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The Sticking Door

I fuck my young admirer in a beach condo

My wife, Stephanie, and I have known George and Ann for many, many years.   We met playing tennis at our country club and, over those years, had become best of friends.   Along with their 17 year old daughter, Laura, we even vacationed together.


We would often share condos when we would go skiing together in the winters and to the beach during the summers.   I watched Laura develop into a gorgeous young woman.   She was tall with long blond hair and beautiful tits.   They were large (she gets that trait from her mother) and sat up firm and high.  


Laura had been flirting with me ever since she was a young girl.   Last summer, just after she turned 16 and got her driver’s license, she came to stay with Stephanie and me at our home for a few days.   She was on summer vacation and Stephanie, being a teacher, was available as well.   The two of them were like big and little sister so they always had fun shopping and doing things together.


One evening during the visit, I was lying supine and flat on the floor in front of the couch that faces the TV set.   My back had been giving me hell that day and this was the only way I could get some relief.   Laura came out of her room wearing her “sleep uniform”……a pair of panties and a long night shirt that came down to just above her knees.   She already had cute boobs developing and, of course, wasn’t wearing a bra.   She straddled my head as she sat down on the couch, giving me a good view of her panties.


Once she was seated, she drew her knees up to her chin, put her feet on the couch and pulled the night shirt tight over her knees.   Lying on the floor, I had a perfect view between her legs and right up to her fine looking tits.   Laura looked down and smiled at me.   She knew damn good and well what she was doing.


This past summer, we had gone to the ocean for a five day vacation together and were sharing a two bedroom unit.   Laura was always running around in a t-shirt with no bra and very often would openly tempt me.   It was everything I could do to resist reaching out for a handful of those gorgeous orbs.   I don’t think that George and Ann ever saw their little girl as any more than their little girl.   Even Stephanie didn’t pick up on the moves that Laura was making on me.   But I sure did.


The five of us were on the beach the first full day of our vacation.   Laura was wearing a tiny bikini but, with her firm 17 year old body, she certainly could get away with it.   She was lying on the blanket next to me when Stephanie suggested that we all take a stroll on the boardwalk.   George and Ann agreed that it was a great idea but Laura insisted that she wanted to stay to continue to work on her tan.   She cooed “Will you stay and keep me company, Uncle Mac?”.


I’m really not Laura’s uncle but she started calling me Uncle Mac when she was a little girl.   I was like family and George and Ann agreed that “Mr. McDonald” was far too formal and “Mac” (what the rest of the world calls me) was not respectful enough.   Uncle Mac worked just fine.


I agreed to stay on the blanket with Laura while everyone else went for their walk.   They weren’t even off the sand and on the boardwalk yet when Laura reached behind her back and pulled the bow on her bikini top, letting the strings fall by her side.   She reached for her bag while slightly lifting her shoulders off of the blanket, giving me a peek at the full roundness of her left breast.   She grabbed a tube of suntan lotion and asked if I would do her back for her.


Ever so slowly I rubbed my lotioned hands across the smooth skin of her back and shoulders.   She said “Don’t forget my sides……” and I made sure that I got the side of that huge left tit.   I instinctively squeezed it lightly to see Laura’s reaction.   Just a little moan.  When I got to the small of her back, Laura reached behind her and pulled the elastic of the bikini bottoms down to just below the top of the crack of her ass.   She said she wanted to make sure that she didn’t burn at the waist band of the skimpy brief.   After I carefully covered the area with lotion, I gently pulled the waist band back into place and moved down to her legs.


I started at her feet and spread the lotion up her calves, first one leg and then the other.   Now it was time to do the backs of her thighs.   As I worked my hands up north toward “heaven”, Laura spread her legs a bit more and told me to make sure that I got under the elastic of the leg holes.   So I lifted the fabric up and slid my hand across her left ass cheek and then her right.   Laura then said “Uncle Mac….would you also get the insides of my thighs, please?”


