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The Neighbor's Daugter II: Candy's Friend, Tasha

Candy brings her friend Tasha to Henry for sexual training.
About two o’clock one Saturday afternoon, Henry heard a soft knock on his door. His sixteen-year-old neighbor, Candy, was at the door. Just last week, he had initiated Candy into the world of sex. Candy had been an avid student.

Looking out his front window, Henry saw Candy had a friend with her. As he opened his front door, Candy cheerfully asked, "Hi, Henry! Can we come in?"

"Of course you may. Come on in." He held the door for them.

As the two teens entered Henry’s home, Candy handed him a bottle of wine and said, "Henry, this is my best friend, Tasha. We just came from her sixteenth birthday party. Tasha would like to ask you something."

With a leery eye toward Candy, Henry replied, "Okay Tasha, ask away."

Tasha smiled and boldly spoke up, "Hi, Sir. Will you do with me what you did with Candy?"

Henry was shocked but quickly recovered. While he thought of an answer, he looked Tasha over. She was a lovely young girl. So Henry thought the request was enticing. Like Candy, Tasha was a cheerleader at the local high school, and she looked the part. Sixteen-year-old Tasha was a thin five foot five inches tall. She had long straight light brown hair, deep blue eyes, a nice set of perky little tits, and a nearly flat ass.

Finally, Henry replied to her, "Tasha, I don’t know what you’re talking about."

Tasha looked disappointed, "Please, Sir. Candy and I are best friends and we talk about everything. Everything! She told me how you were so gentle when you took her virginity, taught her to how to do oral sex, and did it to her in her butt. Please Sir, I want you to teach me those things too."

Staring at Candy, Henry said, "Tasha, my friend Candy talks far too much." Then turning toward Tasha, he continued, "Besides, what would your mother say? What would she think if you gave it up to an old man like me? Why don’t you just give it up to some boy at school if you’re so anxious to lose your cherry?"

"My boyfriend is nice, but he is an ox of a football player. He knows even less than I do about sex. I want someone who knows what it’s all about to have sex with me the first time and pop my cherry. Then I can show him what to do."

Henry asked, "And what about your mother, Tasha?"

It was plain Tasha had thought her arguments out before coming to Henry’s home. She grinned and answered, "Mom knows what I want you to do and she agrees. She’s over at Candy’s place talking to her mom right now. Would you like to talk to her now?"

"Good God! She knows what Candy and I did? Candy, you do talk too much." Henry was more than a bit irritated.

Tasha continued, "Candy and I both told her. Mom was upset at first, but liked the idea of me learning about sex from someone who knows what they are doing and will be gentle with me."

Candy pleaded with him, "Please Henry, just talk to Tasha’s mom."

Henry could see he was surrounded and defeated. Besides, Tasha was a tempting young thing. "Good God! Okay! But, first things first. Prove to me you are sixteen."

Tasha rapidly fished her brand new driver's permit from her hip pocket. "Sir, here's my license. Please say yes." Sure enough, she was sixteen as of that very day.

After looking at her permit, Henry said, "Bring your mother over about noon tomorrow and we’ll talk about it. Better yet, since she's just across the street, send her over here now. Now, you two get."

"Oh, Candy! Shut your mouth about things like this."

Tasha and Candy each kissed Henry’s cheeks and bounced out of his front door. He swatted both their butts as they passed him on their way out. Candy’s swat was much firmer than Tasha’s. He watched from his living room window as they ran to Candy’s home and went in.

It was about fifteen minutes later when there was another knock on his door. When Henry opened the door, Tasha and her mother both stood there smiling at him. He started his video camera that had been set up just a few minutes earlier. His guests noticed the camera as soon as they were let in. "Come in Tasha, and who is this lovely lady with you?"

Tasha smiled and said, "Sir, this is my Mom."

Holding her hand out, the older woman said, "It’s Helen, Sir. Glad to meet you. I’ve heard a lot about you."

As he gestured toward his sofa for the women to take a seat, Henry said, "Too much I think." He continued, "Have a seat ladies. I’ll get us something to drink and be right back."

When he returned, Henry handed them each a glass of wine. He then said, "Well Helen, Tasha, I suggest you both call me Henry. After all, the reason you’re here isn’t an occasion for formalities. Is it?"

Helen said with a smile, "No, Henry! It isn’t."

"Helen, I know what Tasha said earlier about what she wanted from me. Please Helen, if you would, please tell me exactly why are you here?"

As Helen began to speak, but Henry interrupted her. "Excuse me Helen! Tasha, why don't you go visit Candy while your mother and I have a little chat."

Tasha looked disappointed, but she did as she had been told. With her head bowed, the teen stood to leave. Tasha trotted across the street to Candy’s home. Henry knew the two teens would be chattering a mile a minute.

In the mean time, Henry took the opportunity to check Helen out. She looked pretty good for a forty-year-old. Her short, low cut, light blue, sun dress revealed a shapely pair of legs, and an ample, but not too fat, ass. It was plain to see Tasha had gotten her good looks, nice set of tits, deep blue eyes, and light brown hair from her mother.

Somewhat hesitantly, Helen spoke. "Henry, we... er... Tasha and I... uh, we want you to... uh... teach, I mean, show Tasha how... uuh... sex is when done right. God, I thought I’d never get that out."

Henry harshly stated, "You mean you want me to be the first to be with your sixteen-year-old daughter?"

"Well, yes. We want you to show Tasha all you did with Candy."

"All?" Henry asked.

Helen gathered her courage and flatly stated. "Yes, all." Helen paused then added, "She says she really wants to learn from you and not some ox at school. You know how teens are. They’re going to do it. I not only want her to be safe but to learn from someone who will be gentle with her."

Henry still wanted to make sure Helen understood what she was asking him to do. So he asked, "You want me to treat her like she is my girlfriend?"

Helen nodded and softly agreed, "Yes Henry. That's what we want."

Henry smiled at his guest and said, "Helen, while I get you a refill of your wine, consider what you are asking me to do. I'll be right back."

Henry returned with the wine. After Helen had taken a big swallow of the wine, he asked her to stand in front of the video camera. "Okay Helen, since you’re here to convince me to give your daughter lessons in loving, please strip."

Candy’s mother, Janie, must have briefed Helen and Tasha on how Henry confirmed they really wanted him to teach the teen about sex. Helen stepped out of her sun dress in a flash. She was wearing a push-up bra that barely covered her nipples. Her full C-cup tits were proudly displayed for Henry to ogle. Helen then released the front clasp of her bra, shrugged it off her shoulders, and let it fall to the floor with her dress. She stood smiling and naked, except for her silky black panties, before an appreciative Henry. Helen’s tits stood firmly out from her chest with only a little sag. Her pink nipples were standing erect as if begging for attention.

As he scanned Helen's body, Henry urged her on, "Very nice, Helen! All of it, please!"

Helen quickly dropped her panties to reveal a full bush badly in need of a trim.

Henry then reached out and squeezed both of Helen's firm tits. Helen moaned and smiled broadly when he complimented her, "Very nice indeed. Helen you have a wonderful set of tits and a beautifully firm body."

