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The Steam Room

Iain and Shona have a hot workout in the steam room
Iain sat back in the rowing machine to rest, he wasn’t really a gym regular: he preferred mountain biking, skiing or walking, but the weather had been so bad over winter and he’d signed up to a fitness challenge at work: he really had to get in shape. Of course there was one reason he still enjoyed going to the Gym even though the weather had improved in the last week or two: Just on cue she emerged from the changing room: a voluptuous brunette: about his age, probably a little younger, quite tall, long legs, well stacked boobs and a simply gorgeous curvaceous bottom. Iain had fantasised about her since the first day he’d seen her. Christ knows how many times he’d masturbated thinking of her: if only she knew! They acknowledged each other with coy smiles and a casual “hiya”. She was dressed as usual in tight Lycra: a V neck top showing a delightful cleavage, well supported by a sports bra and very tight cropped leggings encasing that beautiful behind. Iain loved her ample curves and he could feel his cock straining in his shorts already: just as well he wouldn’t need to stand up for a while.

Her name was Shona, he thought (maybe Sheena?). Iain had overheard her name when she’d been once with a friend. He noticed she’d always been alone since then: was that just coincidence? Shona took up her normal position on the running machine: Iain had a perfect view of her rear: once again it occurred to him that maybe that wasn’t just coincidence:: she’d caught him ogling a few times in the mirrored wall and each time she’d given him that same coy smile. Her face was a little flushed he noticed; perhaps as if she had been exercising already, but he’d seen her enter the Gym just 5 minutes previously, she wasn’t sweating, but Iain couldn’t help noticing her lycra leggings were slightly damp between her legs.

Iain resumed his rowing, he pondered on what had got her so aroused: his mind wandered as he surveyed her lovely arse : he could just imagine gingerly sliding down those tight leggings, exposing her bottom cheeks, then down to her little puckered anus: he imagined teasing it with the very tip of his tongue, gently probing until her rosebud flowered open to allow him to penetrate it a little with his hot tongue: he imagined he could taste her forbidden haven already and his already rock hard erection twitched and grew another centimetre. Oh how he wanted her: to stroke and titillate, kiss and lick every inch of her gorgeous being. Iain stirred from his daydream and realised he had been staring intently at Shona for several minutes: she caught his eye in the mirror and gave that familiar knowing smile: he’d been caught again, but clearly we wasn’t offended and was enjoying his attention: he was certain that damp patch in those tight leggings was growing by the minute.

They both continued their workout for another 20 minutes, Iain’s erection remained rock hard. Even when he looked away he couldn’t get her out of his mind and eventually he had to stop rowing when the chafing on the exposed glans of his erect cock head became too much. Fortunately he had a towel handy: he grabbed it and held it in front of his crotch to hide his straining member as he made his way to the showers. A long cool shower was just what he needed to calm himself down, but his erection remained for a good 10 minutes as he desperately tried to get Shona out of his head. He resisted the strong temptation to take things in hand while thinking of her, something he’d done many times in the shower at home. When his erection had finally subsided Iain pulled on his trunks and made his way towards the pool: he expected to see Shona again, this time in her swimsuit which left even less to the imagination. She was nowhere to be seen, puzzled; Iain noticed that the steam room light was on: might she be in there? He walked quickly over and peered through the glass door: he could barely make out her figure at the back of the room through the heavy steam cloud. Iain eased the door open and slipped through, closing it firmly behind him: she gave him a dazzling inviting smile, he sat down beside her, and moved his face towards her, their lips touched and immediately they embraced and kissed passionately, their tongues entwined as they devoured each other’s mouths.

Shonas towel dropped a little, exposing here ample breasts and large erect nipples; Iain took a breast in each hand and lovingly fondled them, he thought to himself: “more than a handful’s a waste” well they were just a perfect handful for his large strong hands!

Iain couldn’t resist kissing slowly and tenderly down Shona’s neck, pausing to tease that sensitive spot behind her ear: he felt her body tremble in his strong arms. His kisses continued down until his mouth enveloped her right breast: he wished he could kiss them both at the same time! After a minute or so he moved onto her left breast, Shona’s nipples were erect and hard: almost as hard as Iain’s penis which was straining inside his trunks.

