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The Wife Next Door: Part VII-Angela's Best Friend

The plot thickens as Angela runs into her best friend Lisa
The Wife Next Door: Part VII- Angela’s Best Friend

I was emerging slowly from an incredibly restful sleep. Almost dreamlike visions of Angela and what had happened last night flitted through my brain and I wasn’t sure what was real and what was, perhaps, just a dream. In this half awakened state my mind thought of Angela’s beautiful little pink nipples and how I had sucked on them. I thought of how my big purple cockhead had slipped into her seventeen-year-old pale pink labia and had finally thrust into her ever-so-tight virgin vagina turning Angela into a young woman.

In this dreamy wonderland I could feel my cock hard and pulsing. I could feel sensations and I dreamed Angela was giving me head again. When my eyes did finally open a bit and I gazed down in a half-asleep dazed state, to my surprise a small head of blond hair was bobbing up and down over my hard morning cock. I couldn’t help it but I let out a huge moan, my hands reaching feebly to hold onto her head as Angela hungrily sucked on my sensitive cock.

Angela swirled her tongue around my cockhead causing my cock to jump and pulse in her mouth throbbing with engorged blood. She giggled at this response and then pushed her head down further. Angela was certainly getting my cock further down her throat this time and the feeling of waking to a blowjob was not something I had ever had before and it was hard to control myself.

Angela was completely naked now with all her lingerie from last nights lustful coupling scattered and lying on the floor. Her seventeen-year-old lithe body was picture perfect in the early morning light. Angela’s smooth firm pert breasts, nipples pink and erect and an incredibly tight and firm ass are on display. My eyes take this all in driving my arousal level ever higher and higher. Between Angela’s soft warm lips, her swirling teasing tongue, her sucking motions and her tight firm body I will not last long.

Seeming to sense how close I was to a loss of control, Angela eased her mouth off my cock with a soft slurping sound. She ran her hands over my chest dragging her nails tantalizingly across my skin and pulled her face and lips up to mine. We entered into a deep kiss. Like sated lovers waking up the kiss did not have the sexual urgency of the night before, but was relaxed and passionate with a quiet kind of intensity. Angela swung her right leg over my body and straddled me.

My bulging throbbing cock was pushing into Angela's hips and thigh. Without words and with our lips locked in a tender and slow kiss, our tongues playfully probing, Angela shifted her pussy so that her cervix and pussy lips were directly on top of my hard rod and she started to masturbate herself by rubbing against me. Angela moved her hips very slowly in small humps and rotations and somehow knew exactly when to stop or slow down so as to not to bring me off. Quickly her outer vagina lips became coated in slick viscous creamy white juices and my almost eight-inch cock was equally coated in her love juice.

Without any words at all--almost as if this whole thing was still a dream--Angela lifted her hips and reached down with her left hand and positioned my cock head at the entrance to her vagina. Her hips were raised and I didn’t need to do anything except lie back on the bed. Angela was in complete control as she slightly shifted her hips back and my cock pushed slightly into her vagina entrance. Angela was still extremely tight, but more relaxed this morning than her first time last night. Rather than being tense and nervous, this time it was Angela who wanted it.

Angela shifted her hips and slowly moved my cock in one inch and then two inches. She rocked her hips back and forth and lifted her lips and tongue from mine as a low moan escaped from her throat. I kissed and bit the side of her neck lovingly and moved my hands to her pert breasts and hard tiny pink nipples. I tweaked the nipples causing her to push back on my cock with new urgency and more moaning came from her mouth. Angela’s hips and thighs were enveloping me while her tight pussy was initially resisting my cock, but then was grabbing at it with soft contractions of her pussy walls. She whispered into my ear,

“My God Rob, my pussy is so tingly. You make me feel so full. It feels wonderful!”

I could only moan in agreement as Angela’s hips moved downwards and buried me completely in her love tunnel. Angela arched her back to position her clit better and get more contact with my pelvic bone and she rubbed and gyrated to grind it into me. This allowed me a good look at her perfectly firm and rounded breasts inches from my face. I took the right breast into my mouth and gently sucked and dragged my teeth lightly across the rubbery pink button nipple and tiny areola. I pulled my head to the side and looked down at our entwined bodies. The snugness of her thighs wrapped around my waist, the cuteness of her trim butt pushing up and down over my hard cock, were a sight that caused my sensations to build and my orgasm was coming soon. I put my lips close to Angela’s left ear and whispered to her,

“I’m coming soon. I’m sorry! I can’t hold it any longer unless you stop moving your hips right now.”

My brain was expecting a seventeen-year-old near virgin to follow my suggestion and my cock was expecting her hips to stop moving. Unexpectedly Angela pushed down with new urgency, her lips locked onto mine in a passionate kiss, her tongue thrust deeply into my mouth and her hips doubled their speed. This was like a shot of electricity. My cock exploded and my brain exploded and I thrust my hips upwards to meet Angela’s.

