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The Prez And Me

Summer intern's adventure in the White House
PLEASE NOTE! This is a work of fiction. The characters and the situation may be familiar, but the actions and words are solely the product of my fertile, if somewhat kinky, imagination!

It was my fourth day on the job. Thanks to my dad’s political connections, I was standing in the White House, a Presidential intern, nineteen years old. Young, innocent, naïve, but here I was. And there he was. The most powerful man in the country, asking me if I would like a tour of the upstairs.

The private quarters of the first family. “Sure! I’d love to!”

“Well then, lets go!” he said as he draped his jacket over the back of the chair, and waving me to follow him. Never in a million years would my friends believe this when I tell them all the minute details!

Pushing the intercom on his desk, he said, “Do I have any more appointments today?”

The box relied, “No, Mr. President!”

“Good! I’m going upstairs!” he said, as he put his arm around me. And led me from the oval office.

We made small talk as he led me through the residential section of the White House until we ended up in the master suite. Standing in front of his king size bed, he said, “You know. You’ve made quite an impression on me!”

“How is that, sir? I replied, shyly.

“I’ve seen you perform your duties in a very businesslike manner, while being very pleasant. Plus, you do spruce the place up a bit!” he said smiling, warmly.

“I do?” I said, understanding that he was complimenting my looks, even if I didn’t think of myself as overly pretty. I’m only 5’9”, with short brown hair, a reasonable, but not stunning figure.

Placing his hands on my shoulders, he looked me in the eye, softly saying, “Yes! You do!”

He held me there for what seemed an eternity before leaning closer and brushing my lips with his.

When our lips met, it was like a lightening bolt shot through me, starting at my mouth and ending at my toes, effecting everything in between.

I’m a good Catholic girl! Not great, mind you, but good. I go to church every Sunday, and at 19, still a virgin. I’ve had my chances to change that, but never pursued them. Up until now, even though I understand the mechanics, I’ve never practiced.

But when his lips brushed mine, it was like magic! Almost automatically I opened my mouth, letting his tongue invade, swirling around my teeth, filling my mouth, crushing our lips together. My nipples stiffened, and my pussy became instantly wet. I knew what we were doing was wrong, but it felt so good, I didn’t want it to stop!

I felt his hands drop from my shoulders, molding to my breasts, their warmth making my nipples ache. Before I knew I’d done it, my arms were around his neck, my tongue invading his mouth.

One of his hands slid down to my ass, pulling me forward. I could feel his stiffness as it pressed against me. When I pulled away to get some air, I noticed my blouse open to my waist. I didn’t care at this point just how he’d done it. Feeling wicked, I shrugged it off my shoulders. Before I could reach around and unsnap my bra he lifted one hand to my chin, and kissed me again, harder this time, more forcefully. I responded in kind as I felt his free hand unclasp my bra, and pull it from me.

Nibbling my ear, he throatily whispered, how hot I made him and how ‘lovely’ my breasts looked. As his lips trailed down my neck, I fondled the back of his head, eagerly anticipating the feel of those lips on my nipples. As they brushed over my aching areola’s another shock rippled through my body, making my pussy weep.

I was frightened of the unknown, but eagerly looked forward to attaining womanhood, which I knew would be very, very soon. Holding him to my breast as he suckled like a hungry baby, my hands running through his thick hair, I wanted to know what it felt like to have a man inside me!

Feeling a little unsteady, I slowly backed up until I felt the duvet against the back of my knees. My skirt had been unzipped and pooled at my feet, leaving me standing in my shoes, pantyhose and underwear. I sat down on the bed. He leaned over me, still kissing whatever his lips could touch, my lips, my ears, my collarbone, my cleavage, my nipples, my belly.

Kneeling between my legs, he shredded my pantyhose, exposing my extremely damp panties, and letting my scent loose, making him groan with lust. Peeling them off, over my knees and leaving them dangle on my left ankle, he smiled up at me. “So pretty!” he said, making me blush. I’ve been told by lots of men, that I was pretty, but never by someone staring at my exposed sex.