Shona laid back on the tiled bench and Iain slowly unwrapped the towel from her body, savouring the sight of her voluptuous form: she was fucking gorgeous! He kissed her breasts again and slowly worked his way down her tummy towards her neatly trimmed pussy. He inhaled the scent of her aroused sex, he so wanted to plunge his tongue into her and could sense Shona’s anticipation, but instead of going straight for her delightful mound he kissed down her right inner thigh and slowly all the way down to her foot. He moved across to her left foot and slowly kissed his way up that leg until he was teasing the top of her inner thigh; he paused and inhaled her musky aroma again. He couldn’t resist her this time and darted his tongue through her downy hair immediately finding Shona’s aroused clitoris, he teased around and around it, then dragged his tongue up and down, revelling in that arousal of her most intimate and sensitive spot. He alternated between the circular and up/down movement of his tongue on her clit, Shona’s back arched and she moaned softly with the exquisite pleasure she was enjoying.

Iain traced his tongue down Shona’s Labia, gently parting her beautiful fleshy pink lips, then teased upwards, penetrating slightly deeper and tasting the wetness of her moist cunt. The taste drove him wild, he plunged his large tongue as deep as it could go penetrating Shona’s very soul, he paused for a second before withdrawing his tongue, rotating the tip around her soaking love tube. Iain plunged his tongue deeply in and out of her pussy, fucking her as deep as he could reach, his nose nudged against Shona’s clitoris and his lips squashed against her labia with every inwards stroke. After every dozen or so strokes he fluttered his tongue up, over and around her clitoris, rapidly driving Shona towards her inevitable orgasm. Iain sensed the tension building in her body and maintained the furious pace of his tongue fucking until Shona exploded in an all enveloping orgasm, tremors coursing through her body like an earthquake. Iain paused for a few moments as her trembling subsided before plunging his tongue into her soaking pussy again, scooping out her delightful wetness and swallowing a spoonful of that heavenly love cream. He started teasing Shona’s clitoris again with his tongue while easing the largest finger of his right hand into her soaking sex: he sensed she was still at that plateau of arousal and maintained a rapid rhythm with his tongue and finger, her tension built quickly and within minutes was rewarded with a spasm in her pussy gripping his finger signifying another, smaller orgasm, he maintained the pace of his finger fucking and tongue teasing and two further tremors coursed through Shona’s body before she placed her hand on his head signifying that she could take no more..

Iain stood up and helped Shona roll over, she wiggled her curvaceous bottom at him: Iain realised they still had not spoken, but there was no need: he knew exactly what she and he wanted next. Iain tenderly kissed each of Shona’s delightful moist bottom cheeks alternately, moving slowly to her forbidden orifice, he could wait no longer and touched the very tip of his tongue against her anus, gently probing until it open like a budding flower as he’d imagined, allowing him to penetrate it a little. His hot tongue savoured the taste of her bottom, he was so turned on: he wanted to continue licking her, but that could wait, there was another even stronger desire he could not resist.

It was fortunate Iain had come prepared: in the changing room he had placed a condom in the pocket of his trunks: just in case. He ripped open the packet and quickly smoothed the prophylactic over his rampant cock. Iain moved behind Shona and aimed his member between her legs: she was so wet he slipped easily up her gorgeous pussy. He penetrated as deep into her pussy as he could go, then withdrew slowly, easing into a steady rhythm. Shona’s pussy felt so good on his cock and he was so aroused, Iain wondered how long he would last, it was probably as well he was using a condom which reduced the sensation of Shona’s delightful cunt surrounding his cock.

Shona was obviously enjoying the reaming from his hard cock, she moaned softly with each stroke. Iain couldn’t resist the opportunity to massage Shona’s bottom, with the palms of his hand and gently fondled her rosebud with his right thumb. He was surprised how long he was able to hold back, however it didn’t take long before he felt the tell-tale fluttering of Shona’s pussy walls and her soft moans grew louder the fluttering grew stronger, gripping his cock with each stroke and another orgasm flooded through her body, triggering the start of Iain’s own orgasm. He whipped his member from her pussy, pulled of the condom and sprayed his torrent of hot sperm over her curvaceous arse, the stream of spunk continued for several second, stopped, then sprayed again as Iain experienced an enormous orgasm, groaning loudly.

It took a minute or so for them to catch their breath, when they did Iain finally spoke.

“I guess I should introduce myself: I’m Iain” he teased “I believe you’re Shona?”

“Yes” she breathed “do you realise what a mess you’ve made on my bottom?”

“I’m so sorry” Iain apologised “let me clean that up for you!” He scooped up his still warm spunk from Shona’s cheeks, filling his cheeks with it until not a drop remained. Shona turned round; they embraced each other and kissed passionately, sharing his mouthful of pearly cream.

“Mmm, we must arrange another workout at the gym sometime” joked Iain.

Shona gave that familiar smile “Yes maybe we’ll skip the running and rowing machines next time, I much prefer the Steam Room workout”.

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