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The Trials of First Love Chapter 2

Will Anna give into her desires for Jeremy?
I was about halfway down the hall when I heard Jeremy pull up to the house, then knock on the door. I was hidden behind the wall and could only see half of the room as my dad opened the door and greeted Jeremy. I knew that they shook hands, but I could not see them until they left the door. Jeremy entered my sight first and all I could see was the back of his black suit. He sat on the couch out of my view.

“Anna,” my dad called, “Jeremy is here.”

I took a deep breath, bit my lower lip and straightened my skirt. I dashed into the bathroom to check my hair and make-up one more time.

Sara did wonders with my hair, she was an expert. She managed to get keep my hair long, but up at the same time. I fluffed up the bits of curled hairs falling out of the loose bun and scrunched up the ends of my hair laying over my shoulders and down my back. With that done it was on to my make-up. I seldom wear any so I felt weird with foundation, blush, eye shadow, mascara and lipstick on; but Sara assured me it would be hardly noticeable. She was mostly right if you did not look too hard at my eyes. The pink lipstick was very light and only enhanced my lips and she was very light handed with the eye shadow. Over all I was happy with what she did and glad that she was there to help. Still staring at my reflection I took a deep breath before turning toward the door.

I let my breath out slowly and quietly said, “It’s now or never.”

I stood at the end of the hallway and watched as my mother dabbed her eye. If she made me cry I was not going to be happy. She smiled and turned away unable to watch any longer. I took that last step into the living room and I was now committed. Dad smiled at me, but looked like he was sad to see me too. Was he seeing me as a woman and not as his little girl? I felt grown up, but this was my first time seeing that he saw me as grown up. I felt the tears start and took a deep breath to try to stop them before they could make it to my eyes. I turned to Jeremy just as he was standing.

He looked so handsome in his black suit, pale blue shirt and thin black tie. I wanted to rush into his arms, but my legs would not move. I blushed when he slowly looked down my body, then back up and smiled. I could tell he approved.

He started toward me and said, “You look gorgeous.”

My cheeks were aflame and I bit at my lip again. I smiled back at him.

“You look very handsome yourself,” I said quietly as he kissed my cheek and took my hand.

“I need a picture,” my mom said tearfully.

Dad unwrapped his arm from her shoulders and let her grab her camera. Jeremy draped his arm over my shoulders and we stood for my mother to take a few pictures. When Jeremy looked at his watch I knew that it was time to leave. Dad handed me my jacket and looked at Jeremy.

“When is the movie out, son?” my dad asked.

“About eleven, sir,” Jeremy replied.

“Any plans after that?”

“I thought we might go for some coffee afterwards, depending on what time Anna needs to be home,” Jeremy stated.

My dad offered Jeremy his hand, which Jeremy quickly took. They seemed to stare at each other and have a conversation without words until my dad broke the silence.

“Just be safe and have her home before dawn,” he said with a smile.

I blinked a few times and stared open mouthed at my dad. I was not sure if I heard him right.

“Before dawn?” I asked, staring at my dad.

“Just don’t get in any trouble,” he said as he leaned to me and kissed the top of my head. “You look beautiful,” he whispered.

I was still in shock as we walked to Jeremy’s car and he opened the door for me. I sat down wondering why my overprotective dad would allow me to stay out until dawn. He always had the attitude of saying this is your curfew and breaking it would mean many consequences. I was still thinking about it when Jeremy touched my knee. I looked at him and managed to smile.

“I’m glad that we have more time to be together tonight,” Jeremy said as he turned back to watch the road.

“I can’t believe I don’t have a curfew,” I said what I had been thinking. “He’s never let me stay out this late.”

“He trusts you,” Jeremy said calmly, “And I guess he trusts me too.”

Jeremy turned and smiled at me as we reached a stop light. I returned his smile, but was still rebounding from my dad’s no curfew. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath before letting my shock go with the breath. When I opened my eyes we were pulling into the parking lot of the most luxurious hotel in town.

My eyes were wide as I said, “I’m not dressed for dinner here.”

“You are dressed perfectly,” he said pulling into a spot, “You are as gorgeous as always.”

I blushed, looked down, and shook my head. I felt underdressed and wished he had told me where we were going so I could have dressed more upscale. Jeremy turned my face to his as he pulled me close and kissed me. I felt that safe and protected feeling and fell into his lips letting all my worries fall away. I could have stayed right there forever, but as he pulled back from me I knew that that was not going to happen.

Jeremy walked around the car and opened my door. I looked up at him and slowly took his hand. As we approached the door I began to tremble, my nerves getting the better of me. Jeremy wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me in close stifling my trembles a bit.

Having never been in the Mulier I was stunned when he opened the large wooden doors. The lobby was enormous with a vaulted ceiling going up at least three floors. The curved shape surrounded a dangling crystal chandelier with what looked like a million small crystals throwing light in all directions. I stared up at them trying to follow them all until I followed one to the very back of the room. A grand staircase stood regally with stairs branching left and right making it look like as if it were pulled right out of a fairy tale. Jeremy squeezed me and I looked up at him.

“It’s amazing isn’t it?” he said smiling back at me.

