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The seduction of Emily

20 year old Emily's first time ends up being with her bosses husband.
Emily had just started her junior year of college. She was a late bloomer in life as she graduated high school at the tender age of 17. Now at the ripe old age of 20 Emily had started to explore more of her sexuality. In high school none of the boys thought anything of her. She never dated and was somewhat quiet and shy.

Over Emily’s last two years of college her body began to change. It was a lot more filled out and underneath her conservative clothes her body was way better than anyone could see.

There was one thing Emily loved to do and that was read. She love reading all kinds of different books and had a visited many times a book store that was right off campus. One day while in the store the owner Mrs. Davis asked Emily if she was looking for a job. Emily right away said, “Yes I am!” Emily was so excited, because if their was a dream job for her it would be in a book store.

One week later Emily began to work at the store. Mrs. Davis and her husband were both in their upper thirties and were very nice to Emily. Emily had seen Mr. Davis a few times around the store, but never had any contact with him though he seemed to be a very nice guy.

It had been a few weeks since Emily had started at the store. She now was able to read all kinds of different books while working in the store. She recently began to read some of the romance novels. She was shocked and excited as she read several of them while on duty. She was so surprised how excited she had gotten every time she had read one of them.

One night Mr. Davis stopped by the store at closing to pick up the days receipts. Emily had only chatted with Mr. Davis a few times so far, but he seemed to be very pleasant. As Emily counted out her drawer behind the counter Mr. Davis stood behind her. He said, ’Oh’ I see you love to read romance novels!”

A few seconds later he reached over Emily to point out a mistake she had made. She felt each of his hands on her shoulders as he began to explain what she had did wrong. She had never felt a man’s touch before as he gently began to squeeze each of her shoulders as she stood there.

She quickly counted out the drawer as Mr. Davis left with the money. She had a very restless night of sleep that night as she wonder if Mr. Davis had been hitting on her or if it was all in innocence.

The following week Mr. Davis again came by again to pick up the daily receipts. This time he asked Emily to go into the back room and grab a certain book off the shelf he needed. As Emily reached up to grabbed the book off the shelf she stumbled back as Mr. Davis was surprisingly right their to catch her. His hands now were right on each of Emily’s breast as she felt him gently squeeze each of them. It had felt so good as she said, “Thanks! I tried to reach it with out any help, but it was higher than I thought.”

Mr. Davis said, “I was glad I was their to catch you!” as his hands were still on each of Emily’s breasts.

A few seconds later Mr. Davis began to caress the rest of Emily's body with his hands. She initially felt uncomfortable, but quickly grew to the idea as his hands roamed about her body.

Mr. Davis then said to her, “You are very beautiful Emily! You need to let loose and undo your hair and get rid of those dark glasses. You also need to wear tighter clothes to show off your beautiful curves.”

A shy Emily said, “I better be going!” as she quickly left the store. That night Emily couldn’t get the thought of Mr. Davis out of her mind. His hands had felt so good on her body as he ran them across all parts of it. She now knew Mr. Davis had made an advance on her. She liked how it felt, but she also didn’t like the idea of Mr. Davis cheating on his wife. Emily had grown close to Mrs. Davis and didn’t want to hurt her in anyway.

A few days later Emily was working close again at the store. She had already counted out the drawer and was ready to leave when Mr. Davis showed up unexpectedly. He came up from behind Emily and said, ”I know you like the way I felt up your beautiful body the other night!”

Emily’s body began to tremble as she felt Mr. Davis’s hands again roam across her body. He slowly lifted up her shirt as he stood directly behind her. A few seconds later he pulled her bra up over her lovely tits as he ran his hands across each of them. Emily didn’t say a word as Mr. Davis continued to touch each of her lovely breasts.

He then slid his hand down to her pants. He slowly undid the button on them as his hand then disappeared down into her panties. She felt a surge of energy flow through her body as his hand had made contact with her now wet pussy. She let out a small moan as Mr. Davis began to slowly to work over her clit with his finger.

A few minutes later Emily’s body began to tremble as she felt Mr. Davis kiss her on the back of the neck. He had one hand on her breasts while the other one fingered her wet pussy. Her moans grew louder by the second as he had her on the verge of cumming right their in the back room of the store.

He said to Emily, ”Let yourself go! You want to cum!”

Emily let herself go as she felt a powerful wave of energy shoot through her body. Mr. Davis began to rub hard on Emily’s clit as she began to explode right there. She cried out, “Oh’ god Mr. Davis!” as her body gyrated extremely hard as Mr. Davis didn’t stop fingering her until her orgasm had totally passed.

