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“O my gosh! Why did you stop?”

It all started with that sms, on the 14 February around 11:00am. Judy was just on her way out to get some milk and fruit at the corner shop, when she got the sms.

‘I’ll pick you up at 8:00pm. To a night, to unlock floodgates of desire.’

She had no idea of who this sms came from. The number was not in her phone list. What now? She thought.

So she sent a message back. ‘I think you have the wrong number, sorry I don’t recall this number on my cell.’

Not long after she sent it, she got a reply again.

‘Judy, you are in for a surprise.’

She sent a reply. ‘Who are you?’

No reply came back after that. When she got back from the shop she made herself a fruit salad for later that day.

Around 1:00pm the door bell rang. When she opened the door nobody was there. But at her feet was a single red rose. She peeped out in the hall way and saw no-one. What is going on? She thought.

Around 3:00pm the door bell rang again. This time there was a delivery man with a box in his hand. She sighed for it and closed the door. She opened the box, and pulled out a very sexy red dress. She saw a card and read it.

‘Wear it tonight.’ She looked at the red dress again. It was very sexy and hot. Low cut and could hypnotize any man. Who is this stranger? She thought as she laid the dress out on her bed. Who the hell is this person? First the text then the rose and now a dress. What was next?

At 4:00pm she got another text. ‘Will you be my Valentine?’ it was from the same number.

‘Only if you tell me who you are?’

‘And spoil the surprise!’ came the next text.

‘Just tell me one thing please. Do we know each other?’ her reply.

‘Yes! Friend of a friend.’

Judy was so confused; she had no idea who this stranger was. She was flattered by the attention. To be someone’s valentine is kind of nice, as she was hoping for a night out as it was Valentine’s Day after all.

There was only one guy she could think of, that could possibly be the stranger. She has only met him a few times and that was always just like in a, hallo or nice to meet you. He was a handsome guy. She can remember he had brown eyes and his dark brown hair was just above the shoulders but in a neat way. He was around 40 years old, strong jaw line with a two day old breed showing, as that was the look lately and nearly six feet tall, like she remembers roguishly handsome.

She could only imagine what he thought of her, as she was on the wild side of life and enjoying her life to the fullest. So she texted him back with. ‘I appreciate it that you thought of me and will be happy to be your valentine.’

His reply followed soon with, ‘My sweet friend, I like your personality and your beautiful spirit. Keep it that way. See you soon. XL.’

Leonardo! That is his name. She remembered now. So tonight will be a good night like he said in his first text, ‘To unlock floodgates of desire.’ Boy she couldn’t wait.

After taking good care of her make-up and hair she put on the lovely sexy dress. It fit like a glove and to end off the picture she put on her red heels. Picture perfect as she looked in the mirror for the last time before closing her door to meet her valentine in the lobby.

In the lobby she waited for him to come and pick her up. Just before eight he opened the door and Judy stood up to meet him half way.

Just as he remembered her. Beautiful with silky golden brown hair with curls and big green eyes. She has a body that anyone should admire with the most perfect curves, a cleavage to tease any guy with, but she was also the sweetest person that he met. He would feel complete with her in his life.

She looked up at him and had to admit to herself, he was handsome. She was glad he made the first step and may the night be one of the best.

The moonlight was shining thought the car window on her face as he closed the door for her. “Thank you, Leonardo.”

“May I just say, you look very pretty and I am glad to spend the night with you and have lots of fun,” he reached to the back seat to get something. “This is for you.” he handed her a box of treads and a red rose.

“Thank you. Now my new friend, how about telling me what your plans are with me tonight.”

“Judy, its like I said, to a night to unlock floodgates of desire and I know that you have plenty of them.” And he put his hand over her hands that lay still on her lap.

“Sounds great. Where to now?”

“I hope you don’t find me to forward, but I booked us in at a lodge for the night.”

“Really! But I haven’t packed anything in for the night.”

“You don’t need anything. I took care of it all.”

For Judy this was not what she had thought of. A night out and some fun on the side line was more than enough.

They got a nice quite spot on the stoop over looking the river.

After a lovely dinner and a lot of talking they ordered cappuccino. He lit a cigarette for the both of them, and then more talking.

While smoking her cigarette she caught him looking at her tits. “Do you like art?”

“Not particularly, why?”

“So when men look at a woman breast, he doesn’t see art?”

“I like the way you think, Judy. Shall I get the bill and then we can talk more about this in the room.”

After closing the door behind them in the room, she froze as she considered what to do. If Leonardo had plans for her she was going to let him start and she would follow the lead.

He walked to her and had one long look at her face before he took her in his arms and started to kiss her. He held her arms up so that he could slip her dress off. Then he dropped her back on the bed and stared into her eyes as he parted her legs. His eyes dropped to her glistering folds and her heaving chest, he moved between her legs and she open nicely for him to view what he wanted so long for.

“I want you so badly. I have wanted you for a while. To a night, to unlock floodgates of desire. If you will let me Judy? ”

“Yes this is new to me as we have really just met, but Iguess it is time to unlock all my desires.” She said with laughter.

Leonardo got to work and started kissing her again. He took his time with the kissing and his hands were all over Judy’s body. He moved with his hands over her hardening nipples her body throbbed painfully as she moaned, pushing her hips up as he went down on her breast. He cupped her breast as he sucked on each one at a time. At a time it felt like he had her whole swollen breast in his mouth. The touch was amazing and she did enjoy how it felt.