I nodded as he pulled me forward. My eyes were seeing new and wonderful sites at every turn, but the dining room was even more wondrous. As we walked into the room, the lights were dimmer and each table had its own little candle in the center. When we reached our table I expected to sit across from each other, but it was more of a booth. I was glad that he would be close. I felt the soft fabric of the table and hoped that I did not spill anything. I stared at Jeremy and saw that he was enjoying my awe and blushed.

He took my hand and said, “The new is just the beginning.”

He held my hand until we were presented with menus. I did not understand many of the words, but managed to find something that sounded normal. Jeremy ended up ordering for both of us so I did not have to worry.

When he pulled our hands down under the table and let my hand free I looked to him. He leaned in and kissed me as he placed his hand on my thigh. Our kiss deepened as he started to bunch up my skirt past my knee and then pulled the hem to his fingers. The touch of his fingers against my skin warmed my body and sent a jolt between my legs. As his fingers clutched my thigh harder and began to move more to my center I knew what he was after. My eyes flew open and I pulled back from him.

“What’s wrong?” he asked slightly startled.

I stared at him and quietly asked, “What are you doing?”

Jeremy smiled at me and tried to pull me back into the kiss. I pulled back from him shaking my head.

“Anna, no one cares and no one can see my hand,” he stated pulling me closer.

“Jeremy stop it!” I said quietly, but firmly.

When he let go of my head and set his hands on the table he looked furious. I leaned back and took a deep breath. I set my hands in my lap and played with my fingers as I stared down at them. Confusion ran a marathon in my mind wondering what was wrong with me that I was always stopping him and why was he acting like this. I was so deep in my own mind that I did not realize that our food had arrived.

We ate in silence and nothing tasted good. I was upset and food was not what I wanted. I wanted to ask him so many questions, but I did not know where to start or if I wanted to start. As I pushed my food around I finally looked at him and he was doing much the same as me. I took his hand and he turned to me.

“What are you thinking about?” I asked quietly.

He took a deep breath and lowered his eyes, “I’m sorry, but I just can’t stop thinking about touching you.”

I smiled, “I love it when you touch me, but I was just surprised that it was with all these people around.”

He looked at me and lifted my hand to his lips. He placed a light kiss on my hand and I felt better. We both ate and the food was pretty good.

When asked if we wanted dessert we both declined. As Jeremy gave a card to pay the bill and waited, he rested his hand on my thigh, but did not try to raise my skirt. He gave a few little squeezes and that was enough to make me shiver.

“I have one more surprise, but you can tell me no and we will do something else,” he said as he leaned in to kiss my cheek.

“Ok,” I said nervously wondering what he was going to do now.

“I booked a room and thought that instead of the movie we could stay here and occupy our time,” he whispered into my ear.

I was stunned and did not immediately know what he meant by occupy our time. The surprise of being here had my mind running a little slow, but as it dawned on me, every butterfly in my stomach woke at once. It took a few seconds for my shock to wear off and my voice to cooperate.

“And do what?” I finally asked.

“We could go swimming or watch a movie or just stay up all night talking. It is up to you,” he said with a smile.

“Well…,” I said with all the ideas running their course through my mind. “I don’t have a suit so swimming is out.”

“I have one for you,” he said quickly with a little wink.

“You do?”

“Yep, so do you want to stay?” he asked as I nodded and he leaned in to kiss me.

“Good, he said offering me his hand as he stood.

I took it and as we walked out, hand in hand, I felt like everyone was watching and knew I was thinking about having sex with him. I blushed a little, but convinced myself they were looking because we were holding hands.

I was still in awe of the grand main room and barely knew that we had stopped at the elevator until I heard the ding. We stepped in and Jeremy pushed the five.

“Isn’t that the top floor?” I asked confused.

“Yep,” he said as he stepped infront of me.

He leaned down and kissed me hard pushing me against the wall. His hand traveled up my front and squeezed my breast. I moaned into his mouth. His overwhelming advance spooked me and I remained rigid. Just before the next ding he left me breathless and pulled me out of the opening elevator door.

As he pulled me down the hall and fumbled in his pocket as my mind caught up to me. I wondered why my body reacted to his touch, but my mind screamed for me to stop him. ‘Was this normal or was I being too resistant to giving in?’ I wondered, but I had little time to ponder my new question, as I was stunned again when he opened the door to the room.

The grandeur of the main room spread to the suite I entered. It was like walking into a movie. The large main room had two couches around a solid looking coffee table and a small area that would serve as a kitchen. There were two doors across from each other at the back of the room and as I made my way toward them I decided the right one was my first choice to explore.

When I opened the door I was greeted with the largest bathroom I have ever seen. It was as large as my room and had both a standing shower that would easily hold two people and an old style claw foot bath big enough for more than two as well. There were two sinks along the wall backed with a mirror that stretched along the counter and up the entire wall. It was more luxurious than my mind could handle.

I knew that the other room must be the bedroom and my nerves took root as I made my way there. I knew that Jeremy was very much wanting sex, but I was not sure that he would get that desire fulfilled. When I opened the door my heart choked me.

