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The Trials of First Love Chapter 5

Anna and Jeff meet alone, but will Jeremy find a way to interupt them.

It has been several weeks and I have only talked to Jeremy enough for him to apologize. He is fully out of my life and we are nothing more than civil acquaintances. As for Jeff, well he and I have been flirting both online and face-to-face. After my parents think I am in bed, I meet Jeff in the backyard most every night. We get just a chance to kiss and grope at each other, but it is well worth it. Some nights we have sat in the grass and talked about anything. He has become my best friend and I feel so comfortable around him. I expected him to pressure me into seeing skin, but he never does.

“Celeste is going to visit her cousin for few weeks and she is taking Carson with her,” Jeff said out of the blue.

“So you will be all alone for a few weeks?” I asked flirtatiously.

“I will be, but I was hoping that you might make me feel less lonely,” he said as he started to rub my arm, through the link of the fence, with his finger.

“I thought that was what I was doing right now, so I guess I don’t have to do anything special when she leaves,” I said fighting not to grin.

“You are such a teenage brat, Anna. Just a bad brat,” he said scornfully, but smiling.

“Am I really a bad brat or just a usual brat?” I asked playing along.

“You are a very bad girl and a brat. I think I should spank you, but out here, you would wake the neighborhood. I think after Celeste leaves I will take you inside and redden that cute bottom of yours. Do you think you deserve to be spanked little girl?” he said calmly, but the question he asked with a smile.

I blushed, not that he could see it in the dark, but nonetheless I did. We had talked about what he wanted to do to me and spank me in my school uniform was one of the hottest fantasies he told me. Since most of them involved my school uniform, I did ask him why.

He told me that he went to an all-boys school and the closest building was the all-girls school. He would see them every day and as he grew older, they became his fantasies. Celeste was in the all-girls school and they married after finding out she was pregnant.

“Maybe…” I said dragging it out.

“You are a tease and I intend to get you alone,” Jeff replied.

We talked and teased for another hour or so before my yawn made him tell me to go to bed. We stole a long passionate kiss before he watched me walk to my door.

As I fell asleep I dreamed of the shadow man, but he now had a face and body that made love to me each night. The dream usually centered on what we had talked about that night and tonight was no different.

In my dream, we sat at a desk with my schoolbooks open and me still in my uniform. He was asking about a math problem that I knew the answer to, but was not giving. His hand played along my thigh tracing the design of the lace of my thigh high tights.

“You know this Anna, we’ve been over it,” he said as I kept getting the wrong answer.

I fidgeted and leaned against him. When I looked up at him, he caressed my cheek and said, “Are you even trying to solve this or are you trying to tease me?”

I smiled innocently and bit my bottom lip. Finally, he was getting the picture.

“I’m supposed to be tutoring you and all you seem to want is to sidetrack the teacher,” he said with a smile.

“So are you still the seducer or am I?” I asked trying to relax him.

He looked down at me and shook his head. ‘Was he really thinking about it?’ I asked myself. I stood on my tiptoes and kissed him as high up as I could.

Jeff pulled me off my feet and kissed my lips. As he walked a short distance, I felt the lip of the futon against the back of my legs. He spun me around and sat down so fast I wobbled.

“You deserve to be spanked for distracting me,” he said looking up at me with a grin.

I blushed and played with the hem of my tartan skirt as I twisted on the balls of my feet. His fantasies always involved me flirting and teasing.

“Get over here and serve your punishment,” he said still grinning.

I lay across his lap and held his calf for support. He rubbed my back with one hand as the other caressed up my thigh and started to lift my skirt. As he exposed my white cotton panties, he groaned out a sigh. When he rubbed his hand along my bottom, I squirmed.

“Be still, Anna,” he said as he gave me a light swat.

I tried to plant my feet, but he was too tall and they dangled just out of reach of the floor. He set several light swats along my cheeks and as they increased in strength, so did the dampness between my legs.

