April and passionately kissed her. She eagerly returned the kiss. He slowly kissed and licked his way down her body until he was kissing her bald mound. Reaching up and firmly squeezing both tits, Henry dove to what had become one of his favorite activities, eating fresh young virgin pussy.

April was loudly moaning and rolling her head from side to side. She was holding Henry’s head by his hair and pulling his face tightly to her drenched hole. When he licked then sucked her clit, April gasped and cried out, "Oh yes! Keep doing that. Oh my God!"

Henry happily did just that. He eagerly continued eating April’s pussy. When he again sucked her clit into his mouth, April repeatedly thrust her pelvis up to meet his tongue. Flicking his tongue rapidly over her clit quickly had April writhing in orgasm.

She went wild. She clamped her legs around Henry’s head and neck and screamed, "Oh God yes! Eat me, Henry! Eat my pussy!" April thrashed about on the bed for some time before thrusting her hips high in the air and shuddering to a climax. Henry continued sucking her clit until April slowly lowered her hips back to the bed. She lay there quivering for nearly two minutes before she could speak.

When she could speak again, April told Henry. "My God Henry. Candy and Tasha were right. You do have a magic tongue. I have never been able to get off that hard when I fingered myself."

Henry didn’t respond. He had begun licking and sucking April’s pussy to a second orgasm.

As her second orgasm built, April gasped, "Henry, it’s happening again. You’re doing it to me again. Oh my God!" She was soon violently humping her pussy up to Henry’s face. She seemed to be trying to pull his face into her hungry pussy again.

When her second orgasm subsided, Henry crawled back up and lay on April’s soft body.

April kissed and licked her own juices from Henry’s face. "Hmm. I don’t taste too bad at all. Do all girls taste the same?"

"No Baby. They’re all similar but different. You’re one of the better ones. Some are sweet, some are a bit pungent, and some, if they lack proper hygiene, are down right rank. If I use a restroom immediately following a girl, and I can still smell her pussy’s odor, I’m not eating that thing. So, you be sure to keep your pussy clean and fresh at all times. But, like I said, you’ve got one of the better pussy’s to eat. I liked eating your pussy and just might do it again real soon."

April giggled, "Oh I hope so. That was fantastic."

Henry slid down a bit and returned to nibbling her large tits. When she again began breathing raggedly, he slipped his hand between her legs and fingered her still soaked pussy.

April was rhythmically raising and lowering her knees. She thought she was having some erotic dream. As she writhed on the bed, she thought to herself. ‘How could I go from the fat undesirable broad I was earlier today to this horny, sex pot, I have become. Am I dreaming? Who cares? I’m going to enjoy it as long as I can.’

About that time, Henry moved up and passionately kissed her lips. His cock’s head lightly pressing at her pussy’s entrance.

Dreamily, April asked, "Are you going to take me now?"

"Only if you still want me to, but I would really enjoy being in such a lovely girl with such a deliciously hungry pussy. Would you like me to fuck you now, April?"

April seemed in thought for a few seconds. Then she intertwined her legs with Henry’s and pulled his body up tighter. Henry’s cock was pressed firmly to the entrance of April’s virgin pussy. She lowered her butt back to the bed and smiled at Henry. "Take me Henry, please. If your cock is half as talented at your tongue, we’ll both enjoy it."

Henry gently pushed his cock forward. Its head parted her pussy’s lips and moved slowly into April’s tight wet virgin hole. Stroking very shallowly, Henry brought April back to the edge of another orgasm without touching her cherry.

April was breathing raggedly and using her legs to pull Henry's cock into her horny pussy. She roughly squeezed her own tits.

Henry asked, "Are you ready baby?"

She gasped, "Oh yeah. God yes. Please stop teasing me. Take me if you’re going to."

While passionately kissing her, Henry plunged his cock into April’s depths. Her hymen was swiftly swept away as his cock’s head passed through.

"Ooow!" April tensed. Her legs shot straight out then fell to the bed. She shed a single tear from each eye.

Henry kissed away the tears and asked, "Are you okay, Honey?" He held still while fully imbedded in April’s tender devirginated flesh.

She stoically answered, "I will be. Can you hold still and give me a moment?"

"Of course I can. Take all the time you need." Like the others before her, Henry could feel her pussy's walls adjusting to fit the first invader into its midst.

