The Wife Next Door: Part VI-Angela Home Alone

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Rob is entrusted to take care of Sandra's impossible daughter will he fare?
The Wife Next Door: Part VI- Angela Home Alone

When we last left Rob he was lying by the pool. Pim had left for the shopping mall, leaving Rob alone with the seventeen year-old Angela, the “impossible” daughter of Pim’s good friend Sandra. The story continues…

Angela started to talk with me while she lay on her stomach, her perfect butt rising up from the lounge chair. Angela told me she was totally “fed up” with her mom and couldn’t stand her anymore. I said that I knew they were fighting about her boyfriend and this was normal for teenage girls and their moms. Angela looked back at me like I was an idiot.

“No Rob, it’s not about that looser. I dumped him a few weeks ago. I only went out with him because I knew it drove my mom nuts. He wasn’t even a nice guy like you. No, it’s just that mom treats me like a kid.”

We talked and talked and it was clear that Angela was really a very mature young lady with her own ideas and desires. Angela told me she wanted to take more responsibility in her life, to have more freedom, but her mom couldn’t accept that she was growing up.

I talked with Angela and explained that this was all part of the normal process of young adults getting ready to leave the nest. Sometimes I told her, parents sort of freak-out and worry their offspring will stumble and fall. After talking for a while she looked at me again.

“Rob, I think I’m getting a little red. Can you put some more lotion on me.”

I don’t know what the look on my face exactly looked like, but it seemed to make her smile slightly. She looked at me more firmly and said, “Well, are you going to help a girl out or are you going to let me burn like a crisp?”

I grabbed the SPF 50 lotion and shot a good amount onto my hands and spread it across her shoulders and arms.

“Is that pretty good?” I asked.

“No, Rob, it isn’t. Have you ever heard of something called skin cancer?” Angela shot back provocatively.

“Can you cover down my back and do my sides and my legs. I’m really burning up. This sun is really, really hot, it’s at least 95 today. Put on lots of lotion everywhere Rob.”

I worked down Angela’s back and all the way to the edge of her cute red bikini bottoms. I went down the sides of her back and could feel the beginning of the swell of her breasts. Then I did her long slender legs and her calves. I applied lotion to Angela’s smooth thighs showing lots of attention to her sensitive inner thighs.

Of course with all of this touching of Angela’s young nubile body my cock was engorged and turning rock hard. I couldn’t help it bouncing and throbbing inside my swimsuit. To feel this amazing athletic seventeen year-old body under my lotion coated hands and to be rubbing every supple square inch of her tanned and smooth skin with my hands was like something out of my dream.

“CALM DOWN.” I told myself, “She’s only seventeen.” I was in a bit of a daze with the sun and the heat and the sexual tension from touching her body. In the middle of this daze I heard Angela’s soft voice, almost a whisper.

“I heard you and Auntie Pim last night. It sounded like you two had a lot of fun.”

My hands froze and I’m sure my mouth dropped open. Pim and I had assumed Angela was asleep, but apparently we were wrong. Then without acknowledging my stunned reaction Angela popped up off the lounge chair and said, “Let’s swim.”

Angela’s face was covered in a beaming impish grin as she giggled and jumped in the pool. I was left standing there by the chair highly aroused and highly confused by what she had just said. What a vexatious teasing vixen she was, no wonder her mom considered Angela “impossible”.

Over the next few days Angela raised the bar of sexual tension by wearing the cutest short shorts together with tight tops. In the evening Angela would slip into some very sexy tight designer jeans or a very sexy mini skirt.

At night the girls would watch movies and Angela would wear a nightie that just barely covered her bum. We would all snuggle up on the sofa and watch the movie, eat popcorn and Pim and I would drink wine.

At bedtime Angela would give Pim and I each a goodnight kiss on the cheek. Later Pim and I would head off to Pim’s bedroom and have wild sex, although I would try to keep the noise down after what Angela had said to me at the pool.

After about three nights Angela would take up a spot on my left under the quilt and Pim would be to my right. Each night Angela moved closer to my body with her hips eventually pressed right up against my thigh and her hands holding my arm gently.

On Thursday we watched a horror movie and we were all covered up under a giant Chiang Mai quilt from Thailand. Angela gripped onto my left arm with one hand and her other hand gripped onto my thigh. Angela’s hand, hidden by the quilt, was within inches of my cock.

At each scary part the girls would scream and Angela’s fingernails would dig into me. Pim laughed and her left hand slid smoothly inside my shorts and gently took hold of my almost eight-inch cock.

Pim had me hard and aroused within seconds, but it was Angela--whose hand was only an inch or so from that very same cock—that I was fantasizing about. I reached my left arm out at a very scary part and put it around Angela’s shoulders tucking her tightly against my body.

Angela leaned forward, her perky breasts pushing against my shoulder, putting her soft warm lips directly against my ear and whispered so Pim could not hear, “That feels so nice Rob. Now I feel safe. Thank you.”

Angela snuggled in even closer to my body and I could feel her firm breasts pressed against the side of my chest. I swear I could feel her nipples harden. Angela moved her left hand further up my thigh and down onto the sensitive inside part sending electric shocks up my cock and to my brain.

After another two days of this sexual torture Pim came to me in a panic. Pim told me that she needed to go away urgently for three or four days. She explained that Henk, her former husband, wanted his daughter to see his aged mother who was very ill in Florida and this might be the last time to see her alive.

Pim had explained the situation to Angela’s mother Sandra and she had agreed that I was a very responsible young man and that Angela could continue to stay at Pim’s house if I agreed to stay in the house with her.