As I moved my hand slowly up the inside of her left thigh, Laura spread her legs even more.   “Get under the elastic right there…….”   I slipped my finger under the crotch of the bikini and felt the delightful damp pussy hairs.   Laura closed her eyes and moaned “Yes….that’s the spot.   Make sure you get both sides”.   It was everything I could do to keep from finding her pussy tube with my finger but I just barely touched her vulva.   Laura was beginning to moan when I saw Stephanie, George and Ann walking back across the sand.   They were engaged in what was obviously an animated conversation and didn’t see where my hand was playing.   I quickly took my hand back and covered my crotch with my towel.   I had a huge erection pressing hard against my bathing suit.


When the trio got back to our blankets, Laura announced that she’d like to go back to the condo to use the bathroom.   She turned to Ann and said “Mom, would you do my top, please”.   Ann retied Laura’s bikini top and playfully smacked her round little butt.   “Uncle Mac, would you come with me….that darned door to the condo sticks and I have trouble getting it open”.   I had never before been so happy to have a unit with a sticking door.


Laura hopped up and began strutting through the sand toward the boardwalk.   Her labored gait through the sand made her ass cheeks jiggle, first left then right.   I was starting to get a hard-on again.   Thank God my back was to the rest of the group.


When we got to the condo, I turned the key and pushed on the front door.   Yeah, it was a little tight but certainly not THAT tight.   Laura just grinned as I let her go through the threshold.   “I’ll be right back….” She cooed….”I just have to pee”.


“I’ll wait for you here in the bedroom……I have to pee too…” I told her.   I sat on the edge of the bed.   Laura went into the bathroom but didn’t shut the door.   I couldn’t see her directly as the toilet was around the corner in the bathroom but the full length mirror on the closet door in the bedroom and outside the bathroom door gave me a good reflected view of her from my perch on the bed.

Laura pulled down her bikini bottoms giving me a glimpse of the little fur patch on the front of her pussy.   Then I raised my eyes up to see her head.   She was looking back at me in the mirror and talking to me while she sat on the toilet.   She obviously had planned this whole thing.   She knew that I would likely sit on the bed while I waited and she knew that the mirror was perfectly placed.


I could hear her pee piddling in the water.   When she finished, she grabbed a wad of toilet paper and wiped her muff, still talking to me and watching me in the mirror.   Laura stood up, pulled up be bikini bottom and started to walk out to the bedroom.   “SHIT!” I heard her scream.  


I jumped up and rushed into the bathroom door to find out if she was OK.   “What happened??”, I asked.   Laura replied “I banged my hip on the fucking sink edge when I went to wash my hands.   Look at my hip, Uncle Mac…..did it leave a mark?”   Laura pulled her bikini down again to just below the top of her pubic hair.   I got down on my knees to examine the site of injury.   I said “Sweetie, I don’t see anything…..want me to kiss it and make it better?”


“Uh huh….” Laura answered in agreement.   I placed my lips just aside of and below her left hip bone and gently kissed her belly.   “Does that feel good, Baby”, I asked.   Laura said that it did but then caught me off guard when she dropped the bikini bottom to the floor and said “Know where your kiss will feel even better?”   She stood in front of me with her legs slightly spread and her pussy right in my face.   I couldn’t help myself.   I gently spread Laura’s pussy lips exposing her bright pink clit.   I began to play with her clit using my tongue.   Then I slid one thumb into her vagina.   She was dripping wet.   “Do you have any idea how long I’ve wanted to do this, Uncle Mac?”


Laura’s pussy smelled WONDERFUL, just like teenage pussy is supposed to smell.   I pressed two fingers and then three into her pussy while I feverishly licked her slit.   Laura had her hands on my head making sure that my mouth stayed right where it was.   I licked, I sucked, I kissed her pussy lips while I finger fucked her pussy.   Laura was ready.   I heard her grunt and then groan…. “Don’t stop, Uncle Mac….I’m ready to come……”.   She began to shake and shiver as one wave after another overtook her.   She began to pump her hips into my face and let out a loud moan of passion.

