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The Snowglobe Conspiracy #004: Unprecedented Pleasure

I never would have thought...

Clear water is finally flowing from the showers, and my new friends pause their activity and step into the falling water, summoning me to them with the movement of their glistening bodies. Of course, I approach them, preceded by the length of my cock.

Just as I enter the edge of the water, Emily stops me with her voice. “So,” she starts, “where are you from?”

“Huh?” I ask, a little distracted by the ladies returning the vibrators to their pussies.

“We answered some of your questions,” Xandra’s voice quivers. She pauses for a moment to acknowledge the pleasure she is experiencing with a soft moan, then speaks again, “Surely you won’t mind answering a few of ours…”

“Oh,” I say, “Uh, sure. Of course.”

For a moment I pause, not really knowing where to begin. I am still pretty disoriented here, but once I get my legs under me, I start talking… and then I keep talking. I’m waxing on about home like I never have, honestly. I’m describing it in oversaturated detail, and I don’t have a snarky commentary about everything. In fact I don’t seem to have one for almost anything right now. Maybe I miss it? No, that doesn’t make sense. Something adjacent to missing it, though. I am not necessarily of a disposition to speak so fondly of memories of home. Must be something about not knowing where I am, or how far away it is.

Stepping all the way into the warm water now, I tell them “I enjoy the mystery, but I don’t like not understanding what this place is and what it is doing to me.”

As the water falls onto me, I move closer to them, weaving my way between their bodies. I can almost feel the mineral content of the water as it runs down my body, but it is effectively rinsing me of the ocean and my own sweat, so I can’t complain. I am so happy to feel clean for a moment.

“Nobody does,” Xandra moans from behind me, still holding the toy to her clit. She places her other hand on my cock, pressing her soft breasts on my back, then continues “It sucks.”

I don’t even notice that Emily has gotten on her knees until her lips are sealed around my the head of my cock. The water is warm. Her mouth is warmer. The flicking of her tongue on the underside of the head is an intense surprise. She is so beautiful. Her red hair is a whole other tone when it gets wet. It goes from strawberry to ginger. She looks like a different person.

In delayed response to Xandra, she gives her something of a look, then takes her mouth off of me for a moment to say “That’s true, Alexandra,” then, still stroking my shaft toward her face, turns back to me and says “So, what do you want to do about it?”

My voice changing to a dry, almost stern tone, I say “Well, I want to leave this place. Failing that I want to understand it better,” then pause here for punctuation, “because that information might help me, you, us, or others leave.”

“Good,” looking up at me while she jerks me off, Emily says “because there’s a group of us who are working on that.” As she speaks, she is manipulating her toy at the entrance to her pussy. Though it takes a bit of effort she shoves the whole thing inside her in one go.

As she begins playing with herself more intensely, Xandra interrupts, taking hold of my attention with a hand on my shoulder as well as her words, “There are a few, actually.”

Emily puts me back inside her mouth and starts fucking herself a little harder. Xandra gracefully takes over the work on my balls and shaft, stroking me into her Emily’s mouth.

“So, I assume the two of you represent one…” I puzzle over Xandra’s comment for an unnecessarily long moment as she works my cock in her hands, “Or two of them?”

Again Emily stops sucking me off, but just long enough to say, “One. She just has to be as correct as possible – wherever and whenever possible.”

Xandra narrows her eyes at Emily but does not challenge her statement.

“Well, I’m on board, but what are you doing just hanging around here if you’re supposed to be looking for a way off the island?”

“We’re the lifeguards,” They say together – Xandra’s voice is dry, and Emily’s is quite bubbly.

Emily’s hand tightens around my slippery shaft in place of her tongue. Her thumb rolls over the tip of me every time she reaches the end.

I pause for a moment before I respond. I’m gritting my teeth in response to the suspiciously intense sensation building in the head of my cock. In a few seconds though, I regain composure and reiterate my inquiry. “Seriously, though.”

“Well, we are the lifeguards on duty,” Emily says with a smile. “But, more to the point, being the lifeguards affords us the ability to find people like you as soon as you arrive.”

“Ah...” I give an exaggerated nod of understanding. “So you’re recruiters, basically?” As I ask her, Xandra takes the sponge from the knob of her shower and begins soaping her body. Thick white suds soon begin foaming from it, covering her skin as she drags it over herself.

“Basically,” Xandra repeats back to me, touching my neck and shoulder as she speaks. “First criterion is about whether or not someone can even see that something is wrong here.”