He rubbed between my legs and said, “You are getting wetter, sweetheart. You are not to enjoy this.”

His spankings increased to full strength and each one stung, but only made me more excited. When he finally pulled my panties down and left them at my knees, I was almost dripping.

He again rubbed between my legs and scolded me for being wet. I stayed silent, as he had asked when he first spanked me in his car after school one day. I loved it then and I wanted what he called the ‘full treatment.’

As he reddened my bottom I started to moan and grunt with each hit, but he would follow them up with a caress to either my cheek or along my wet lips.

“Stand, sweetheart,” he said.

I stood and watched as he wiggled out of his jeans. I could not contain my smile seeing him hard infront of my eyes.

“Slip those panties off and come sit on my lap,” he said in his sexy, raspy voice.

I did as told and straddled him. His hard cock rested along my wet lips and I rolled my hips feeling him caress me. I wanted him to take me as he had so many times in my dreams and as dreams go, he did.

I was on my hands and knees on the futon as he entered me from behind. He hit all the spots to make me squirm beneath him and as he began to grunt his pleasure, I gave into mine as we crashed through the waves together.

I drifted off to sleep with his arms wrapped around me and when I awoke, I was in my own bed alone. The mornings feeling of loss and loneliness felt so normal now.

Life was routine as we both counted the days til she left. We made plans each night and the biggest was to give myself to Jeff. He tried to talk me out of it, but I was certain that he was the one to have my biggest gift. I had fallen for him and I had fallen hard. I talked to him one night about leaving Celeste and marrying me.

He laughed at the thought and told me I was too young and my parents would have him killed. We still talked about waking in each other’s arms and after I mentioned him being my first he started to talk about it too.

The night before Celeste left, we could not keep our hands off each other and the anticipation was tremendous for me. I had already told my mother I was sleeping ‘at a friends’ and told the friend I needed her to cover for me. Luckily, she agreed without question.

“Are you sure you want to risk lying to come to the house tomorrow?” he asked for the millionth time.

“Yes Jeff, I want to spend the night with you and wake in your arms to start a new chapter in my life,” I said reaching for his cheek. “I want to be with you, please tell me you want to be with me too?”

Jeff sighed and said, “I want to be with you, Anna, but I’m just not sure that I want the pressure of being your first and seeing the pain in your eyes as I rob you of your virginity.”

It was his usual argument whenever the subject came up, but this time I was ready for him. I had thought about this conversation and I had the best answer for him.

“This is my choice, right?” I asked.

Jeff nodded and when he started to speak, I told him to let me finish. He nodded and I let it all out.

“Why should it be another unexperienced boy that I lose my virginity too? Why shouldn’t it be an experienced man that cares for me? Why can’t you be the one to teach me so that I can enjoy it the first time as well as I will the rest of my life? If you can’t answer all these questions, then don’t answer any and just let it happen,” I said breathing very little.

Jeff sighed and said, “Fine you win.”

I smiled and wanted to kiss him, but with the fence in the way, I would have to wait. Jeff shook his head seeing me so excited and managed to force a smile. It was then I realized this was really making him nervous.

“Why does this bother you?” I asked.

“I have only been with my wife and a few women from a casual sex site,” he said with a sigh, “I am not this experienced man you portray me to be.”

I know this Jeff and you have more experience than I do and you care enough to make this special,” I said reassuring him.

“How did you become this confident?” he asked.

“I leaned it from you,” I said in all honesty.

“That’s one way to seduce a man,” he said fighting a grin.

We laughed and as I started to yawn, I knew he would be rushing me to bed. I never wanted to leave and I looked forward to the night I would not have to leave.

This night after we kissed I told him he could have his fantasies with me. He whispered ‘I know’ and rushed me to bed.

Two days we waited and teased each other. The anticipation was so strong and my desire for him intensified to almost boiling over. The night before we were both quietly watching the elephant in the room dance around as we talked about anything but the next night until Jeff asked one question.

