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The Object Of Our Holiday's Desire Part 1

The neighbor at our friends holiday house sparks dirty desires....
The sun shining through the open windows of our temporary house of sin wakes me.

I lick my lips as my throat is dry and the taste on my lips is enticing and intoxicating, I feel myself get hard in the blink of an eye as images of last night race through my mind.

Lying naked on your stomach next to me I roll over and press up against your thigh, the initial intention to roll you over. I push your knees up to your breasts and pull you up by the buttocks and plunge my rock hard cock inside your silky depths is hard to resist.

I pull away as the memory from last night comes to me and quietly another idea comes to mind as I slip off the bed and head to the shower.

When I return you have rolled over in your sleep, the delicious shaved pussy I still fantasize about even though I have enjoyed its slippery, velvety feel on my tongue, fingers, raging hard cock in lots of different ways is in full view and inviting me to once again have my way with it.

And not long after carefully climb on the bed so as not to wake you I do. With one long lick from your hole to your clit the taste returns and I proceed to ravage your creamy, cum soaked pussy as I remember back over the last couple of weeks.

Two weeks earlier.....

It's night as we hurl down the highway on the way to my friend Steve's house, which we will be house sitting for two weeks! Located on the south coast and right on the beach, we can’t wait to get there and left the night before so we could wake up to a good fuck and then wash off in the surf.

As I look over at you I also can’t wait for you to cum, I have stopped teasing now and the ten inch dildo (with the fake balls turned upside down so it hits your clit) has been sliding deep inside for a little while now and your feet are pressed against the dashboard and helping you thrust back against it trying to take it as deep into your writhing form as you can.

Faster I work it as my eyes take a minute to focus on the road and with two last, long hard thrusts your orgasm hits.

I pull over and walk to your side of the car unzipping my jeans as I open your door, you’re coming down a bit now and know what’s coming as you lean forward and take my cock into your mouth. Grabbing your hair I fuck your mouth for a minute or two before shooting one, then two and finally three big ropes of sticky cum into your hungry mouth.

And for the better part of the year this has been us, fuck buddies that love only one thing better and that would be the tease that leads to the fuck.

The next day starts with a heated fuck and it’s obvious the trip has you on a high, leaning over the bedhead I wake up to find you helping yourself to my morning erection. Your pussy is literally dripping as you slide up and down my hard cock, your hips are dancing in a sublime groove for some time before you even realize I have woken up.

Finally you use the bedhead to push yourself down and cry out "Oh fuck yesssssssssssss" as you cum and your soft folds turn into a vice from heaven and milks my load inside you.

At this point I have no idea what effect our temporary neighbour is having on you, the whole time you were on me you were fantasising about him.

We don’t bother to shower, preferring to let the surf we are about to enjoy do the job for us on a perfect summer's day. We leave with me in board shorts and you in a one piece with a sarong hanging off your hips.

I watch your bum strut as our holiday and the heated fuck this morning obviously have you feeling great; my second wind is stirring at the thought of my seed dripping from your slick hole. It's aroused even more when we step outside and hear a hearty "Hello" from next door.

It is Steve's neighbor Jeremy and we wander over to introduce ourselves. We chat after the usual introductions and I can tell you like the look of him straight away (I of course have no idea you spotted him earlier and he was the reason for the heated fucking you gave me not long ago).

Your body language is flirtatious if your chatting isn't, I don't think Jeremy noticed but I did and began to feel uncomfortable in my board shorts. We had both enjoyed sex with others since hooking up and neither of us had a problem with the other hooking up or flirting, our communication had become very good over the last six months especially.

The fact my stunning fuck buddy and friend was flirting with this guy (and I was beginning to understand why when his piercing blue eyes engaged mine) with a load of my cum inside her was a turn on to say the least.

One thing you had always said turned you on about me was the way I would turn something that would make other guys jealous (like now or fucking others) into a tease to fuel a great fuck and this was also ticking over in my mind right now. I had a feeling Jeremy was going to be good for us in more ways than one.

