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The student becomes the master part 2

a weekend ill never forget
The Student Becomes the Master Part 2

For those of you that read the first part (which is highly recommended to understand what happens next), let us recall how the last part ended.

My hot teacher had made me stay behind class after I had been misbehaving, and after a bit of small talk, I screwed her fucking brains out on the desk. After I had busted my nut in her tight little pussy, we got all our clothes back on to try and disguise what had actually happened during the ‘detention’, and were now on our way to hers.

She went to get her car and parked it right in front of the entrance hidden by bushes, I quickly got in the car and crouched down until she had driven a safe distance from the college. Luckily my head was resting on her thigh, and I could still smell her wet cum filled pussy in front of my face, and I couldn’t help but smile knowing it was my seed in her fertile womb. Just the thought that my face was once again inches away from my teachers cunt made my cock jump in my pants as I placed one hand on her thigh, just barely touching the bottom of her skirt, which was already riding up her beautifully soft thighs as she sat down.

She smiled and slapped my hand, trying to keep her eyes on the road, but that didn’t stop me, my hand began to rub back and forth as I kept my head on her lap.

“Oh for god sakes. I’m trying to drive here, and if you distract me then we may not even make it to mine.” She laughed slapping my hand yet again.

“Well why not try and prove the myth that women are better able to multitask than us men, and keep your eyes on the road.” I replied quickly, my hand quickly sliding under the bottom of her skirt, and slowly working its way higher and higher, before finally reaching its goal. I guess in all the excitement, and taboo of what was happening, had gotten the best of her, as she wasn’t wearing any panties. I only hoped she had them in her purse or somewhere on her person, although the idea of someone, such as the janitor, finding her soiled panties in her classroom sort of excited me. (Hey, wouldn’t you knowing it was because of you she wasn’t wearing them in the first place.)

Her only response now was a sudden intake of breath, as she felt my hand begin to slowly caress her tight dripping wet, full pussy lips, and occasionally flicking her clit as I sat upright, knowing that even if we were to be seen, at this speed it was very unlikely anyone would recognise me, as I lived nowhere near here.

“I think this is going to be a weekend neither of us will soon forget.” I said turning to look at her and wink, before pushing one finger deep into her, I could feel her tight pussy walls, still slick with a mixture of both our cum, and I smiled once more, knowing unless she was on some sort of protection, there is a high chance she might end up impregnated.

“Fuck, at least warn me if you’re going to fucking finger me babe!” She said, as the sudden intrusion caused her to lose control of the car for a second, I just laughed.

My finger continued its exploration, thrusting in and out harder and faster with my thumb grinding on her clit, she responded my moving her hand from the gear shift and placing it on my hard cock through my trousers.

“Just don’t try changing gears with this stick.” I smirked, before undoing my trousers and releasing my thick dick from the confined space, it sprung out and slapped against her open hand, before she wrapped it around my thick shaft firmly, yet at the same time, softly.

For the rest of the drive to hers, our hands were busy on the others bodies, my hand finger fucking her, timing it just right so that she was at a red traffic light when she climaxed, of the way there, her seat looked like it had been pulled from a lake,. Whilst her hand worked up and down my thick dick, I came once and it splashed her hand, my trousers and a bit of her skirt as she smiled and cooed at feeling it soak through to her skin.

By the time we got to hers, we were both breathing pretty heavily, and she quickly put the car in the garage and closed the door.

As soon as we were out of sight, I fucking jump on her, pinning her against the car, her bare ass pressing against the boot of the car, as I lifted her skirt up to her waist once more, and kneeled between them, placing her legs over my shoulders, and without hesitation, or permission, I buried my face right into her cunt, roughly tongue fucking her pussy deep and fast. She wrapped her legs firmly around my head, grabbing my head and thrusting her hips against my face.