The rules Sandra had imposed would be that Angela could not go out at night past 9:00pm except if I was with her and no boys could come over to the house. I protested that this was not something I could agree to and that I was “not a babysitter”. Pim looked at me and smiled, “In case you haven’t noticed Rob, Angela is certainly not a baby anymore, she’s a young seventeen-year-old woman. Sandra and I have talked about this at length and we feel a little time spent with a quality young man like yourself would actually do Angela a world of good.”

Pim then continued, “Sandra is very worried. She has put Angela on the pill, but she is still really worried and does not want that deadbeat boyfriend to show up. She thinks he’s a total creep, so keep your eyes on the lookout and watch Angela carefully. OK?”

Pim then giggled and said, “I know you’ll be ever so horny while I’m away, but I’ll make it up to you when I come back, I promise. If you get really lonely call up Judy, you know she thinks you’re amazing Rob.”

After some further discussion Pim made me agree to take care of Angela. Pim brought Angela into the living room and explained the situation to her. Pim laid out Sandra’s rules and told Angela that she needed to be mature and act properly like a “young lady”. Pim looked firmly at Angela, “Do you promise to be a good girl for Rob?”

I could sense the sparkle and devilish giggle in Angela’s response, her face covered in a broad grin, “Oh yes Auntie Pim, I promise to be a good girl for Rob. Cross my heart and hope to die.”

Things happened in a huge rush as Pim packed and all of a sudden they were leaving in Pim’s Mercedes. I watched as the Mercedes disappeared down the road and Pim was off to the airport.

Literally within minutes Angela and I were left alone in the house. I knew that Angela was quite comfortable with me and we had lots of fun together, but given the age gap I still doubted the chances of anything really happening between us.

I thought I was facing three or four days of intense teasing, flirting and lots of masturbation as I fantasized about an unattainable seventeen year-old hottie a few feet away in another bedroom.

Just the thought of Angela so close and yet so far got my urges beginning to build up. She was a flawless seventeen year-old who would tease me mercilessly and my only recourse would be a hand release. Life can sometimes be so cruel and tormenting.

That evening Angela wanted to have pizza and watch a movie. Angela got out the quilt and I let her pick a movie. The movie she picked was quite a shock to me, “The Lover” with Jane March and Tony Leung.

Angela giggled and laughed at me. “So you thought I was the kind of girl who would want to watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall?”

I looked at her and smiled. “Well, yes. I didn’t even think a girl your age would even know a film like The Lover existed.”

My reaction clearly made Angela happy and her eyes sparkled. “So I’m a little more mature and sophisticated than you thought. Haha!”

I poured myself a glass of crisp French Chardonnay and we settled into the couch. Angela snuggled in and without even thinking I put my arm around her. Angela told me a lot about the movie I didn’t even know and she kept grabbing my glass of wine and taking sips.

Somehow we just got more and more relaxed and my left hand started to stroke Angela’s arm and shoulder. This stroking and the slight friction of her warm supple body next to mine, the smell of her perfume and her tickling hair was enough to send my cock into a full force erection.

I hoped Angela wouldn’t notice as I squirmed my hips to hide my almost eight-inch hard rod from her. Angela continued watching the movie as if she didn’t notice anything. The incredibly hot sex scenes came on and I didn’t really know what to do or how to react. Angela put her lips close to my ear.

“Rob, do you think this is realistic? Do you think an older man like that can really be so turned on by such a young seventeen year-old teenage girl?”

I tipped my head down and was looking into Angela’s angelic face framed by her beautiful golden hair. Angela’s blue eyes were dancing as they looked directly into mine expectantly.

“Yes, I do think it’s realistic. Some teenage girls are very mature beyond their years and have an attraction that an older man cannot resist.”

This response seemed to please Angela and she hugged me even tighter and placed her hand on my inner thigh less than one inch from my pulsing rod. The sexual tension was so thick I thought I might come in my shorts like a teenage boy.

I kept stroking Angela’s neck and arm and leaned my head against the top of hers to smell her intoxicating hair and perfume. I shifted my leg and hoped she would not feel the hot hard rod so close to her hand.

Lightly massaging Angela’s neck and touching her head and her ear lobes I was able to shift her head more onto my chest and I smiled as she sighed. I moved my left hand down the side of her body to her hip and let it settle there to see if she would protest.

I paused and almost stopped breathing I was so tense. My heart was pounding and I swear Angela could feel it pound against my chest as she rested her head against me. I lowered my hand slightly so that it rested over the roundness of Angela’s butt.

Angela had on some tight sheer sleeping shorts from PINK and my hand could feel the heat emanating from her butt cheeks. Angela’s rounded cheeks seemed so firm, so smooth and so perfect in the palm of my hand.

I could feel Angela tense up just slightly at the touch of my hand on her ass. I waited for her protest, for her hand to push mine away, for a slap against my cheek. I began to think of excuses and what I could say if she yelled at me.

But then I felt Angela relax, her body ease into my chest again and she did not slap me. Instead Angela placed her hand on my chest and gently stroked my chest.

After the movie came to the end Angela pushed herself away and looked up at me with her beautiful blue eyes. I looked back at her a little timid and not really knowing what to do or say.

“Rob tonight has been so great. I feel so special when I’m with you. Can we go shopping tomorrow and maybe go out for dinner and celebrate my independence from my mom?”

I looked back at her with a confident smile. “Sure, let’s do that. It’s a date.”

Angela’s eyes looked so happy and she smiled a dazzling smile with a somewhat devilish grin like she knew something I didn’t know. I was so stunned by her beauty that I had no time to react as she lifted her lips up to mine and gave me a kiss.

Not just a “peck” of a kiss, but a real kiss right on the lips with firm pressure and a faint brush of her tongue. Angela jumped up, “Tonight was the best, the very best! I love being with you. Tomorrow will be great.”