Stepping a bit closer to Helen, Henry told her, "Take my cock out and get it hard."

Helen quickly unzipped Henry’s pants and fished out his cock. In short order, her stroking hand had Henry’s cock to its full seven and a half inch length. Her hand barely fit around it. "My Lord, this is much more than my husband’s dick. Oh my, Tasha is going to like this thing."

Helen then began to give Henry a very competent hand job.

Henry then asked, "Helen, would you like to give me a blow-job?"

"No! I don’t do that!" Helen was emphatic.

Henry said seriously, "No problem, Helen. Get dressed and go home. Tell Tasha, I hope she doesn’t get knocked up by some oaf of a lineman. Since you don't want to convince me you’re serious about this, I wish you a good day." He turned as if to leave the room.

It was Helen’s turn to beg, "Wait! Okay! I’ll do it. Please, I don’t want her pregnant by some idiot from high school."

"Okay! You suck, and I’ll lay out the deal in plain English so no one misunderstands.

Helen dropped to her knees and quickly took most of Henry’s cock into her mouth. Her lack of enthusiasm was evident. Her mouth felt like a sloppy, well used pussy.

Henry instructed the middle-aged woman, "Helen, put some suck in your blow-job. Use your tongue to swab all over my cock."

Helen did as she had been told and her blow-job became acceptable, not great, but acceptable. While Helen sucked and bobbed her head on Henry’s cock, he spoke to her, "Okay, here’s the deal. Over the next several days, Tasha will stay here at night. We will proceed with her lessons only when I think she is ready."

 Helen doubled her efforts at sucking Henry’s cock. She sucked harder and took more of his cock into her mouth. She was getting much better at sucking cock.

"Training Tasha will take some time. I don’t want to rush her into anything before she’s warmed up and ready. I will take my time and train her in the arts of love making as she seems ready to learn."

Looking down at Helen still sucking his cock, Henry asked, "How about it, Mom? Do you agree? You can just nod if you like. I’m about to cum, so don’t quit sucking."

Helen nodded yes and mumbled, "Um hummm." Just then Henry began his climax. He grabbed Helen's head and pulled it snugly onto his cock. He shot a large load of cum into her mouth.

After Helen pulled off Henry’s cock, she seemed to be looking for some place to spit. Henry firmly told her, "Helen, swallow! Swallow it all, or it’s no deal."

Helen then swallowed as instructed.

Just to see her reaction, Henry asked, "Helen, have you ever taken it up the ass?"

She seemed a bit shocked but answered the question, "No! My husband wanted to screw my ass, but I wouldn’t let him."

"Good grief! You don’t suck. You won’t take it in the ass. Do you ever even fuck any more? Just why has your husband stayed with you so long? I feel sorry for him."

Helen hung her head. With a tear trickling down her cheek, she said, "My husband died several years ago, and I haven’t had any kind of sex since then."

"Oh, I am sorry for the crude comments. Forgive me, but we still need to discuss business."

Henry said, "Helen, we need to make a deal. This is going to sound crude. I will teach Tasha everything she needs to know about sex for $100.00 per hole, or $300.00. In addition, I’ll do you for $50.00 per hole. That’s a total of $450.00 payable immediately. We both know you have poor love making skills and must be hungry for some cock. I’ll be happy to do you while Tasha is in school. She can visit in the evening."

By then Helen’s head was bowed deeply and her tears were freely flowing. She said, "I know I don’t do well in the sex department. My husband often told me he loved me but I was a boring piece of ass. I know I need to learn to do it better. I just don’t know about paying for sex lessons."

Henry asked, "Why not? You pay for her cheerleading classes don’t you? And you’re going to pay me to teach her about sex. I don't need the money, but if you pay me I'll be convinced you really want me to teach Tasha how to be a good lover. In addition, why not pay to learn how to be a good lover yourself. Besides, I know you can be very good at it. Hey, if nothing else, you might have a good time for a while."

A smile slowly came across Helen’s face. With a bit of a giggle, she asked, "Do I get a discount for return visits?"

Henry laughed. "One price fills all holes, Baby. Once a hole has been paid for, refresher courses are free. Now, go ahead and finish your first $50.00 worth. Clean my cock off with your tongue."

With a great deal more willingness, Helen licked Henry’s cock clean. She even gave his balls a nice tongue lashing. In the process, Henry’s cock came back to life.

Henry asked, "Helen, would you like to try your skills at sucking a cock again?"

Without a word of protest, Helen took most of Henry’s seven and a half inches of hard cock into her mouth. She seemed to almost greedily slather her tongue all around Henry’s shaft while firmly sucking it like it was a straw in a thick malt.

She grinned broadly but never lifted her head when Henry said to her, "That’s it, Baby. Keep that up. You’re doing much better this time. Humm! That’s it. Suck hard, Baby. I’m about to cum again."

Helen sucked hard and swallowed every spurt of cum she received from Henry. After again licking him clean, Helen stood with a broad smile on her face.

She practically beamed when Henry assessed her second blow-job. "That was great, Helen. You have a talent you didn’t know you had. If the rest of your sexual skills improve as much and as rapidly as your blow-job, you will make a wonderfully pleasurable student. It will be a pleasure having you here. Now get dressed."

As Helen dressed, Henry continued, "Send Tasha back for a few minutes. After I chat with Tasha for a little while, take her home and bring her back later this evening. Have her bring some school cloths and her books. She can go to school with Candy. By the way, if she’s willing, I prefer shaved pussies. Finally, tell her how it feels to have her cherry popped."

Helen took her checkbook out of her purse.

Henry insisted, "No checks! Are you crazy? Checks leave a paper trail. Bring me cash when you bring Tasha back."

Helen gave Henry a passionate kiss and left with a broad smile on her face. Helen walked across the street with almost as much bounce in her step as the teens had earlier that afternoon.

When Tasha returned, she was grinning from ear to ear. It seems Helen had told her she had convinced Henry to teach her what she wanted to know.

As soon as the teen entered his home, Henry closed his door and said to her, "Tasha strip please."

Tasha was a little slower stripping than her mother had been. She slowly removed her T-shirt and jeans. She left her sports bra and plain white panties on.

Henry had to urge Tasha on as he had Helen, "All of it, Tasha."

Tasha pulled her sports bra over her head and dropped it to the floor. She too had a nice set of C-cup tits topped by pink nipples and puffy areola. There wasn’t a hint of sag and they stood high and proud. Her nipples, like her mother’s, were standing erect. She then pushed her panties down her legs and off her feet. When Tasha stood, her full brown bush was prominently displayed.

Henry smiled and slowly scanned Tasha's body. Finally he said to her, "Very nice, Tasha. You have a beautiful body and a great set of tits." He then reached out and gently squeezed both of her firm tits.

Tasha gasped but did not move.

While holding her tits, Henry asked the teen, "Tasha dear, you do know it will hurt the first time?"

"Yes, I know it will hurt, but I’ll not yell or cry." Tasha promised.