“What do you have planned with Tracy tomorrow?”

I looked at him stunned that he brought it up, but glad to see the dancing elephant leave. I told him that she was picking me up at eleven and we were going to the mall. I needed to pick up a few things and she was my only source of advice since she had already been with a few guys. Tracy said there were a few ‘necessities,’ after I told her why I needed the cover story.

“We are going to the mall and then she will drop me off at the coffee shop and I’ll call you to pick me up,” I said repeating what I had told him before.

“Why don’t I pick you up at the mall when you two are done shopping?” he suggested.

“Either way,” I said with a shrug. “I can call you when we’re done.”

“Good. We should turn in early and get some sleep,” he said with a grin.

I was tired and mentally drained so going to bed early sounded nice. I stood up as he did and leaned against the fence.

I thought he was leaning in to kiss me, but when he nestled his head in my neck and whispered, “I’ve been dreaming about having you tomorrow and I don’t want to wait.”

I shivered and it was not because of the cold. He kissed my neck up to my ear before breathing deeply giving my only his breath to hear. I tensed, but his hand at my back and one inching up my shirt relaxed me somehow. If the fence were not there, I would have fallen into his arms and let him take me there under the stars in full view of the world.

When he finally reached my breast, he caressed it before squeezing hard. I gasped only to have him silence me with his lips pushing into mine. We kissed for a few more minutes before he left me breathless, as usual.

“You need to get to bed before I pull you over this fence,” he said against my lips.

I nodded and tried to catch my breath. Jeff turned me around and pushed me toward my door. If my feet had not known what to do I would have stood there in stunned silence forever. When I reached my door, I looked back at him and thought about tomorrow. I smiled all the way to my bed to dream.

I woke the next morning ready to get the day started. I flew around my room packing a small bag then to the bathroom to take a long shower and make sure I was presentable. I gathered a few things from there and flew back to my room. What would have taken me hours had taken me only a few minutes, except the shower, and I was packed to go. I called Tracy and she picked me up soon after.

We did our shopping and she told me she had something for me. I asked what it was and she said it was in the car. I told her that Jeff wanted to pick me up from there and she said, ‘Well let’s call him and we can get my gift.’

Tracy handed me a small bag and when I opened it, I laughed. When I looked at her, she was confused. I told her my sister beat her too it a few months ago when I was dating Jeremy.

“Oh, well you might need more,” she said with a laugh.

I blushed and agreed. I did not know what Jeff would think and I wondered how you mention condoms during your first time. I did not have long to think about it as I saw Jeff pull into the lot.

I took a deep breath and let it out slowly. I was nervous and Tracy could see it.

“It will be okay,” she said pulling me into a hug, “Keep your phone close and if you need to call me. Sneak off to the bathroom if you need to,” she whispered in my ear.

Jeff parked two spaces away and as he walked toward us, I felt all my butterflies take flight. I felt so nervous, but the anticipation of spending time alone with him increased my heart rate and churned my feelings.

“I still think he is so cute and damn sexy,” Tracy said as she poked me in the arm.

I laughed, but kept my eyes on Jeff as he walked toward us. He stared at me and looked me up and down. As his eyes met mine, he smiled and I immediately felt calm and relaxed.

“Hello, Mr. Gibson,” Tracy said reminding me she was there.

Jeff slowly turned to her and said, “Hello Tracy.”

“She’s all yours,” Tracy said to him with a wink.

Jeff blushed and smiled at her. I had never seen him blush before and it was a refreshing change. As he turned to me, I saw his smile and returned one to him.

I pulled my bag out of Tracy’s car and she slipped her ‘gift’ into one of the side pockets. I shook my head at her and rolled my eyes, but still smiled at her as she winked at me.

“Have fun,” Tracy yelled to us as Jeff carried my bag to his car.