"Okay Henry, I think I can take it if you want to do me. Please, go slowly."

Henry pulled back a little and gently pushed in again.

April winched but said nothing.

Slowly he began giving her longer and deeper thrusts. When she seemed to have relaxed, he pulled out and reentered her several times.

For some time, April lay beneath him without moving or expression. She simply let Henry fuck her. Then she felt a tingle deep inside. The tingle grew and grew. She began rocking her hips in rhythm with his thrusts. She was soon humping back. She was taking Henry’s full seven and a half inch cock with each thrust. They could both feel his cock’s head bumping into her cervix. That seemed to excite her all the more. Finally April spoke again, "Faster, Henry. Do me faster."

Henry sped up his thrust.

April again wrapped her legs around his and pulled. She returned each thrust as his cock bumped her cervix.

"Umph, umph, umph!" April grunted with each deep thrust. She got more and more into the sex she was getting and was soon approaching another orgasm. As her orgasm washed over her, April cried out, "Oh Henry, do me. Fuck me harder."

He did as requested. He slammed his fat cock repeatedly into April’s depths.

"I’m cumming again! Fuck me harder. Give my your cum!" She raised her knees and pulled them to her chest letting Henry’s cock drive into her horny hole as deep as it could.

Henry hammered her hungry pussy as hard as he could. Finally, he slammed deep into April’s pussy and bathed her cervix with its first taste of cum.

She released her knees and used her heels to spur Henry ass and drive him deeper into her core.

"Umm, I can feel you cumming. It feels so warm. So good. Why the hell didn’t I come to see you sooner?" April continued to babble as her pussy seemed to be milking the cock it held for all the cum it could give her.

As their orgasms subsided, Henry and April both collapsed. She relaxed her legs but kept them wrapped around his. He lay on her body and whispered in the ear, "Damn, baby. You’re one hell of a good fuck."

"Umm. Thanks! Do you really mean it?"

"Absolutely. You are one hell of a fuck and that pussy of yours drank me dry. You were great." Henry then brushed April’s hair out of her face and gave her another passionate kiss.

"You were great too, Henry." She then fell silent.

After a few minutes, Henry notice tears were freely flowing from April’s eyes. He softly asked, "Are you alright? Did I hurt you?"

"Oh no! I’m fine. I’m just so thrilled you really wanted me. I’m so fat! I...."

"Hush! I told you I think you’re beautiful. I meant it. You’re a smart, friendly, and sweet girl. Furthermore, you have absolutely wonderful tits, you’re a great fuck, and you taste good enough to eat." Henry firmly scolded her, "One of these days, some young stud will fall head over heels for you."

"Really? You really think so." She asked with a big smile.

"Absolutely! Now, I’ve had it. You’ve worn me out, Baby. Roll over here and let’s get some sleep.

April felt really wanted. She expressed her satisfaction to Henry, "Thank you, Henry. No girl could ever want to loose her cherry to a better lover." She then laid her head on Henry’s shoulder, cuddled up close, and quickly dozed off with Henry patting her ass. They slept soundly through the night.

Henry awoke early the next morning and quietly slipped out of bed without waking April. He had finished his shower and slipped back into bed when she stirred.

She rolled to face Henry and sweetly kissed him. He was on his back and she laid her head on his chest. It was then that she noticed his morning erection. She really hadn’t gotten a good look at it the night before. The last time she had a good chance to see a cock was on the internet. His cock was standing proudly at its full seven and a half inch height. With a bit of surprise in her voice, April said, "My God! Was that thing all the way in me?"

Yeah baby, and you took it well. You seemed to enjoy the hell out of it. Would you like to feel it."


"Go ahead. Reach down and hold it. It won’t bite. It might spit at you, but it won’t bite."

April giggled and took Henry’s cock in her hand. "It’s hard and soft at the same time."

"Stroke it, baby. Slide your hand up and down its length." Henry instructed.

April did as Henry had asked. After a while, a drop of precum appeared on the head of Henry’s cock. "What’s that? Do you have to go to the bathroom?" She was so naive.

"No, Baby. That’s telling you that your doing a good job and getting me excited. It’s called precum. If you keep doing what you’re doing, you may make me cum."

She asked, "There’s more?

"Yes. Why don’t you give it a taste?