Angela let out a soft cry from deep in her throat and her pussy walls contracted and quivered around my exploding cock. My come shot out and I pinched her right nipple harder hopefully driving a bolt of sensation to Angela's pussy and her brain. Angela cried out again more loudly and our hips kept thrusting into each other with abandon. Angela arched her back and thrust her hips in a hard thrust as she shook and trembled coming in a soft release, a throaty moan escaping from her lips. Our hips kept moving, but were now slowing as our passion ebbed slightly. A second shot of come followed a second or two behind my first release and it was like I had two mini-orgasms. I don’t think I had ever felt that before.

I held Angela’s sweaty body on top of me and we lay together catching our breath. I looked her in the eyes and said,

“How did you come up with that idea young lady?”

Angela looked back at me with a mischievous smile.

“Last night was so nice Rob, I just wanted to do it again.”

I let Angela use the large bathroom to have her shower and get ready for the day and I used the guest bedroom. When I came back she had on some extremely cute and tight white summer shorts and a classy navy top that was snug to her breasts and tapered at her waist. Her blond hair was pulled back into a ponytail and she had on a black headband with little diamonds. Angela wore no make up and had just a hint of lip-gloss and simple silver earrings. Angela asked if we could have a nice brunch to celebrate her new status as a “woman” as she called it, giggling and then go shopping again. I said that would be a great way to spend the day.

We went out to a nice Italian restaurant and had Eggs Benedict and I ordered her a champagne and OJ to recognize her “womanhood”. We toasted our incredible evening and actually we were having a wonderful time with nice conversation. A lot of people glanced our way because Angela is really a stunning beauty and I’m sure they thought I was an extremely lucky guy. The fact that she was giggling and laughing and wearing the most stunning smile I’m sure added to her allure.

Angela wanted to go back to the same mall and so we walked around shopping. She took my hand and she certainly looked young and elegant beside me with her tanned and sophisticated look. Angela saw that Victoria’s Secret “PINK” line was on sale and she started jumping up and down in excitement. We went in the shop and she picked out some black lace waist yoga pants with a blue lace waistband. She also picked out a couple of leopard print tank tops, one pink and one light blue. She grabbed some bras and panties and grabbed my hand.

“Follow me Rob, I need your advice.”

I said I couldn’t go in the changing room with her. I was a little timid as I thought the sales lady might notice my age and object. Angela feigned a perturbed look and frowned at me. Angela grabbed my hand and pulled me to the changing rooms. The sales lady looked about thirty-five and Angela looked her right in the eye and said,

“I need my boyfriend’s advice.”

And with that simple declaration she pulled me inside. The sales lady did not even bat an eye.

Inside the changing room Angela pulled off her clothes and modeled various bras and panty sets for me without being at all self-conscious. The yoga pants with the blue lace waistband fit her perfectly and molded to her bum like they were sprayed on and looked super hot. Angela really liked a pair of “Perfect Pink” hipster cotton panties with black lace waist band and the words, “You Want Me” written across her butt. She laughed and giggled and said,

“Well, it’s true isn’t it! You do WANT me don’t you Rob?”

I agreed the panties were very, very cute. Angela also selected a couple of push up bras with lace and one strapless push-up bra. Angela said she would find “just the right strapless dress” for the bra and “seduce me like a minx” and then she giggled and kissed me lightly.

We kept shopping and Angela said she wanted a new swim suit so we went to Ralph Lauren and she bought a suit with tiny pink bottoms and a white bikini top with sequins in pink and light blue and lavender. It was really stunning and again she brought me into the changing room. All of this visual exposure to her taught teen body and various sexy outfits was causing quite a rise to my cock, notwithstanding its double release only a few hours before. Angela reached out and rubbed my bulge and said flirtatiously,

“Hmmm Rob, looks like we may be having some more fun tonight.”

Later we were walking through the mall holding hands and Angela ran into one of her close friends from school, Lisa. She called out and Lisa turned around. This girl had long dark brown hair cut in a silky blunt cut past her shoulders. I would say she was about 5’ 6” with light caramel tanned skin and huge round hazel eyes and long eyelashes.

Lisa had a heart shaped face with plump lips with their own natural redness. She was slightly more “curvy” than Angela with about 34 C breasts and wider more feminine hips and was perhaps slightly heavier at around 120 lbs. Angela introduced us and Lisa was very demure and batted her eyelashes and seemed to be quite shy. The two girls giggled and held hands and decided to run into Juicy Couture to look around. I went for a Starbucks and to take a pee and let my half engorged cock deflate.

The two girls called me a half hour later and I rejoined them. They were holding hands and talking very animatedly. Angela looked at me,

“We both have new swim suits. Can Lisa come over and swim with us?”

I had no objection so we set off for home to make use of the pool. At my house Lisa went into the spare bedroom to change and Angela and I went into my master bedroom. When I pulled down my slacks Angela came over and grabbed my cock and gave it a good squeeze.