And then Angela bounded up the stairs to her bedroom as I watched her tight ass disappear behind her door. I retreated to my bedroom and lay on the bed thinking of this amazing seventeen year-old flirtatious and titillating teen.

I lay on the bed and stroked my cock thinking of Angela’s pert breasts and round ass and brought myself to release in a cotton towel. Her teasing had given me a hard-on that had been constant for the last two hours and had given me blue balls. I had no choice; I needed release so masturbation was my only option.

The next morning Angela took her car to go visit two girlfriends from school and said we would go shopping in the afternoon. Angela came back around 2:00 in the afternoon and went straight upstairs.

“I’ll be ready soon Rob,” she called down to me.

I got ready and put on some nice dark slacks and a light blue polo shirt and waited for Angela downstairs. Angela came down the stairs dressed in a beautiful tan sundress, her hair pulled up in a knot on top of her head, showing off her slender neck and bare shoulders.

The top of the dress was tight to Angela’s firm breasts and had a cutout in the back and on the sides revealing more tanned and toned skin. Angela’s sunglasses were perched on her head and she had on elegant diamond stud earrings.

The sundress ended slightly above mid-thigh exposing Angela’s incredible bare and tanned sexy legs. When you’re seventeen you certainly don’t need stockings to show off your perfect legs.

Angela was wearing flat sandals that made her look sexy but casual. A perfect summer look, but anyone seeing her would think she was in her twenties, not seventeen at all. Angela took my hand and breezed by me before turning into me and grabbing me by both arms with urgency. She looked up at me pleadingly with imploring eyes.

“Rob, please! Can we shop the way I want to shop? Please, please, pretty please! I’ll be so happy if you agree.”

I laughed. “OK, how exactly do you want to shop?”

She looked back at me with a stern look. “Well, first, you can’t buy me everything. I have my stupid stepdad’s credit card and he’s rich. You can only buy me ONE thing and I get to pick which one. Agreed?”

I chuckled and assented, “Agreed.”

“Second. Can you pretend to be my boyfriend, just for today? Please say yes? Just in case we meet any of my friends? Please, just for today? Please, pretty please! You’re so handsome and mature and they will just be green with envy if they think you’re my boyfriend.”

Angela’s big blue eyes were like giant saucers open and innocent pleading with me to agree. I laughed and said all of her conditions we fine with me. She sighed in relief and we both laughed together and she gave me a big hug.

At the mall Angela searched and searched for a “special” dress. She asked if we could hold hands so we would look like a “real” boyfriend and girlfriend. So we walked through the mall hand in hand with my cock semi aroused by the contact and the pleasure of walking beside this stunning beauty.

Angela said she wanted to “dress up” tonight and have a “real” dinner date with me “like in the movies” and she wanted her dress to be “gorgeous”. Being a striking and slim blue-eyed blond there were certain dresses that she could wear that most women probably couldn’t pull off.

The dress she finally picked after modeling ten or fifteen very sexy numbers for me was one of these very special dresses. It was an emerald green silk creation from Ted Baker with a high collar neckline and cutouts around the shoulders and the top of the bust, a scoop back and cutouts at the waist that accentuated Angela’s tiny 23” waist.

Angela’s bare skin combined with the tight tailored bust line certainly accentuated her firm and high breasts and trim waist. Angela then selected a pair of black patent leather spike sandals.

Angela turned sideways, did a little pirouette and modeled the outfit for me. The total effect was stunning. Angela looked like an incredibly hot twenty-five or twenty-six year-old, not a seventeen year-old who fought constantly with her mom. Angela’s transformation from innocent “girl next door” to sophisticated young woman was unbelievable. I’m sure my jaw dropped to the floor.

The sales woman was looking at us as Angela twirled and looked in the mirror. Angela looked at the sales lady.

“Just wait, I need to ask my boyfriend what he thinks.”

And then Angela approached me grinning from ear to ear. She leaned in and asked me what I thought in a whisper. I gave her the “thumbs up” and said the dress was incredible.

I told Angela I wanted to pay for the dress since it looked so beautiful on her and that this should be my “one thing” to buy her today. Angela looked back at me and admonished me.

“Don’t break the rules. I get to pick what you buy. I want you to buy me something a boyfriend would really like to buy for his girlfriend.”

Angela put a teasing and heavy emphasis on the word “really” which caused me to wonder exactly what this girl had in mind.

Angela bought the emerald dress and the sexy heels and we left the shop. We continued walking hand in hand through the mall and then we passed a very expensive looking lingerie shop. Angela pulled on my hand and I slowed down.

“I am going in here, but you can’t come in and look. It’s a surprise. I’ll call you on your cell and you come back and pay for my purchase just like a real boyfriend would. Agreed?”

I chuckled and laughed and told Angela that she was too cute for words. Angela pretended to hit me with her fist and then she grabbed me and kissed me on the lips. I stood there flustered looking at her as she grinned at me.

“Don’t worry you won’t be disappointed with your purchase. Now go, go, Shoo!”

And then Angela pushed me away with both arms and we both started to laugh. After about an hour my phone rang and I headed back to the lingerie shop.

Angela was in an animated conversation with the young sales lady who also looked about twenty-five. As I approached they both looked at me like they were devouring me with their eyes.

“Here he is Cindy. Didn’t I tell you he was hot!”

The two girls laughed and surveyed me with their eyes.

“Rob, honey can you pay?” Angela said confidently with a coquettish batting of her eyelashes and a flip of her hair. Angela was acting like we had been a couple for years and making it seem real. I pulled out my Amex and looked at the total of $486.00. I put the card down to pay. Angela grabbed my arm and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“See Cindy, didn’t I tell you he’s the best. So patient and buys me whatever I want.”