April hesitantly scooted her head down Henry’s body until her lips were nearly touching the hard cock in her hand. Almost like a snake, she quickly flicked her tongue out and lapped up the oozing precum. She exclaimed, "It’s salty!"

"I know." Henry then asked, "While you're there, why don’t you lick all over my cock and balls? Lick me sort of like I did to you last night.

"Uh huh. I’ll try." April then began licking up and down Henry’s shaft and tentatively kissed his cock’s head. She sucked his balls into her mouth and lovingly slathered them with her tongue.

Henry then told her, "OK Baby, slide your mouth up to the top, put a little of my cock in your mouth, and suck. Don’t stop using your tongue."

April did as she was told and took about two inches of cock into her mouth. As she had been told, she continued working her tongue over the cock.

"Take a little more Baby, and suck. Suck hard like it’s a straw in a thick malt."

April did her best to do as she had been told. As she practiced, she got better. She was soon giving a pretty fair blow-job to a little over half of Henry’s cock. Now take more cock in. Take as much as you can. You’re doing very well for your first blow-job."

In the mean time, Henry reached out to pet April’s pussy. She was still much too sore to probe, but she responded nicely to having her clit gently caressed. As her clit became more aroused, she began bobbing faster and deeper on Henry’s cock. She didn’t even gag when it hit the entrance to her throat.

"Relax your throat and let my cock pop in, Honey." Henry then gently patted her ass and told April. "Straddle my face Baby. I want to eat that pussy again."

As April climbed on top of Henry and lowered her pussy down on his face, he gently pushed on the back of her head. Henry lapped at her clit and she popped his cock into her throat each time she pushed her mouth down on it. When Henry sucked her clit into his mouth, April shoved his entire cock into her mouth and throat. From then on, she took all of Henry’s cock fully into her mouth and throat each time she plunged down.

Henry lifted his ass and April took his full length into her throat just as his cum erupted. He shot two spurts of cum directly down her gullet before she pulled up. She took a breath and jammed his cock back into her throat and took the rest of his cum.

At the same time, he tightly pulled her ass down and rapidly flicked his tongue repeatedly over her clit. April pushed her pussy to his mouth and shuddered to a nice morning orgasm.

April collapsed on top of Henry and leisurely kissed and licked the side of his cock as it softened. When she had caught her breath, she said, "What a nice way to wake up. I think I could learn to like that. We both had a wonderful time, and I won’t get pregnant."

"Yes, it was nice, and no ones ever gotten pregnant giving a blow-job. Plus, you’re going to be damn good at it." He then patted her ass and told her, "Hit the showers, girl. Get dressed and we’ll go have some breakfast."

Henry could hear April singing as she showered. He smiled to himself. He couldn’t help but wonder when was the last time she had been happy enough to sing in the shower. Maybe April was making a small bit of progress, especially since she had just gotten her cherry popped and given her first deep-throat blow-job.

As soon as April was dried and dressed, they went out to a breakfast buffet At the buffet, April filled her plate with the various fruits offered. When she returned to their table with her plate she said, "I think I need to cut back on the fats I eat. Maybe I can slim down just a little."

Henry gave his breakfast date some advise, "Set small goals, honey. When you meet the first goal you can set another. The small wins can lead to bigger victories."

It seemed April was not as depressed as she had been just a day ago. Henry noticed she was smiling a lot and walking with her head held high. When they went shopping, she bought clothes that not only fit properly but also made her look a little sexy. "I don’t think I look very good in the sweats I’ve been wearing."

Isn’t it amazing what a good fucking can do for ones attitude?

When Henry and April returned to his home later that afternoon, he asked, "April, do you think you’re up for one more lesson?"

She grinned but declined, "Oh God, I’m so sore. Can we wait a day or so before you do me again?"

Henry chuckled and patted April’s ample butt, "It won’t involve your sore pussy, Babe."

With a grin spreading across her face, April asked, "You’re going to put it in my butt, aren’t you? Will it hurt?"

Putting his arm over her shoulder, he told her, "Yes, I’m going to fuck your ass, and yes, it will probably hurt a little."

April smiled and agreed, "Okay! If I can take that thing in my pussy and down my throat, I can surely take it up my ass. Even as sore as I am, I haven’t felt this good in a long time." She turned into Henry’s arms and hugged him, "Okay stud. Let’s go fuck my ass." She took his hand and led Henry to his bedroom.

