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The Real Little Red Ridding Hood

A new look at the classic fable

Little red riding hood approached her grandmothers cabin in the middle of the woods. The old cabin looked the same as it always did and she walked towards it completely unaware that her grandmother had company. "It's just me grandmother" she called out as she walked in through the front door.


She looked around the cabin and saw the fire lit and bread dough resting on the side by the stove, then her search was disturbed by a noise she heard from her grandmother’s bedroom so she made her way over to the door which was ajar. As she approached she looked through the gap to see what she was doing and stopped dead in her tracks as could not believe what she was seeing. Her grandmother was knelt on all fours naked whilst a rather hairy man was penetrating her from behind.


She heard the low moans of her grandmother and knew she was enjoying what this man was doing. Completely mesmerised she watched as her grandmother’s moans got louder as the man started to thrust harder until they both cried out and collapsed together on the bed.


"RED" she heard her grandmother shout out in surprise and she suddenly realised that she had been seen. She quickly ran into the main part of the cabin and started fidgeting about.


Minutes later her grandmother came out with the man now fully dressed and she heard her grandmother apologise and say that half would do to make up for it at which point the man gave her some coins and left. Her grandmother walked over to her and said. "I'm so sorry you saw that my little red."


"What were you doing granny." Red Asked. She was about 55 but looked a lot younger with her slender figure and long auburn hair and Red had always adored her.


She looked at Red with her green eyes. "I suppose it would not hurt to tell you" she said with a sigh "I am surprised you don't know really at sixteen" For the rest of the afternoon Reds eyes were opened to what was going on.


Red got back home that night and kept her promise not to tell anyone but lay in bed thinking about all she had been told. She began to feel her pussy get hot and moist and she knew now that this was normal and began to explore herself. She allowed her hand to touch herself and rub the wetness around. She eventually dared to put her finger inside herself and to her amazement came in seconds. She played several times that night and she could not wait to go back to see her granny and share her new found experience.


  It was a few weeks later and she got to her grandmothers and saw the man leaving. He looked at her and smiled at her. Red smiled back but her thoughts were on what her grandmother had just been up to and she was envious. As the man walked off she went after him and said "Excuse me sir, but I was wondering I know what you do in there and I will not tell a sole but I was wondering, would you show me" He looked at her in amazement his deep blue eyes looked into hers. She began to flush with embarrassment and said “I am sorry sir; I should not have asked" and turned to walk away. As she left she herd him say "I will be waiting for you as you go home."


That day went very slowly and as it got closer to going home the more nervous and scared she got. All the things she had thought about in her room as she played and the times in her imagination she had been with this man but today it was going to be real and she would have no control. As she left her grandmothers, having not dared to tell her about her rendezvous, she waved goodbye and walked into the forest and along the path home.


After five minutes she saw him leaning on a tree. He stood and studied her as she made her way towards him. When she got there he said gently "Say stop and I will, I promise" With that he leaned forward and whilst touching her cheek kissed her soft lips. She felt him pull her close and then in an instant lift her up as he began to carry her of the path and into the trees. Her heart pounded in her chest as she was lead to what she knew was going to be the most memorable experiences of her life.


He undressed her, slowly revealing her young, nubile body. He then removed his clothes and beckoned Red to lie down on the makeshift mattress of clothing. She looked at his hairy muscular body and longingly at his man hood, hard and erect as he knelt down beside her. His warm hands caressed her, moving across her flat stomach and over her breasts before tracing their way down her side her outer thigh before moving inward and over her pubic mound to which she gave a shallow gasp. He repeated this and every time he came close to her vagina she let out short gasps. Her gasp suddenly became a moan as his hand stopped and began to explore between her legs to which she automatically opened giving him complete access to her untouched flower. He felt the warm juices on his fingers and knew she was ready and wanting him to take her. He slowly inserted a finger inside her as he placed his mouth on her nipples playfully sucking at it and flicking it with his tongue. Her skin tasted so fresh and sweet he began to think how her pussy tasted so bringing his finger up to her nipple he ran it around her nipple leaving a trail of her juices which he then licked off as his hand went down to rub her pussy again. She tasted fantastic and as her hips was starting to writhe a little and he knew she was not too far from her climax he decided to give her something special. His mouth kissed all the way down until his tongue was moving between her legs stimulating her clitoris and penetrating her moist hole tasting her juices as the flowed into his mouth. Her moans were getting louder now and he felt her hips bucking as her climax ravaged through her sending her into spasm after spasm. As she lay still he moved away from her pussy breathing in one last smell of her fragrance as he did. He knew she was spent now but also knew that he would be rewarded as she would want to come back to him for more.


  He was wrong on one count though, she still hungered for his penis, and as he lay beside her she looked at it. Long, hard and throbbing. She reached down and touched it and started to stroke his shaft, running her finger across the top and then back down. She looked at him and saw that he was looking at her, his mouth still glistening from her juices. She leaned forward and kissed him and then whispered "Take me, please" He pulled her on top and directed his erection towards her swollen pussy. Her tight pussy slowly gave way to him and she sank down onto his shaft, her eyes wide and her mouth slightly parted as she tried to catch her breath. Pain gave way to pleasure as she slowly began to lift herself up and down feeling him going in and out filling her   before sliding back again. She looked at his face and saw his look of ecstasy as she rode him. It was not long before she felt her orgasm rising within her and she felt him begin to thrust up into her and instinctively knew he was close too. She felt his hot spurt inside her then heard him groan in pleasure as he took control pounding her as he emptied himself into her and this took her over the edge as her orgasm claimed her sending shivers through her again.


She arrived home late and knew she was going to be shouted at especially as her new red cloak was filthy. "Where have you been" was her mother’s first question quickly followed by "What has happened t your clothes"

"A wolf" she cried, scared at her mother finding out what really did just happen. She could have kicked herself, a wolf she thought of all the stupid things to say. But her mother bought it and she made up a whole story of how she escaped. "That is she said you can't go to you grandmothers on your own until it’s caught."


The next day Red woke and walked into the main room where she saw the man from her grandmothers. She went white 'she has found out' she thought. Her mother ran up to her and said to the man, "See she is still in shock, you must find the wolf and kill it."

"That is my job" He answered. "But would it be ok to take your daughter into the woods so she can show me the place, this would make tracking so much easier." Reds head started to spin and eventually caught up and she helped convince her mother to let her go with him.


They left together and she took him to the spot and once there, let the wolf attack her all over again.  

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