Cindy looked at me appreciatively and agreed that Angela had a “total catch”. We walked out of the shop burdened now with several bags. Angela was grinning ear-to-ear quite proud of herself for the little show she had just put on.

Walking towards the car Angela waved and called out.

“Rhianna! Diane!”

Two girls in white shorts and tight tops turned and ran towards us. They all hugged and giggled and started talking. After a while the two girls were looking at me with sideways glances wondering who I was. Angela grabbed my arm,

“Oh, this is my new boyfriend Rob! He’s in university doing a masters in engineering.”

Angela turned to me, “Rob, this is Rhianna and Diane, they are both the same age as me. They’re in my class. We’ve been friends forever.”

I could see the wide-eyed reaction in the young girl’s faces as they took in Angela’s “older guy” boyfriend. When we left for the car Angela turned to me.

“OH MY GOD!! It will be all over school. Thank you! Thank you. You’re the best guy in the whole world. You had so much patience while we were shopping and you were so helpful picking everything out.”

Angela looked at me with a huge smile across her face and a look of total admiration in her eyes.

“You didn’t even get mad when I tried on like over ten or fifteen dresses. I promise I’ll make tonight a very special night for you, ok?”

I had no idea what Angela meant since I knew she was really just a fantasy and beyond my reach, but I did think at least we could have a good time. We went home to get ready for our date. Pim called from Florida and I told her of our plans.

Pim thought it was a great idea for me to take Angela out and show her how a real gentleman treated a date.

“Show Angela a good time so she knows how a confident young man with class treats a woman. Sandra will appreciate that Rob.”

I reserved a table at a nice supper club that had great food and later in the evening had dancing. Angela went upstairs to get ready and I dressed as well and put on some Obsession cologne. I waited for Angela to come down. What can I say, my cock was getting hard just thinking about Angela in that dress and the evening hadn’t even started.

Angela took about forty minutes to get ready, but finally came down in the incredible emerald dress with her hair tied-back on each side with tiny narrow braids. Angela’s blond hair was full and shining and fell beyond her shoulders to the middle of her back and she had on dangly diamond earrings.

Angela didn’t wear any stockings but her smooth tanned legs were long and stunning and the spike heel sandals were very, very sexy. We had a great dinner at the supper club and Angela insisted we order wine because she “looked old enough” and this was a “real date”.

I started with a glass of champagne and Angela loved the flavor and the bubbles. Angela said the bubbles tickled her nose, which I thought was cute. Later a nice crisp French white followed the Champagne and we were really having a good time.

The evening moved on and the DJ played great music. Angela insisted on dancing again and again and never seemed to get tired. After midnight slow songs came on and I didn’t know how Angela would react, but she pulled me right up onto the dance floor and held me tight, resting her head on my chest.

I was quite simply intoxicated—not by the wine—but by Angela’s fresh and youthful sensuality. I let my hands wander down her back to the top of her butt and gently felt the rise of her bum at the small of her back. Angela didn’t protest as I had expected, but rather pushed her hips into me just a hint harder causing my cock to fill and engorge further.

Angela must have felt my hard cock pushing into the flimsy silk of her dress and grinding against her pubic triangle. There was really nothing I could do to hide my erection from her. As we pulled apart at the end of the song Angela looked up at me and said,

“You like me don’t you Rob?”

I stuttered and finally managed to softly reply, “Yes Angela, I like you a lot. You’re a very special girl. But I think I’m too old for you.”

Angela looked at me crestfallen, “Auntie Pim had an even bigger age difference with her husband than we have and so does my mom. Everyone knows girls mature faster than boys and need older boyfriends.”

Angela grinned and grabbed my hand. “Let’s go home and watch a movie.”

We headed back home in the car. Great I thought. A movie and then a sexual release into the towel again. My God, this girl is pure torture. When we got home Angela stopped by the stairs and turned her back to me.

“I need to change into my robe to get comfortable. Unzip me please Mr. Too-old to be my boyfriend.”

Angela giggled at her flirtatious and clever gibe. I reached out and undid her zipper that went right down to the middle of her butt. As the green silk fabric separated it revealed a hint of Angela’s pink thong panties and I got a fair look at her rounded bum. My cock responded, as one would expect at such a glimpse of a sexy ass.

I couldn’t help thinking what a beautiful sight Angela’s ass was; perfectly firm and rounded. More torture I thought. Angela retreated slowly up the stairs, her hips swaying as she ascended and at the top she called down.

“I get to pick the movie Rob.”

Angela seemed to take a long time upstairs changing and finally came down in a long pink sleeping robe. I don’t know what I was thinking, but of course her visit to the lingerie shop had me hoping for something quite different and this long robe that covered her entire body was a big disappointment.

Oh well, control yourself Rob, she’s only seventeen. Angela picked the movie “Poison Ivy” which she said had “lots of sexy scenes in it.” I poured some chardonnay and we snuggled up on the couch. Angela took some sips of my wine as we chatted. Angela pulled in very close to me and without thinking I put my arm around her as usual.

The movie did have a lot of sex scenes in it and the story involved a teenage girl who seduces an older man. The sex scenes combined with the closeness of Angela’s nubile body had my cock halfway erect.

Angela’s hand stroked my arm and then my inner thigh driving me crazy. She snuggled closer and I let my hand fall to her thigh and bum. I again waited for her to stop me but Angela seemed to stare intently at the movie.

My hand gently stroked over the outside of her robe over her bum. Her hand inched higher and higher up my thigh, only a fraction of an inch from my rock hard cock. The movie was in the middle of an incredible sex scene and she whispered in my ear, “Do you find me attractive?”

Angela’s face was tilted up and her huge blue eyes were totally wide and innocent. I paused. Angela’s hand moved that final inch higher and she felt the outline of my cock; it jumped in response.