He scooted closer, kissing my thighs, starting at my knees. The slight tickle of his tongue against the smooth flesh of my legs, as he came closer to my pussy, made me wetter still. And when the tip of his tongue fluttered against my clit, I let out a gasp. The pleasure momentarily took my breath away! I opened my legs to afford him better access.

I should have told him, no. It wasn’t too late! I still had my virginity. The farthest I had gone before was allowing Eddie Corcoran a quick feel, and I stopped him as his fingers combed through my bush after a night of celebration after finals. Here I was a mere three weeks later, the tongue of the President of the United States probing deeply into my most private places, and I was encouraging him!

My hands were in his hair, my hips rising to meet his very talented tongue, my breath coming in shorter gasps! It felt so wonderful! I could hardly wait to feel him inside me! I heard myself moaning, “Oh God! Yes! Please?”

Lifting his face from my pussy, he replied, “Please what?”

Looking down at his face, framed by my heaving breasts, through half closed eyes, I panted “Please don’t stop!”

He smiled, his lips glossed with my essence, and plunged back in, burying his nose in my pubic hair and his tongue deep into the folds of my pussy.

The heat and intensity built rapidly. My breasts and pussy ached for release as his tongue drilled deep, then swirled around my clit. His soft, sensuous lips caressing mine, his hands cupping my nipples.

The orgasm hit me like a freight train! My whole body stiffened. What started out as a low groan, grew to a long, loud howl as my body convulsed. I though for a moment I had pissed myself, there was so much wetness between my thighs. I pushed his face away. He was smiling, a Cheshire cat grin all over his face along with a healthy dose of my juices.

He kissed his way up my belly, between my breasts, up my throat. When his lips met mine, I could taste myself. I’d never done that before! I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not, but from the twinkle in his eye, he sure did!

Up on his elbows he positioned his cock at the entrance my pussy, nestling the head just inside the lips. He leaned down, kissed me, his tongue filling my mouth, and lunged forward with his hips.

I felt something give inside me, followed by him filling me completely, his balls bumping against my ass cheeks. Then there was the pain! A sharp searing pain radiating from my core. My scream was muffled by his mouth and tongue, my nails dug into his back. He lay motionless on top of me, kissing away the tears that were streaming from the corners of my eyes.

“I’m sorry!” he whispered after an eternity of stillness and silence. The pain reduced to a dull ache was slowly being replaced by the need to complete our coupling.

“I’m not!” I whispered back, rubbing his shoulders where my nails had dug into him moments before. I started rocking my hips, feeling him move inside.

He slowly slid almost all the way out, stopping with just the crown of his manhood lodged inside me. He must have seen the look of consternation on my face, saying, “Don’t worry! Were not done yet!” and pushed himself back in.

Before I knew it, he had rolled us over, so I was on top. My breasts dangling in front of his face. “When you feel comfortable.” he said, nipping at my prominently displayed nipples, his hands resting on my hips.

“But I don’t know what to do?”

“Of course you do!” he answered lifting my hips upward. I felt him start to slide out, and sat feeling him sink back in. I rose and fell, feeling every inch of his cock as it entered and withdrew. The urge to mate had overcome the dull ache! I was fucking the President!

His hands were now playing with my nipples, his lips and mine locked together, smearing my essence on both of our faces. The room reeked of sex!

His left hand dropped from my breast to my crotch, his thumb rubbing my clit as I rose and fell on his long stiff shaft. Another orgasm built within me and I rode harder and faster, his thumb strumming my clit, his teeth nibbling my earlobes, his other hand mauling my breast. I felt my inner muscles pulsing around his cock, milking it as I moaned loudly, wallowing in the sensory overload.

As my orgasm receded, his built. His cock seemed to expand, deep within me. He bared his teeth, grunting, as he came, his hips rising, his cock spitting warm sperm deep inside me.

I collapsed on top of him, his hands enfolding me, his lips murmuring as he kissed my forehead, my cheeks. Rolling me onto my side, he curled up, his lips caressing my nipples. We lay there, silent, still, for a few moments before he suggested I go clean up.

On my return, he asked, “Would you like to have dinner with me tomorrow night?”

Playfully, I asked what was on the menu.

“You!” he said. “And don’t plan on going home afterwards!”

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