“I see...” I say, my voice trailing off as I start to stare a bit more slack-jawed at Xandra’s naked body, covered in soap.

“You seem to,” Emily tells me. It even sounds somewhat complimentary, the way she says it, and it snaps me back to attention.

Xandra adds “At least sort of,” as she starts to scrub herself more thoroughly. I know that by most assumed standards she is being less sexy right now, but something about how casual she is being turns me on even more.

Stroking my cock and playing with her toy, Emily continues speaking over Xandra’s interruptions, “So you’re in?”

I respond with a resigned, “Yeah. What else would I do?”

Rolling her eyes directly at me, Xandra says in one breath “Well, you could just hang out indefinitely on a beach that some would describe as ‘just shy of paradise’ and have sex with many attractive partners whilst having all your needs mysteriously met without ever having to question why.” She pauses a moment to take a deeper than average breath, then finishes her thought, “That’s the whole point.”

“Ah,” I say, feeling rather sheepish.

When she finally responds, even Emily is speaking to me as though what I said should be blindingly obvious.

“Yeah,” she says simply.

Of course it is obvious, now that I think of it. With that, Emily returns to sucking my cock and I am engulfed in pleasure. Xandra is showing off her body as she runs the soapy washcloth across her skin. The combination of beauty and sensation is bringing me closer and closer to the edge.

Feeling annoyed by how foolish I look right now, I quip, “Well, I do really hate sand.”

“...What?” Emily asks with an awkwardness to the word, as she fucks herself hard with her favorite toy. As soon as the sound escapes her lips they are back on me, sucking me off so well that I know I’ll cum soon if she doesn’t stop, despite how drained I am. I don’t even know if I want her too. If she keeps edging me, I might black out.

Xandra simply smiles at me in return for my joke. It’s the first time I’ve seen her smile genuinely. I like it. I look back at Emily and say “Yeah, it gets everywhere, and its salty abrasiveness gives me a rash between my toes.”

With a raised eyebrow, Emily just says, “...Hot.”

I give her an exaggerated, very staged "hey there" nod with two raised eyebrows. She giggles. Good. She’s engaging with me on a new level. Irony is often the beginning of understanding, and I think this is one of those times. My social brain thrives on inversion. Sarcasm, irony, double meanings and multiple entendres.

“Well,” I say, “I hear you. On the other hand, an abrupt turn off wouldn’t exactly go amiss in this situation.”

“Are you saying that we’re unmanageably arousing?” Emily flirts.

“Yeah, I suppose I am.” I smile at her. The room is quiet for a moment, but for the falling water. She moans loudly as she keeps fucking herself. There is something I love about looking down at a girl from above while she blows me, and Emily is of a particular beauty with a cock in her mouth. The experience is that much hotter when she’s fucking herself with a vibrator.

She is obviously enjoying herself. Actually, she looks like she’s about to cum. She is shaking. Her thighs are quivering around her clenching pussy. The vibration on my cock is different now too – she’s changed the pitch of her moan.

Xandra breaks the silence, “I think he was saying that we were unmanageably aroused,” she says. “This one’s got an ego.”

“Everyone’s got an ego,” I correct her with flat seriousness on my face and an unassuming, helpful tone in my voice. This elicits pursed lips, sarcastic sideways frowns, and long rolling eyes from both of them. Emily looks funny doing all that with her face while she still has my cock in her mouth. Cute, but definitely a little funny. I don’t laugh, though.

“Aaaand…” Xandra stretches the vowel for some time before saying, “I’m turned off.”

Emily’s stifled voice changes suddenly. It would be as loud as a scream, were it not for me blocking most of the sound. I’ve gone from stuffing her face to fucking it. A restrained fucking, though. Slowly and with control, but, deep. She’s gagging a little, but she’s doing it gracefully.

My response to Xandra is plain, “She’s not,” I say, looking at the hard shaft of my cock disappearing into her colleague’s throat.

Though she backs off for a moment, it is obvious that Xandra’s diminished arousal is relative. She takes a break, but a short one. Only long enough to clean off her toy and walk back over to the shelves for a new one. Watching her stroking it and squeezing it with soapy hands does have a certain effect on me. When she returns from the shelf, she is holding two items.