Mr. Davis then kissed her one more time on the cheek as Emily quickly pulled her shirt back down and buckled back up her pants.

“I will see you next week Emily!” said a smiling Mr. Davis as he left.

Emily couldn’t believe how good it had felt to cum like that. She was restless all night as she couldn’t get the thought of Mr. Davis out of her mind. The next day had become very hard for her to concentrate at school.

The next night Emily began to think about some of the romance novels she had read. She began to put herself into their scenarios as she quickly had become very horny. As she laid in bed with her roommate asleep only a few feet from her she reached down under the covers and removed her bottoms.

She then slowly slid her panties down as she began to tease her own pussy. She had never done anything like this before as she was very surprised how good it had felt. She ran her finger back n forth across her now swollen clit as she tried in vein not to make any noise. She thought about the romance novel she just had read and thought about Mr. Davis taking her just like what had happened in the book.

It only took five minutes when Emily felt a surge of energy shoot through her pussy. She was on the verge of cumming very hard on her own finger. She grabbed her pillow and began to bite down on it. She couldn’t control herself anymore as she couldn’t stop fingering her wet pussy. A few seconds later she let out a loud moan into the pillow as her body gyrated very hard on the bed. Her orgasm was very powerful and lasted almost a good minute as her roommate slept only a few feet from her.

The following week Emily was on the schedule to work to closing. It was a slow night as Emily grabbed one of the romance novels off the shelf and began to read it. She had just finished it right before closing time. She stood at the counter and started to count out her drawer. Her mind was going in several directions as she wonder if Mr. Davis would appear.

She had just about finished up the drawer when Mr. Davis came out of nowhere. He walked up behind Emily and began let his hands roam about her lovely body. He then grabbed her shirt and bra and pulled them up exposing her tits. As he groped at each of her tits she felt her pants being undone. Mr. Davis had now lowered Emily’s pants and panties down to her ankles.

Her pussy was very wet as Mr. Davis barely touched it with his finger. He said, “You been wanting me to take you for a while now! Your pussy is very wet!”

Emily heard Mr. Davis dropped his pants behind her as he quickly turned her around. He lifted her body up onto the counter as she laid across it. He pulled her pants and panties completely off her as he position his cock up against her very wet pussy. He held her body tightly down onto the counter as he pushed his cock into her wet pussy. She cried out, “Oh’ god Mr. Davis!”

He began to slowly fuck her at first, but a few minutes later as Emily’s orgasm began to build he started to fuck her harder. She cried out again and again as Mr. Davis pushed his cock deep into her virgin pussy. It was only a few seconds later Emily began to cum. She moaned out very loudly as she felt a powerful surge of energy rush through her body. Her orgasm was way better than she had ever imagine as her body laid across the counter trembling.

The thought of hurting Mrs. Davis now had completely vanished as Mr. Davis flipped Emily’s body over on the counter. Emily’s ass hung over the side as Mr. Davis mounted her from behind. Emily cried out again as she felt his cock penetrate her tight pussy from behind. He held tightly onto Emily’s hips as he began to work his cock deeper and deeper into her pussy.

Mr. Davis slowly fuck Emily at first as her orgasm quickly began to build inside her. It was only a few minutes later that Emily began to moaned out loudly. She felt another surge of energy shoot through her as she began to cum very hard on Mr. Davis’s cock as he gave her several hard thrust with it. He continued to fuck Emily hard for another few minutes until Emily felt his cum splash all over the back of her ass.

Mr. Davis quickly pulled his pants back up and told Emily he would see her again in a few days. Emily now had lost her virginity to a man who was almost twice her age. It took her several minutes to regain her composure as she clean up and headed for home.

A few days later Emily ran into Mr. Davis again. They were in the back room of the store. The store was still opened as Mr. Davis had Emily pull down her pants. He then bent Emily over in front of him. He loved fucking Emily from behind as her ass was way cuter with no clothes on than the baggy clothes she had wore.

He grabbed Emily’s hips tightly and pushed his cock up into her pussy as she stood partially bent over. He pulled up her shirt and had her tits out as they shook back n forth as he fucked her hard from behind. She started to moaned out as she was getting closer to cumming when all of a sudden the bell went off letting them know that somebody had come into the store.

Emily began to panic as Mr. Davis continued to fucked her hard from behind. He tightly wrapped his hand around Emily’s mouth as she moaned right into it. She was on the verge of cumming as was he when she let out a squealing sound into his hand. Her body shook uncontrollably for several seconds as a customer was only 10 or 15 feet from where she was at.

Mr. Davis continued to fuck Emily hard when they heard, “Hello? Is anybody here?”

