The virgin maid

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She was a wonderful maid, but he failed to fuck her well, so she remained a virgin.

The virgin maid (you just scroll down until you get to where it says: "This story to be continued", and resume  on your  reading of second part. Thanks.


I almost rip her open...  she would no longer be a virgin.

I was happily married at that time and we had three kids, I also had a splendorous job that would allow us a living without worries, for my salary was one of the best. That´s why my wife didn´t need to work outside, I provided for everything at home.  She wouldn´t be engaged in any house work either for we used to hire a maid permanently.

The problem lays in my wife sending away maids. She dismissed them by any reason she considered acceptable and immediately fired them.  In this way, the problem now was that we didn´t have a steady maid, one who worked permanently with us, that´s to say, for ever.

I was about to turn 40 and my sexual life was ok, at least in what concerns to my relationship with my wife, but there came the day when, out of the blue, it showed a new maid at home.  She was especial, young  -only 19-  a petite.  I want to stress that she had just turned 19 but actually looked younger. She  was short, the owner of a gorgeous body, black long straight hair, and her eyes were so cute that seemed to invite you to have sex right there.  Her glance communicated the look of someone begging for sex. Her breasts were no big but well done and a tremendous, gorgeous round ass like anybody would expect.  I couldn´t help thinking how beautiful she was and I often admired her behind closed doors, looking for her perfect ass.  Well I had to forget about fucking this girl, this was not a chick to be fucked coz I was married and  wouldn´t get to her so easily. To tell you the truth, I shouldn´t be worried about this any longer, and it isn't worthwhile thinking in new  sensations with this maid either.

But soon came that day when something changed in our relationship between this little lady and myself.  She slept sometimes at home and in one ocassion she made a good comment about us, in fact coming from one person who is not naive or too innocent.  This comment broke the ice between the two of us and  we began to talk more freely.  She said something regarding her findings and opinion about my heading to the bedroom every night where my wife was expecting me.  She said:

"You two are happy people because you are married and can sleep together and share the same bed".

As she said this I noticed a delightful look in her face that triggered something within my brain: the morbid.  I even felt a chill for the lust I was transmitted by this opinion.

From then on I began to be nicer and I frequently asked her questions about her boyfriend: "Do you dance with him, does he hold you in his arms when you dance?"

But there was a moment when I made my move: I asked her if somebody had ever caressed her, teased her, and she admitted her boyfriend had tried to touch her many times and that she had liked this a lot.  She also enjoyed the pleasure of being touched everywhere in her body, and this confession ended up in my getting almost obsessed, attracted by this little virgin angel waiting to be fucked.  She had never seen a penis in her lifetime and her boyfriend had never made an attempt to venture within herself.

Well, things being like they were now, I found myself tracking her down, making good moves with little progress at the beginning. I only had a few occassions to chat with her and continued to comment about the same issue: how delicious it is a good kiss, to be teased, caressed by someone  you love, and to make love.  I advised her no to wait any longer to know more about sex and that she should give it a try and touch a penis.  I also told her that I would dare to show her mine so she made some progress and learned how one penis was shaped, but without risking anything.  I asked her, in exchange,  to be the good girl with me, s showed naked thus paying back  my favors for giving her sexual orientation; it's a deal. 

Well, I also instructed her about first lesson:  she had to pretend she was not paying any attention and walk out naked in the mornings, only in her panties, so I could see more of her little cute body considering it.  It was the only way out of this.  This approach was the best one so I´d be more in the position to have a good opinion about her and to tell  if she was beautiful indeed.

I was the only one to get up early in the mornings and she already knew my routine at home: I would go walk to the door step to pick up the journal. My request to walk naked for me apparently was a fair one.  It was necessary.  But she shouldn´t comment about that, just  to remain silent or my wife would get suspicious.   On the other hand she wouldn´t be pressed into doing anything she didn´t want to. Her only response to this situation was to laugh and grin, because she supposed I was going too far. Actually, I didn´t want to rush her.

Finally, at a certain day there was a football game on TV  -the World Cup-  and I was obliged to stay home at the time the game was transmitted on cable. But suddenly, we were alone at last!!  I was wearing a robe and was lying on my bed in the bed room watching the game, but she was in my mind at all times. I couldn´t focus in anything different but in her beautiful image of her wonderful body.

