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The Promise

Hello everyone, I think it would be best if I introduce myself first. My name is Rose; I am eighteen years old and this is my first story. (Be warned, there is a bit of background, but my story will eventually get to the ‘good stuff’) I would like to share with you the day I lost my virginity. I want you to feel like you were there with us. I want to feel your eyes on my body as you read my story.

Ron was his name; he and I were juniors in high school. We had been dating for six months and we were already falling in love. The look in his eyes every time he said my name; it was that look that made me fall deeper and deeper in love.

We had been told many times, “You are in high school, you do not know what love is,” by our families. But to tell you the truth, we didn’t care.

Ron had wild red-brown curls to his shoulders that were soft and voluptuous. I loved running my fingers through them. His eyes were dark brown, almost black. They were hidden by thick-rimmed bright red and black glasses. Oh how I could get lost in the abyss of his eyes. He was never thin or boney, but was thicker and with healthy muscles from growing up working on cars with his father. He had a deep voice for his age with a burly laugh that could make even the most depressed children in our school light up!

Ron was my first serious boyfriend, the first boy to watch me undress, the first boy to kiss down my body, and the first boy to tell me he loved me, and mean it.

I remember the day him and I sat on my bed holding hands asking each other what exactly we were waiting for.

“I didn’t think you were ready, Rose, I know we have done everything else, but I thought you wanted to wait a while before we take this next step,” he said with caution.

“But Ron, we both know it’s going to happen sooner or later, so why wait, we both want it, babe, I know you want me.”

“Oh Rosie baby, I do want you, but I want your heart too, and I don’t want to push your heart past its limit.” He lightly brushed his callused fingers across on my cheek.

I sighed, “I’ve been ready for this for a long time now, but let’s wait for a day when your parents and sister aren’t home, okay?”

Ron agreed and passionately kissed me like he never had before. I felt my heart pound inside of me; I thought it was going to burst!

The day was November 17, a Tuesday after school; it was also our six month anniversary. I found it to be a little less romantic because it was planned and didn’t “just happen”. I remember walking with him from our school to his house because he only lived a few blocks away. His hands were clammy and his body seemed rather tense.

I made sure to wear the sexiest panties I owned. They were see-through blue and white polka dotted g-string. The night before, I shaved my pussy to make sure it was perfectly soft and smooth. I remember staring at my naked body in the mirror, holding my 38 D cup breasts in my hands, closing my eyes and slowly pinching my nipples in excitement.

I found myself wondering what boxers he was wearing and if he had done anything romantic at his house.

The walk was coming to an end as we neared his house.

“Stay downstairs for just a minute Rose, I have a few things to do first,” he whispered in my ear.

I smiled while nodding slightly…

“Rosie! I’m ready!” he called down to me.

My heart began to beat faster than ever before!

As I walked up the steps to his bedroom I smelled vanilla and incense, he knew how much I loved those two scents. They filled my nose and mouth and I exhaled my last breath before entering his bedroom. I opened the door and there were about four candles like I had guessed and my favorite band playing, Iron and Wine.

“What do you think, Rose?”

“I think it’s beautiful!”

“I think you’re beautiful,” he replied.

At that, he walked toward me and kissed my forehead, he planted light kisses all over my face. Then he began to passionately kiss my lips, I felt his tongue explore the inside of my mouth, he sucked and bit my lips, bringing out a quiet moan in the back of my throat.

He kissed down my neck, and up to my ear lobe where he nibbled and moaned lightly.

I felt his hot breath down my neck which gave me chills up my body, “Rosie, I love you so much, I...I think I’m in love with you, and I think I have been for a very long time.”

I felt a single tear drop roll down my cheek and he lightly kissed it away while holding the sides of my face. He continued to kiss my neck and jaw as he slipped off my blouse to expose my breasts enclosed within my lacey black bra. He slid his fingers up my body sending tingles to my pussy and raising all the little hairs on my arms. He drew me close to my body as he began to take off my bra. I could feel him growing through his jeans.

Soon, my breasts were free and my nipples were very hard. He had them in his hands slowly massaging them and sucking ever so slightly on my nipples. He carefully bit down and with that escaped a moan.

“Ohhhhh Ron, that feels so good,” I scraped my nails up his back and slid off his shirt .

Carefully, I dropped down to my knees and took off his belt and slid down his jeans, revealing silk boxer briefs, which outlined his very hard and ready cock. I was so ready for this. I was being silly so with my teeth I took off his boxers.

Ron’s cock was thick and about seven inches. He kept himself trimmed and neat.

I immediately took his cock into my mouth, it made his body tremble and I tasted his pre-cum on my tongue. It was salty and tangy and it begged for more.

Ron beckoned up with his finger and carefully pulled down my skirt to reveal my panties that were already soaked with my juices. He took them off, picked me up by my waist and carried me over to his bed where he kissed down my stomach all the way to my sweet spot.

I felt his tongue go lower and lower until he began to flick it over my clit.

“Ohhhhh fuck baby that feels so good!” I moaned.

He slid his middle finger slowly into my tight, wet little pussy hole. I screamed his name as he hit my g-spot to perfection. My pussy was so tight that even his finger filled me up, but I was so wet and I needed his cock inside of me right now.

“Come on Ron, I’m ready, I want your cock inside of me, please baby,” I moaned in his ear.

As I said that he slowly climbed on top of me, “Are you sure you want this Rose?” he asked one last time.


And with that, I felt his dick enter me slowly, oh it hurt so good!

He moaned out my name. It felt so wonderful! He found a rhythm and it didn’t hurt anymore!

Soon enough, I was begging for more!



We were in ecstasy; I couldn’t even control my thoughts or the time or even where I was. It was the most amazing sensation of my life!

Then all of a sudden I felt him begin to grow larger inside of me, his speed increased and his back bucked outward.

“Oh my God Rose, I’m going to cum! Cum with me baby!” He moaned, and in that final orgasm my body erupted and I felt his hot liquid fill me as I came at the same time!

We lay there breathing in unison.

He kissed me ever so gently.

“Rosanne, I love you and I promise you, baby, that I always will…”

It has been two years, and he still has not broken that promise.
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