The first item is a long, silicone butt plug. It is black, and probably six inches long, perhaps seven. It’s narrower than most dicks I’ve seen, but it is still wide enough that it makes me wary. She flashes her eyes at me as she holds it up and demonstrates its flexibility. The second item is a cock ring. A noxiously florescent, toxically bright pink. It is literally the pinkest object I had ever seen. It’s a weird thing to think about, sure, but its stuff like that which crosses my mind all the time, even in moments like this. The shape actually looks like it might hold in place. I’m excited, but a little nervous.

Xandra moves Emily’s head aside and shoves the cock ring over my head and down my shaft. Once again I almost cum in response to such incredible stimuli, but after so many orgasms I think I’m finally regaining some of my normal control. As soon as the task is done, Emily begins sucking me off again. I take her by the hair, thrust my rock hard cock forward, and fuck her throat a couple of times. Maybe a few times. I let go when Xandra starts pressing the plug against my asshole. I am already very tight, but I can feel myself tighten more in anticipation.

At the first sign of significant pressure, my hips buck forward, unintentionally spearing Emily in the gag reflex. She pulls back with wide eyes, and starts coughing while my half of my cock is still in her mouth. I withdraw as quickly as I can, and she turns to the side and falls toward the floor. Xandra pushes the toy against my ass again, and I moan. Emily keeps coughing erratically, sputtering.

A drawn out “Ughh…” escapes her lips as she sits back up and asks, “Is this okay?” as she touches my ass. “She likes to assert her dominance.”

“It’s okay,” I say. “Definitely interesting.”

“Then stop moving away,” Xandra said.

“I’m trying,” I tell her. “I’m just flinching.”

“Which is perfectly normal, I’d say,” Emily says.

“Hold him still,” Xandra tells her, then looks to me, “I wouldn’t want to hurt you.” There is another pause before she says, “Really.”

I believe her, but there is a moment of doubt. Trying to be helpful, I bend slightly and put my hands on the wall now, forcing Emily to move backward again. Having sensed it coming this time, she is able to move with me and gives a sexy moan instead of a violent gag – not that the gag hadn’t turned me on in its own right.

At once I am excited and terrified. The continued duality of my emotions is wrenching the chemicals in my brain to and fro, provoking all kinds of physical and mental responses in me. This is fascinating. Almost blindingly so. Here it comes…

Here it is. The the toy is warm, and I relax a little as I discover that. I’m surprised by how easily the tip enters me. It’s narrower than it looks, but rounded. Slowly, she pushes it into me, and it widens. Experiencing an exquisite pain for the first time, I moan with excitement. My erection had been subsiding for a moment, but as she fills me with this toy, it stands once again at attention.

“Don’t stop what you’re doing, Em.”

Stroking my cock toward her with great vigor, Emily says to both of us, “Wouldn’t dream of it.”

“We want you to have a good time with this,” Xandra says.

“I’m sure I will,” I tell her, then pause for a moment in pain. “I’m just excited in a way I… didn’t expect.”

“Good,” she says with a new, different glint in her eye. “That’s another good sign.”

Emily has her mouth on my cock again, and she is really going for it this time. My body temperature is rising along with the intensity of new sensation. Every sensory detail is so strange, but so perfect. With neurons firing in confusion, there is chaos within me.

The toy is all the way inside now. My ass is clenching hard around it, and my teeth are grinding together of their own volition. I can feel muscles I that I didn’t know I have for the first time. Feeling them move inside me is a curious experience. Instantly it changes me. It alters my perception of my body in a fundamental way. The core of my physical form is capable of things I did not know. What else might it do? What else might it feel?

Slowly, the toy is being retracted. I am so tight that it can’t simply be removed. She has to take it out slowly, and carefully. As my muscles flex and shiver around the foreign object, they betray themselves. Gripping the toy harder only intensifies the stimulation, making everything feel better… and so begins a vicious cycle. That’s okay, though. I like vicious. In fact, I’m waiting for something a bit more aggressive to take place… What is she waiting for?

Right on time, as though she is reading my mind, Xandra shoves the toy back in. Doing so much, much harder than she had the first time. In shock, my body actually relaxes for a moment. The object inside me reaches a natural resting place this time, and she leaves it for just a moment, before pulling backward again. This time there is less resistance, and less still the next time.

Before much time at all has passed, she is fucking me in the ass outright. I’ve never been fucked. This feels so good, but I am quickly becoming overwhelmed by the intensity of the sensations. My body shakes and moves inside in response to her. I have never been able to feel the inside of me so acutely before, but I can now.

