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The night I had waited so long for

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When my straight friend became my lover
She was my friend. But she was only my friend because I wanted her, I wanted her so badly. After six months of friendship, my desires to have her, hold her, kiss her, and fuck her were not subsiding. 

Every minute I spent with her only increased my want for her, my need.

She was beautiful of course, her hair was long and dark, but the colour often changed. She rarely smiled but when she did her eyes lit up and it made me fall for her deeper.

As our friendship grew I knew that my feelings should stop she liked boys, she liked cock. She'd never look at me in the same way as I did her... Or would she?

It was the night of our graduation ball. I don't have to explain how beautiful she looked. She stood in her six inch heels, higher than anyone else, her dress down to her mid calf and her breasts hidden away as always. 

During the night she would often smile at me and hug me, as friends do!

After the night a group of us went to the kebab shop, she sat on my lap. I thought nothing of it when she put her arms around my neck and rested her soft cheeks on my shoulder.

She asked to come back to mine for a drink of water as my house was close to the kebab shop, I was more than happy to let her in. I just loved spending time with her.

As I turned on the tap, she came behind me and hugged me tight. I turned round placing the glass on the side, we were face to face.

No words were spoken as she softly kissed my lips. I was in shock, but it felt so good, an electric shock ran through my body as her lips pressed against mine.

I put my hand on her face as I opened my lips slightly and continued kissing the women of my dreams. My second hand held onto her waist as her tongue gently massaged mine inside my mouth. I felt weak. I couldn't believe this was happening.

She stopped kissing me. Turned around and lead me upstairs to my room.

As she sat me down on my bed, she gestured for me to unzip her dress. I didn't protest.

I sat on the edge of the bed watching as the dress fell slowly off her back, she turned around, Unhooked her bra and for the first time I saw her beautiful breasts. She smiled as she saw my face light up.

As she straddled me with only her heels and an extremely Lacey pair of underwear on she pushed me down and kissed me again.

My hands went straight for chest I long to touch her tits, they were bigger than I had dreamed. She hid them well. But as I did she pulled my hungry hands away and pinned me down smiling as she did so.

She kissed ny neck and around my ear, this sent me crazy. I longed to touch her but she kept a tight grip on my wrists.

She pulled my dress off and over my head, I was convinced she had done this before, and then remained her hold over me!

This time kissing further down my body, kissing my nipples over the fabric of my bra. She must have read my mind because she fumbled at the clip of my bra. I arched my back to aid her and after a while she finally managed to undo me. Maybe she hadn't done this before!

At first she teased me. Kissed everywhere around my nipple and breast before finally licking both my hard nipples one by one. I let out a soft moan as she gently sucked my nipple still pinning me down.

I couldn't let her be in control any more. I needed to make her feel as good as I was feeling.

I freed myself, kissed her hard on the mouth, took her by the waist and flipped her onto her back.

She was surprised yet satisfied, as I was now the one looking down at her ready to please.

She giggle. I giggled.

I kissed her neck and chest as she had done mine and slowly rubbed my pussy against hers. She scratched my back and let out the softest of moans.

She really was incredibly beautiful! I slid down her body working my tongue against her skin as I went.

I kissed both thighs and then her pussy through the lace of her underwear!

She arched her back and allowed me to slowly pull her panties down! I pulled them all the way down her legs passed her heels, the heels were staying on of course.

As soon as they were off I kissed her lips again, as our bodies were entwined I could feel her wet pussy against my thigh.

I kissed my way back down to her wet pussy, her wetness excited me and I couldn't wait to taste her.

.... To be continued

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