Henry corrected her, "Yes you will, but that’s okay. It hurts to loose your cherry. Are you sure you want me to pop your cherry?"

Tasha spoke up, "Please Henry, yes. When do we start?"

Henry asked, "Tasha, would you like to feel my cock?"

Tasha stepped forward without saying a word. She tentatively reached out and unzipped Henry’s pants. Tasha was a girl in a hurry. She reached in and fished his cock from his pants. Her inexperience was quite evident. Instead of sliding her hand up and down its length, she firmly jerked on it.

Henry admonished the teen, "No, no, Tasha. You must be careful. Stroke it, don't jerk it."

Tasha eagerly nodded her head and said, "Yes Henry, I'll be more careful."

Henry then praised his new young friend. "That's a good girl, Tasha. Now kiss the head of my cock. We will soon teach you to be a much better lover than your mother. Now, get dressed, go join your mother. You need to go home for a while. Come back as soon as you can this evening."

About ten o’clock that evening, Helen and Tasha returned to Henry’s home. Helen was still wearing a bright smile. She sent Tasha back to the bedroom with her bag.

Helen told Henry, "I’ve got something to show you." She then grabbed the hem of her sun dress and pulled it up above her waist. Henry smiled broadly when he saw she had on no panties, and no pussy fur. Helen had shaved her pussy completely bald.

Henry pulled Helen to him and hugged her with one arm around her waist. With his free hand, he petted Helen’s newly bald pussy. He kissed her cheek and told her, "Very nice Helen. I think we will both enjoy your lessons."

Helen dropped her dress down over her bald pussy and picked up her purse. She fished out an envelope with five hundred dollars in it. As big smile spread over her lovely face, Helen said, "The extra fifty is for future refresher courses."

Tasha then returned to the living room. Helen kissed Tasha’s cheek, and gently pushed her toward Henry. She told her daughter. "Tasha dear, don’t be afraid. I know Henry will treat you very well."

To Henry, she winked and said, "Enjoy her, Henry. I know she will enjoy you. And I hope she learns well from you."

Henry told Helen, "Tasha will be fine. She’ll be home after school Monday afternoon. Bring her back here after she does her homework and takes a shower."

"Okay! See you both Monday." Helen then turned and walked out the door.

Tasha turned to Henry and asked, "Henry, what did you do to Mom? She’s been smiling all afternoon. Ever since we left here she’s seemed extra happy."

"Tasha, it’s very simple. She’s been put down far too often for much too long. I simply showed her she could do some things very well. Now, have you eaten?"

"Yes, but may I have something to drink?" Tasha asked.

Henry replied, "Of course you may. Would you like tea, soda, or wine?"

"I can have wine?"

He told her, "Sure you can. It’ll help you relax."

"Then I’ll have wine if you don’t mind." Tasha seemed a bit unsure of herself when asking for the alcohol.

Henry asked, "Did you bring a nightie with you?"

She answered, "Yes! It’s in my bag."

"Good! You go put your nightie on, and I’ll get your wine."

Henry was waiting with her wine when Tasha returned. She looked delicious. Her silky, white, spaghetti-strapped, camisole hung low on her chest and came just half way over her hips. Her white cotton panties were the high-legged style. They covered her butt and pubic mound but left her hips and part of her butt cheeks exposed. She had brushed out her long light brown hair and it fell softly on and over her shoulders.

Henry looked at Tasha appreciatively. "Oh Baby, you look fabulous. Come here and sit next to me." Holding out the glass of wine to her, Henry beckoned.

For the next hour or so, Tasha and Henry sat together, sipped wine, and chatted about things in general. After Tasha’s third glass of wine, Henry said, "Baby, you are beautiful, but then you already know that."

Henry put his arm over Tasha’s shoulder and pulled her snugly to him. As she moved toward Henry, Tasha turned a little and lay back placing her head on his shoulder. Henry reached over her shoulders and petted one tit while gently massaging the other. Her nipples were soon standing erect. Tasha moaned, cuddled closer to Henry and closed her eyes when he lightly pinched her sensitive nipples.

Henry tended to Tasha’s tits and nipples for nearly a half hour. Each time he firmly squeezed her tits, Tasha would moan and arch her back as if offering more of her tits to his hands. She would then fall back onto Henry’s chest.

With one final squeeze, Henry said, "Baby, come with me." He then scooped her up into his arms and carried her to his bedroom. He passionately kissed her and laid her gently on his bed. Her young firm tits showed no signs of sagging, even when she lay on her back.

Henry climbed into bed next to this vision of teen beauty. As he kissed Tasha, his hand returned to fondling her tits. As Tasha moaned her approval of Henry’s attention to her tits, her nipples, standing hard, seemed to be trying to poke holes through her silk nightie. Henry pulled Tasha to a sitting position and helped her remove the camisole and laid her back down.

Henry seemed to be trying to devour Tasha’s tits. He firmly squeezed and tweaked the nipple of one tit while sucking and nipping the other. Tasha groaned and arched her back offering Henry easier access to her ample breasts. She pulled Henry’s face tightly to her chest as he put a hickey in the valley between her tits.

In the mean time, Henry slid a hand down Tasha’s smooth belly to her panty covered pubic mound. Her cotton panties had become saturated with her lubricating juices. He stroked her soaking wet pussy with a single finger until Tasha began spreading her legs. He then pushed her panties aside and stroked her snugly closed slit. With a little more pressure from the stroking finger, Tasha’s outer pussy lips parted just enough for Henry to gently tease her clit.

Tasha gasped and pulled Henry’s head tighter to her chest.

He then released her tits and kissed his way down her body. Tasha lifted her hips as Henry slid her panties over her hips and off her butt. They were quickly pulled off her legs and tossed to the floor.

Henry received a pleasant surprise. He exclaimed, "Yummy, a bald pussy. I just love a bald pussy."

Tasha giggled, "I know! Mom told me you wanted me to shave." Tasha replied with a smile.

Petting Tasha’s freshly shaved pubic mound, Henry turned, bent down, and inhaled deeply. "Hummm Tasha, there’s nothing like the aroma of fresh young virgin pussy."

Tasha giggled again and said, "Candy said you liked the smell of a virgin."

"I sure do, Honey. I like the taste too. If you’ll spread those beautiful legs, I’d love to get a taste of your sweet virgin pussy's nectar."

"Oh please, have a taste." Tasha spread her legs wide enough for Henry to lie between them. "Candy told me all about you eating her. She said I’d love it. Are you going to eat me, too?" Tasha was chattering nervously.

Henry didn’t respond. He merely slid down her body and laid between her legs. Without hesitation, he went right to Tasha’s tight pussy.

"Oh!" She gasped as Henry placed a firm kiss in the middle of her snugly closed slit.

Henry gave her a long pussy lip splitting lick from near her ass to her clit. Tasha shuddered as if she were cold. As Henry repeatedly pried her pussy lips open with his tongue, Tasha began cooing.

"Oh! Oooh! Ummm!" Tasha had calmed and was no longer shuddering. She spread her legs as wide as she could and put her hands on the back of Henry’s head. As she thrust her hips up to Henry’s face and pulled his head tightly to her crotch, Tasha cried out, "Oh my God!"