Mr. Davis gave Emily a few more hard thrust with his cock when he quickly yanked out of a moaning Emily. His cock was positioned right up against Emily’s ass as he began to stroke on it feverishly. A few seconds later he began to cum all over Emily’s backside as his cum shot all over her ass and lower back.

He quickly pulled his pants back up and immediately went out front to help the customer as Emily slowly clean up and put her clothes back on. The customer had already checked out when Emily finally came out from the back room. Mr. Davis then quickly left, leaving Emily to wonder what was next.

The following few weeks was more of the same. Mr. Davis would come to the store at closing and would fuck Emily before leaving with the daily receipts.

The next time Emily had seen Mr. Davis he pulled her aside. He said, “I need to talk to you! It is over between us!”

“No! It can’t be!” a disappointed Emily replied.

“Yes it is Emily! You need to go on with your own life now!” Mr. Davis said back.

Emily now realizing how bad things had gotten walked over towards Mr. Davis. She immediately reached down and began to try to pull his cock out of his pants.

“I want your cock badly Mr. Davis!” Emily cried out.

Mr. Davis’s adrenalin began to kick in as he said, “You want my cock Emily! Get on your knees!”

Emily slithered down onto the floor behind the counter as she knelt in front of Mr. Davis. Mr. Davis quickly ripped open his pants and dropped them to the floor as he pushed his cock into Emily’s mouth. So far Emily had never had Mr. Davis’s cock in her mouth so this would be a first for her.

Mr. Davis rammed his cock into Emily’s mouth for a good 10 minutes as he told her several times, “Suck it!”

Emily did her best as she sucked on Mr. Davis cock. It had been almost 15 minutes and Mr. Davis was ready to cum. He held Emily’s mouth tightly around his cock as he began to moan out. He moaned out, “Suck it! Suck it hard Emily!”

A few seconds later he let loose as he started to fill Emily’s mouth with his cum. A stunned Emily began to gag on his cum as several shots of it had slipped down her throat. A minute later Mr. Davis removed his cock from Emily’s mouth. His cum still dribbled out of Emily’s mouth as he hurried and got dressed.

He said, “Is that what you wanted Emily!” as he left.

Emily was hooked on Mr. Davis’s cock. She had felt so good every time he fucked her with it and she certainly wasn’t ready to let go of it. She was willing to do whatever it took for him to keep fucking her.

A week later Mr. Davis stopped by again to pick up the daily receipts. Emily was very horny again and had hoped Mr. Davis had changed his mind. They both stood in between two book cases when Emily reached into Mr. Davis’s pants and pulled out his cock. She started to stroke on it as she begged Mr. Davis to fuck her with it. “Please Mr. Davis! I want you to fuck me again with your cock!“ Emily said to him.

Mr. Davis relented at first, but as his cock grew harder and harder he couldn’t take it any longer. He immediately stripped Emily down to nothing as the one book case was the only thing from somebody outside from seeing her naked. He also stripped his clothes off as he was ready to fuck Emily hard again.

He grabbed Emily’s hands and positioned them on the book case as he pulled her ass back towards him. He lifted up on both of her butt cheeks as he pushed his hard cock right into her very wet pussy. He began to fuck her very hard from behind as the book shelf rattled loudly. Emily did her best as she held tightly onto the book shelf as she felt Mr. Davis’s cock penetrating deep into her pussy.

A few minutes later Emily cried out loudly as she started to cum all over Mr. Davis’s cock. He said to her, “You like my cock Emily!”

“Oh’ yes! I love your cock!” Emily cried out.

Now Mr. Davis moved Emily down to the floor. He quickly climbed on top of her as she laid on the floor in between the book cases. He began to fuck her very hard again as Emily dugged her fingernails into Mr. Davis’s back. He had fucked her for another ten minutes when Emily began to moaned out again with a powerful orgasm. She had cum so hard her body shook very hard for several minutes as Mr. Davis continued to pound his cock into her.

A couple minutes later Mr. Davis yanked his cock out of Emily. He gave his cock several hard strokes as he said to Emily, “Hold your tits together!“

Emily grabbed each of her tits and pushed them tightly together as Mr. Davis pointed his hard cock right them. A few seconds later he moaned out as he began to shoot his cum all over Emily’s tits. He had been so excited he had covered them in cum.

As he left he said, “It is now officially over Emily!”

Emily had no idea if he was talking the truth or not. A few days later as Emily came to work Mrs. Davis called her into the back room. She said to Emily, “I heard you had been hitting on my husband! I will not stand for that! You are fired!”

Emily couldn’t get a word in as she left the store saddened. She knew she was playing with fire, but at least she had learned something by all of it. Maybe one day she can write her own romance novel.

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