I waved to Tracy as we passed her and as she smiled, she held her hand to her ear like a phone. I nodded letting her know I would call her when I could or if I needed. I took a deep breath and let it out slowly thinking, ‘This is gonna happen. Do I want this to happen? I’ll be next door so I can go home anytime. I want this.’

Jeff kept his eyes glued to the road and his hands tied to the steering wheel. His silence as we drove to his house scared me, but also let me think about what was happening and if I was ready to go through with it. I fidgeted with my fingers and played with the hem of my shirt as I thought.

‘I know he will care for me and I know that he wants this as much as I do, but will it hurt us or be good,’ I thought again. I had pictured this night so many times and this was close to one of the dreams or ideas my mind fed to me. Jeff had told me several times that he would be honored to be my first, but now he seemed as nervous as I did. I could break the silence and ask him, but he seemed so deep in thought too. I kept my tongue tied inside me and let my mind play with me.

‘You are too young,’ my ‘angel’ side said.

‘Everyone is having sex and well before now,’ retorted my ‘devil’ side.

‘He is too old and married. This is a sin,’ the angel tried.

‘Seven years… ach that is not older, it’s experienced and he’s married in name only. We are all sinners remember,’ the devil countered. ‘She has made up her mind and weighed both sides. You have lost, now leave if you want, but don’t be a downer.’

‘If I am here she has not decided, and I will always be here,’ the angel replied.

Hearing my internal squabble played out like that gave me a chuckle and calmed my nerves a few pegs. I was still extremely nervous, but I had made up my mind and I was going to go through with this.

While my mind was arguing and I was trying not to laugh about it we had made it back to our neighborhood and I dreaded passing my house. I knew that my mother would be standing outside and see me with Jeff as we pulled into his driveway and everything would be over. I held my breath as my house passed and he pulled into his driveway and before I knew it, we were secluded in his garage.

Jeff sighed and relaxed into his seat making me look to him. We were both relieved to be safe in his garage, but I did not realize until that time he was nervous too. I stared at him wondering what he was nervous about and I was just about to ask him when he reached for me.

He pulled me to him and kissed me hard and passionate. A state of shock overwhelmed me, but soon I was returning as much passion as he was giving. His hand grasped my hair and held my face to his as our tongues began to dance and tease. I felt like I was melting into the seat as his other hand began to caress over my body. If it were not for the uncomfortable position I was in I would have stayed that way for hours, but the center console was piercing my side.

When I squirmed, he came up for air and stared into my eyes. A smile crossed his lips and he gave me a quick kiss before opening the car door. I watched as he walked around to my side and opened my door as he offered me his hand. As I took his hand, he pulled me up and into his arms. When he embraced me, I felt so safe and protected that all my worries crumbled to the ground.

“Come and let me show you my home,” he said taking my hand and leading me to the door.

I followed silently, unsure what to say. As we entered the house it felt warm and loving, but there was an underlying feeling of cold. I chalked the cold feeling to his wife and the loveless marriage. Thinking of his wife brought a few of my worries back, but only long enough for me to brush them off.

“This is the kitchen,” he said as we entered. “The living room is over here and…,” he said motioning to the left. “The bathroom and bedrooms are down the hall,” he said pointing to the right. “My basement rooms are down the stairs just off the door to the garage. I’ll show you them later.”

“Okay,” I said finally finding my voice.

I was in foreign territory and did not know what to say or do. As I took a step farther into the kitchen, Jeff stepped behind me and wrapped his arms around me making me jump.

“Relax, sweetheart, I won’t make you do anything,” he said quietly. “I would be content to just spend the day with you and talk. Sex with you would be wonderful, but I cherish you too much to lose you in my life by pressuring you into something you’re not ready for.”

I let his words sink in, took a deep breath, and let it out slowly. The tension, I did not know I had, in my shoulders lifted and I relaxed into his chest. He tightened his hold and I again felt safe and protected. Knowing that he would not pressure me gave me some peace, but I wanted to have sex with him.