The four poster king size bed was positioned in the middle of the room and I would have to jump some to get atop it. From the posts hung sheer drapes that fell loosely along the sides keeping up the fairy tale look my mind was portraying. I took a few steps toward the bed and glanced out the window. The view was amazing. I opened the sliding glass door and walked out onto the balcony.

The suddenness of the cool winter air stilled my breath and the sight of the city below took the rest away. I grasped the rail and took in everything my eyes could see.

“Gorgeous isn’t it?” I heard from behind me.

I nodded. Words just would not be enough.

As Jeremy wrapped his arms around me, I leaned back against him, and wrapped my fingers around his wrists. I felt so loved, but was still wondering why I could not take that last step.

When Jeremy started to kiss my neck and ear I shut my mind down to only his lips. I let all my worry go and only felt his touch. He slowly released his grip on me and separated his hands. I kept my hands atop his wrists and followed them as one went down my body and the other stayed close to my breasts.

The hand traveling lower reached its destination and as he traced the band of my skirt the other hand began to massage my breast. He started to become more aggressive with my breast as he began to bunch my skirt up in his hand. I shuddered and groaned.

“I want you so badly,” he whispered in my ear sending a shiver down my spine.

All I could do was nod my head because at that moment all I wanted was him. There were no complaints from my mind so I ran with it.

He spun me around and kissed my lips. I wrapped my arms around his neck and felt him pulling back. I followed him until he stopped. As I took one more step toward him he scooped me up and turned. As me laid me on the bed and I stared up at him, the man that would be my first, all my fear and worry arose at once. I tried to push it back down, but it was overtaking me.

Jeremy crawled onto the bed and as he lay next to me and placed his hand on my stomach, I jumped. He sighed and kissed my cheek. It was as if he knew I was going to stop him.

“You don’t have to do this. I can be patient. I know that all of this is overwhelming,” he said softly.

I let out a deep breath and was relieved. So much for Jeff’s anger theory, Jeremy is a true gentleman.

“Would you like to go swimming?” he asked leaning away from me.

I smiled and nodded as I said, “Depends on the suit you bought me.”

When he showed me the suit he purchased I was surprised he was able to accomplish getting the proper size. I changed in the bathroom and took down my hair. Luckily I had a hair tie in my purse, but as I retrieved it I saw my sisters ‘gift’ and sighed. When I left the bathroom I saw Jeremy sitting on the couch in a pair of shorts and he looked so cute. I had felt his chest, but never seen it, he was in great shape.

I walked over and as I twirled around I asked, “How do I look?”

“Beautiful as ever,” he said as he smiled and stood.

I wrapped a towel around my waist and as we left the room I hoped for a fun time playing in the pool. He did not kiss me in the elevator like before and I wanted him too, but my hand was in his. As he led me across the main room I looked up at the chandelier and its millions of rays; it was a sight.

The pool was no different than the rest of the hotel, grand and over the top fancy. The pool stretched from one side of the room to the other and must have been deep at the far end to accommodate the height of the diving board.

“Let me show you the best part,” Jeremy said as he led me about halfway down the pool. “The Jacuzzi is in here.”

He slid the wood panel doors open and I saw my first actual Jacuzzi. I had not seen one in reality, only in movies. The water was warm, but still until Jeremy pushed a button. As the water bubbled up it felt funny along my hand. I giggled and wondered what it would feel like against my entire body.

“Let’s swim a little and then we can relax,” Jeremy said as he wrapped his arms around me.

I nodded and we left the now calming waters behind for the pool. I expected the water to be cool, but it was warm. I almost felt like I was walking into the sun warmed creek that we camped at every summer.

Jeremy and I swam around and played in the pool for what seemed like hours. He would try to catch me and missed most of the time, but when he would catch me he would kiss me and played like he was going to take my suit off.

The last time he ‘caught’ me we were deep enough that I could not touch, but he could. I tried to wrap my legs around him, but hit the side of the pool so I just placed my feet against the wall. He pulled me into a kiss with his hand on the back of my neck. As his lips touched mine his fingers slipped under my suit.

As he began to rub my lips swelled and when I pushed tighter to him he glided one finger inside me. I used the fact I was floating to push my hips forward and back. We each groaned and the vibrations in my mouth spurred me to continue.

When he introduced a second finger I pulled my lips from his and gasped. I leaned back and let his hand fall down my back. He was supporting me just enough that I would stay above water. Jeremy looked down my body before leaning in and nuzzling between my breasts. I continued to push against his fingers and he would meet me halfway. I was gasping and breathing heavily. He started to nip at my breasts and I arched my back to give him full access. I would have let him take me right there, but the situation changed in a flash.

I heard the door start to open and looked just as a couple and two kids entered the room. I was so shocked that they had seen us making out I blushed and tried to hide behind Jeremy. When Jeremy turned around to face me he smiled and tossed his head sharply toward the door to the Jacuzzi. I nodded and we swam for the stairs. He helped me out of the pool and handed me my towel. As I wrapped it around my waist the man that entered shot me a grin and a wink. Embarrassment flooded my body and I wanted to get away from his knowing eyes.