He then slipped his free hand down her pantie and cupped her pussy in is hand. He slipped one finger onto her cunt, and then he used that same finger to open it up. He could feel she was wet and slipped his finger in.

A loud moan of pleasure left her mouth and she started to lick her lips that were dry. She practically melted in his hand. He started going deeper and faster, and she did her best to keep her moans in. He then slipped two fingers in and kept going faster and harder stimulating her g-spot to get her to a mind blowing orgasm. She couldn’t keep quiet any more and gave it all she got. She was just about to let it all out when he stopped.

“O my gosh! Why did you stop?” Judy asked while still rubbing het cunt to keep the feeling.

She nearly lost it when his finger was replaced by his tongue after pulling down her panties, and she moaned and cried out as he fucked her with it. He replaced her finger with his and worked his speed up again while sucking on her clit that was so hard. He gave her all he got and she squirted his mouth with all she had.

She threw her head back and tightened her grip on the side of the bed. She felt the pressure building as it hit her in waves. She shook as she kept releasing her squirt out where he was gently sucking on her clit, drawing it into his mouth and between his teeth to prolong it. Her orgasm was so in tens she slammed her legs close as her pussy was still pumping.

Leonardo got up to get some drinks after Judy got herself together again. “How would you know how to do that? She asked as he handed her a drink.

“It is called opening the floodgates, my dear Judy.” He said as he lit a cigarette for the both of them again.

All of a sudden Leonardo pulled out his cock. It was long and thick and she felt her pussy becoming wet as he slowly stroked it. Mesmerized by the way his hand stroked his cock made her mouth water. She just had to get a pace of it.

Judy helped him pull off his pants from where he was sitting on the chair. She took of his shirt and then got on her knees in front of him, as he leaned back and closed his eyes while stroking his shaft. Still mesmerized on what he was doing to his amazing cock, she took over from him. Holding his cock in her hand she pushed it up and down for a while touching his balls with each movement.

“Flippen hell! That feels so good Judy don’t stop.”

She slipped her tongue over the top of his cock. Then she put her mouth over it and with the same movement of up and down she sucked it. Taking it deep in with every movement and letting her tongue slip into the opening.
Leonardo seemed to be struggling as he fought the urge to move his hips but the armchair was just too small. He moaned helplessly as his cock twitched in her hand. Just before he was about to cum she stopped just like he did with her.

She got up from the floor and asked him to sit on the bed for her. She took his cock in her hand again, and it started to get hard and rather a good size for her to get on his lap. With his cock in front of her so wet pussy she slowly slid it in.

Her pussy was so tight that his cock was starting to hurt as she slowly kept sliding it further and further in. She held her screams in for a while and he helped by giving her soft pumps as she lowered herself down on him.

Leonardo started to pick up the pace and within about a few seconds of entering her full he was as deep as his cock could go in her. She released a small moan and then closed her eyes as he looked at her. Her hart started racing as they got movement in the sitting up position.

Judy was really banging hard on him as she was holding on to his shoulders. Her breasts were swinging in front of him and if it was not for his hands on her hips he would have enjoyed them in his mouth.

Judy got off him and turned around and got on again. This time he put his hands over her breast and works his magic. Judy started bouncing on his cock again, each bump sent shock wave to her pussy and she slipped her hand down to stroke herself. He was pinching her nipples and she arched her back forward as she stroked her clit. He could not see her face, but he knew she was enjoying it. They both hit their orgasm at the same time and she didn’t mind him shooting his cum inside her while holding her body down and holding on to his lower legs.

“O my soul! That felt so good.” Judy said as she lay down next to him.

“I- ah – shit. I didn’t mean to cum in you.” he said while cleaning his cock.

She leaned in to kiss him with her hand on his chest. “I don’t mind. It is the best part of having sex.”

The night is still long and they both know they still want more of each other. They started off by the kissing game. It was not long as they both were hot as hell again.

“Judy, make yourself cum for me please.” He asked her.

He parted her legs and watched her stroke herself. She was half embarrassed as she has never done this before where someone was watching her. She was turned on as his hand started to stroke his hardening cock again. It wasn’t long before her body was ready and Leonardo crawled in between her legs.

“You smell so sweet, so good,” He inhaled her sweet pot before he softly began to lick it and find her now soft knob before it would get harder by the touch. “I want to make love to you, Judy.” His words were a soft murmur but sounded intense.

“I would love you to make love to me, Leonardo.”

“I love that you are bare also, that way I can see how wet and swollen you are.”

With his tip of his tongue he flicked her swollen and sensitive clit. He alternated between fast and slow with his tongue over her pussy. She asked him to put a finger in again. This he did and sooner as soon she was on her high level again. His hands moved to cup her breast again. He moved up to her as she arched her back.

He kissed her again and their tongues danced together slowly, tasting her own desire around his lips as she pulled him closer. She complied by sucking his tongue into her mouth gently. “Make love to me now please, I want to feel you deep inside of me.”

He slipped inside her as they both moaned. “You are so tight Judy.”

“That feels amazing.” As she felt his hard cock in her moving slowly in.

He started to move from side to side, deep and slow, then harder and a little faster. She felt it everywhere in her body. She wrapped her legs around him to keep him there. She lifted her hips higher to meet him. Go deeper and harder, their body’s moved together as if it was meant to be. Each time he went harder their skin would slap together.

She cried out with every thrust, and he moaned along with her until they came at the perfect moment together as before with him hitting hard on her g-spot. Echoing each others name as they knew this was the best orgasm that they both experienced. It was wild, beautiful and meant to be. It was a time to unlock floodgates of desire. ©
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