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The Request

Olga makes a request to Regan that he can't refuse
It has been three weeks since I broke up with my on again/off again girlfriend Maggie. Three weeks of abstaining from sex was such a deal breaker. Yesterday I was picking up my phone opening text messaging and tapping out “Babe, sorry please one more chance.”

Every time I went to hit send I stopped knowing in my heart she was with her other love Rochelle. Yes she left me for a chick who apparently is good at tongue fucking and getting Maggie to cum.

This afternoon I was moping on the computer and waiting for my sister to return from her trip to the gym. When there was a knock on the door. My heart leapt to my throat and I crossed my fingers hoping it was Maggie begging me to take her back. As I opened the door I felt a little disappointment. My sister’s best friend Olga was standing on the step.

“Hey Olenka, Emilie is not home.” I said hiding my disappointment that it wasn’t my Maggie standing there.

A serious expression was on Olga’s face. She grabbed my hand and pushed herself inside the door. “I’m not here to see Em. I actually came to see you can we have a talk?”

Now this wasn’t the Olga that I knew. In fact it was almost a turn around to the bright bubbly girl I have known since I was nineteen. This must be serious for her to act this way. We walk into the living room. Standing in front of the couch she motions for us to sit.

“So uh what’s up?”

I can see on her face she was forming the words to say to me. Her grip not letting go of my hand, as she looked all around the room before her looking straight at me.

“I have a request. All I want you to reply is either yes or no? ”

She is leaning forward and I find my eyes glance quickly at our hands. I notice the green finger nail polish on her nails. I do like her smaller hand clasped around mine.

“What is it?”

I hear a sharp intake of breath. Sitting up straight and in her most matter of fact tone she asked me “Will you fuck me, Regan?”

That was not what I expected. Olga Andropov was my younger sister’s best friend, the girl who was happy to give advice, listen to your problems and didn’t worry about being conventional. Okay so there was times I had sexual fantasies about her but I didn’t want to act on them as she wasn’t eighteen at the time and I didn’t want to give in while she was still that cool girl (in my opinion) that was still in high school.

I see her sitting pretending to look interested at her curls of her dirty blonde hair.

I had to play the cool adult in this scenario. “Well are you sure about this? I mean you are off to college in a few weeks.”

She stopped fiddling with her hair and looked at me with those wide blue eyes. “I am dead serious Regan. Look I’m still a virgin as surprising as that may sound. No I didn’t fuck with Thaddeus when I was with him for those seven months. We were going to but I chickened out.”

Well that was indeed a surprise to me, Thaddeus and Olga seemed good together and I remember Emilie bragging about Olga losing her virginity two months ago but apparently that didn’t happen. The young horny man in me did a little dance because this girl in front of him openly told him she was a virgin. However the adult stood there in admiration.

“So why me?” Was all I could say.

“Because I’m off to college and I might get drunk and fuck some frat boy. However I want my first time to be with someone I have known for years and I guess someone I trust.”
That’s what I like about her, she is up front on what she wants.

I looked at her again, she had changed from the shy teen who barely spoke a word when she first meet me to a confident eighteen year old. Her looks also appealed to me. No fake tans, makeup or fashionable clothes. I don’t think she even dyed her hair.

Blood rushed through me and I could feel my cock start to stiffen at the idea that she wanted to fuck me.

“Uh..yes I will. How about tonight? My parents are away at a marriage counseling camp and Emilie’s going to Mason’s. You can always tell your parents you are staying over here with Emilie.”

Her lips formed a smile and I’m sure I could have heard a shriek of excitement but I might have been mistaken.

Getting up from the chair, she leant forward and kissed me on the cheek. I could smell the fragrance of her deodorant and the mint from her breath. “See you at seven thirty.”

With that she left and it had left me only a few hours to prepare for tonight. What does one do for a memorable first time?

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