“Come on,” Jeremy said as he opened the door.

I hurried over to him and as he pushed the button for the jets, I closed the door. He offered me his hand and I slowly stepped into the very warm water. I lowered into the center feeling the bubbly water hitting every inch of exposed skin. It tickled, but felt wonderful.

As Jeremy stepped in and joined me he said, “Where were we?” and started to kiss my neck.

He picked up right where we were before the interruption and was swiftly inside me again. The suddenness tightened my body, but I was quickly loosened by the jets. I knew that there were people in the other room, but that quickly became only a thought in the back of my mind. Jeremy was just as forceful as he pushed and pulled his fingers inside me, but when he pulled my suit down and exposed my breasts I almost stopped him.

The only reason I did not stop him was his lips grazing my nipple before he started to nibble. I felt like I was on fire and the fire was emanating from his fingers. The fire quickly engulfed me and the only thing keeping me alive was his touch. I was not even aware that we had floated over to the edge until my knees hit the wall.

I locked my eyes on his and watched as he tried to smile with my breast in his mouth. My eyes fluttered and finally rested closed. I ran my fingers through his wet hair and let myself get lost in the moment. When he let me float unassisted before him I paid little attention, but tightened my thighs against him. I was concentrating so much on being quiet and feeling every touch that I was barely aware he was replacing his fingers with something harder. When I felt the pressure my eyes flew open.

Jeremy stared at me and watched me bite my lip. Every piece of information about sex flashed through my mind in a second. The condoms from my sister were upstairs, this was a huge step, it was going to hurt, and I would bleed; but last of all I had been told all my life to wait until marriage. When I shook my head he looked deflated.

I pushed myself away and pulled my suit up over my breasts. I did not know why I stopped him, but mostly it was fear of what would happen. Not really fear of the act, but of the pain and how it would change me.

“I’m sorry,” I said finding my voice and hugging my arms around myself.

Jeremy moved a little, adjusting himself I think; but said nothing. I stared at him waiting for a response, but nothing came. We sat there for what seemed like an eternity until he stood up and stepped out. He shut of the jets and offered me his hand. I took it and grabbed my towel. I barely had it wrapped around me when he pulled me out of the room and toward the main door.

As we rode the elevator up I wondered if this was the anger Jeff had talked about and what that meant for me. I made mental notes of where my clothes were, my purse, and that I could call my sister to come and get me. An exit plan was not what I wanted to make, but it was my only source of control right now. Jeremy almost dragged me to the room and I was heading toward the bathroom and my clothes when he grabbed me from behind.

“Tell me you are teasing me and just wanted to get back up here,” Jeremy hissed into my ear.

I shook my head and forcefully said, “Let me go!”

Jeremy bit into my shoulder and I cried out in pain. I repeated myself and tried to pull his arm from across my chest. He grabbed my wrists and pinned each behind my back and held them between us. With my hands immobile he started to pull my suit down. I pleaded with him to stop, but he was not listening.

I started to tremble as he pushed my wet suit over my breasts and down my stomach. He slowly ran his hands up my now bare stomach and then cupped my breast. He used my own sensitivities against me and began to pinch my nipple. I leaned my head back to his chest and closed my eyes.

‘Could I get over my reservation and just let him take me? Is it worth holding back? I want this so badly so what is stopping me?’ I asked myself over and over as he started to release his tight grip on me. I could get away if I wanted, but I was not moving away.

“Good god I want you so badly,” he breathed into my ear sending a shiver down my body that stopped between my legs. “I want to make you want me.”

His last comment scared me, but enflamed me too. I pushed my bottom against him and felt him hard along my back. When I rubbed my back over him, he moaned and bit into my shoulder again. I winced, but I liked the feel of his teeth on my skin.

“So sensitive, so responsive,” he said twisting my hardening nipple between his finger and thumb.

He kissed my shoulder where he bit me as his hand lowered over my stomach. When he reached between my legs I closed my eyes and tried to feel only his touch and close my mind to anything else. I bit into my lip and attempted to give in.

Jeremy cupped my covered mound and pulled me up slightly. I lifted to my tiptoes and as they left the ground he was in control. He carried me to the couch and slowly sat down leaving me standing before him.

“Turn around,” he ordered and as I turned I looked down at him.

His smile set me at ease and made me want him more. He reached for me and pulled my suit down over my thighs, past my knees and down my calves. I was now fully nude infront of him for the first time. The heat of the blush along my cheeks was cool compared to the searing fire between my legs.

“Straddle my legs.”

I stepped forward and straddled his legs, but as I stared to sit down he pushed me back. I looked down at him confused and he just grinned up at me and scooted to the edge of the couch. He cupped my bottom and pulled me toward him.

When his lips touched my stomach, my head fell back and my eyes closed. The only reason I did not fall to the floor was because of his hands on my back. He kissed down my stomach and nibbled at my small patch of hair. I knew what he was doing and the anticipation was driving me nuts.

“Please,” I begged just before his tongue slid over my clit and pushed my lips apart.