Pussy juice was running down her thighs and all over my face.   Knowing that Laura was at the peak of ecstasy, I quickly turned her around and had her bend over the sink.   I spread her pussy lips wide and began to tongue fuck her from behind.   That did her in….one last grunt and vibration and she laid her upper body down on the sink.   And when I was sure that she was totally spent, I spread her ass cheeks wide stuck my tongue into her tight asshole for   a little tongue fuck.   “NOBODY has ever done THAT to me before, Uncle Mac!”


I stood up, embraced Laura and kissed her fully on the lips.   I reached behind her and pulled on the bow string of her bikini top and we let if fall to the floor.   She pressed those beautiful tits hard into my chest, opened her mouth and sucked in my tongue.   She giggled and said “You smell and taste just like my pussy, Uncle Mac”.


“How do you know what your pussy smells and tastes like, Laura?” I asked with a broad smile.   Laura admitted to masturbating herself often and, after she had an orgasm, would take deep whiffs of her fingers and then would lick her fingers clean.   She also admitted a bi-curious nature and said that she would love to try eating pussy sometime but hasn’t yet found the girl who she trusts enough to ask.


Laura turned back around breathlessly and said “Didn’t you say that you had to pee too?”   I stood up, exposing the huge bulge in the front of my bathing trunks.   I replied “Didn’t you know that a man can’t pee when he has an erection……his urethra is closed off from the bladder because his dick thinks it’s ready to shoot cum”.   Laura smiled and took a handful of cock through the fabric of the trunks.   “Uncle Mac……your cock is HUGE……I’ve always wanted to see it…..can I take your trunks off of you?”


“Of course you can, Sweetie”.   Laura went to her knees and when she pulled my trunks down, my 8” dick sprung up and pointed right at her face.   “Mmmm….” She murmured….”It’s even bigger than I had dreamed.   I have been dreaming about seeing your hard cock since I was a little girl, Uncle Mac”.


Laura was far more experienced than I had ever imagined.   I asked her if she was a virgin and assured me that she was......she said that she wanted to save herself for me.  She said that she would like me to fuck her today but that she knew that she was ovulating and couldn't take a chance on pregnancy.  But she added that she had been giving head for years and that I was about to get a blow job of a lifetime!


A girl that looks like and is built like Laura couldn’t possibly evade all contact with cock through high school.   She kissed the tip of my dick and gently squeezed it until that inevitable little drop of jiz emerged from my pee hole.   Laura playfully licked it off and then swirled her tongue around my glans.   With one hand slowly stroking my cock and the other cupping my balls, Laura began to gently suck my cock.   I thought I just might be in heaven.   I began to instinctively move my hips so as to fuck her soft mouth.   She had obviously done this MANY times before.


Laura was sucking my cock for all she was worth now.   She had one hand on each of my hips as I drove my shaft as deep in her mouth as I could get it.   At one point, my pubic hair was against her face as the tip of my cock went into her throat.   She pulled her head back with a sucking sound and gasped for breath.   The whole time, she had a firm grip on my cock stroking it as fast as she could.

All of the sudden I felt that undeniable warmth come up from my balls and into my dick and my belly.   I screamed “I’M GONNA COME…..” and I shoved my dick back into Laura’s mouth.   With each squirt of hot cum, I could feel her grip tighten and see her throat pulse as she swallowed every load.   Laura was pressing her finger behind my balls and on my prostate making sure that she milked every drop of jiz out of it.


When Laura was sure that I was empty, she pulled her mouth from my cock and inspected it for any left over drops.   She licked me clean and swallowed again.   She stood up and threw her arms around my neck to kiss me. We went back into an embrace, our naked bodies flush with each other.   I sucked her tongue into my mouth, laughed and said “You taste like my cum, know that?”   Laura laughed and replied “How do you know what your cum tastes like, Uncle Mac??”


I guess turn about is fair play, isn’t it??


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