Angela gave me a devilish playful grin and while simultaneously giving my cock a gentle little squeeze. To me this was the “green light” I had been waiting for. I leaned down and our lips met in a kiss that started light and gentle, but soon gained pressure and urgency.

Angela leaned into me and we shared a long and passionate kiss. Angela started to squirm at her hips and she used her arms to pull herself up onto my lap and straddle my body. The urgency of her kiss, the intensity as she clung to me; I sensed Angela’s sex drive was incredibly strong.

The passion in Angela’s kiss electrified my body and my cock. I was now fully hard and my cock was demanding something be done to address its lusting state. My brain was no longer in control. Angela was leading me and I had neither the will nor the inclination to resist her temptations.

I had both hands gripping Angela’s butt and then brought them up to feel the outline of her firm breasts under the robe. I was frustrated since it was difficult to feel Angela’s body under the long pale pink night robe.

Angela’s tiny hands felt my back and my chest and reached down to rub my hard cock from the outside of my pants. This was what I had fantasized about for almost two years. I couldn’t believe this was happening and hoped Angela wouldn’t all of a sudden turn shy and run to her room.

Angela got up off the couch and looked at me as I stood up. We both ignored the end of the movie.

“Do you want to see your purchase Rob?”

Angela looked at me demurely and smiled. I nodded in agreement, but was speechless in my sexual arousal and distress. I was confused, aroused and desperate. She’s only seventeen I thought…but she’s legal my ego replied….but I’m older my brain shot back….I shouldn’t do this I agreed with myself….but I must have her my cock interjected!

The confused thoughts and emotions bounced back and forth in my mind. I needed Angela like I had never needed any woman in my life. Her teasing, flirting, and leading-on over the past year had built me to a point where I was putty in her hands. Yes, Angela was only seventeen, yet she knew how to tease me and lead me on, how to build my arousal like no woman I had ever met, even Pim.

My heart was pounding and my cock was begging Angela to please let me keep going. The anxiety that she would skittishly run away to her room or tell me to stop was incredible.

Angela slowly untied the robe’s tie at her waist. She looked me directly in the eyes as she slowly pulled the robe open just a few inches, teasing me with just a hint, just a glimpse, of her lingerie clad body.

Angela paused and waited to see the effect this glimpse of the forbidden was having on me. She seemed to relish teasing me, flirting with me, knowing I was becoming overcome by male lust and desire. Angela may have been younger than me, but she was in complete control as she toyed with my desire.

Ever so slowly Angela pulled open her pink robe further, an inch at a time. My eyes were frozen on Angela’s body as she teasingly revealed her lingerie. Finally, seeing Angela’s robe fall open I sucked in my breath in astonishment.

I was frozen in place as I marveled at the vision. Angela’s beauty was stunning. A pale blue sheer chiffon teddy with dark blue ruffled trim and push-up bra, underwire cups and garter belt that was holding up light blue stockings. The matching light blue panties were very tiny with a small triangle at the front and back and silk ribbon bows on each side. The pink robe and light blue lingerie looked beautiful together.

The teddy, panties and stockings all had a very faint pattern of hearts woven into the fabric in a slightly darker shade of blue. The effect of the sexy outfit was to make Angela look much more mature than her years. I hadn’t expected a teddy, garters and stockings on a seventeen-year-old sex kitten.

While Angela looked older, it was clear she was still an uncertain and nervous seventeen-year-old anxiously awaiting my reaction. Her fingers fiddled and she played with her hair, twisting it again and again as her eyes searched mine questioningly.

“So?” she said. “What do you think of your purchase?”

I’m sure the grin painted across my face gave it all away, but I assured her she was stunning.

“Take me upstairs. I want to go to bed.”

Angela said as she reached out taking me by the hand and leading me up the stairs. Somehow she was the one in control and I followed as if in a trance, bedazzled and overcome by Angela’s seduction.

In the bedroom it was like Angela was confidant and following a plan as she led me to the bed. I was acting like the seventeen-year-old naïve virgin, not her. I was the one being lured and enticed and Angela was the one leading me to a place she had determined long ago in her own naughty little plan of conquest.

Finally I shook myself, straightened up and regained my control, my hormones and experience kicking in. I found the matches and lit the candles next to the bed and turned on the music.

Angela moved close to me and I could feel the warmth of her body. The tips of her breasts were gently touching my chest. Angela reached up slowly and her delicate hands, her nails a matching shade of pale blue and she started to undo my shirt buttons.

“Rob….” Angela paused and spoke ever so softly, almost a whisper.

“I want you to teach me,” she said.

My shirt and pants fell away as Angela’s hands eagerly sought my body and my naked skin. I was now standing in front of Angela, our bodies bathed in soft yellow candlelight, with just my boxers on. Angela reached down and rubbed my hard cock through the cotton and she shivered.

I took Angela in my arms and lay her gently on the bed. Her big blue eyes were like tremulous saucers, looking at me anxiously yet still full of yearning. I know Angela was in awe of what was about to happen to her. While Angela wanted this and had, in fact, planned out my seduction in precise detail, now that it was actually about to happen I could see she was jittery and jumpy.

Roles had been reversed, her confidence evaporated; I was now the teacher and Angela my skittish virgin student. My hands pushed the teddy up and away exposing Angela’s tiny light pink nipples on her beautiful 34B breasts. Her nipples hardened slightly at the wafting of cooler air.

I moved my now voracious lips down and started to suck on Angela’s firm and perky breasts, licking and sucking her young rubbery nipples until they hardened into little buttons. Angela’s hips were squirming and shifting and she let out sigh after sigh. My hands roamed lightly and teasingly across her silky smooth skin.