My body spasmed and as he pushed his tongue inside me I felt all my worries fade and gave in to him. He danced his tongue around inside me and pushed on my clit with his thumb. This was better than I was ever able to do to myself. I felt the sensation that I was going to release and grasped his hair. He moaned and the vibration was enough for me to feel my knees weaken. I did my best to stay standing, but as I was starting to lose the battle he pulled me onto his lap.

“I’ve wanted to do that for weeks,” he said as he pulled me close and kissed me.

His tongue tasted of salt and something indescribable, but good. I let my tongue play with his and felt him still hard and pushing against his shorts. I moved a little so that he was pushing more on my wet lips.

“That was amazing,” I said as I kissed his cheek.

“Yes it was,” he said as he kissed my cheek, “Are you willing to try me?”

I did not understand what he was saying until I saw the smile on his face and watched his eyes dart down. My eyes went wide and I blushed.

He gave me a quick kiss and said, “Why are you blushing?”

“I’ve… um… I don’t know how?” I stammered as I looked away.

He stood up still holding me in his arms and slowly set my feet on the floor. When he started to pull his shorts down I watched as he revealed his penis. I cocked my head and wondered how that would fit in my mouth much less anywhere else without tearing me open. Jeremy straightened up and started to stroke his hand along his penis.

“Do you want to try?” he asked calmly.

I nodded my head and knelt down. I looked up at him and he pointed his penis at me. My friends had talked about sucking guys off so I knew the basics.

I opened my mouth and slowly moved toward him. I let him slide along my tongue until I felt a slight gag. When I moved back a fraction of an inch I closed my lips around him. As I looked up at him his head had fallen back and I heard a low moan. Figuring I was doing something right I pulled my lips along his shaft, but stopped when they touched the underside of his top.

Jeremy grasped the back of my head and pushed me to his pelvis much farther than I wanted. I gagged a little and tried to pull away from him. When I looked up at him there was a look in his eyes I did not like. He started to pull my hair and thrust into my mouth and down my throat. I struggled to breath, but soon had a pattern. The gagging was still happening, but as I calmed down that too subsided. It felt like he doubled in size and was starting to hold deeper into my throat. From what I had been told he was about to let go in my mouth. My stomach did a little flip, but I managed to keep from letting the bile rise.

I looked up at him and locked my eyes with his just as I felt his first spurt flow down my throat. He pulled back some for the second and I tasted him. The taste was salty, but not as bad as I expected. I instinctually swallowed. When Jeremy pulled quickly out of my mouth and I felt a warm wet sensation flowing down from between my breast I was confused.

When I looked down I saw him spewing more and watched it land on my breast. That was the warm wetness I felt. I watched him shot more at me, it was amazing to see. When he finally stopped Jeremy lifted my chin and pulled me to my feet.

“You are a natural,” he said leaning down to kiss me.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and let him pull me up. He held my bottom and I wrapped my legs around his waist. When my chest pushed up to his I rubbed his emissions all over him and giggled.

“What was that for?” he asked breaking our kiss.

I just smiled and giggled.

“Now we need a shower,” he said with a sarcastically annoyed tone and walked toward the bathroom.

He sat me on the counter and I shivered from the cold top and watched as he started the water. I was giddy that I had overcome being naked infront of him and had oral sex. I still did not know what I was going to do about actual sex, but that time was not here.

Jeremy turned to me and stared. If he had not been smiling I do not know what I would have done, but since he was smiling I stared back at him. As he took the few steps toward me I looked down his body.

His chest was much more muscular than I expected and as my eyes gazed past his waist he was not as long as before. His penis was not standing, but rather hanging between his legs. I stared and wondered if it hurt when it was like it was earlier.

“See something you want?” he asked playfully.

I reached out my hand and touched his soft penis. I jumped as it jumped and quickly looked up at him.

“Sorry,” I said as he cupped my cheek.

“Don’t be,” he said as he kissed my lips lightly.

“Did it hurt before… you know when it was… hard?” I asked searching for the right words.

Jeremy smiled and shook his head. He rested his hands on my thighs and kissed me softly.

“You have a lot of questions don’t you?” he asked breathing on my lips.

I nodded and felt a slight blush. He ran his fingers through his drying hair.

“You can ask me anything, but I might ask you right back,” he said with a grin.

I thought for a moment and wondered what he would want to know. It did not matter I wanted to know a few things.

“Ok, did you like licking me… um… down there?” I asked biting my lower lip.

He nodded and said, “Very much. Did you like me licking your pussy?”

Just hearing him say ‘pussy’ made me squirm and feel warm. When he inched his hands closer to my pussy the heat intensified. I quickly nodded my head.

“Did I um… do it right?” I asked quietly.

Again he nodded and said, “Very much, but did you like sucking my cock and swallowing my cum?”

I know I blushed a deep crimson and I lowered my eyes only to see that he was starting to harden. I resisted the urge to touch him and feel him hardening.

“I did, but I didn’t like the gagging,” I admitted without looking up at him.

I saw and heard him laugh. I thought he was laughing at me and shot a glare at him.

“Most girls don’t and I’m sorry I got carried away,” he cupped my cheek and I realized he was not laughing at me. “I forgot it was your first time.”