Once in his bedroom, April unbuttoned her blouse and asked, "How do you want me? What do I do? I know you won’t hurt me more than you have to. Henry, I’m a little scared this time." April was chattering like a nervous kitten.

"You’ll be alright, April. Just strip and get on the bed on your hands and knees. Put your head down on the pillow and try to relax. I’ll do the rest."

She quickly followed Henry’s instructions. In the mean time, Henry stripped, retrieved the tube of anal lube, and crawled up behind April’s well rounded ass. He patted her butt and petted her bald pussy.

He used his thumb to tease and excite her clit until she began rocking her hips and cooing. He then put a gob of lube on his index finger and massaged it into April’s tightly puckered brown hole. She gasped when he inserted his finger into her ass. He lubed her asshole inside and out.

As Henry probed April’s ass with his finger, she began responding. She pushed back with each entry of Henry’s finger. As he probed her ass, she was moaning into her pillow. By adding a second finger, Henry helped stretch her sphincter so it would more easily accommodate his cock. He repeatedly lubed his fingers and shoved the gel into her April’s ass. Finally, he lubed his cock.

He asked, "Honey, are you enjoying having your ass fingered?"

"Umm. Yes!" She cooed, wiggled her hips, and pushed her ass back to get more of Henry’s fingers.

Slowly, he pulled his fingers out of her ass and put his cock’s head to her tightly puckered anal opening. With a quick short thrust, Henry's cock's head popped past April’s sphincter.

April clinched her asshole and exclaimed, "Oh!"

"Relax, Baby. You will be fine. Just relax your ass." Henry patted and rubbed her butt as he soothed her. He continued applying pressure with his cock to April’s asshole.

As her sphincter slowly became accustom to the invading cock and stretched a little, Henry shoved three inches of cock into her ass.

April cried out, "Oow! That hurts! Take it out!"

Henry took a firm grip on each hip and pulled his cock back until only its head remained in April’s ass. As he pulled back, she lowered her head back to the pillow. Then, without warning, Henry tightened his grip on her hips and shoved his entire cock deep into April’s suddenly devirginated ass.

April’s head shot up, and a loud scream escaped her throat, "Please, no more. I can’t take any more," she sobbed, as tears flowed down her cheeks.

"Okay Baby! There won’t be any more. You’ve got it all. Are you okay?"

"I think so. Damn that hurt. Can you hold still for a bit? I’m sorry I yelled and cried like that."

"Henry continued to rub and pat her large ass cheeks and spoke softly to April. "Sure baby. I’ll hold still, and it’s okay that you cried. Getting your ass fucked the first time hurts."

After several minutes of soaking deep in April’s bowels, Henry started giving her slow short strokes in her ass. April began moaning and seemed to begin enjoying the cock up her ass. Henry slowly increased the speed, power, and length of the strokes.

She cooed, "Umm. That isn’t too bad. Umph, umph, umph!" April grunted with each thrust into her dark depths. She soon began pushing back against the cock that had invaded her backside.

Using her hips for leverage, Henry was giving April full deep hard thrusts. Her ass cheeks made a loud slapping sound against Henry’s hips as he slammed into her. With a final lunge, Henry drove his cock as deep as he could into April’s ass, and pumped a load of cum deep into her bowels.

April continued to slowly hump back taking as much of Henry’s cock as she could get. He locked his hips and let her fuck herself on his still ridged cock.

Thanks to the little blue pills, Henry was soon ready to fuck again. Grabbing April’s hips, he vigorously thrust in and out of her tight ass. April lowered her head to the pillow and grunted with each ram into her rear. As Henry quickly built to a second orgasm his thrusting was almost violent. Finally, with one last lunge, he dumped another load of cum deep in April’s bowels.

Both Henry and April were exhausted. April slowly slid her knees down the bed and laid flat on her belly. Henry fell with her and let his cock soak in her ass until it softened and was pushed out by her sphincter. He then rolled off of her back. They cuddled up to each other and gently kissed while recovering.

After cuddling for nearly half an hour, April spoke, "Thank you, Henry. God I’ve been missing so much."

As he patted and caressed her back and butt, Henry told the exhausted girl, "April, I get the feeling you won’t be missing much from now on. You are a beautiful young lady who is one hell of a fuck."

April giggled.

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