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The New MD - Tuesday, Wednesday

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Paris started to undress as soon as her front door slammed shut. Shoes were kicked off, her jacket was allowed to fall to the ground, followed by her trousers and cream coloured panties.

She walked into her wet room, removed her blouse and cream coloured bra and proceeded to have a much needed shower.

"Can't linger in here this morning," she was thinking. "Mr Proctor will be awaiting my imminent arrival at the office."

She hurriedly washed, rinsed and dressed all within the space of about twenty minutes, a bit of a record for Paris. She purposely didn't do anything with her hair, except brush it and replace her hair accessory. She didn't have enough time to wash and dry it, not today.

It was approaching 10.30 am when Paris eventually ventured into work. The previous early morning antics still vivid in her mind. She began to giggle, picturing herself standing over Max bucking him with her saturated bald pussy.

She sat down at her desk as inconspicuously as possible when her telephone suddenly rang. 

"Paris, in my office now!" Mr Proctor bellowed.

Startled by the volume and tone of his voice, Paris almost dropped her receiver. She immediately stood up and headed for his office door. She knocked gently then entered, closing the door quietly behind her.

"What time do you call this?" Mr Proctor questioned. "A telephone call to advise me of your lateness would have been appreciated".

 "I did ask Max to let you know that I was going to be in later this morning, looks like he must have forgotten," she replied. Paris was angry, why hadn't Max told Mr Proctor that she was going to be arriving late?

"Why would Max know that you were going to be late this morning Paris?" Mr Proctor asked.

She had to think on her feet here.

"I had too much to drink last night and had to take a taxi home, so I told Max that as I would have to wait a while before I could drive the car into work today, he could let you know that I was going to be late."

"I'm sorry Mr Proctor it looks like it must have slipped from his mind."

"In the five years that we have worked together Paris, you have never ever been late," Mr Proctor proclaimed.

"Did something happen last night that you're not telling me about?"

"Not at all," Mr Proctor. "I just didn't want to risk driving so early in the morning," Paris retorted.

"I believe you Paris, thousands wouldn't!!" he said jokingly. That was Paris' cue to leave the office.

Paris returned to her desk bewildered. Puzzled why Max didn't let Mr Proctor know about her lateness and also puzzled because Max was nowhere to be seen. She noticed that there was no laptop, briefcase or jacket of his in Mr Proctors' office. "Wonder where he is today?" she thought.

Paris logged onto her computer and scrolled down her email list. She spotted one from Max. She clicked it open.

"Morning Paris, as you will have gathered I did not tell Mr Proctor of your impending lateness this morning, as I thought it would be more appropriate for you to conjure up an excuse for your delayed start this morning. Hope you are not angry with me."

"No, I'm not angry with you," Paris was thinking, "I am furious with you. Furious for making me look so incompetent in front of my boss. You will be sorry for this Max, mark my words," she continued to say to herself over and over again.

Paris continued with her awaiting workload for the day, trying to blot out thoughts of her early morning encounter with Max. She tried hard but she couldn't. She recalled how quickly he came as soon as she started to lick and suck his gorgeous member. Was he so aroused that he couldn't hold back any longer, or was it merely the fact that it was Paris that was making him so damn excited that he found it hard to control his expulsion.

Paris' train of thought was rudely interrupted when her telephone rang.

"Paris, I'd like to see you for a moment," instructed Mr Proctor.

"Okay Mr Proctor, I'll be right in," she replied.

"I have just received a telephone call from my wife. Our youngest son has been involved in an accident so I have to leave the office immediately," he informed her.

"I trust you will be able to handle Max when he eventually arrives back to the office?" he questioned.

"Yes," Mr Proctor she replied. "Don't you worry about a thing, Max will be in very capable hands."

On that note Mr Proctor left the office and departed from the building.

Paris returned to her desk, closed down her computer, gathered her belongings and went into Mr Proctors office. She decided that she would log onto his computer and carry on with her workload from there.

Lunchtime had been and gone. It was fast appoaching 16.00 hrs when Max finally returned to the office.

"Afternoon," Paris said, greeting him most warmly.

"Oh, afternoon Paris," he replied. "Didn't expect you to be in here."

"No I bet you certainly didn't," she thought.

"Productive day?," Paris enquired.

"Yes, very," Max answered.

Paris waited until Max had hung up his jacket and sat down at his desk then she stood up, walked over and locked the office door.

"Mr Proctor has had to leave the office for a family emergency," she informed him. "He did ask if I would be able to handle you when you returned to the office,". "Mr Proctor was given a 100% guarantee that I could".

Max looked a little uneasy as he sat at his desk, staring at Paris the whole time, a little unnerved at her tone.