I sat up straighter and pulled him between my legs. I wanted his lips and when they touched mine I opened up to him. We twisted our tongues into many shapes. As I wrapped my legs around him, he picked me up and carried me to the shower.

Of course I have never showered with a guy before so this was another new experience. I watched him soap up the soft cloth wondering what to do. As he knelt down and washed my back, up my legs, over my chest, and made sure each breast was thoroughly cleaned I let myself enjoy his touch. He ran his hand down my stomach and caressed my now sensitive lips. I stood there very still as he rubbed and cleaned me. I reached down and took the cloth from him thinking I should return the favor.

I turned to face him and began to wash his chest. He stared at me with a wonderful smile, as I left no spot untouched. When I reached his waist, his smile grew and this time he bit his lip when I began to clean his cock.

I watched him grow as I stroked him as he done earlier. When I heard a moan, I looked up at him to see his head back and his eyes closed. A smile flowed across my lips and I increased my pace.

“Squeeze harder, Anna,” he muttered.

I did and soon he was moving his hips in rhythm with my hand and breathing shallow. My eyes were in overdrive trying to watch his face and his penis harden.

“I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum,” he said as started to shot his cum on my chest and neck.

I watched every shot in awe. It looked like it hurt, but he looked like he was enjoying it too. I was all confused and made a mental note to ask later.

He pulled me up and kissed my lips as he pushed his finger inside me. I gasped and shuddered not expecting for him to do that.

“Can I return the favor and make you cum again?” he whispered in my ear.

“Yes, please, yes,” I moaned out as he pushed a second finger inside me.

“God Anna, I love feeling you wrapped around my fingers,” he groaned as he pushed and pulled his fingers in and out of me.

“Jeremy,” I said in a whisper and watched his eyes flare.

He pulled his fingers out, leaving me feeling empty, and picked me up. He sat me down on the shower bench and stared down at me for a moment. I felt like I was on display until he knelt down.

“Lay back,” he said as he pulled me toward him until my bottom was on the edge.

He lifted my legs and rested them on his shoulders. I felt open and exposed, but I trusted him fully. When he lowered his head and all I could see were his eyes, I knew what he was planning. I bit my bottom lip and waited.

His tongue swiped up me from bottom to top and as he grazed my little nub I shivered. Jeremy’s eyes bored into me and I thought he was reading my mind as he pushed his tongue deep into me. I wanted nothing more than to fill his mouth as he had mine, but I also did not want him to stop. As I grabbed hold of the shower rails I pushed up to him suspending myself. Jeremy growled and the vibrations felt amazing. I could feel muscles working that I had never felt before.

Feeling my internal muscles clamping down on him surprised me, but it was such a short shock I barely noticed. Jeremy must have noticed because he cupped his hands under my bottom and squeezed my cheek. I let out a little squeal and pulled back from him resting again on the bench. Jeremy took hold of my hips and held me still as he twisted and moved his tongue around inside me exploring every nook and cranny. He pulled me closer to the edge of the bench and closer to what we both wanted. I was so close until he stopped moving. Looking down at him I whimpered and started breathing in short bursts. I may not have seen his mouth, but his eyes smiled. Not knowing what he was going to do I started to panic, but my panic was short lived.

Jeremy squashed my panic as he inserted two fingers deep inside me. I let out a deep, long wail and lifted up off the bench as my back arched. His tongue flicked at my nub and it was over I was lost him and in my own world of streaming lights and fantasy.

“Cum, Anna, cum for me,” he said over and over as he continued to push his finger deep inside me before pulling them out slowly.

Each time he pulled them back he would pull them so far back I thought he was going to pull them out of me and I would whine, but he would thrust them quickly back in making my back arch. My mind was a wash, my slate cleared, as he brought me to the edge, but not over it. I was at his mercy. My arms released the rail because I had no strength to hold on any longer. Jeremy pulled his fingers slowly out of me and I sighed. I wanted more, but my body was not letting me. As exhaustion set in and my eyes closed a new sensation slowly opened them back up.

I wanted to see what he was doing that was putting such a pressure on my opening. When my eyes focused shock took over as I watched him slowly pushing his penis inside me. He had his head just inside me before my brain started to work. ‘Stop him, stop him,’ it screamed at me. I need to think, but with each passing second my time was fading. I quickly sat up and pulled away from him.

I braced for him to try to pull me back and for a fight to begin, but he just sat back on his heels in the now cool falling water. We stared at each other and let our eyes talk. I could see his disappointment and I felt horrible that I could not go through with it, but it was my choice right? I flinched when Jeremy touched my leg and I could see sadness in his eyes.

“I’m sorry…” I said quietly, “but you scared me.”

“I know and it’s ok,” he said pulling me into a hard hug. “Let’s get out of here, this water is cold.”

He stood and offered me his hand. I slipped my hand into his and followed him out. As I wrapped the towel around me I began to feel safer. I pulled my panties out of my pile of clothes and put them on. I wanted no more surprises and I felt they gave me a little more security.

“Do you want to go home?” he asked as he dried off.

I shook my head. I wanted to stay with him, but sex was off the list.

“We could talk for a while.”

