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The Way You Made Me Feel

The best part was when his hot cum filled my wet pussy.
I was sitting on my bed, my boyfriend was about to come around any minute. I was wearing a short, black dress, which squeezed my breasts together. I was wearing no underwear, when he entered the door he was completely naked. I spread my legs and sighed as the air hit against my pussy, he walked up to me and sat in between my legs with his face close to my pussy. I was 25 and he was 28 so we were both ready, he teased my pussy with histongue, flicking it against my clit. I sighed and closed my eyes in pleasure as he inserted his tongue in my pussy, I moaned as he rubbed my swollen clit. I felt my warm pussy juice run from my filled hole, down my legs. He stopped, taking his finger out of my hole, putting his juice covered finger to my mouth I licked it clean. He stood up and put his stiff cock in front of my face, I grabbed it and started to suck him off. I sucked him like alollipop, he grabbed my hair pushed my head all the way down to his balls. I felt his cum filling my mouth as I lifted my head back up and spat out his cum all over his dick, my pussy was dripping wet by now. He pushed me backwards on the bed, I spread my legs nice and wide to give him the perfect view. His cock was glistening with cum, he separated my pussy lips and withouthesitation he slipped his cock inside me. I felt like something had popped, I looked up and I saw a bit of blood on his dick. He kissed my lips, as he lovingly caressed my cheek. I moaned as he pumped in and out of my pussy, more harder and faster than he did before. His balls banging against me, then he went in deeper. Some more of my pussy juice released, it was so warm. I threw my head back with my eyes closed, as I rubbed my clit for more pleasure. Soon, the room was filled with our moans and screams. I grabbed his hair as I pulled him down to kiss me, we kissed passionately. He pulled out of me and I saw his cock glistening even more than it did before, he rubbed it against my pussy and I squirted my cum all over his dick. I got up and he lay down on the bed, I got on top of him and I inserted his cock into my sticky, wet pussy. I felt pleasure gather up in the pit of my stomach and I bounced up and down on his cock, he held my hips as he had his eyes half closed. I could feel sweat drip from my neck, as my hair stuck to my forehead. This was the best and I didn't want it to end. Before we knew it, we both came at the same time, as I took his stiff penis from my vagina opening, a string of sticky cum from the both of us stuck to me. I rubbed it over my clit as I sat doggy-style. I waited impatiently as as he inserted his warm dick in my pussy once more. This time it lasted longer, he was going faster every minute and hitting my cervix. He squirted his thick, white cream inside me but he kept going. I grabbed onto the bed poles as they banged against the wall, I lifted his balls up so they hit against my clit. I could hear the wet sounds of a penis pulsing in and out of my pussy.

"Oh Yes! Oh Oh Oh UUUUGH!" I screamed as I hit my climax, my boyfriend was trying to keep the moans in, he was just sighing in pleasure. He squirted inside me and my creamy cum dripped from my pussy hold all the way down his shaft, onto his balls. He pulled out of me and we lay next to each other, sweaty and cum covered. We fell asleep in each others arms, I noticed my cum all over his now drooped cock. I grabbed it and wiped the cum all over his balls and his dick, then his penis stiffened inside my hand, he woke up and looked at me with aroused eyes, time for round two! The best part was when his hot cum filled my wet pussy.

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