It is hard to hold myself up, but I am managing for this. We’re far enough away from the water that the tile beneath my feet is relatively dry, so there isn’t a substantial loss of traction. If there were, I’d fall forward and fill Emily’s throat with my cock. As it is, she is sucking me off beautifully and enthusiastically. Her tongue is providing a more than adequate distraction from the pain that Xandra is gleefully inflicting on me, which I gladly receive.

I am shocked at how physically pleasurable this is, but I am not at all surprised that I am enjoying myself, regardless of whatever internal conflict I might be feeling. If I am feeling any though, it is so far in the back of my mind that it wields no influence over my choices.

Even though this is amazing, it might prove to be too much. Getting fucked like this doesn’t seem to get less intense as it goes on… It’s just turning into a different kind of intense. Part of me wants it to go on forever, but I also don’t know how much more I can take.

Extraordinary. She’s changed direction, and everything is different. As she thrusts it in and out of me, she now presses it like a lever toward my prostate. What I’m feeling is new, different, and incredible. It won’t be long now… I hope Emily is ready for this.

“Wait a minute,” I say, wanting to savor the experience. “Stop. Just for a second.”

Xandra is obviously enjoying what she is doing too much to be enthusiastic about that idea, but reluctantly agrees. She stops after a particularly hard thrust, and then pulls the toy from me with force. The warmth wrapped around the end of my cock subsides for a moment as well.

“Are you okay?” Emily asks.

“I’m…” I pause to grimace at the pain for a second, “fine. I’m fine.”

“Just need a second?”


“Good,” Xandra whispers in my ear from behind, “I really want you to find out what it’s like to cum this way.”

“So do I,” I tell her. “But I’m nervous.”

Xandra’s breath is warm on my neck. She whispers into my other ear this time. “You should be.”

I turn my head in minor alarm.

After a sideways eye at her companion, Emily turns her gaze back to me and says “What she means is that it’s normal to be nervous.”

With a slight sigh of relief I say, “Oh… I see.” In a certain light, I actually find it sexy the way she says things in the most ominous way, but it still puts me off balance every time. Perhaps that’s an unfounded thought, as I have really only just met her. Still, when she makes me feel nervous, I also feel… something. What exactly, I can’t say, but I am dying to find out.

“Hey,” Xandra says to Emily, “aren’t you supposed to be distracting him?”

Emily looks at me, pauses, and asks, “Should I get back to it?”

“Yes,” I tell her without any hesitation, then look back to Xandra and say, “but you give me just a bit longer.”

With a bitten lip she nodded at me, silently begging me to acknowledge her patience. Emily puts the tip of me back in her mouth, and strokes my shaft toward her. A moment later I bend forward again, inviting Xandra back inside me. Within a few milliseconds the tip of the silicone phallus returns.

This time it slides into me with ease. She presses slowly, which I’m sure helps that, but I am relaxed enough that it is easy. This feels so good. She is being rough with me, but not pushing me beyond my ability. How do they understand me so well? It seems like they know exactly what will feel good, and exactly where my limits are – though they do tend to weave something of a slalom along the edge of those limits.

It’s all the way inside now. It is so deep. I am trapped between a rock and an orgasm right now. Any second, now. I want to fill Emily’s mouth with hot cum, but I so badly want Xandra to keep fucking me. I could almost go for a bigger toy at this point. In fact…

“Do you have something just a little bit bigger in that collection?” Emily’s eyes light up like fireworks when I ask this, and I can only imagine the enthusiasm on Xandra’s face.

“Absolutely!” Xandra says, already moving toward the rack of toys.

“Not too much bigger,” Emily yells after her. “Don’t hurt him.”

“Of course not.”

For a few moments she deliberates over which toy would be best. I don’t know what her criteria are, but I would love to know. She returns, passing under the still running water. As she walks toward me, the clouds outside move and expose the sun. Suddenly, the room is filled with natural light, and her wet skin glistens like jewel encrusted bronze. She flows through the room like water through the pipes, and arrives to find me even more aroused than I was when she had the toy in me.

Before she takes any further action, Xandra pulls the new toy from behind her back as though she is drawing a sword. She holds it between my eyes and Emily’s, so that we can both get a good look at it. Before us is a tapering, silicone dildo which effectively mimics an erect cock. It’s dark blue, covered in well simulated veins. I reach out and touch it. It’s firm, but slightly pliable. It’s so perfect that I almost think it is made from a mold of a real cock. For a moment I wonder whose it might have been, and why such an item is just left here.