We actually chatted for a long time, he must have known how turned on you were as on a hot summers day your nipples were hard in your costume and you were shuffling or should I say squirming from leg to leg, one thigh brushing against the other and I know the wind was blowing my way, I was sure I could smell your sex. My mouth was watering.

What also wasn’t helping was his Mediterranean olive skin, chiselled body and jaw line and those eyes! As we continued to talk your eyes dropped every now and then to both our groin areas and finding my state your flirting gestures were now equally shared amongst me and our temporary neighbour.

I notice you taking a lot more notice of my face, trying to find my eyes with a questioning smirk on your face. I'm flushed as the conversation ends with us inviting Jeremy over for drinks and a swim that night and I am glad to get away from the flustered situation.

The beach is across the road and down a path way through some sand dunes and as we get out of view from neighbours you wrap your arms around me and squeeze as we walk.

Whispering in my ear, "Now that was an uncomfortable look of a naughty little cock sucker if I ever saw one." And I shiver as you kiss me on the cheek before running off laughing.

BUSTED!!! But absolutely right, Jeremy had something stirring in me that no guy had done for a few years. You were very well aware of me exploring my sexuality a few years earlier after something had happened, out of the blue during a MMF threesome with a partner years earlier.

I watched and thought back briefly to the night as I watched you put on a little tease as you dropped the thong and hit the water.

The guy we invited into the bedroom that night was there because he had a very big fat cock and my partner at the time said quite truthfully that I was the biggest she had up until then and wanted to know what something bigger felt like.

I remember I went first to loosen her up a bit as she was nervous, then our friend David put his nine inch very fat dick into my partner and very slowly pushed his entire length into her. It was when he hit halfway that she came and her orgasm never let up as he kept pushing into the hilt.

As far as fucking that partner, that was as far as he got as she was more satisfied than ever with just that. I still can’t believe the feeling that came over me as he pulled his monster out, slick with my partners cum and I just had to suck it.

I had worked out through my exploration that it was actually that type of scenario that got me sucking cock and in that scenario I could suck cock as well as anyone and take a good mouth fucking to. Did I want this to happen for the three of us?? I thought as I followed you into the water.

We swim and frolic in the clear blue water, it should be cooling us down but both our minds are wandering to our neighbour. Before long we decide to go shopping for lunch and stock up for when Jeremy comes over that night.

When we get back we eat and talk, out of the blue you decide to turn on the tease. Fessing up to fantasizing about Jeremy that morning whilst seductively giving head to your banana.

I'm hard and struggling to keep control as you get up to clear the plates, I stand up and forcibly bend you over the table, ripping your swimmers aside.

I drive my cock in hard ploughing your wet, creamy hole and taking my turn at the tease.

"Is this how you want Jeremy to fuck you babe??" I taunt as I squeeze your buttocks tight and really stuff you full of hard cock over and over again.

The sound of skin slapping against skin can be heard from anywhere in the house as you start to groan, pant and then spit at me "Fuck yes....that’s it Jeremy, you perfect hunk!! Fuck me like the naughty little girl I am!"

On and on we go and I don't know how he couldn’t of heard you when you orgasm, screaming at the top of your lungs his name. We take a moment to recover when you sink to your knees, sucking your juices from my cock before looking up at me.

"Do it baby, show me how hard you want Jeremy to fuck your pretty little cock sucking mouth." Taking a deep breath and you put one hand up against my stomach as you feel me pushing forward.

"C'mon Jeremy, fuck my man’s pretty lips." You taunt and my hands grab the back of your head and I pound away, you had a good idea of what to expect and use your hand to stop you from choking as I lose myself. Closing my eyes and trying to imagine you’re cum all over his hot, hard cock as I gag on it.

I pump harder and harder, and imagine pulling him out of my mouth as I pull out of yours. I think of opening my mouth wide and keeping my eyes open so I can watch his wet cock erupt and spurt streams of creamy cum on my face and down my throat as I shoot one stream on your cheek, the next two straight in your mouth and the last on your chin before collapsing light headed on the table.