“That would be nice, but I’m not ready. I’m really not,” I said staring at my feet watching the water drip from my hair.

He lifted my face and looked down at me. As he leaned in to kiss me I saw that he was not angry, disappointed maybe, but not angry. He kissed me softly.

“We don’t have to have sex. We can do other things,” he said with a grin.

I nodded my head and smiled back at him. I was ok with doing ‘other things.’ He led me to the bed and I crawled onto it. I curled up in his arms and I could have fallen asleep, but I had questions.

“Jeremy?” I said circling my fingers I the hair on his arm.


“Have you… ah… had sex?” I felt him still beside me.

He took a deep breath and let it out slow before saying, “Yes.”

I knew what he was going to say, but hearing it made me sad. I wanted to ask more, but was unsure if he wanted to talk about it.

“It was last summer and it was a mistake. Well… she was a mistake, the sex was not,” he said saving me from asking.

“You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to,” I said giving him an out.

“No you have a right to know.”

I did not mean to pry, but he was right I did have a right to know who he had been with. As he started to tell me about his summer camp, I listened to every word.

“Every summer for the last seven years I have gone to camp and this year being my last, well I had more freedom,” he said starting his tale. “Nichole, Nicki, and I had been there every summer together. She and I flirted for the past few years, but the only things we did was kiss and touch each other through our clothes. This year I wanted more and it seemed she did too. The first day we hugged and she whispered that she wanted to meet me that night. We had a special place we would sneak out too,” he was so calm and I just listened and played with his arm hairs.

“Nicki ran into my arms the minute I got there and kissed me so hard I was blown away. When we finally came up for air she told me that she met a guy at school and she was in love. I was crushed, but acted happy for her. She talked almost nonstop for an hour about him and each word was like a dagger to my heart. I was in love with her,” he sounded sad so I hugged his arm close.

Jeremy draped his other arm over me and hugged me back. He was warm against my back and I could feel he needed the comfort.

“The next week was a blur. I helped the new ones get settled, taught a few swimming classes and tried to avoid Nicki. She managed to find me that first weekend and asked me to sit with her at the movie. I agreed only because I wanted to be near her. When she asked me to sneak out of the movie I agreed. That was when things changed for me,” he said almost giddy. “When we were to our spot she told me that she loved him, but he was pressuring her,” I felt for since I was feeling a bit pressured too.

I thought about myself and tensed thinking that I could never turn to someone other than Jeremy. I wanted him to be my first, but I just could not get over the hurdles in my mind. It took me a second to notice that he was now silent.

“Are you ok? I can stop if you want.”

I nodded my head and said, “I was just thinking. It’s up to you if you want to tell me.”

He hugged me tighter and said, “I want to tell you. I want you to know everything about me.”

I squirmed in tighter to him as he kissed my neck. His hand slowly moved up inching closer to my breast. I held my breath until he stopped just out of reach and started his tale again.

Jeremy went on to tell me that Nicki was being pressured to have sex and she was nervous, I knew exactly how she felt. Her boyfriend had been a little rough in his attempts to persuade her. He said she wanted to have a little more knowledge before she returned home and that she needed Jeremy to help her with learn. I was beginning to understand before Jeremy said it fully.

“She wanted to have sex so that she felt more comfortable around him,” he finally said, “And she wanted me to help her. I told her I had no idea how to help her. She kissed me with a passion I had never felt before and started to unbutton my pants. I loved her so much and was so hurt that she was in love with someone else I let her do what she wanted. I wanted her and if this was how, I was going to take advantage of it.”

I could hear the turmoil in his voice and I felt so sad for him.

“Nicki was the first to touch my cock and since she had… sucked him off,” he said slowly, “She knew what to do and it was great. When I came in her mouth I thought that it would be over, but she was just getting started.”

I began to feel a little nervous. The way we were laying he was pushed up against my back and I could feel he was getting turned on talking about her. I moved a little further away, but he just snuggled up to me again and rested his hand on my hip.

“After kissing up my chest as she pushed my shirt up and over my head she took a step back and started to take off her shirt. She was not wearing a bra and had very small tits, sorry breasts. I had seen breasts before but never touched them. She had done, mostly what we did tonight,” he kissed my neck. “So she was not shy about getting out of her clothes. She told me what she wanted me to do and I followed her instructions.”

He was getting harder and I was getting more nervous and uncomfortable, but his story was intriguing. I wanted to know all of it so I relaxed into his words.

“She told me how to eat her out and I got my first taste of pussy. I can see why guys say it is addictive,” he said as he started to rub my hip and run his fingers under the band of my panties. “After making her cum she said ‘Please Jeremy’ and I knew what she wanted. I had no idea what to do and I froze. She pulled me down onto her and kissed me. Nicki ended up lining me up with her and pulling me into her,” he went silent and pushed his hand into the side of my panties and pushed his penis up my back.

I fought to keep from pushing his hand away and moving, but my body just reacted. I moved to lie on my back and he did not stop me. When I looked to him he smiled.

“Do you want to hear the rest?” he asked.

“It’s up to you,” I said resting my hands on my stomach.