Paris stood against Maxs' desk, resting her ample bottom against it and facing Max at the same time. She bent down and started to glide her hand over his crotch.

"Well Max," she chortled, "Mr Proctor did ask if I could handle you when you came back to the office!"

"I don't really think this would have been what he had in mind, but do carry on Paris, I'm all for a little tactile interaction in the confines of the office," Max replied.

Paris' hand remained there for at least five minutes before she undid his button and zip and guided her hand in to release his swollen cock. It sprang out very quickly as it was apparent that Max had 'gone commando'.

Paris was now kneeling down in front of Max in between his legs. She clasped her right hand gently around his erect penis and slowly moved up and down on it. Max remained silent, he closed his eyes and let his head fall back ever so slightly, obviously enjoying Paris' expertise.

She quickened her pace and at the same time proceeded to lick the head, stabbing his slit with her tongue. This he particularly enjoyed as he moaned everytime she done this. Max was in heaven.

She continued her invasion of Maxs' private parts, stroking and licking relentlessly until eventually Max came. Luckily Paris had him in her mouth at this time so there would be no visual evidence of their little office frivolity.
Maxs' handling complete, Paris promptly stood up and walked over to Mr Proctor's desk. She sat down and typed a very short email to Max then logged off the computer. She grabbed her handbag and walked to the door, unlocked it and left. Leaving Max very satisfied and very bemused at the same time.

"If this is how she behaves if I don't do something she asks, how on earth does she behave when I do do something that she asks me to?" Max thought to himself as he wiped his now soft member and placed it back in his trousers.

Paris had been gone for roughly thirty minutes when Max decided to give his emails a final check before he left for the night. He noticed that there was one from Paris and promptly clicked it open.

"I was a little perplexed this morning to discover that you had not alerted Mr Proctor to my impending lateness. I can only conclude that this was a minor indiscretion on your part. As you have probably gathered by now, I have forgiven you for this, but would like to remind you that any future indiscretions may not be so favourably forgiven. "Enjoy your evening Max".

Email read and understood, Max logged off the computer and headed to his hotel room, intrigued by Paris' communication.


It was Maxs' third day of getting to know the ropes and he thought that he was making good progress. He would be interested to know what Paris thought of how his familiarisation with the Company was going.

It was 9.00 am precisely when Max strode into the office. Paris was already seated at her desk.

Unusually for Paris, her hair was not tied up today, it was free flowing, very straight and sleek looking. She wore a white blouse that resembled a mans shirt, slim black tie, black pencil skirt, black leather high heel shoes and black seamed hosiery. Matching black lacy bra and panties.

"She didn't just look amazing," Max thought, "she looked sexy, very sexy indeed."

Max had a very busy day ahead of him, meeting after meeting and was going to need Paris' help for most of it. Maybe that is why she is looking like this today he thought. The soon-to-be new MD and HIS soon-to-be PA, Max had a feeling that this was going to be a good day one way or another!

The first meeting commenced at 10.00 am on the dot. All guests were greeted by Paris, and once they were all seated the meeting began. Two hours gone, they broke for lunch. Paris being the perfect PA ushered the guests to the dining room. Max trailed behind his eyes fixed on Paris for the entirity of the walk to the dining room.

Max and Paris did not mingle with the prospective clients, they decided to dine alone. Just like the first time they met one another at the conference.

"You look amazing today Paris," Max declared.

"Thank you," replied Paris, "Wanted to look my best for your first 'real' meeting for the Company".

Paris smiled at Max and he responded showing off those beautiful teeth of his. Paris felt a little flutter in her stomach when he did this. God I want him so much she was thinking.

Four o'clock and the second meeting of the day was finished. A telephone call in the morning would deliver the good news that they had won the contract or the bad news that they hadn't. Nothing more they could do now, just have pray that Max had delivered on his first meeting for the Company.

Mr Proctor was absent from the office today, spending time at home with his injured son. Paris, like yesterday was using Mr Proctors office again. Paris sat down at Mr Proctors desk and congratulated Max on an excellent speech and an excellent delivery of his presentation.

"Are you doing anything this evening," Paris enquired.

"No," replied Max.

"Good," she said, "I am going to take you home with me and cook you dinner. Call it a celebration for your successful 'virgin' meeting at the Company".

"Thank you Paris," said Max, "I would love to have dinner with you."

They both left the office at 17.00 hrs and began the short journey home.

Once inside Paris began preparing dinner. Most of the preparation had infact been done last night, she didn't want to waste any more time in the kitchen than she needed to.

"Dinner will be ready in an hour," she informed Max.

"Ok," he replied, "What are we going to do til then?".

"I'll leave that entirely up to you Max," Paris said.