I awake a few hours later on the lounge with you sitting in front watching some TV, you look a bit disappointed and I am as well when you tell me Jeremy dropped over to say he can’t make it over until tomorrow night.

We head out to a local night club and drink, dance and fuck the night away, continuing to taunt each other. We both know without saying it, we want and are going to have Jeremy.

The next morning you wake with a rather tender and sore pussy, so we decide to just spend the day relaxing and finally start to talk about seducing Jeremy.

It is still cool as we are up fairly early and I run you a hot bath, hoping that some heat might relieve some of the discomfort that has resulted from our rough fucking the day/night before.

Flinching at first from the heat and the pain, slowly you start to feel more comfortable at your core as you lie back in my arms as we talk. You admit to being anxious about missing out on an opportunity with Jeremy that night if your pussy was still aching.

We decide that getting drunk and you flirting with him would be the best way to get him into your knickers and that once we get to that point I will decide on the best way to get his cock in my mouth.

You also remind me of our lunch date with my friend Samantha and that I should call her to make sure it is still a go. Sam is a friend from my hellfire days where I checked out BDSM and the fetish seen, she had moved down this way a couple of years ago.

Your still feeling sore after the bath but a lot better than beforehand, as I talk on the phone to Samantha (still naked) you wander in and out of the lounge room whilst getting clothes and the like ready.

On your third trip through you notice my erection and I notice a familiar mischievous look in your eye. You get down on your hands and knees and crawl seductively over to me. When you reach me you motion for me to keep quiet by putting a finger to your lips before taking my tip between your lips.

As I continue to talk to Samantha, I feel your incredible smile wrapped around the base of my cock, sucking hard on it after gagging on my length. The reverberation of your gag and cough are intense to bear and you keep repeating the slow,intense torture over and over again! It isn’t long before Samantha picks up on what’s going on and she starts to trace back through some of the fun we had playing at hellfire and some BDSM parties.

I have shown you a photo of Sam before, a lithe blonde with 38 DD tits and quite pretty. She also was a sub that loved being dominated and you expressed interest at playing with some light bondage and meeting her to talk about what was involved from a girl’s side of things.

Memories and the sight of your pretty eyes looking up at me, saliva dripping from your chin and attached to the tip of my slick cock are getting right to the point of explosion, you have picked the perfect time to administer one of your dirty, porn star blow jobs.

It doesn’t take long all for me to fill your mouth with a warm, white creamy fluid and this time you swallow it with a lick of the lips. Our lunch date with Samantha has now been moved to the next day.

There is a knock at the door, our sexy neighbour is here.

It's not long since Jeremy has left us and I am pretty sure all three of us are feeling a bit down. I can tell you are quite flustered seeing that you looked amazing and went to the point of taking off your g string during the night and not so innocently letting us both see your aroused and puffy pussy glistening with your juices as you bent over in your mini skirt at one stage.

It turns out that Jeremy has had a very rough year, firstly seeing his OH&S business go bust as a few of the building companies he was tied to went belly up in the economic crisis and I was quite pissed off to hear he found his wife being gangbanged by of all people, the owner of this house and friend of mine, Steve and his work mates (whilst Steve's own wife was away).

There seemed to be no interest in sex with him at all and his values showed him to be quite a decent guy. Once drunk I left you two out by the pool for a bit and you made your move after the flirting seemed to have no effect. Things could have gone from bad to worse as he got quite upset thinking that we were actually a couple, something we in silly fashion didn't think to make clear that we weren't before we started playing.

After calming him down he still seemed certain not to play as he thought we were being foolish and should start a proper relationship.

I made love to you that night, whispering reinforcing comments in your ear and trying to push away any feelings of rejection and pampering your body from head to toe with kisses, sucks and licks and back again. I still felt we could not only fuck him for our own pleasure but also take his mind off his horrible year.

I also felt Samantha could play a big part in getting us there.

The next morning you seem to be ok and we head out to meet Samantha for lunch at a nearby park.

To be continued....

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