He placed his hand over mine and began to speak, “I got the hint and pushed into her slowly.” Jeremy started to draw circles on my stomach moving slowly down. “She was so warm and it was so tight that I almost lost it in a matter of second, but I didn’t want to stop. When she pushed her hips closer to me I felt a barrier and thought that was as far as I could go,” his circling fingers were just above the band of my panties. I felt so warm and I knew if he felt my panties they would be wet.

“She kept pushing and the barrier broke,” he said as he slipped his fingers under my panties. “She screamed and I thought I had hurt her so I pulled back. When she yelled for me to stop I froze. With tears in her eyes she told me she was fine,” his fingers had inched farther down and as he carefully avoided my nub he rubbed my wet lips. “Nicki pulled me down and I was soon in her fully,” he pushed his finger inside me and I moaned softly. “I guess instinct took over and I started to make love to her until we both came,” he kissed my cheek and pushed his finger in and out of me with quick methodical strokes. “We did it a few more times before camp ended, but it was difficult for me each time. I was always thinking about how she said she loved her boyfriend.”

I cupped his cheek and pulled him to me. I wanted to kiss away his pain. Our lips met softly and I felt him still hard against my hip.

I rolled to my side and faced him pinning his hand inside me. I wanted him more than I have before. The second I thought about letting him take me I froze again. He kissed me hard and I softened to him.

“Tell me what you want right now?” he asked.

“I-I want you. I want to be with you,” I said slowly.

His eyes opened wide and as I kissed him he rolled me to my back and hovered over me. I smiled up to him and he leaned in and kissed each of my breasts, then down my chest and stomach. He slowly pushed my panties over my hips, down my thighs, over my lifted knees and then off my feet. As he spread my legs he kissed up them never losing contact with my eyes. Each light kiss increased my desire. When he reached my wet pussy he blew lightly cooling me down and sending a chill up my spine he licked his tongue along me. I shivered, but not from cold.

When his tongue entered me I flexed my abdomen and rolled my hips letting him get in deeper. I let out a stammering breath as his tongue licked my insides and his hands kneaded my hips. My back arched and my eyes closed, I wanted to feel every touch.

As he pulled back from me I slowly opened my eyes and watched as he kissed up my body. With each light kiss he drew me in making me want him more. By the time he reached my breasts he kissed each hard nipple and squeezed them both.

“I love your breasts, they are so soft and fit my hand so well,” he said staring into my eyes.

My breath became heavy and I started to panic. I tried to stop the scared feeling, but it was overwhelming. Jeremy must have seen my panic and took a deep breath. He kissed my neck and told me it was ok. As he held himself above me I knew my eyes were welling up with tears. Why was I so scared?

“It’s ok, baby. Please don’t cry,” he said pulling me up into his arms.

I cried into his chest and felt ashamed that I could not just let the fear go. He rubbed my back and told me it was ok over and over. How was I so lucky that he was so patient?

I curled up in his arms burying my head in his chest and as I started to feel better, I came up with a question. I bit my lip and looked up at him.

“Have you talked to her since camp?” I asked trying to take my mind off stopping him again.

He nodded, “We’ve talk online a few times.”

“Are they still together?” I asked mostly to know if she might be an issue for me.

“No,” he said sadly. “He broke up with her after they had sex and he knew she was with someone else. She told him about me and he said he didn’t want her now. Nicki was devastated, but said she was glad that I was her first and not him.”

I stared up at him and wondered why some guys want to be a girls first. It baffled me and I was happy that Jeremy was not like that.

“I don’t want to pressure you as he did, but I want you very badly. I kept thinking about you as I told you about Nicki. I want to be inside you,” he said as he looked down at me.

I got scared again, but I wanted him too. I was so confused.

He kissed me lightly and as I kissed him back, it grew in intensity. His hands remained still, but mine became adventurous. I caressed his chest, wondering if his nipples were as sensitive as mine were, and rubbed my thumb over his nipple. When he gasped, he answered my question.

Jeremy began to move his hand toward my breast and mimicked my movements. I felt him growing again and had a desire to touch him so I lowered my hand over his stomach as he kept mirroring me. As I reached him, he paused and looked at me.

I took a deep breath, bit my bottom lip and as I exhaled I nodded my head; I wanted him to touch me, I needed it. He smiled at me and began to rub my lips as I began stroking him.

He kissed my neck, licked and nibbled on my earlobe as I stroked him and he me. I wanted his fingers inside me, but I was not sure where it would lead. I let him do what he wanted and kept up my pace as I felt a little moisture develop on his tip.

“Can I put my fingers inside your pussy, Anna?” he whispered in my ear making me quiver.

“Please,” I shuddered back to him.

He slowly pushed his finger inside me as I moaned. I thought about how his fingers felt inside me and wondered how it would feel to have what was in my hands inside me. As he increased his pace with his finger I tried to concentrate on stroking him, but soon he had me distracted.

I was so lost in his finger that I did not realize he was pulling me atop him until he pulled it out of me. I realized I was straddling him. He sat me on his legs with his hard penis between them. I stared down at him.

"I want you, but it is your choice," he said calmly.

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