I had a hard on on that day and began to touch my penis.  I took it out of my boxers, through one side of it.  I was sure she should come in any moment now to attend to her duties. I was right and it didn´t take her long  to show in my bedroom to collect our clothing for laundry. I pretended I was not aware of her precense because I would be totally concentrated in the football game on TV. She surely would see my erection  and I got  curious about her reaction at the sight of me rubbing my dick. 

To my surprise, she acted like if she hadn´t perceived anything, while I kept on touching my dick insinuating to her.  Then she became wavering, unsteady.  As I looked at her with the corner of my eye I knew she really was looking for my hard on, because I also glanced at her from time to time to make sure she was paying attention.  So we both were pretending like if nothing was happening in that bed room.  She did this several times before leaving the room but   came back for any reason or excuse.  

This was repeated over and over and again and again. It was out of question she only wanted glimpse at my dick. Of course, she had her own motives for doing this: curiosity. I think she was turned on at seeing a penis for the first time, hard rock like.

I felt such a  morbid that I couldn´t take it any more: there was a moment when it took her too long to get back  -probably she wouldn´t come any more-  and I didn't wait to call her name.  At this moment my dick was completely out of my briefs and hard on as ever.  As she came in, I told her to get close to the bed while she looked at the penis persistently with lure in her glance. This turned me on more and as she was close enough, I hugged her with passion,  mi lips on hers.

It was the first time  my hands had this chance to run along that young body.  I carefully explored her breasts while she still was hugging me in complete exhilaration. She allowed me to stroke any part of her beautiful body and I lifted her skirt to reach her thighs. I sensed those ass sheeks that I had seen so many times in my dreams.  I  really don´t recall when I lifted her skirt and put my hard dick a little bit exactly above her panties so she would feel my penis in her flesh.  Our excitement was too great, we wanted to love each other with great passion.  She opened her mouth and our tongues met, panting, gasping for air.  My hands were touching her vagina lips through the panty fabric: I was trying to reach her pussy with my fingers by sliding them on one side of her thong.

We were having the best of times as a noise came from the drive way: it was my wife´s car engine,  which brought us back to reality, in the middle of that critical moment.  Each one took his/her way as we separated very quickly. She run to her bed room while I stayed there, my heart beat thumped in my chest, but I resumed watching the game.  This love affair  had just had set a precedent,  the hope for another encounter.

The next morning I got what I had always wanted, and there she was: standing in front of the door wearing only her panties, smiling at me, so I could get a good look of her with all my lure. It was a big surprise  because I was not supposed to see her naked on that day. I would only collect my newspaper at ther door step where the news man had thrown it.  She looked back at me and closed the door.

No doubt I was a lucky gut this time and the image of this beautiful girl in my mind was something I wouldn´t forget that morning. I couldn´t concentrate at all during my work at the office.  What a beautiful body in her thong!!  I was having a lot of difficulties to meet with her, and this made me to feel sick.  On top of that, chances to see her became more indequate each time. Another opportunity would come along  the way, though.

Our chat became more dirty each time, and didnd't hesitate in asking me  if she could see my penis from close range. She hunted it to be displayed for her in such a manner that I accepted immediately, like an automatic reaction to this wonderful demand. This made my dick hard under my pants, so I took it out discretely, and let her see.  She only smiled shyly at the sight of it, until she heard me saying: "Go ahead, touch it!!"

She moved her hand down apprehensively; we were fearful about being caught by my wife who could show up any moment or by other people who kept coming into the house for visiting.  She made  her move: her fingers wrapped around my dick speedily and I felt them like spark passing through my penis. We were done for the day.

Another  opportunities would show up,  and we kissed good bye;  passionately touched each other, anxiously and with morbid, but we couldn´t go further.  Another chance came in as my wife had a mishap and had to stay at her parrent´s to sleep  there.  So we were alone at home again, and  people wouldn´t be  a concern for us anymore as  we  were taking care of  the kids ourselves.

While we waited for the kids to get complete asleep we always smiled to each other.  This was definitely our chance and to  get the best advantage out of it, and with malice I decided to head for her bedroom, for I was certain she would be waiting for me there.

I was welcomed by a good look of her body as she was laying face down on her bed in her panties. It was a wonderful virgin body.  I was desperate, got close to her and sweetly began to kiss her madly, with uncontrolled lust. She acted like the girl friend who wished to be fucked by her lover right away.