Henry had found her clit and flicked his tongue over it for the first time. He licked all around her soaking wet hole and sensitive clit. When he sucked her clit into his mouth and continued to flick his tongue over it, Tasha began rapidly humping her hips up to his face.

Almost immediately, Tasha screamed out, "Oh God! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Ooohh, yes! Mumm."

Breathlessly, she told Henry, "My God, I’ve given myself orgasms before, but nothing like that. That was fantastic." The teen lay quietly trying to catch her breath.

Henry crawled up her body and asked, "Do you want to know why I like eating fresh young pussy?"

Tasha nodded.

"Kiss me."

Tasha enthusiastically kissed his lips and all over his face. She was tasting her own pussy’s juices for the first time, and it seemed to arouse her even more.

While Tasha was kissing and licking her juices off Henry’s face, he placed his cock at the entrance to her virgin pussy. Reaching between them, he used his cock to tease open her outer lips.

In an uneasy voice, Tasha asked, "Are you going to do me now?"

"Yes Baby. Very soon you won’t be a virgin any more. Are you sure you still want me to pop your cherry?"

As he rubbed his cock repeatedly over her clit, Tasha was defenseless. Even if she hadn’t intended to give her cherry to Henry, she was much too horny by then to refuse him now.

She spread her legs as wide as she could and began lifting her hips to offer Henry her pussy. "Oh yes. I want you inside me now. Please Henry, take my cherry."

Henry used increasing pressure as his cock slowly burrowed its way into Tasha’s tight but horny hole. When he bumped into the resistance of her hymen, Tasha gasped. Henry held still for a few seconds to allow her time to prepare for the loss of her cherry. He gave her a few shallow strokes, bumping her hymen each time, until Tasha began returning his thrust.

"Baby, are you ready to give me your cherry?"

Dreamily, Tasha replied, "Uh huh. It’s yours to take if you want it, Henry."

"Isn’t that why you’re her, Honey?" Without waiting for an answer, on his next inward thrust, Henry drove his seven and a half inches of cock through Tasha’s hymen and into her depths.

Tasha yelped, "OOwwee!" She hugged Henry’s neck tightly. Keeping her promise, she didn’t scream or cry.

Like Candy before her, Henry could feel Tasha’s overly stretched pussy adjusting to his invading cock. When she relaxed her strangle hold on his neck, Henry began giving her slow but full strokes in and out of her tender hole. As she continued to relax, he increased the speed of his thrusts.

Tasha’s extremely tight pussy quickly brought Henry to the edge of orgasm. With one last thrust, Henry shoved his cock deep into Tasha’s core and bathed her cervix with its first taste of cum.

"Mumm. I can feel you squirting inside me. It’s warm and... I don’t know... it feels good."

Henry let his cock soak deep in Tasha’s hot pussy. When he started to soften, he kissed her passionately and withdrew his cock from her tender hole. He then rolled off and lay beside her.

Tasha nuzzled into Henry’s shoulder and neck and said, "That wasn’t as bad as I had expected it to be. It hurt, but not too much. I think I’m going to like these lessons."

Tasha and Henry cuddled until they fell asleep. They didn’t wake until late Sunday morning. When they got up they shared a shower. Tasha especially enjoyed the sensual feelings she got from Henry using his firm male body to clean her lathered body.

Sunday afternoon was a day of rest for Tasha and her freshly devirginated pussy. Though Henry gently squeezed her breasts and patted her butt, he made no effort to bed her again.

After dinner that evening it was a different story. He took a little blue pill with his wine. They went to bed in the nude shortly after dark. They cuddled and petted for a long time. Suddenly, Henry pulled Tasha on top of his body and firmly squeezed both of her butt’s cheeks.

Tasha moaned and wiggled her ass. Just as suddenly, she scooted down and Henry’s cock slipped between her sopping wet pussy’s lips and into her horny hole. Tasha groaned, "Ummmm, that’s nice." She slowly scooted down until she had Henry’s cock fully engulfed in her pussy.

She then pivoted her hips, pulled her knees up under her, and sat up. She lifted up until only the head of Henry’s cock remained in her pussy. Tasha sat down hard and drove his cock deep into her hungry hole. "Mumm, it feels so good in me." She then proceeded to repeatedly rise and fall on Henry’s cock.

Henry lay still while Tasha controlled the pace. He gave Tasha her head and let her be in full control of her own fucking. She built speed and power and was soon hammering her pussy on his cock as if her ass was on springs. She rode him hard until she slammed down and cried out, "Oh my God, I’m cumming."

Without saying a word, Henry thrust his hips up and pumped a load of cum into her as Tasha shuddered to the end of her orgasm. She then fell forward and collapsed onto Henry’s chest. She was gasping for breath.

Breathlessly she said, "My God, I didn’t know I could cum so hard like that."

Henry stroked her hair and kissed her face as Tasha’s breathing returned to normal.

He then rolled her over without pulling his cock out of her pussy. Slowly, he stroked in and out of her hungry hole.

She was soon returning his thrusts with those of her own. Henry was in control this time. He lifted her knees to his shoulders and set up a slow but steady pace of drilling the horny teen's cunt below him. She grunted and Henry could feel his cock hit her cervix with each thrust.

As Tasha built to another orgasm, Henry hooked her knees with his elbows grabbed her shoulders and rapidly pounded the hell out of her hungry pussy.

They both exploded in orgasm at about the same time. As Henry bathed her cervix with his second load of cum of the evening, Tasha again cried out, "Oh God, yes! Fuck me hard, Henry. God I love it."

Henry let Tasha lower her legs to the bed as she came down from her orgasm. She and Henry stayed hooked up, like a pair of dogs, until they fell asleep. Some time during the night, Henry’s cock softened and slipped out of Tasha’s pussy. Henry had rolled off her and they slept soundly through the night.

Henry woke early the next morning to find Tasha nuzzled into his shoulder and neck. He woke her by gently patting her ass.

Tasha quickly showered, grabbed some toast, and met with Candy before heading off to school at about 7:30 AM.

At about 8:15 AM, Henry was sipping on a cup of coffee when a soft knock on his front door caught his attention. When he opened his door, he was met by Tasha’s mother, Helen. She looked fabulous. She had worn a light blue off the shoulder dress. Her light brown hair lay softly over her shoulders. Her tits were over-flowing her low cut dress. Her nipples were prominently straining against the light material of the dress. Helen had come to Henry's home without wearing a bra, something she hadn’t done in years. In addition, she smelled delicious.

Henry greeted her cheerfully, "Good morning, Helen. I’m so glad you could make it. I’ve been looking forward to seeing you again. Care for some coffee?"

Helen answered, "Sure. I’d love a cup. I’ve got until 3:45 PM if you have the time for me. Tasha will get home from school about then, and I want to be there to meet her."

Henry looked her up and down and said, "I’ve always got plenty of time for such a beautiful lady. I love the dress. It gives a great view of your wonderful tits."