“Yeah that’s it you dirty boy, suck and lick that fucking pussy, taste how wet you got your fucking teacher with your naughty fingers. God your tongue feels so good, faster baby faster, make me cum all over your face.” She screamed, roughly riding my face more and more, her ass practically bouncing off the boot onto my face. So to make things even better I slid my hands up her back, and firmly pressed them, and moved away from the car, so now her back and entire body was suspended by my hands and shoulders. “Whoa! Fucking hell you really are a crazy bastard!” She screamed firmly gripping my head, before continuing her violent thrusts against my face, until the inevitable long-awaited body numbing orgasm over took her. She thrust forward into my face once more and basically, and for the first time I’m guessing judged by her reaction, squirted into my mouth.

She breathed heavily in and out heavily as she slid her legs off my shoulders and sat back on the bonnet, before turning and lying down on it. As I licked my lips, I watched my teacher lying there half naked, her chest moving up and down as she began to unbutton her top and letting it drop, revealing those two perfect mounds, that from here looked like mountains, rapidly moving up and down as she lifted her bra off and miraculously just slipped it off, I never even saw her unclasp it.

Being the ‘gentleman’ that I am, I got up and went over to help her strip, I laid her legs flat and pulled her skirt all the way down, and then quickly sat her up to remove the blouse, leaving her lying there on the cold metal of the car, butt naked.

Her body shivered as she lay back down, feeling the cold metal against her back as she squirmed.

“Now it’s your turn big boy. Show me what you got.” She said with a devilish grin.

Who was I to disobey, I was out of my clothes and underwear before you could even spell ‘fuck.'

Sliding my arms under her back, and ass, I lifted her into my ass I carried her into the house through the side entrance in the garage which was connected to her house, she directed me to the bedroom and I basically threw her naked body down onto the bed, she bounced twice and landed face down.

“Now THAT is what I call a full moon.” With a slap to her firm bare ass which she stuck in the air.

Kneeling behind her, I grabbed her hips as her legs spread as if by themselves, the next thing she was to feel, is my thick hard cock pressing between her ass cheeks.

“Well, well. Seems someone is an ass man.” She said, pushing herself back, grinding her ass up and down, until the temptation for me became to much, I quickly grabbed my dick and pushed it against her tight little ass, slowly pushing more and more, until her firm ass muscles relaxed and my cock slipped in past the head and with a final thrust, I was balls deep in her.

The screams filled the room as she tried to adjust to having my thick member so deep in her tightest hole, it was true, she was not used to having anything in her ass like this, but I was going to make sure that changed this weekend, I was going to make sure she became my slut, who would do anything and everything to satisfy my needs. Of course I am not the selfish kind, so whenever she needed release, after a little teasing, I would willingly bring her to orgasm after orgasm.

I pounded in and out of her tight little hole, feeling it squeeze my dick like nothing I had ever felt before, it was like sticking your cock in a spring loaded vice. But she seemed to enjoy it, as every 5 minutes she reached orgasm after orgasm, soaking my balls and both our thighs, as well as making a very noticeable wet patch on the sheets.

We must have been like that for at least an hour, maybe less, before I finally felt my own release coming. My balls tightened, my cock twitched. I slapped her firmly on the ass as I whispered into her ear. “I want you to tell me which one of your hungry holes you want my hot load baby.”

Her reply came between gasps for breath, “My cunt, fucking give it to me in my cock loving cunt baby, please!!!!” She screamed.

Of course yet again, I allowed her to have her choice fulfilled as I pulled all the way out with a pop and forced my way into her cunt, burying it all the way in her pussy just in time to feel my cock erupt like a volcano, shooting load after hot thick load right into her waiting womb, so much that it gushed out slightly around my dick as I groaned squeezing her ass cheeks in my hand.

Once I had finished emptying my balls into her, we both collapsed from exhaustion and pleasure onto the bed, making sure neither of us landed in the big wet spot we had created my arm went under her head and we cuddled into a slumber.

That weekend we spent every waking hour, going from room to room, spending the entire day naked, teasing, pleasuring and fucking like teenagers (even though I was a teenager).

Monday soon came, and we regrettably had to act like student and teacher again after she dropped me off down the road from the college.

Oh and in case you were wondering, yes, we still fuck every chance we get, and I ALWAYS make sure to have detention with her.

Whether or not she is pregnant, well I guess I will have to wait and see.

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