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The Seductive Sister

My dream girl, my first time, my friend's sister. Part 1
Jack had only recently had his birthday, he had always hated having it so close to Christmas, as it never got him as many presents as usual. But I always tried to make it as special as I could for him. We had only known each other for 3 years, but I had never had a mate that I could relate to so much. We were almost telepathic, and enjoyed exactly the same things. He had only recently turned 18 while mine was months ago, so I couldn't go out without him. I felt a brotherly bond like ours shouldn't be damaged by me leaving him alone. But when he did turn 18, we made the most of it.

Despite being such good friends, I had only recently met his family. His Dad I had already known through football, but I'd never met his mother until recently at his 18th birthday party and I hadn't even met his sister. Some other guys had told me she was the hottest girl they had ever seen, and that she was also apparently a bit of a slut. I simply took it as joking. Despite the constant rumours of an older guy that used to go to our school fucking her on her parents bed. Yet she's at least 4 years older, and the reason I've never seen her is due to her being at university.

But a few days after his, almost non-stop fun, birthday, he invited me to his house, to just relax and get over the past few days and play a few video games he got for his birthday. I approached the door at around midday and knocked on the door. A door that I had only recently got used to knocking. He answered with his usual smile and greeting and I wandered in, the house, now a little less Christmassy, yet his birthday cards were still on show for anyone to see. I sat down in the front room as he turned on the Playstation and he asked what I'd like to drink.

"Just a glass of water mate" I replied, grabbing my controller as he walked to the kitchen.

I'd been at his house more than I have for the past few days, but never looked in detail at the furniture around me. I noticed a family picture of him, his parents, and of course, his sister. They all looked pretty young, with my friend most likely only entering puberty. I looked at all the other pictures as the game loaded up, and I noticed that none of the pictures are at all recent. The most recent being a family photo on holiday, all of them with impressive tans, but I was more concerned with his sister. She must have been younger than me in the photo, but I could still tell what my friends were talking about. She had light blonde straight hair, dazzling brown eyes, and a sassy posture. I hadn't even started on the body. The pert, young breasts, bulged in her top and a curvy body that a model would ogle over. I began to wonder why I'd never met her, but was interrupted by the arrival of my friend, who handed me my glass and instantly started playing. Cue a lot of shouting, laughter, and accusations of cheating.

As it went on, I got more and more agitated, screaming for the game to be fairer. At this point I was afraid that his parents might be upstairs. "We're the only ones here right?" I said.

"Nah" he replied. I looked at him with horror.

"Don't worry, it's only my sister."

My horror, suddenly turned to fantasy. I glanced at the picture of her as I played. Praying to God that she would walk downstairs. Then, eventually, it seemed that my dream had came true.

"YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!" he shouts at the TV as I score.

I punch the air in celebration as he protests. But among the protests, the sound of footsteps pound through the house.

"Will you shut up?" she shouts.

Stood there, in the doorway. This unbelievable woman. What was this pretty girl in the picture, had turned to was some sort of dream. The hair and eyes, were still there, but the body had matured. These pert, young breasts, were still pert, young breasts. They were now just bigger, rounder, juicier, and appeared younger, and perter! The curves were insane. Sometimes when you mention curves, it may be a slightly overweight woman, this was pure curves. Almost Beyonce curves. And that only led to the grand-prize. What I couldn't see on the picture was her ass, and I've forever been an ass man. This big, jiggly, mammoth of an ass, was as smooth as a babies, yet as (I'm gonna say it) fuckable as a pornstar's. How could I tell you may ask? She had arrived downstairs wearing an extremely tight green dress, that only covered the top half of her ass. I ogled as she shouted at her brother before he diverted her attention to me. In which she simply stayed quiet.

"Hey" she simply said, in the sexiest, sweetest voice, I've ever heard. She didn't say much else, but simply left, leaving the door open as she looked back at me before we carried on playing.

There it was. The moment I had been waiting for. The chance to see this 'perfect 10' of a girl. I thought that I can keep that memory forever and possibly fantasy in my dreams later. But I was oh-so wrong. As we resumed our playing, it wasn't long until I heard those footsteps again, sounding as beautiful as the first time I heard the Beatles, yet much slower and quieter. So much so that I don't think my friend heard a thing! My whole focus was set on the game until I caught a glimpse of green out the corner of my eye. As I turned, there she was, winking, at me. I couldn't help but smile as she walked to the kitchen.

I tried to keep a straight face while I played but couldn't help it as I replayed the moment again and again. My friend was too focused to notice anyway. As I had only regained focus, the same glimpse of green was there again, this time, there was no wink, but the green dress simply pulled up, resting on top of that big, beautiful ass, that was bare. Without even looking at me, she walked out of sight and in her spot were her panties, next to a note that I could read from where I was sat.

'Come upstairs, straight away'

"I'm just going to the toilet buddy" I said chuckling as he had a chance to score. I slowly trotted out of the room, slowly making my way up the stairs.

I peered around as I got to the top step. Looking through all the open doors, which simply revealed darkened rooms, except for the one room. This blank door was the only one in view. I snook up to it and slowly pushed it open. First I saw the bed, then the floor, then a completely naked body, facing a chest high window. Legs shoulder length apart, hands also shoulder length apart, gripping the window sill. The light shone against her body, no shadows, just pure light against it. I slowly scuffled towards her. She was simply stood there. I couldn't see her face, but could sense her smile. This sexy, seductive and naughty smile. I was only but, her brother's virgin friend...

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