“Are you hungry?” he whispered as he leaned down to kiss my neck.

I nodded not feeling hungry until he mentioned it. Jeff kissed my cheek before letting me go. I turned to see him starting to gather items.

“I’m gonna go get my bag,” I said heading to the garage door.

I entered the garage and made my way to the car. Before I opened the car door, I pulled out my phone and sent a text to Tracy.

‘Safe. Text you later,’ was all I typed.

After grabbing my bag from the back seat and closing the door my phone chirped. I looked to see a message from Tracy.

‘Good. Let me know what happens,’ she said.

I laughed, under my breath, and shook my head. ‘She is such a voyeur,’ I thought as I picked up my bag and walked back toward the house. I pushed out a breath before opening the door. ‘Now or never,’ I thought. ‘I so chose… now!’

As I entered the kitchen, my nose filled with the smell of fresh cut vegetables and melting butter. I took a deep breath and looked at Jeff. His back was turned, but I could see he was still cutting.

I set my bag down quietly and walked up behind him. As he set the knife down, I wrapped my arms around his waist and felt him sigh.

“It has been a long time since someone has done that,” he said rubbing my arms. “I had forgotten how it felt.”

He lifted my hand to his lips and gave it a small kiss. It felt so romantic and so comfortable, it made me more nervous for some reason. ‘Was it the allure of his love that scared me,’ I asked myself. When no reply came, I let go of him and watched as he finished cutting the carrot.

“I thought I would stir-fry some veggies and chicken,” he said as he finished the carrot. “That sound okay to you?”

“Sounds great,” I said as I swiped a slice of mushroom.

“Hey, no stealing,” he said playfully.

I sighed and popped the mushroom into my mouth. He treated the kitchen like my mother. You do not enter if she is cooking unless you want to her to yell.

As I picked up my bag I asked where to put it and he said just set it by the bar for now. He told me if I wanted to freshen up, the bathroom was down the hall and the first door on the right. I figured I would take him up on the offer and grabbed my make-up kit out of my bag.

Taking a little time to clear my head sounded good as I entered the small bathroom. I set my kit on the counter and looked into the mirror. I expected to see my face showing the nerves from the last half hour, or so, but it showed nothing. I was not wearing any make-up so the only thing in my kit was deodorant, shampoo, and body wash.

I pulled out the deodorant and reapplied, not that I needed it, but why not. As I put it back in the kit, I turned the water on and let it flow over my hands. When it warmed, I rubbed my wet hands over my face and felt more alert. I dried my face on one of the towels, left my kit, and returned to the kitchen determined to stop second-guessing myself.

As I sat on one of the stools by the bar, I watched Jeff as he puttered around the kitchen. I smiled as he showed that he knew his way around a kitchen and especially this kitchen. When he caught me smiling at him and returned the smile.

“What are you smiling at?” he asked.

“You,” I said, “You seem to love being in the kitchen.”

“I do,” he said starting to cook the chicken, “I grew up with a single mom and two little sisters. I did most of the cooking so it just grew on me.”

Hearing that a single mom raised him was new and I wondered if that was why he was staying with his wife. I wanted to ask, but now was not the time.

“How old are your sisters?” I asked keeping up with the small talk.

He said that they were four and five years younger. When he kept talking about them, I listened as I watched him cook. Learning about his family had been hard; he did not talk about them much. As he neared finishing the stir-fry, he said he sees little of his sisters now and sounded sad.

“Do you want to eat at the table?” he asked as he poured some stir-fry on a plate.

“Doesn't matter to me,” I said watching him pour the remainder on another plate.

He walked around the bar and handed me a plate. As I took it, I could smell the cooked vegetables and it smelled divine. He set his plate down and pulled out the other stool.