There is not long for me to wonder, though. After she has allowed me a good look at it, Xandra retracts her arm, places her other hand between my shoulder blades, and shoves me forward once again. I place my hands on the wall as I did before, and attempt to avoid skewering Emily’s gag reflex. I am moderately successful in that endeavor. She coughs, but doesn’t move away. Each rejection by her glottis pulses along my shaft with increasing force. She is dedicated to her work.

“Fuck!” I yell loudly as the false cock is pressed again into me. It is quite a bit wider than the plug, so it hurts a fair amount when she pushes the head inside. She’s gracious enough not to linger over that process, but not so sweet as to wait before forcing it deeper into me.

This thing is longer than the last one. It is past the depth of me that has been relaxed by the other toy. Responding autonomically, I clench my jaw and tighten my ass. Oh, fuck… Wow. This is something new. She uses it to touch something deep within me now, and as she starts to massage it with this silicone tool, I am embraced by a feeling I have never known before. It radiates through me from above my balls and below my diaphragm.

Breath is pouring in and out of me as hard and fast as I can make it now. Hyperventilation would probably be an accurate description, but that fun, erotic kind of hyperventilation that sets my blood on fire and electrifies every inch of my skin.

I need this. I need it to be endless, and I need it to be over. I may even need it if I ever want to feel complete again. What would happen if they stopped now and left me teased I can’t say, but it wouldn’t be good. I’m quite sure it could even lead to madness, impotence, and other listed symptoms you’d hear in commercials for E.D. drugs narrated by a closed minded doctor in the 1870’s. Seriously – I need this.

Fuck… This is it. I’m about to cum… “Mmm… Uhnn...” I am moaning through a clenched jaw, unable to open my eyes. Holding back is so hard. The challenge is turning me on even more, simultaneously driving me on, and paradoxically intensifying itself. “Like that, yes…”

“Which one of us?” Xandra asks.


“Mmmm… You are fun,” she tells me. “We might have to keep you.”

Her ominous tone keeps getting sexier. That’s it. I can’t hold back any longer. Somehow she can tell, and thrusts the artificial cock as into me as deep as anything has ever been. As it impacts the source of pleasure in my core, she leverages the tip of the cock against it and pleasures it roughly. The second this happens, I am forced to let go, and the flood begins.

A huge, first rush of fluid flows through my cock and pours into Emily’s mouth with an audible splash. I am too distracted to have warned her before, but I don’t think she really wanted me to. I can actually feel the contraction of my balls, and the arhythmic pumping of my prostate. More hot cum fires into Emily’s mouth. It’s filling up. The head of my cock is swimming. Another shot and she pulls back a little, letting some of the white liquid spill from the corners of her mouth.

Xandra continues massaging me from the inside as well as the outside. Her hand snakes from shoulder to neck to shoulder, carefully stimulating each muscle and nerve she finds along the way. I am lost in unprecedented pleasure.

Following a few more pulses of cum, Emily finally takes me out of her mouth. As I back up a half step, she lets half or so of the hot liquid fall out of her mouth, coating her chin, dripping to her chest, and splattering on the floor. She holds my shaft tightly, momentarily stopping the flow of cum. As she swallows the remaining cum, she loosens her grip, allowing the next shot to fire explosively at her face – a powerful discharge that hits her in the squarely in the forehead and across the bridge of her nose. She begins stroking my shaft toward her face and another stream like that splashes against her mouth and chin. The next two pulses resemble a fountain more than geyser. After that they are like a faucet, and finally the pressure diminishes to only a few drips, but she is careful to jerk all of them out of me.

“Wow...” Xandra says.

She massages my neck, and runs her fingers through my hair. My scalp is tingling. It feels like the stars I am seeing. She is making me feel amazing. More to the point, she is distracting me, before she pulls the toy from my ass in one smooth go. Well, not so smooth. I am clenched so hard on it as she does, that the initial motion causes a wrenching feeling inside me. The intensity of it makes causes my slowly softening cock to twitch, and cum a little more. It gives a thin, translucent spray of cum with each flailing throb. After that, the motion subsides again, and my world is spinning. I am light headed.

Xandra puts her arms under mine and helps me to the floor, where I am confronted by a cum covered Emily, staring me down. We silently look at each other for a moment, before erupting into a spontaneous fit of serotonin induced giggles. The rush of all this is so intense that I’m honestly not sure exactly what happens next…


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