“Tonight, Ok? Rob, be nice to Lisa, she’s my best friend.”

Angela explained that Lisa was turning eighteen soon and had already graduated from high school and would be going to university in the fall. She was very smart and the two of them had met in AP math and physics classes. I asked if she had a boyfriend, but Angela said with a sort of twinkle in her eye,

“No, I’m her closest friend. She hasn’t had much luck with guys.”

Angela looked stunning in her polo swimsuit with double string ties across each hip for the bottoms and a tiny pink string connecting over her neck and behind her back for the bikini top. I helped tied the back strings into a bow for her. We headed down to the pool. After a few minutes Lisa walked out onto the deck and she was incredibly hot looking in zebra print metallic gold bikini with an orange zebra stripe pattern and black rope style ties.

Lisa’s body was very athletic with a firm waist and tummy, strong shoulders and arms, large firm 34 C breasts that given her youth were still high and plump and very firm. Her ass was spectacular with about 36” hips and rounded firm bum cheeks with not any fat or giggle to them at all. Completely firm and taught and tapered to the waist and perhaps the greatest teen ass I have ever seen. The front of the bikini had a flat pubic mound area with a nice bone hump just above her vagina. Lisa’s legs were slim, but not too slim and nicely toned. Her skin was tanned and brown and caramel all over. Angela grabbed my arm and poked me hard in the ribs.

“Hey, stop staring. Put your eyes back inside your head Rob.”

And then she started laughing. She leaned close and whispered in my ear,

“Isn’t Lisa so hot. I have the hottest girlfriends, right?”

I nodded in agreement and we lay our towels out on the sun chairs. Lisa asked Angela to put suntan lotion on her back and Angela took the SPF 50 and slowly and methodically covered every inch of Lisa’s body. I could swear the two of them were enjoying it and I was certainly enjoying watching. When she was finished Angela asked me to do the same for her which I did enjoying the chance to move my hands over her beautiful tight young body while every now and then casting glances at Lisa’s amazingly sexy body lying inches away. The two of them could easily be swimsuit models given their incredibly toned and feminine bodies.

We lay in the sun for quite a while enjoying the heat and drinking some cool lemonade. Lisa’s phone rang. It was her mom. She turned to Angela.

“My Mom’s going on a date with that guy again tonight so I’m on my own again. She probably won’t even come home.”

It turns out that Angela’s Mom is divorced and she is dating a new guy and is in that “hot and heavy” phase where she is trying to hook him by having sex with him as much as possible. Angela tells Rob that Lisa is "mixed" and her Mom is a really cute Latina and that's where Lisa gets her beautiful skin tone and exotic sexy features.

Angela looked at me.

“Lisa can have dinner with us tonight and sleep over. Right Rob?”

I was hesitant and stammered. I didn’t really know if this would be ok with her Mom. Lisa called her mom back right away and told her she was sleeping over with Angela and her mom didn’t even ask any questions or put up any protest.

“She’s glad to dump me off, she only wants to be with that guy.” Lisa added.

What could I say? The two girls were looking at me expectantly.

“C’mon Rob. We’ll go out for pizza and then Lisa and I will let you watch our favorite movie with us. Right Lisa?”

I looked at this sultry brunette who nodded in response with a wicked grin on her face.

“Yep, our favorite movie.”

The situation was getting more and more complicated. I had wanted to have another night of passionate sex with Angela before Pim got back and I had to confess to what had happened during her absence. Now it looked like my plans were being ruined by the necessity to take care of Lisa. Not much I could do. I couldn’t really protest to Lisa and say,

“Well, actually I’d rather you not sleep over because I really want to fuck your seventeen-year-old best friend.”

Angela had again out maneuvered me and got me to agree to her plan. Angela seemed to be able to wrap me around her finger and to get me to do whatever she wanted. We needed to go upstairs to change to change for dinner. I let the girls use my master bedroom with the large glass shower with the “rain shower” feature while I changed in the smaller guest room. I had my shower and wrapped a towel and then realized that I had forgotten my underwear and socks in my bedroom. I rapped lightly on the door and eased it open. I could hear the shower still running. I decided to quickly slip in the bedroom and get my stuff.

As I moved to the walk-in closet I saw through the bathroom door that was slightly ajar Lisa soaping Angela’s body. She was running her bubble-covered hands all up and down Angela’s chest and around her breasts. Then Lisa’s hands got more soap and bubbles and went down Angela’s back and onto her butt. Angela appeared to have her eyes closed and to be thoroughly enjoying Lisa’s soaping of her body. My eyes were locked onto this incredibly erotic sight of two hot young seventeen-year-old girls soaping each other in the shower. Then I heard Angela say,

“Almost done?”

My trance was broken and I quickly grabbed my underwear and socks and quietly exited the bedroom. Dressing quickly I move downstairs to wait for the girls hoping they didn’t notice me peeping in the shower.


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