As we began to eat, I noticed that the taste matched the smell. Jeff sat facing me and I tried, but just could not sit that way to eat. We talked a little more about things and it felt like we were just talking in the back yard. When he pulled his stool closer to me, I did not think anything of it until his bare foot brushed my calf. I looked at him and smiled.

“I had to touch you,” he said still rubbing his foot along my calf.

I smiled at him and welcomed his touch. If it were not for the good food before me, I would have kissed him.

“After spending all those nights with a fence between us I can’t resist my desires to touch you,” he said as his hand began to rub my thigh.

I took my last bite and turned to face him. He did not move his hand and found that it now rested between my legs. I opened my legs a bit and straddled the stool. Jeff rubbed the seam of my jeans, my heart sped, and my slit ached for his skin.

“Let me show you the basement,” he said taking my hand and leading me to the stairs.

He gestured for me to go first and I felt his eyes traveling along my back, past my butt and back up my spine. I knew I was blushing when I reached the bottom, but as he started to explain the room, I let it go.

“This is my place,” he said emphasizing the ‘my.’ “My desk and computer where I spend time with the sweetest young lady I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.”

I smiled and looked away from him. It is difficult to take a compliment without feeling a little undeserving.

“Oh and my favorite couch, ever,” he said as he sat down on the end and opened the recliner. “Come sit with me, Anna.”

As I walked toward him, he looked me up and down and I wondered where to sit. I could sit beside him, on the arm, or in his lap. The safest was beside him and the most dangerous was in his lap. At the last second, I made my decision.

When I sat on his lap he gasped, guess he did not think I would do it. I smiled at him and let him rest his one hand against my back and the other in my lap.

I shuddered at the quick flashback to being with Jeremy in his basement many months before. When Jeff looked at me he was confused, but smiled.

I smiled back and said, “Sorry flashback.”

“Tell me about it,” Jeff said.

I told him about being alone with Jeremy in his basement and being touched for the first time. It was not easy to tell him how reluctant I was and how I felt, but it was easy to talk to him.

“I’m glad you didn’t give in to him,” Jeff said as pulled me into another passionate kiss.

His hand returned to rubbing up and down the seam of my jeans, but this time he increased the pressure. I wished for my jeans to evaporate, but they remained. I cupped his cheek with my hand and felt his stubble starting to show. I moaned into the kiss as he pushed on my nub and started to squirm a little.

“Not that I don’t like this, but we need more room,” he said against my lips.

I nodded and as he closed the recliner, I slipped off him. Jeff stood and took my hand. My heart began to race and my stomach was in knots as he led me up the stairs, though the kitchen, and down the hallway. I was a jumble of nerves when we entered the room at the end of the hall.

“I’m not sure how you feel about this, but this is our room. Mine and Celeste’s that is,” he said slowly. “We have a guest room too. I’ll leave that up to you.”

‘His bed that he shares with his wife, umm; what do you say to that?’ I thought.

“Are you sure that you want to, um, do it here?” I asked him.

He brushed a lock of my hair from my face and said, “I don’t want to ‘do it’ with you ever. I want to make love to you first and maybe later fuck or have sex.”

He kissed my lips softly and I was again a pool of water for him to play with. Hearing him say that he wanted to make love to me calmed me and loosened some of the knots.

“As for making love in this bed, well, someone should,” he said with a smile.

I bit my bottom lip and nodded my head. As his eyes widened he pulled be toward the bed and as we fell atop it he kissed me. We both laughed and he rolled me onto my back.

“I packed my uniform,” I mentioned wondering if he wanted me to change.

“No that is Celeste. I want you, Anna, and I want you just as you are,” he said before kissing me again.

The only break in the kiss was when he slipped off his shirt. As we kissed, he slipped his knee between my legs and put pressure against me. I ran my hand over his chest and played with his chest hair. When I started to grind against his knee, he groaned.

“I want to make gentle love to you, but it has been so long that I am close to tearing your clothes off,” he whispered into my ear.