I moved my lips slowly and gently down Angela’s firm and taught muscled stomach kissing and licking my way towards her panties, teasing and touching as I advanced inch by inch. I slipped my hands under her tight butt cheeks, holding one rounded cheek firmly in each hand, steadying her hips and readying her for my tongue’s assault. Only inches away I could smell Angela’s feminine musky smell and my lips and nose could sense the heat emanating from her excited pussy.

I pulled aside the delicate blue triangle of silk panty from Angela’s pussy lips, which were already puffy and slick with juices on their rim. Angela’s hands gripped my head tensely and she tried to clench her thighs together to block my access. Angela squirmed and twisted her body calling out my name, her voice shaking with tremulous nervousness as she began to panic, her breathing becoming rapid, her heart pounding.

“Rob…oh wait…..please…..Rob….I….uhhh….I’m not sure…please…..just….oh….just wait….oh…please Rob?”

Angela’s hands anxiously gripped my head, ripping at my hair as she tried to push my lips and tongue away, her nerves and anxiety overcoming her. I paused patiently and waited, letting Angela calm down and gather her composure, but did not let her push me away. I knew Angela wanted this as much as I did, if not more, she was just nervous.

Slowly I sensed Angela’s stomach and thigh muscles relax as her breathing steadied. The nails digging into my scalp abated. Sensing the moment I used my hands to gently ply Angela’s thighs apart and make room for my head and mouth to find their mark.

“I’m a bit scared Rob.” Angela whispered to me.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be ever so gentle.” I whispered in reply.

I felt Angela’s legs gently relax as she calmed and finally I was able to wedge my head between her smooth thighs. I lowered my lips to her pussy for my first taste of her womanhood.

I started with the very lightest flicks of my tongue. Angela’s juices were delicious and I savored the fruity mango quality of her viscous slick nectar. I flicked and brushed and lightly teased moving ever so lightly and patiently.

Angela now was spreading her thighs wide in want and pulling my head into her triangle of passion, her needs and desires becoming more and more apparent as my tongue pursued her every ecstasy in darting flits and flashes.

I gently over time penetrated just so slightly inside her outer lips, probing for her clit. Angela’s sighs became louder and louder eventually turning into moans and cries. Angela’s juices were sweet and light with the seductive smell and taste only a young woman can have.

I probed and explored excitedly with my tongue and found Angela’s clit. A nice firm little nub positioned just at her vagina entrance. I sucked on it gently at first and then flicked it rapidly with my tongue. Angela’s hips quivered and shook and her thigh muscles contracted and tensed. This girl was horny and responsive and I knew there would be no difficulty in bringing her to several orgasms.

I continued with a very slow and gentle approach as I knew Angela needed to be built up or she would become too sensitive. If that happened Angela could easily come too quickly in an orgasm that lacked the build-up and depth I wanted her to experience for her first time with a man.

To slow down the momentum I moved my mouth back up to Angela’s breasts and let her clit and vagina calm down. I gently traced my fingers over the outside of her pussy and across her inner thighs teasing her lightly, but without intensity. With my mouth and tongue I ministered to Angela breasts and nipples keeping her aroused, but not with direct pussy friction on her clitoris.

When I did eventually move my tongue back to Angela’s pussy I wet my finger and gently started to probe her vagina with it. Again Angela tensed and pushed her legs together her hands gripping at my scalp. Again I waited and patiently and only parted her legs when she eventually relaxed.

My finger inched its way slowly into Angela’s extremely tight virgin vagina and moved back and forth with gentle strokes. I could feel it coming, her first orgasm. I let it develop and didn’t increase the speed or pressure of my tongue or finger. I kept the rhythm very steady knowing that any wrong move could send Angela over the edge into bliss.

I tuned my every sense to Angela’s body and how it was responding to my touch. At the brink of Angela’s explosion, sensing the very outer edge of her pleasure, sensing when she was almost at the point of no return, I stopped everything denying her what she wanted and needed most.

Angela arched her body and squirmed and gyrated her hips, desperate for more friction, becoming desperate to have that final release. Angela pulled at my head trying to push my lips and mouth hard onto her pussy. She called out my name again and again, imploring me to let her come.

I let Angela’s passion recede; I let the waves of pleasure become ripples and tingles. I lured and lulled Angela into a warm complacency of tepid passion, a fools gold of lazy ardor. Then just when Angela was back in control and feeling calm, I began to re-build her intensity with a new and more forceful cadence of flicks and slashes of my tongue taking her by complete surprise.

Angela’s thigh muscles tensed, quivered, shivered and her stomach became taut as I attacked her pussy with new ardor. My cock was rock hard and pulsing in its own need as I became intensely aroused by Angela’s pulsating and undulating body. Her infectious rapture transported me to a new height of arousal, my cock burning, awaiting its final prize.

I felt Angela tense, her body arched off the bed, she pulled at my head, her desperate need was becoming irresistible and she cried out for me to not stop this time. My tongue slashed with more fervor and I increased the speed and pressure. My finger flicked quickly side to side sliding against Angela’s smooth tight walls. I pushed my finger up inside her vagina into the sweet spot just behind her vagina entrance and rubbed lightly in small circles.

Those final movements of my finger set Angela off like a light switch and she cried out her nails digging-in and raking at my skin. It was a beautiful and intense orgasm with Angela’s body arching repeatedly off the bed and her hips thrusting into my face with real force, her whole body shaking, racked by passion and bliss.

My fingers dug into Angela’s hips and ass holding her steady as I lapped at her pussy again and again using the wide flat surface of my tongue to slide over the top of her clit getting maximum contact. I lessened the pressure and Angela’s cries softened and became whimpers and sighs interspersed with heavy breathing and Angela gasping for air.