Helen hugged Henry and followed him to the kitchen. As they chatted and sipped coffee, Henry took one of his little blue pills and smiled at Helen.

Helen asked, "Henry, would you like another blow-job? I haven’t stopped thinking about that since Saturday. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I had feared it would be. As a matter of fact, I kind of enjoyed it myself."

"We’ll see." Henry replied, "But for now, why don’t I take my beautiful guest to bed? We’ll see what happens from there."

Helen happily agreed, "Okay! Lead the way!" She held out her hand to Henry.

He took her hand and led her to his bedroom. As they entered his bedroom, Henry stopped and turned her to face away from him. He pulled her to press her back to his chest. Reaching around, Henry cupped both of her breasts and squeezed.

Helen lay her head back on Henry’s shoulder and moaned. She brought her arms up, crossed them over Henry’s fondling hands, and pulled them tightly to her chest.

Henry released Helen’s tits and lowered the zipper down the back of her dress. He pushed the dress forward off her shoulders.

Helen lowered her arms and let her dress fall to the floor. Sure enough, she hadn’t worn a bra. Her forty-year-old tits showed only a little sag.

Henry returned to fondling Helen’s tits. Her nipples were standing erect and begging to be tweaked. Henry was only too pleased to oblige them while he placed a large hickey on Helen’s shoulder.

Helen brought her arms up to hold Henry’s hands to her chest. She softly said, "Oh God! It’s been so long since anyone’s wanted to handle my boobs."

"It’s not just your tits I want, Baby." Henry said as he slid a hand down Helen’s belly to her panty clad mound. The other hand continued to fondle her tits.

Helen gasped and whimpered, "Oh God!" She laid her head on Henry’s shoulder and widened her stance. She was spreading her legs to give Henry better access to her neglected sex.

Henry reached inside her panties and petted her freshly shaved mound. He then slid his hand further down to cover her pussy lips. As he fondled her pussy, Henry told Helen. "That’s nice, Helen. I’m glad you shaved. I hate getting fur in my teeth when I eat pussy."

Helen groaned and squeezed his hand even tighter to her tits.

Helen’s labia were slightly swollen and dripping
wet. She was moaning and rolling her head on Henry’s shoulder as he slipped a finger into her pussy's long ignored hole.

Pulling his finger out of Helen’s pussy, Henry turned her so she faced him. He pulled her up close. Her plentiful breasts were crushed into his body. He could feel Helen’s hard nipples pressing into his chest. He softly spoke into her ear, "Helen, you are beautiful and will make a wonderful playmate."

Helen cooed and put her arms around Henry’s neck. She hugged him tightly and said, "But, I’m nothing compared to Tasha and Candy. How can I compare to a pair of sixteen-year-old girls?"

"Honey, you’re all the woman any man needs. You have a beautiful face and body. Your tits are still quite firm and perky with very inviting nipples."

Helen sadly stated, "But I am so lousy in bed. My husband told me so all the time. You know how bad I was at giving you a blow-job."

"Bullshit!" Henry argued, "You just didn’t know what to do or how to do it. The second blow-job was wonderful. Before we’re finished, I will be sure you know how to use that beautiful body to be the wonderful lover I know you can be." He kissed her passionately and added, "Now come to bed with me."

"If you say so." Helen said as she climbed into Henry’s bed.

He followed her into bed and cuddled up to close, kissed her cheek, and said, "You really are beautiful."

She teased, "For a forty-year-old broad?"

"No! For a beautiful adult woman." Henry insisted.

Helen nestled closer and whispered, "Thank you, Henry.

Henry kissed her lips tenderly. She slightly parted her lips, and he slipped his tongue into her mouth. She responded eagerly and returned his kiss. In the mean time, Henry’s hand had cupped a tit and was firmly fondling it. When he gently pinched an erect nipple, Helen moaned and arched her back presenting her tits for Henry’s pleasure.

He then kissed his way to her chest and alternately suckled each tit. Helen groaned and stroked the back of his head as Henry place a large hickey on her chest between her tits.

Henry thought to himself, "For an old goat, I sure like leaving my mark on a titty. Maybe I’m still a teen at heart."

Henry then kissed and licked his way down her body to her bald mound. He noticed that even her pussy smelled of her delicious perfume. She must have put a drop on each side of her pussy’s lips. When he kissed the top of Helen’s split, she widely spread her legs giving Henry complete access to her glistening intimate lips. Her pussy was wet with her lubricating juices.

Henry dove in and hungrily ate Helen’s pussy. His face was soon drenched with her pussy juices. His talented tongue quickly had Helen writhing on the bed. She was a much quieter cummer than her daughter, Tasha. Helen moaned and groaned and pulled his head tightly to her pussy as Henry ate her to two shuddering orgasms.

Henry didn’t slow down. He kept eating and driving Helen higher and higher. As Helen’s third orgasm approached, she raised her knees and used her arms to pull her legs up to her chest.

Henry firmly sucked her clit into his mouth and flicked his tongue repeatedly over that sensitive nub. Helen violently thrashed into her third orgasm. She pulled Henry’s face tightly to her soaking wet hole. She cried out, "Oh my God!!!"

As she slowly calmed, Helen told Henry, "That was fantastic! I’ve never cum so hard. You’re wonderful."

After releasing her clit, Henry told her, "No Baby. It’s you that’s wonderful." He continued to lick Helen’s pussy lips until she lowered her legs to the bed. As she relaxed, he crawled up her body kissing and licking along the way. He put his cock’s head at the entrance to her overheated sex. With one steady thrust, Henry pushed seven and a half inches of cock easily and fully into Helen’s snug pussy.

Helen squeezed Henry tightly to her body. She quietly and breathlessly said, "Oh yes! Fuck me with that wonderful cock of yours. It’s been so long. Your cock feels so good inside me."

Henry began thrusting in and out of Helen with a slow and steady pace.

She was soon gasping for breath. She raised her legs and wrapped them around his waist. She used her heels on Henry’s ass to encourage a faster and faster pace.

Henry gradually increased the speed and force behind his thrusts. He was soon hammering Helen’s cunt for all he was worth.

She violently returned his thrusts. She used her heels on his ass as though they were spurs. As Helen had her forth orgasm, she cried out, "Oh God yes!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Henry slammed deep into Helen’s hungry hole and bathed her cervix with a load of cum.

Tears flowed from Helen’s closed eyes and down her cheeks.

The little blue pills were doing a wonderful job for Henry. His cock stayed erect, and he resumed his thrusts into Helen’s horny sex. She gently rocked her pelvis to accept each of his thrusts. As Helen’s next orgasm softly washed over her, Henry pressed deep into her and his cum again flooded over her cervix.

They both collapsed with Henry’s cock still buried in her pussy. As he softened, he pulled out and rolled off her. They lay nestled together and dozed off to sleep.

They awoke about noon. After sharing a shower, they had a lunch of sandwiches and tea in the kitchen in the nude. Henry didn’t realize he was staring at her body until she grinned and asked, "See anything you like?"

"Absolutely!" He replied, "You are a beautiful woman, and one hell of a fuck."

