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The One I Love

My eyes trailed down his body. God, he was so hot. I shivered involuntarily at the sight. Sigh… I loved looking at him. He was six foot two and had the most amazing hair and eyes. He always smiled and he had a wonderful smile. His whole face lit up when he did. Not only that but he was such a wonderful person too. So sweet and kind, always making me smile. Wow, how did I ever end up with someone so damn amazing?

We were watching some scary movie, but I was mostly watching him, or hiding my face in his chest because I got scared. His arm was around me and I was resting my head on his shoulder. When I shivered, he assumed I was cold and pulled me in tighter, but, of course I didn’t mind at all. The movie came to an end and I sat up and stretched just a little. I looked over and he was smiling at me. He got up and reached for my hand and led me to his room.

My breathing started to become deeper because all I had wanted to do during the movie was kiss him, and now I knew I could. I looked down at the floor, not sure what to do, and then he put his hand under my chin and turned my head up towards his and then kissed me, softly at first and then it turned into a passionate kiss.

His lips parted and his tongue slowly started to explore my lips and mouth and so did mine. I grabbed his hair and ran my hand down the front of his shirt and then up the back of it. He pulled away for just a second and smiled at me. He gently pushed me down on to his bed and then started to kiss me again. His hand started to slowly run up my side. It slid up my shirt and cupped my breast gently and releasing.

My hands slid up the back of his shirt and slowly I ran my nails lightly down his back and he moaned into my mouth. I moaned right back as his fingers lightly brushed against my nipple. Oh god, I thought to myself, I want him so badly.

He started kissing down my neck and bit me lightly. I whimpered in delight and whispered, “Bite me harder, please.”

He lightly laughed his warm breath against my skin and I shivered. He kissed me once more before biting me again, first lightly and then harder. I whimpered again, running my nails up his back lightly again. He hissed in pleasure and then I started to kiss his neck. I lightly bit him and he sucked in his breath. I bit him again. This time harder and he sucked in his breath again before letting out a sigh.

My hand went to the front of his pants and I felt that he was hard. Oh how badly I wanted him in my mouth. I stood up and he sat up looking at me curiously. I smiled seductively and kissed him while my fingers reached down at started to undo his pants. I looked up at him and he smiled at me. That was all I needed. I reached in his pants and felt his rock hard rod. I kissed him again and slowly rubbed up and down on his shaft. I knelt down and pulled out his cock. Oh, he was so big. Pre cum was already starting to come out and with no more hesitation I locked my lips around his head and licked it off the tip. Oh he tasted oh so good.

I started to slowly bob my head up and down on his shaft, slowly massaging his balls. He started to push my head down harder and started to lightly thrust his hips slowly. I started to go faster and faster. He was trying to push my head down farther so I took him in as much as I could. His breathing started to get deeper and I heard him lightly moan. I could tell he was getting close so I really went for it. I started to go even faster and deeper.

He moaned and I felt his cock twitch in my mouth. I pushed my head down as far as I could and felt his hot cum seep down my throat. I made sure I got every last drop. God he tasted so good.

He pulled me up to him and kissed me and held me close to him. He looked at me and said, “That was amazing, and now, my love, it is your turn.”

I looked up at him and smiled. He pushed me up against the bed and lay me down. He undid my pants and slowly slid them down. I was already wet and he slowly removed my thong. He bent down and slowly, agonizingly slowly, ran his tongue up my slit. He pushed his tongue into my pussy and slowly pushed it in and out. He stopped for only a second before replacing his tongue with one of his fingers and used his tongue to please my clit. Twirling it all around.

My hips were pushing up in rhythm with his now two fingers sliding in and out of me, and I moaned out in delight. He kissed back up my body to my neck and bit me once again. Oh it was just too much, I knew I was getting close… my body started to quiver and shake and I let out a loud moan and came in his mouth. He took it all and then sat up licking his lips.

I smiled and pulled him down into another kiss and I could feel that he had a hard on again. He pulled away from the kiss and looked at me. I looked back and saw his eyes filled with passion and love. He kissed me and then whispered in my ear, “Are you ok with this?”

I pulled his neck to my mouth and bit hard and whispered in his ear, “Absolutely.”

He then positioned himself right above my pussy and slowly rubbed it on my clit before pushing it down to my hole. He slowly started to push into me and even though this was my first time it didn’t hurt too badly because I had already broken my cherry one time by fingering myself too hard.

I looked up into his eyes and I asked him to go in all the way. He pulled back gently before pushing in all the way quickly. I moaned out in pleasure and thrust my hips up to him. He groaned and started to push in and out of me while I thrust my hips up to him. I started feeling his cock press all the way in me, balls deep and I moaned at the sensation of being filled up and then I felt a wave of pleasure come over me and I knew I was about to cum. I screamed out and thrust my hips as fast as I could.

My back arched up and I felt my cum start to seep out past his cock. He moaned out, “Oh god I’m going to cum too.” He pulled out right at the last second and came all over my breasts. I moaned and smiled at him. I reached down and used my finger to scoop it up and lick it off. He then lay down on me and I held him close and said, “I love you.”

He looked up and smiled and said, “I love you too, my dear.”

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