I shuddered, wondering what it would be like to have him do just that, giving me no time for second guesses or to stop him. I almost told him to do just that, but he pushed up and held himself above me for a moment before slipping off the bed.

“I think it will calm the urge if I just slowly seduce you as I slip you out of your clothes,” he said with a grin.

I nodded as he pulled my shoes off. I laid there watching him slowly and methodically remove my socks before rubbing his hands up my calves. I moaned when he reached my knees because I knew where he was heading. If I was not so mentally petrified I would have had my pants off before he was done with my socks, but my mind would not let me move.

“Do you feel like you are being seduced, Anna?” he asked as he rubbed along the waistband of my jeans.

A shiver ran down my spine and I nodded my head as I managed to say a sheepish, “Yes.”

“Hold on to that feeling, sweetheart,” he said as he swiftly popped the button open.

He slid his finger down the newly exposed skin and moaned. I joined him letting the anticipation flow over me. As he lowered the zipper and exposed more skin, he started to kiss where he was revealing. I felt wetter and held on to the anticipation for dear life.

His hands move to my hips and as he started to pull my jeans down, I lifted my hips for him. As my jeans slid down my thighs, over my knees, down my calves and off my feet, I started to feel that sense that I should stop him. Jeff helped my push that feeling away as he kissed up my legs. With each kiss, he tossed rocks at my fear and by the time he reached my panties, he had scared it away.

Just as Jeff started to kiss my dampening panties, my phone rang. I had set the ring to my mother and jumped when I heard it. I quickly sat up, pushed Jeff aside, and fumbled in my jeans for my phone.

“Hi Mom,” I said trying to breathe.

“You sound winded, is everything okay?” she asked.

“Yea, I just didn't have my phone by me,” I said breathing better. “What’s up?”

She told me that Jeremy had called her and he was upset. He wanted to apologize to me and try to get back together. I rolled my eyes and sighed when she said he told her he was afraid I was seeing someone else and that he was not good for me. I told my mother I was not seeing anyone and that I did not want to get back together with Jeremy.

“You need to call him, Anna. He is very upset,” she said.

“I promise to call him later,” I told her shaking my head.

“You do that,” she said sternly.

“Good-bye, Mother,” I said just as sternly.

“Good-bye, Anna,” she mimicked back and I hung up the call.

I huffed and turned to Jeff. I felt bad that she had ruined what he started, but I was eager to get right back to it.

“Jeremy has your mother involved now?” Jeff asked.

“Yes. He knows she likes him, but she will drop it,” I said trying to convince myself it was true.

“I can tell you don’t believe that. If you want to call him you should,” he said brushing the hair from my eyes.

I smiled at him and shook my head, “I don’t want to call him, but… I’m afraid he will call her again and we will be interrupted again.”

“Call him,” Jeff said as he stood and exited the room.

I sighed and called Jeremy. He answered quickly and did not even give me a chance to say hello. As he yelled about knowing I was with him and that he was going to tell my parents I tried to talk to him. When I realized there was no stopping him I hung up the phone. I waited a few minutes and, sure enough, he called back.

“If you will stop yelling, I will talk to you,” I said immediately.

“Fine,” he said sharply. “I know you are with him.”

“No I’m actually with Tracy,” I said sticking to the story.

“I called Tracy and she told me you were with her too, but she would not put you on the phone so I don’t believe that,” he said angrily.

“I don’t want to talk to you and she is a good friend,” I told him.

He kept up with knowing I was not with Tracy and I kept denying I was with another man. I finally told him if he was not going to believe me than he should just give up. When I said I wanted nothing to do with him he sounded like he was about to cry. I almost gave in, but seeing Jeff in the doorway hardened my resolve.

“Jeremy, we are through and there is nothing you can do to get me back. We are done!” I said and hung up the phone.

I sighed as Jeff asked, “Do you think he will leave you alone now?”