She changed position and was now lying on her back.  I moved my hands along that flesh, her divine soft skin, then teased and kissed her everywhere.  A frantic fight began to take place as I unbuttoned her bra.  I couldn´t wait to see those beautiful tits.  My emotion reached to the uppermost as I saw the hard nipples. Nobody had ever touched them or tested them. I began to lick her tits while she was shaking and moaning with pleasure.  I was forgetting about my kids. This was not a hotel!!  They could be awoke any moment by the noise we made to  find us lying there on the bed. The sight of her  body only  communicated me lots of pleasure. I longed for that angelical body that had began to writhe with my teasing.

She took me by the head, clutched me hard so I could tell she was enjoying this pleasure.  She was begging to have her  tits into my mouth. I intently caressed her pussy lips and the head of my dick run up down along her crack so she had this wonderful feeling.

She didn´t stop shaking and moaning with pleasure. Soon I began to slide down her panties and moved down to kiss her in the belly, laying completely naked for me  to do everything with her body. I began to kiss her, lick her nipples and my hands fnally moved to her pussy, my fingers brushing her lips diligently.  She was already wet!!

I carefully made my way to the clit and she got like desperate, shaking her hips while saying:  -¡Oh, yes, oh, yes!!  Oh, I felt it so good!!

I was fascinated at sliding in a finger a little bit inside her pussy.  She couldn´t take it any more and  had a tremendous climax. I could tell she was at the peak of her orgasm because she kept moaning and shaking desperately like if fucked by my fingers.

When she steadied herself I continued to kiss her while licking her breasts, but now I had begun to move down to her thighs,  towards her pubic hair.  Until I finally reached her pussy virgin lips, never explored before.  I touched them softly and, for the first time, I touched the clit with the tip of my tongue. When I did so, that wonderful clit exploded into another orgasm as she came again in a continuous and endless shacking of her body. 

While I kept sliding my tongue inside her she continued to moan with pleasure and a stream run down her legs to the bed.   Her eyes flashed because of lure begging for being penetrated. She grasped my head and seemed to urge me to sink completely within her. I could see it in her eyes, a desire to be penetrated, to blow her in and out, very deep inside while her hand began to look awkwardly for my dick and stroking it excitedly.  She caressed my balls, it was her dessert now.

I can´t  tell how many times she cum but she was now focused in my dick, teasing it and pulling it trying to get it close to her wet virgin lips full of desire, eager to get my piece of meat.  She took my penis in her hand while I went up to kiss her until I was completely concentrated in her breast again. While she was progressing in getting my dick  closer to her, I began to brush it agains her wet pink lips as she jerked my penis from the base to the head.  I felt this pleasure great because my dick was now going through her opening,  a very hot pussy, swelled.  But she still wouldn´t yet  let my penis go in to the bottom of her  cunt. She never allowed penetration at all:  still was a virgin.

I can´t tell how I managed to control myself. I was aware about how the problems would be if I ever broke into that pussy and rip her open.  Suddenly, she let go my penis and no longer gripped it to hug me strongly.  I placed the head in her opening,  her pussy was completely wet and hot in response.  Definitely it was a lovely cunt!!

I began to press the head cock agains the sides of her cunt.  These movements were very fast, to the sides, and my penetration was controlled by holding it back, but I could make her to cum again. It was such a gorgeous cum that she began to moan loudly:

-¡Oh, yes, yes, oh, like this, I like it, darling!!

I kept pushing a little more, and despite of her lubrication because she was too wet, her pussy still was too tight.  It was not a work so simple to get wthin her.  She spread her legs wide and shook her hips  with lust,  but again I was too realuctant to go inside her. That lady kept pushing her hips forward to make my dick go farther into her opening, but I never hammered her, I would never thrust her deeply inside.

Out of the sudden, she began to scream and to laugh at the same time, due to the great lust she was passing through while I felt I was about to cum.  I no longer could hold it. It was the moment for me to withdraw my penis so I only  began to brush her in the same way she touched herself cunt with her fingers.

Something was different now: I began to brush the head against the tiny entrance of  her asshole, which got her back to new sensations of pleasure while she shook her hips longing to be penetrated deeply, but I refused to.  She kept on screaming but  dind't succeed into having me well withing her, so she still was a virgin.  I'd never force into her. She asked me why I didn't go deeper while she was longing to be penetrated. I replied:

-Well, we've enjoyed it together this time,  but I'd rather let your boy friend to do the job for me.  When you're no longer a virgin and I don't have to rip you off, I'll fuck you ok, so deep inside you, I'll bang you  like hell ever!!  She accepted that explanation, and I'm willing to tell you this new story.

                                                                     THE END