It was a beautiful and orgasm and I really enjoyed Angela’s young body as it became lost and consumed in her own lust and need. Her frenzy abating she lay calmly, Angela’s eyes opened and she gazed down at me somewhat disoriented by what had just happened to her body.

“What happened?”

Angela craned her neck and looked at down at me, my face covered in her juices, my head between her thighs, my eyes looking into hers.

I looked up from Angela’s pussy and gazed across her prone body, her swelled heaving breasts pointing upwards with tiny pink nipples erect and aroused and beads of sweat on her neck glinting in the candlelight. I watched her gorgeous chest rise and fall with her heavy breathing.

“You had an orgasm honey.”

Angela sighed and a wide satisfied smile broke across her face.

“It felt fantastic. Is that what you do to Auntie Pim?”

I laughed.

“Of course. This is what a man and a woman do for each other.”

Angela pulled on my shoulders indicating she wanted me to bring myself up nearer to her so she could hold me and kiss me.

“I’ve never had one of those with any of the other boys, but I’ve never let them touch me down there. Is yours like that too?”

I started to lift my body with my forearms and elbows crawling towards her.

“Yes, my orgasms are like that too. But I just can’t have so many like you. Men can’t have several orgasms in a row like a woman.”

Angela raised herself up on her elbows and in one swift move rolled me onto my back. She stared at the large bulge sticking straight up from my underwear and she smiled, her hands peeling my boxers over my cock and off my legs, dropping them to the floor. Angela looked at me and said,

“Do you know I have had a crush on you and have dreamed of you taking my virginity?”

Angela took her delicate hands and started to stroke my almost eight-inch erect cock. With hesitant movements Angela put her lips on the engorged purple head of my cock and started to suck on it. Angela looked so innocent and beautiful with her blond hair hanging down. Her gentle and inexperienced sucking and licking drove me insane. It was hard to even control myself.

I needed to use all my effort to stop from coming almost instantly. Angela’s hands lightly touched my balls and she ran her hands across my chest and my inner thighs teasing me. Although she was inexperienced, her innocence and beauty made the whole thing an incredible turn on.

Slowly Angela’s lips sucked harder and she took more and more of my cock into her mouth. She could only get about 3 inches in, but it felt incredible. Angela looked up at me wide-eyed and somewhat overawed by what she was now doing.

“Does that feel nice Rob?”

I nodded and grabbed Angela by the waist and lay her back on the bed. I had had enough foreplay, enough teasing, enough flirting, enough sexy banter and enough provocative outfits; now I wanted Angela for myself, I wanted to be inside her tight pussy.

More than anything my hard cock needed to be inside this dazzling seventeen-year-old angel that had just given me an innocent but amazing blowjob. My cock was pulsing and throbbing and tingling like crazy.

I looked down at Angela lying across the bed with her legs spread slightly apart, the soft blond tufts of hair decorating her pussy shining in the candlelight. My cock bounced in the air and I reached down and pulled the ties at the side of her panties and pulled them off.

I gazed across Angela’s young body and let my hand lightly touch the inside of her thighs and brush across her pussy lips. She responded with new arousal spreading her legs further to allow my hands free access. I gently massaged Angela’s pussy on the outer lips feeling the juices begin to flow anew.

Angela closed her eyes and called out to me to not stop. I moved my finger a little inside again, maybe one inch or so and stroked her clit gently. Without a word she grabbed my hand and took it to her mouth and sucked on my finger to taste her own pussy juice.

I knew from the look on Angela’s face, from the innocence in her eyes, that this was all a first time for her. The image of this fresh young girl, legs spread wide, on the bed in front of me, the effect of her licking my finger coated with her own juices, was all so intense that it brought my cock to its full rock hard height.

I brought my lips instantly down to Angela’s pussy to increase her arousal with my tongue. I wanted to arouse her so my cock could bring her to a mutual orgasm when I finally penetrated her. I shoved my tongue deep into her with more pressure and speed than the first time. Angela again arched her body in pleasure and moaned.

I flicked Angela’s clit and altered the speed and pressure using every technique I knew to bring her to the edge. One second my tongue was in her vagina, the next it was flickering across her clit. Somehow I sensed Angela wanted me to keep going and not stop, so I built my momentum; my cock would need to be patient.

I continued to lick and tease Angela towards her second climax. I inserted my finger deeper into her pussy moving it in and out with new speed and urgency. I thought the moment was about right to pull myself up and position my cock at her pussy.

Angela’s moans and cries got louder as her breathing became ragged. Angela arched her back, her legs trembling and shaking, her body twisting as she again sought her own release. Lost in her own passion and bliss Angela was oblivious to my pulsing hard cock and my own lusting needs.

Angela thrust her hips again and again into my face and, feeling her urgency, I decided not to stop and fill her with my cock, but instead to take her over the edge for a second time with my tongue.

I held onto Angela’s ass tightly with both hands and kept contact with her clit and vagina bringing her to an incredible pulsing second climax. Angela’s tight vaginal walls compressed grabbing onto my finger with contraction after contraction.

My tongue flicked again and again bringing Angela to an orgasm even bigger than the first one. How could I take anymore of this? I needed to fuck her tight pussy now.

“Rob, OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! That was incredible. That was so incredible! Now I know what if feels like to be a woman. OH MY GOD that was so good!” She panted.

Angela reached out and grabbed my hips and pulled me over her body.

“Please Rob, go inside me now. Put your cock in me now. I need you so much. I need you to fill me up the way you do Auntie Pim. But please,” She paused, “Be gentle! I’m a virgin.”

The moment I had dreamed about was about to happen. Angela was laid spread eagle, her body sated and exhausted by two massive orgasms; I gazed down at a slick wet and inviting virgin pussy.