I shook my head and wondered the same thing as I said, “No, but I was done arguing with him.”

Jeff sat next to me on the bed and started to rub my back. I curled up in his arms and wanted to cry. I fought the tears and vowed never to cry over Jeremy again.

When I looked up at Jeff, he smiled. I pushed up and kissed him. As our kiss developed more passion, he laid me down on the bed. As I watched him return to the side of the bed and take up where he left off my phone rang again.

Jeff hung his head as I sighed and said “Crap.”

I lunged for the phone again and said, “It’s my Mother.”

“Hello, Mom. What now?” I said angrily.

“Jeremy is here and I want you two to talk. Come home now,” she said just as angrily as I had answered.

“I just tried to talk to him and he yelled more than talked. No I’m not listening to him anymore,” I told her as I started to pace the room.

“You will come home now, young lady or you will be grounded for a month,” she said before hanging up.

“Crap,” I said staring at the phone. “I have to go home and talk to Jeremy who is at my house.”

“What is wrong with him?” Jeff asked as he came up behind me and hugged me.

“I don’t know, but if I don’t go home and talk to him I will be grounded,” I said with a sigh.

“I will wait for you,” Jeff said as he kissed my neck. “I will wait as long as there is time.”

I leaned back against him and sighed. I did not want to leave, but I did not want to be in trouble either. As I thought about how to get home, I was glad that Tracy lived only a few blocks away and I could get away with walking.

After a few minutes of brainstorming with Jeff it was decided that I would walk around the side of the house and then over to my house. When I was dressed and ready to leave Jeff kissed me and told me that he would be here for me anytime.

The short walk left me with little time to prepare to talk with Jeremy, but I still knew that he would not win this. My mother knew nothing of him ‘attacking’ me or pressuring me for sex, but I planned to let her know. I was ready with my only ammunition against him and it was not time to stop him for good.

When I walked in the door, Jeremy was sitting on the couch and my mother in her chair. He looked sad and angry, but I did not care. I flopped down in dad’s chair without a word.

“You two need to talk,” my mother said as she stood.

“You need to hear some things about him first,” I said to her.

I told her about the ‘attack’ at school, Nicki, and the pressure for sex. She stood stunned as I let her know the reasons I broke up with him.

“Is this true Jeremy?” she finally asked him.

Jeremy hung his head and said, “Yes, but I am no longer with Nicki. She broke up with me a week ago.”

“Good for her,” I said glad to know she finally woke up.

“Get out of my house and never call Anna or me again,” my mother said sternly.

Jeremy stood without a word, but as he walked past me, I could see he was not finished. He glared at me and it sent a chill down my spine. I did my best to glare back, but even I did not think it was convincing.

As he walked out the door, my mother sat down and turned to me. She looked horrified.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” she asked.

“I was handling him until today,” I told her, “I have no idea why he picked today to be like this.”

“He said he was concerned you were with a man,” she told me, “He said he saw you at the mall today with Tracy and that you left in a man’s car. He didn’t know who the man was and suspected that you were with an adult and planning on staying with him since you had a bag.”

“I’ve been with Tracy,” I lied, “He even called Tracy and she told him too, but I didn’t want to talk to him.”

I stood wanting to leave, but as I did, my mother said that I should stay home tonight. She was worried about Jeremy and for my safety. I reassured her that I would be fine at Tracy’s and having a girl’s night was just what I needed. After a little more arguing, she agreed.

As I stepped out the door, I called Tracy to fill her in on the latest. I told her everything, even about Jeff, and she said she would keep an eye out for Jeremy and let me know if she saw him. I finished talking to as I stood on the sidewalk in front of my house. I felt safe there, but as my head started to hurt, I wondered if I was wrong.

The last image before the lights went out for me was Jeremy. I felt him lift me up and heard someone yell, but I could not see anything. The yelling continued and then everything stopped.

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