Her grin broadened and Helen said, "Maybe not as good as Candy or Tasha. But, I sure didn’t know it could be like that. My God Henry, I came four times. I seldom came at all with my husband and never more than once. How can I ever thank you?"

"You don’t have to thank me. It was in you all along. All I did was bring it out. But if you think you must, you can thank me by not comparing yourself to a pair of sixteen-year-olds. Teen pussy is too tight and their skinny hips hurt when drilling them hard. You, on the other hand, are very snug and my cock fits oh so nicely in you. Besides, we have only just begun. How would you like to work on your blow-job in a little while?"

Helen was surprised Henry could do it again. "Good God! You’re phenomenal. I’d love to suck you off as soon as I finish my tea."

Henry admitted, "It isn’t all me. The little blue pills sure help, but mainly, it’s having a great partner like you."

They both laughed.

After they leisurely finished lunch, they returned to Henry’s bedroom. They cuddled on the bed a while before Helen reached down stroked Henry’s cock to a full erection. She turned and laid her head on his belly. As she continued to pump his cock with her hand, Helen tentatively began kissing and licking his cock’s head.

Henry instructed his guest, "Helen, lick my balls and all over my shaft."

Helen quickly did as instructed.

"Now kiss up to the head and take it in your mouth. Remember to breath through your nose, suck hard, and keep that tongue working. Just like you did Saturday."

In no time, Helen was giving Henry a very nice blow-job. She had his cock deep in her mouth and bumping into her throat.

"Helen, honey, relax your throat muscles and push your head down a little further. Take as much of my cock into your throat as you can."

Though she couldn’t get all of his cock in her throat, she took some of it down her gullet. She took about two inches of cock down her throat before her gag reflex forced her to pull up a little.

Like Helen did when he was eating her, it was Henry’s turn to groan and moan. "Aaauh! That’s it, Baby. You’re doing great. Try to hold my cock in your throat just a little longer each time. Ummmm."

As Helen pushed more and more of his cock into her throat, Henry’s climax approached. "Oh yes, Baby. I’m about to cum."

With a strong effort, Helen shoved Henry’s cock fully into her mouth and down her throat. She held it there as his first jet of cum shot into her gullet. She then had to pull back before she gagged. She held him deep and continued to suck hard on Henry’s cock as he drained his balls. She swallowed rapidly and repeatedly until Henry had emptied his load of cum into her mouth. As his cum dwindled, Helen continued to lick and suck for quite some time. It soon became apparent that Henry was done for the afternoon. Finally, she pulled his cock out of her mouth, kissed it’s head, and turned around. She cuddled up to Henry’s chest and neck.

"Damn Helen, you are a great fuck and one hell of a cocksucker. With just a little practice on your deep-throat technique, you’ll be great at that, too." Henry praised her.

Helen smiled broadly and kissed Henry.

By then it was about 2:30 PM, and Helen had to get home to meet Tasha. She dressed, kissed Henry with passion, and left for home.

Helen dropped Tasha off at Henry’s home at about 8:00 PM that evening. Tasha rushed it smiling and excitedly asked, "Henry, what have you done to my Mom? She’s been singing old love songs all evening."

"Nothing more than I’ve done, or will do, to you, Tasha." Henry told her, "She just needed to know she’s still of value and is a desirable woman. And Baby, she is of great value. Now, how’s your pussy?"

Tasha grinned broadly and said, "Sore, but you can do me again if you want."

"We’ll see. There’s no sense hurting you more that necessary. Is there?" He asked.

Tasha hugged Henry’s neck and said, "No, I guess not."

Henry asked, "Tasha, dear, aren’t you a little warm?"

"Huh?" She seemed confused.

"Aren’t you a little warm in all those clothes?"

Tasha giggled again and eagerly stripped to her birthday suit.

Henry stripped too. His cock hung limply between his legs. When he saw the disappointed look on Tasha’s face, he laughed and said, "Just a little too much action lately. But not to worry, I’ve just taken a little blue pill. I just may need a little help getting it up for you."

Tasha giggled again and followed Henry to bed.

Henry quickly ate Tasha’s pussy to two thrashing orgasms. He then turned and had her lay on top of him in the classic 69 position. He returned to eating her pussy.

Grabbing her hips, he rolled and pulled Tasha until her pussy was directly over his mouth. He grabbed Tasha’s ass cheeks and, before he pulled her pussy tightly to his face, told her, "Now, kiss, lick, and suck my cock, Baby."

Tasha hesitated.

Henry asked, "What’s the matter, Honey?"

"I don’t think I can suck you off. It seems yucky." She whined.

Henry responded with mock irritation. "Oh, I see! It’s okay if I eat your pussy, but you don’t want to return the favor and suck me off."

"No, no! I’ll try. Just give me a little time." Very tentatively, Tasha took Henry’s cock into her hand and slowly stroked it. When she saw a drop of precum appear on its head, she stuck out her tongue and touched the head of Henry’s cock. She got her first taste of precum. She decided it wasn’t too bad. She opened her mouth and took the head of Henry’s cock in. Gradually, Tasha took more and more cock into her mouth as she bobbed her head up and down. Though she wasn’t using her tongue much and was barely sucking, Tasha was giving her first blow-job.

Henry told her, "Suck and lick as you go, Baby."

"Um humm." Tasha agreed. She was slowly getting better at sucking cock.

"Not bad. Now keep it up." Henry then began licking Tasha’s pussy and sucking her clit. As she responded to Henry’s tongue, he teased her asshole with his finger.

"Ummm." Tasha seemed to like that.

"Suck hard and bob your head faster, Tasha. I’m about to cum. Swallow it. Tasha, a good cock sucker should always swallow what her lover gives her." Just as he shot his first spurt of cum, Henry pushed her head down onto his shaft. He shoved his cock to the back of her mouth and unloaded.

Tasha gagged a little but kept sucking and swallowing. She swallowed every drop of her first taste of cum.

As she pulled his deflating cock from her mouth, Henry praised her. "See, I knew you could do it. Was it as bad as you had expected?"

"No! It was just a little too salty. Like Mom, I guess I’m just lousy at blow-jobs."

"Honey, your mom has gotten real good at giving head, and she can swallow my whole cock down her throat. That, and a good fucking, is why she’s been smiling and singing. She realized she can be a great lover. You can be too. You did fine for you first time."

Tasha thought for a few seconds and said, "If Mom can do it, so can I. Can I try again?"

"You sure can, Baby." Henry asked with a grin, "You’re a competitive little critter aren’t you?"

Tasha grinned at Henry’s ‘competitive’ comment. She had been competitive for as long as she could remember. She then turned and laid her head on his belly. She wrapped her hand around his semi-soft cock. It recovered its strength as she caressed and stroked it back to life. When Henry’s cock was nearing its fully erect size, Tasha took it into her mouth and eagerly licked its head and shaft. As she bobbed her head up and down on Henry’s cock, she hit her throats entranced with each bob. Finally she relaxed and popped the cock’s head into her throat. She took a little more cock with each bob.