I guided my hard cock to the entrance of Angela’s tight pink glistening pussy. I held my thick purple cockhead just at the entrance and pushed gently. Her lips and vaginal walls were totally contracted and tight, but she was slick and wet. I pushed harder and Angela dug her fingernails into my back.

Angela tensed up nervously causing her vagina walls to be compressed even tighter. I held my cock in place and waited for her to relax. When I felt her breath normally again and her muscles relax I pushed just a little harder, thrusting forward gently with my hips.

With all the juices and the pressure from my hips, my cock head finally slipped in. Angela let out a huge sigh and moans as she felt her walls expand to accommodate my thick cock. I held it only about two-inches inside so that Angela could get used to the feeling of it.

I looked into her eyes and asked her if she was “ok” and to let me know if she wanted me to stop. Angela told me to continue, but to please be gentle and she kissed me softly on the lips.

Angela was so very tight that it took a while to work my cock into her. I met her hymen after about four-inches and I told her to grab me tightly while I broke through. Luckily Angela didn’t think it hurt too much when I broke through and after a few soft gentle movements of my hips back and forth I had all of my rock hard cock inside her. She was incredibly tight!

I held onto Angela’s waist and rolled over onto my back so she could wrap her slim legs across me and straddle my cock cowgirl style while riding me. Angela arched her body and leaned her head back so her long hair tickled my balls and she let out a huge moan.

I reached up and undid the stockings from the garters. Then I pulled myself up into a sitting position, Angela sitting in my lap riding my cock and I wrapped my arms around her tiny waist. We embraced in a passionate kiss with her legs straddling each side of me.

I took my hands and pulled the blue teddy over Angela’s head and removed it. Now her tanned seventeen-year-old body, slim waist, flared hips and firm teen tits were in full view. My eyes hungrily took in her body the soft candlelight highlighting and playing across her breasts and waist.

Those firm 34B’s with her tiny pink nipples hard as little nubs of candy cane were the most beautiful breasts I had ever seen. I lay back on the bed and enjoyed the view while with each hand my finger and thumb took hold of a pink nipple. I used very gentle pinches and tweaks to drive her wild, sending shocks of pleasure through her body, tingles to her vagina and up to her brain.

Angela was breathing heavily and her nails were digging into my chest. Her pubic mound was grinding into my pelvic bone as she moved closer and closer to another orgasm. Angela grabbed my shoulders, gripping me, as she rode me with strong hip thrusts and tried to increase the friction on her clit by pulling her body down onto mine. Her moans and breathing got louder and louder causing my excitement to grow in anticipation of her impending orgasm.

I tried to teach Angela how to hold back and delay her release, but she was too inexperienced with her own body and before I knew it her entire body tensed up as she exploded into another massive orgasm, crying out in enjoyment as her pussy contracted and grasped my dick again and again in pulsing waves.

Angela thrashed her hips back and forth, her breasts bouncing up and down and it was all I could do to keep control and not blow my load as she had her first orgasm from a cock. When Angela’s body stopped pulsating uncontrollably against my cock, I stroked her gently and reassured her that more was to come.

Angela smiled contentedly and she gazed down at my body possessively. I told her to take each of my hands and I taught her how to rock her hips back and forth and to build her pleasure up slowly. I reached down and lightly fingered her clit to increase her pleasure.

When I felt Angela was ready I grabbed her hips and lifted her off my cock. I turned her over and got her on her knees and elbows with her bum perched high up in the air, her back arching. Angela looked back at me with her beautiful blue eyes and blond hair and anxiously waited as I moved my cock towards her pussy opening and penetrated her from behind.

Grabbing hold of Angela’s hips I slipped my cock in penetrating her to my full length. Angela moaned and cried out in surprise as she felt how deeply I went in from behind. I slowly increased the speed of my thrusts and Angela moaned and used one of her hands to reach back and rub her own clit.

I could feel Angela’s stomach muscles tensing and her tight pussy walls were contracting again and again against my cock. I felt my own cum building in my balls and the pressure was getting too great to control. I called out and told Angela I was going to come.

This seemed to be like a signal that set off an electric shock in her pussy and brain. Angela moaned loudly and I started to thrust even faster in response, gripping hard on her hips and pulling her hard into me with each thrust.

Angela cried out and implored me to not stop and to come, please come. I thrust my hips faster ramming into her tight pussy in a crazed delirium and sexual frenzy. I heard Angela’s breathing become uncontrolled as she also became consumed by my fever of fucking.

Finally I couldn’t hold back anymore as having this seventeen-year-old vixen below me, her ass in the air, my cock thrusting into her, was too much and I shot load after load into her pussy. Within seconds of my body releasing and becoming racked with passion, Angela exploded into her own orgasm and we came together.

I pulled Angela’s hips into mine and held my cock deep inside her and we both collapsed onto the bed. Angela and I lay on the cool sheets panting and she giggle and brushed and touched my arm with her hand. After a while I regained my breath and pulled up the covers over our naked bodies. We curled into a close embrace and I held Angela from behind, my cock still inside her slowly deflating.

When my cock finally fell out Angela turned into me and she smiled and I smiled back as we kissed. Both of us were exhausted and Angela finally said she was going to clean up in the bathroom.

Angela walked to the bathroom completely naked giving me that little wiggle of her butt that she would give me when she was teasing me in her jeans. She came back from the bathroom and looked at me with a sly smile and a grin like she had just won the lottery.

Angela was assessing the situation and I knew exactly what she was thinking. Angela had me right where she wanted me, right where she had planned. She had seduced me and I hadn’t even known it was happening.

I was happy, I was satisfied, but I was also in a dilemma. I had no idea what I would tell Pim and Sandra when they returned. More worrying for me was how they would react to my taking the seventeen-year-old virgin they had entrusted to my care and fucking her?

To be continued…