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The Professor's Daughter--Part III

The Professor's Daughter--Part III

Stephanie's has a fast learning curve.....

My old professors daughter Stephanie is a 17-year-old knockout who will turn 18 in one more day. She has cutest face you have ever seen and a slim Korean-Caucasian-mix body with a tight, petite Asian frame. She’s slim, quite tall and athletic (toned by ballet and gymnastics) with a nicely rounded firm ass with small but very firm tits. In my opinion Stephanie’s body is flawless. While her breasts are on the smallish side larger ones might look unnatural on her very slender and toned, petite Asian frame. Stephanie has been staying in my guesthouse for the summer to work an intern job and to prepare for university. Unknown to me she made a plan to seduce me and lose her virginity. To this end Stephanie has teased and flirted with me for over six-weeks. Finally, my resistance crumbled and she bedded me.

The sexual energy that had built up these past weeks watching Stephanie prance around in her bikini by the pool, in her tight yoga pants and tight t-shirts at home, in her painted on Rock & Republic jeans, her tight clothes wrapped around a perfect little body, had driven me wild. She had managed to convince me to take her to an office party (where she danced slow dances with me), to take her shopping (to buy sexy outfits that she modeled for me) and to take her out for her birthday dinner, all giving her chances to dress up and flirt with me audaciously. All that sexual energy had been released last night as we ravished each other’s bodies. I had brought her to three orgasms and had taken her virginity. We had fallen asleep together in my bed totally sated and exhausted.

I started to awaken slowly from my very deep and restful slumber. I was disoriented, but I knew it was Sunday and I had no reason to get up early. In the back of my mind I could feel a tingling in my cock. I must be dreaming. It’s so early. I feel like I have a hard on, but I must be dreaming after all that sex last night. The tingling, however, becomes more apparent and my cock certainly feels rock hard and wet. Why the hell does it feel wet?

My eyes wander down the bed. I see a head of dark hair poised over my cock moving just slightly up and down. Stephanie’s back is arched so that her tight little butt is sticking up in the air. Stephanie is holding my rod with her tiny soft hands and is running her tongue up and down the length of my cock. I pretended to still sleep to see how far this would develop all the time thinking this girl is a fast learner. Then she began to tentatively wrap her lips around my swollen head and to suck lightly on the engorged knob. My cock hardened further in response and the tingling in my groin increased. One of her hands gently stroked and tickled under my balls causing the sack to constrict and pull up, tightening, getting ready to blow a load of come. It was incredible; here I was with the soft, inexperienced lips of a 17-year old girl wrapped around my cockhead learning how to give a blowjob and I could hardly control myself.

I let her try her best to suck on me before I pretended to softly wake up. With some quiet moans and small movements I let her know I was awake. Stephanie looked up with a grin on her face.

“My girlfriends all say guy’s like this the most. Am I doing it right?”

I assured her that her velvet lips and soft mouth felt fantastic. I gave her several hints on how to relax and let more of my cock down her throat. She was trying her best, but only getting about 2 inches in. I used my arms to shift her around so that her body was positioned over my chest and her pussy and ass were poised directly above my mouth. I moved an extra pillow under my head to get more support and then start to gently lick her pussy. First I spread saliva around her outer lips before moving my tongue strokes inside and letting my tongue find her clit. My tongue had the effect of getting her to lick and suck with greater intensity as her own pussy sensations started to build. My cock began to throb in reply to her now more intense sucking and licking efforts.

Stephanie’s long, lush hair was dangling all around my cock and balls’ causing even more arousal and her hair was gently tickling my pelvis area. I pushed my tongue as deep as I could up her pussy while gripping her ass with both hands, holding her hips steady. I told her to slow down as I was building too quickly. Stephanie did slow down this time and lightened the pressure of her tongue allowing me to maintain control. She was learning how to build a man’s orgasm up. I applied more gentle strokes on her clit and told her to relax her throat as much as she could to see if she could get 3 inches down. I think her own arousal from my tongue, flicking her swollen clit gently back and forth, distracted her from the gag reflex and my cock slipped further down her throat and she got almost 3 inches in. I could feel my come building in my balls.

I knew that with this tight 17 year-old poised above me there was little I could do to control the ever rising stimulation so I told her to take her mouth away as I was going to come and she might not like the taste. She moved her mouth back slightly leading me to think she was pulling it off my cock. To my surprise rather than take her silken lips off my now rock hard cock, she simply pulled back and wrapped her lips more tightly around the huge purple cockhead and sucked much harder while swirling her tongue around and around, increasing the pressure and speed of the tongue swirls. This little vixen had taken me completely by surprise with her unexpected sex move. My head went wild, brain fireworks, as my orgasm exploded and millions of electric signals shot from my cock to my brain at light speed. I cried out and my come shot out uncontrollably into her mouth. Her cheeks bulged out and my come burst out the sides of her lips around the rim of my cock. Oh my god what a huge orgasm!

I pulled Stephanie’s ass hard down on my mouth and moved my tongue from her pussy to her tight little light brown puckered ass and swirled my tongue around its entrance, probing to get past the tightly constricted sphincter muscles. This sent shocks through Stephanie and she tried to pull her ass away from my mouth. I held on tightly to her hips, not allowing her to move. My tongue penetrated into her virgin ass about half an inch. In shock her mouth abruptly pulled off my pulsing cock and the last little bit of come shot onto her tits and across my stomach. Stephanie swallowed the come and gasped, sucking in a deep breath. She was in shock at my tongue penetration in her most private of places. I moved a finger to her pulsing pussy, flicking as fast as I could around her clit and from side to side. I didn’t want to give Stephanie time to think about what I was doing to her ass, I just wanted her to come as fast as I could make her come. She had pulled a suave little sex move on me and I wanted to make sure I reciprocated with one of my own.

The combination of my tongue probing up her ass and the finger action on her clit sent Stephanie flying and she cried out. Stephanie’s legs trembled as she went into violent orgasmic convulsions. Tsunami waves of the orgasm swept through her body and Stephanie’s ass pushed back hard against my mouth in need of more stimulation. She arched her back above me, throwing her head back and her hair dangling backwards above me. Simultaneously she lost control causing her sphincter muscles to relax. This allowed my tongue to get about 1 inch penetration inside her bum and I probed repeatedly and rapidly, rolling my tongue tightly to make it firmer to penetrate deeper. I held Stephanie’s waist with one arm and reached up to her firm rounded right breast and grabbed it, pulling lightly on her erect nipple. Her body bucked in response as I rolled the nipple lightly. Stephanie was in the throes of total release and it was all I could do to hold onto her. Her sphincter pulsed and constricted several times around my tongue almost pushing my tongue out. Then she suddenly collapsed forward, her ass and body falling away from my mouth, the convulsions gone and the orgasm ended. She lay prostrate on the bed totally spent and turned her head to look back at me with a wide smile across her face.

We slumbered in bed for a while and she told me how much she had enjoyed giving me a blowjob and how she wanted to learn how to “be really, really good at it.” It was like Stephanie had discovered a new toy and she wanted to learn all about sex and try everything. Finally it was time to get going so we got up to shower. Stephanie went back to the guesthouse and we agreed to meet by the pool later for lunch.

To be continued
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