Henry fingered Tasha’s pussy as she sucked him. As he began to feel his balls stirring, Henry pulled Tasha back on top of his face and ate her again. He ate her until she was in a sexual frenzy.

The closer she got to an orgasm, the more cock she swallowed.

Henry told her, "Breath through you nose, Tasha."

As her climax hit, she raised her head and shouted, "Oh God!" She then shoved Henry’s entire cock into her mouth and down her throat as far as possible. When she swallowed his cock, Henry’s climax boiled over. Tasha held his cock deep in her throat and swallowed as he bathed her gullet with cum.

Both Tasha and Henry groaned as they came together. When they finished cuming, Tasha lovingly licked Henry’s shaft while he petted her cute little butt.

Henry spoke first, "See, I knew you could do it. That was one great blow-job. Now come up her and rest."

She turned and put her head on his shoulder. They kissed and dozed off to sleep. Early the next morning, Tasha got up, showered, dressed, and left for school with Candy.

The next thing Henry knew, it was 8:30 and Helen was knocking on his front door. He groggily opened his door and let her in. "Come on into the kitchen. Let’s have some coffee."

Helen could see Henry wasn’t exactly bright eyed and bushy tailed that morning. "You look really tired. Did Tasha do you in last night?" Helen asked with a laugh.

"Tasha and Candy are both full of what I call hornymones (sic). It takes a lot of effort for an old guy to please them. I think I’m getting older by the day."

Helen laughed and said, "Why don’t we finish our coffee and take you back to bed. We have all day for any lessons you may want to give me."

Henry agreed, "Great idea." He could use a little more rest before dealing with Helen’s needs.

After finishing their coffee, they headed off to Henry’s bedroom. He lay down and enjoyed watching Helen slip out of her shoes and dress. She had again gone without her bra and panties. He commented to her, "Dressed for speed, huh?"

Helen giggled as she slipped into bed with him, "Yep! Just for you." They cuddled for a while before dozing off to sleep.

Henry woke about 10:00 AM and began gently patting Helen’s butt. She stirred and asked, "Are you more rested now?"

As he slid his hand over Helen’s ass, he smiled and said, "Oh yeah, Baby. Rested enough to do your ass if you’re up for it."

Helen slowly rolled onto her stomach. She sounded a bit frightened when she replied, "Please be gentle. I’ve never done that before, you know."

"I know, Baby. I seem to have gone into the cherry poppin' business." Henry’s middle finger began teasing Helen’s tight asshole, and he softly asked, "I’ll bet you never thought you’d be a forty-year-old virgin, did you?"

She nervously giggled and added, "Never, but I’m willing to try anything with you. You’ve shown me excitement I didn’t know existed. So, if you want my ass, you can have it."

"Well Baby, it’s such a nice ass. So, get up on your knees. Leave your head on the pillow." Without hesitation, Helen brought her knees up under her. She proudly presented her ass to Henry.

Henry retrieved the tube of lube from his nightstand and squeezed a good sized dollop onto his fingers. Slowly he applied the lubricant to Helen’s tight, virgin, rear orifice while patting her ass cheeks with his free hand. She had a smooth, milky white, nicely round ass. Though her ass cheeks weren’t as tight as Tasha’s and Candy’s, they was firm. She had just enough meat on her ass to give her some nicely curved hips.

As Henry gently applied the lubricant to Helen’s asshole, she cooed and widely spread her knees. Her wet pussy and her ass were thus offered to Henry. Helen moaned as Henry pushed a gob of lube into her virgin asshole. He was soon shoving his middle finger fully into Helen’s rear. She was moaning and beginning to push back against the intruding finger.

He smeared some lube over his cock and knee walked up behind Helen. As he fingered her ass, he teased her pussy with his fully erect cock. He continued to tease her as he added more and more lube to her ass. He didn’t want to hurt her too badly when he gave her ass its first fucking.

When she seemed to be building to an orgasm, Henry placed his cock to her tightly puckered virgin asshole and shoved. His cock’s head popped past her sphincter and a couple of inches into her poop chute.

Helen’s head sprang up off the pillow and she gasped, "Umph! Take it easy Honey, please. I’m a virgin, you know." She giggled then lowered her head back to the pillow.

Henry chuckled and patted her ass, "I know, Baby. It’s such a nice ass and it's about time you got rid of that last cherry." He asked, "Are you ready, Baby? Are you okay?" Henry pushed again and a couple more inches of cock slid into Helen’s ass.

Helen’s words were muffled by the pillow, "It feels weird. I feel so full, but I’m alright. Go ahead."

Henry then pulled back a little. Taking her by the hips, he worked about half of his cock in and out of Helen’s tight ass. After a while, she began to push back each time he pushed in.

He pulled back again until only the head of his cock remained in Helen’s asshole. Then, slowly but steadily, Henry pushed his fat seven and a half inches of invading cock into Helen’s tight hot asshole. Helen yelped, but did not try to pull away. Once fully imbedded in her ass, Henry held still for a bit to allow Helen to get used to her butt being filled.

Henry asked, "Are you alright, Baby?"

She answered, "It’s a little uncomfortable, but not too bad."

Henry began giving her slow, short, thrusts. The lube was doing its job. His cock slid easily in and out of her ass.

Helen again responded with returned thrusts. She looked back at Henry and said, "It’s okay. Go ahead. Fuck my ass with your big cock!"

Using her hips for leverage, Henry increased the speed and length of his strokes.

As she rocked back to accept each of Henry’s thrusts, Helen said, "Ummmm. That’s not bad at all."

Henry tightened his grip on her hips and began hammering his cock into Helen’s stretched asshole. His hips and legs made slapping sounds as he hit her ass cheeks.

"Ummph, ummph, ummph." Helen grunted with each thrust and pushed back to get all the cock she could. She reached back and rubbed her clit for further stimulation, "Oh God! That’s good! Fuck my ass, Henry! Oh shit! I think I’m going to cum. Fuck my ass hard!"

Henry continued to hammer Helen’s ass as hard as he could until his climax approached. He could feel his cum roiling in his balls and starting its exit journey. Henry pulled nearly out of Helen’s ass, and with one final hard ram, he slammed his cock in Helen’s ass and pumped a load of cum deep into her bowels.

In the mean time, Helen came to a shuddering orgasm as well. After her orgasm ebbed, she collapsed under Henry, and he fell with her. They lay quietly with his cock still buried in her ass. Whether from the little blue pills or Helen’s tight hot bowels, Henry’s cock didn’t soften as rapidly as usual.

Helen giggled and said, "I think your cock and my ass like each other. They seem to want to stay together."

Henry laughed with her and agreed, "Yes, they do seem to want to stay hooked up." He then rolled over pulling Helen with him. His cock still stayed in her ass. As they lay with her back to Henry’s chest, he fondled her tits and said, "No sense in letting your ass have all the fun is there?"

"No, there isn’t!" She squeezed both of Henry’s hands tightly to her tits. She then reached down and fingered her pussy and clit.

In a short time, Henry felt his balls stirring again. When he raised his hips to push tightly into Helen’s ass again, she rocked her pelvis to help him move in her. Helen sat up, folded her legs under her, and began fucking her ass with Henry’s hard cock. She was soon bouncing rapidly on the ridged pole up her ass.