Max then stood up and walked over to the oversized black leather settee that Paris was sitting on and kneeled at her feet. He took off her shoes and began to massage her feet. Paris giggled, she hadn't had her feet or any part of her body massaged before. Her feet thoroughly massaged, Max began to rub her lower legs kneading them ever so gently, paying attention to her calves. Paris moaned quietly, she didn't want Max to know how much this was turning her on. He then asked Paris to stand up and removed her pencil skirt, revealing her black lacy panties and her black seamed hold-ups. Max smiled as he liked what he saw and a little movement from down below confirmed this. He began to rub her upper legs and thighs, back and forth, back and forth. Paris was loving it, staring at Max throughout his man handling of her. He was kneeling in between her legs now and started to unbutton her blouse (that looked like a mans shirt), undid the tie, and removed both.

Paris was now at his mercy, sitting in only her underwear and hosiery. Max bent down and started to kiss her right foot, working his way up to her thigh, then he did the same on her left side. Paris began to sigh heavily, her breathing quickened and her panties became wet, very wet.

Max noticed how wet she had become and asked Paris to remove them which she did.

He took them from her and again inhaled them, as he had done before. Only this time his inhalation lingered as if he had been missing the scent Paris had left on them.

Paris then leaned forward and began to kiss Max, soft, gentle, short kisses, all around his mouth teasing him as she did so. Then she kissed his mouth, as soft and gentle as possible, she loved to kiss, she loved to kiss Max. She loved to kiss Max's soft lips.

Max was thinking about kissing soft lips too, but not the ones on Paris' face. He gently pushed Paris back and raised her legs either side of him, her heels resting on the edge of the settee exposing her bald, luscious, engorged pussy. It was begging to be licked, and Max was the man for the job!

Max loved to lick pussy, and boy was he good! He certainly knew how to put his tongue to good use. Slowly he licked her from bottom to top, over and over again, then circling her clitoris and darting his tongue inside her. Paris was lost in her own little world until she began to slowly writhe against his face, she felt her orgasm beginning to build, she could take no more and yelled out loudly as she came.

Max looked up at Paris and smiled at her, satisfied that he had made her come again.

She kissed him full on the lips to thank him for his oral expertise, stood up and pulled on her skirt. She walked to the kitchen and began serving dinner.

They began to eat, little conversation between them, but lots and lots of eye contact.

"As you seem to have had your starter Max, and I am now serving the main, maybe I could have some dessert?" she quipped. Max gave her a knowing wink. She took that as confirmation of her request.

After dinner they spent a lot of time talking, learning more and more about one another. Before they realised it, it was 01.00 hrs. Max mumbled that he should go, but Paris was adamant that he should stay and suggested he take a shower in her new wet room before retiring to bed. Max agreed and followed Paris to it.

Once inside Max began to undress, Paris stood outside the wet room watching him, wanting him, wanting him now! She stepped inside and started to take off her clothes, Max was already under the shower at this time with eyes closed so he was oblivious that he was about to have company in the shower.

Paris stood behind him and with shower gel in hand began to wash Maxs' back. He jolted as he did not expect this to happen. Paris carried on relentless, washing and caressing him at the same time. Max had now turned around to face Paris, he looked down and began to kiss her, very passionately. They stood out of the aim of the jet force shower. Paris had somehow ended up with her back to the wall and Max was now pressing his body against her. His erect penis pushing further into her body. He crouched down a little and began to rub her pussy lips with it, teasing and tantalising her at the same time. She closed her eyes, enjoying the sensation when suddenly her eyes shot wide open. He had entered her, and was now thrusting against her, pushing himself deeper and deeper into her. Paris held on to Max as hard as she could, you're definitely not getting to finish before you make me come again, she was thinking. Thankfully for Paris it didn't happen for a little while and when she finally did come, Max did too. The both of them breathing heavily, panting and shouting out in ecstacy when the deed was done.

They held onto one another for what seemed to be forever, before they stepped back into the aim of the shower and began to wash each other. Both of them cleansed and rinsed they left the wet room, wrapped themselves in the largest bath sheets you have ever seen and made their way to Paris' bedroom.

They both unwrapped themselves from the bath sheets, sat down on the bed and began to dry theirselves.

It had been a tiring day, and after their wet room session they were both exhausted. They both got into Paris' bed, Max relieved that the meeting seemed to have gone well, and Paris relieved that they had now consumated their relationship.

As she lay there, Paris wondered how politically correct it was to be sleeping with and having sex with your impending boss. Who cares, she thought, this policital correctness is over-the-top at the best of times. I'm sure I'm not the first, and certainly won't be the last PA to be sleeping with and having sex with her boss. And on that note she rolled over onto her left side and fell asleep.

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