Helen shuddered and repeatedly slammed her ass down hard on Henry’s cock, "Oh yes! Fuck that ass! Damn, that feels good! Give me some more of your cum in my ass, Honey." As she ground her ass onto his cock, Henry fed her hungry bowels another load of cum.

Helen again collapsed back onto Henry’s chest. He languidly caressed her tits and gently pulled and twisted her nipples. Shortly, Henry’s cock softened and came out of her asshole.

Helen rolled off Henry’s chest and lay curled up facing him. "God, I didn’t know it was even possible to cum while getting it in my ass. Henry, you are an orgasm machine."

"It’s not me, Helen! It’s the special help I get from those little blue pills and the encouragement of a beautiful lady. But, now you know what you’re capable of doing with your wonderful body and its three holes."

Helen replied, "Hell yes! But can I still come over now and then for a refresher course?"

"Absolutely! You are one hell of a fuck. I’d love to help keep you, and your beautiful body, on top of your game. But for now my beautiful lady, I need to get a little more rest. I have another asshole to fuck later this evening. You girls are keeping me worn out."

Helen hugged and kissed Henry passionately and cuddled until Henry dozed off. She then dressed, gently kissed his cheek, and left for home.

Helen dropped Tasha off at about 9:00 PM. As she rushed in the front door, Tasha excitedly asked. "What have you done to Mom? She singing all evening again. She even smiled and patted my bare butt when I got out of the shower. She’s been acting like a happy mom again."

Handing Tasha a glass of wine, Henry smiled at her and said, "Baby, your mom has just found she can still enjoy life. She’s been doing things she never knew she could do. Now, go change!"

When Tasha returned in her short silky gown, Henry handed her another glass of wine. They sat on the couch and cuddled in front of the TV until about 10:30 PM. During that time, Henry had his arm over her shoulder, but had purposely avoided fondling or petting any of her sensitive spots. Tasha became progressively more affectionate and cuddled closer.

Tasha was soon working on her third glass of wine and was feeling a little buzzed. As she sipped her wine, she squirmed her butt on the couch and rubbed her tits against Henry’s arms. Finally, she giggled and, with a wide grin on her face, asked, "Isn’t it a little hot in here?" She then stood in front of Henry, pulled her gown over her head, and tossed it off to the side. The crotch of her silky white panties clearly indicated Tasha was horny as well as hot. There was obviously a very large wet spot on her panties between her legs. The inside of her thighs were wet and glistening with her juices as well.

When she sat back down, Tasha was beyond affectionate. She was down right horny and wanted some action. She looked into Henry’s eyes and asked, "Don’t you want me tonight? I’m so horny. Please take me to bed."

Henry teased her, "Tasha, you seem a bit tipsy. Are you alright?"

Giggling, she replied, "I am a little buzzed, but I’m fine."

He continued to tease the horny teen, "Well, I reckon you’d like a little something to give you a thrill."

Tasha was practically begging, "Yes I would! Please take me to bed and give me your cock. Please."

Henry scooped her up in his arms and softly spoke into her ear, "Baby, your wish is my command."

She nestled into his neck and cooed as he firmly cradled her in his arms. He carried her to his bed and gently laid her down. When he removed her wet panties, she spread her legs wide. Henry crawled in between them.

He dove straight to her horny pussy and quickly ate her to a shuddering orgasm. She was still in her dreamy post orgasmic state when Henry rolled Tasha over onto her belly. He pulled her hips up so she was on her knees. Tasha widely spread her knees to offer access to her still hungry pussy.

With no further preliminaries, Henry shoved his cock fully into Tasha’s sopping wet pussy. She softly groaned into the pillow her face was buried in. As he doggy fucked her, Henry teased her tightly puckered asshole with his finger. Adding a dollop of lube allowed him to easily shove his index finger fully into Tasha’s ass. He didn’t know if it was his cock in her pussy, or the finger in her ass, but she was loudly moaning and pushing back to meet Henry’s vaginal and anal attentions.

Taking his time, Henry used one finger to slowly pack Tasha’s ass with a good amount of the lubricating gel. When he thought she had enough lube in her ass, he inserted a second finger. Gradually, he was spreading her sphincter and preparing her ass for an invasion.

Henry pulled his cock out Tasha’s pussy, smeared it with lube, and placed it at her puckered dark hole.

Tasha raised her head and looked back at Henry. "You’re going to fuck my ass, aren’t you?"

"Yeah, Baby. Are you ready?" He asked.

She squealed, "I don’t knooow!"

To late! Henry had shoved three inches of his hard cock past her sphincter and into her ass. He took her by her hips and slowly but steadily shoved his cock fully into the teen's virgin ass.

Tasha complained, "Oh shit!"

"No shit, Baby. It’s cock, and you have now been butt fucked. Well, you're being butt fucked. Hang on for the ride." He then proceeded to give Tasha long steady strokes in and out of her tight hot asshole.

As he built to his climax, she began pushing back. He gave her four more hard thrusts, planted his cock deep in bowels, and filled her with cum.

The little blue pill was working well. With just a minute or so soaking in Tasha’s ass, Henry started stroking again

Tasha responded to his thrusts and pushed back to meet each one. Henry and Tasha hammered each other until they each had another orgasm.

They then collapsed with Henry still buried in Tasha’s tight young ass. They fell asleep hooked together like dogs in heat.

Early the next morning, Henry awoke with Tasha wiggling beneath him. His cock was still in her ass, albeit, soft. He pulled out and rolled off her back.

Tasha yelped as Henry pulled his cock out of her ass, "Owe! That hurt! That hurt more pulling it out than it did when you first put it in me."

The lube he so carefully packed into her ass must have been absorbed, her sphincter had returned to its normally tight condition, and his cock was partially stuck in Tasha’s ass. Patting her butt, he chuckled and told her. "I guess we shouldn’t have left my cock in your ass all night."

She sheepishly grinned and said, "But it felt sooo nice in there."

With a swat to her butt, Henry told her, "Go take a shower, Baby."

Grinning broadly, Tasha trotted off to the bathroom.

As Tasha came out of the shower, Henry patted her still wet and naked butt. Tasha stopped and smiled at Henry. It dawned on her why her mother had patted her ass the night before. Her mother must have known she was about to lose her ass’ virginity. Helen knew her daughter was about get her first butt-fucking. Tasha dressed and joined Henry, who had gone to the kitchen to make her breakfast.

Henry hugged and kissed her tenderly before he said. "You have finished your lessons. All your holes have been used and you know all you need to know for now about sex and making love. Get on the pill or use some other protection to avoid getting knocked-up by some high school oaf."

Seemingly as an after thought, Henry added, "Please have your mother stop by in a day or two. We need to talk."

Within a month, Helen was not only receiving frequent refresher lessons, she had become Henry’s girlfriend. Tasha and Candy thought it weird that the two ‘old’ people were acting more like horny teenagers than middle-aged adults.

Youth is so wasted on the young.

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