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The Wife Next Door: Part VIII-Watching a Movie

Angela and Lisa want John to watch their favorite movie. Who knows what this could lead to?
The Wife Next Door: Part VIII-Watching a Movie

When we last left John his teenage seductress Angela and her best friend Lisa were having a shower to get ready for dinner. John had inadvertently seen the two girls having a rather soapy good time together and had gotten more than a little aroused. Now John is waiting for the two seventeen-year-olds to appear so they can go to dinner.


I waited downstairs and after about 45 minutes the two girls skipped down the stairs holding hands. I let out a little wolf whistle in appreciation for their efforts in dressing up for our dinner out. They giggled in unison and Angela used her hand to gesture towards their outfits and said,

“So, you approve Rob?” We all laughed.

Angela had on a her new skin tight yoga pants with the blue lace waistband and a tight white vest style corset top with underwire that tied in a bow behind her back and revealed her entire tanned and taught abdomen and waist. Angela had added a decorative rhinestone chain detail around her waist that drew your eye to her stunning slim figure. Angela’s now curled ringlets of hair were gathered with a large rhinestone hair clip into a mass of curls tumbling down her back. Angela was wearing a pair of cute mule slip-ons with black satin bands across her toes and a tiny diamond rhinestone heart design.

Lisa for her part was wearing an olive green sleeveless halter mini dress with a jeweled collar style neck. The mini dress was slit open in the front and had a see-through sheer panel in the back. The deep plunging slit in the front together with the collar neck made for a very sophisticated but sexy look. Lisa had on black heels that gave her about another inch and a half of height. Lisa had also curled her previously straight hair into a lustrous mass of Latina curls and had added dangly silver earrings. The color of the dress very much complimented Lisa’s skin tone, eyes and dark brown hair. The total effect of Lisa’s sophisticated look and the additional height from the heels was to make her look like a very sexy and confident young woman in her early twenties.

The girls grabbed me by each arm and we headed out for the Italian restaurant. The organic thin crust pizza with spicy Italian sausage was great and we enjoyed some good wine. While Lisa mostly talked with Angela she also spoke with me about university and what it would be like venturing on to this next exciting stage in her life. As we spoke I was very distracted by Lisa’s long eyelashes and huge hazel eyes. The other major distraction with Lisa was her ample swelling breasts tantalizingly visible—just slightly-- via the slit in the front of her dress. The advancing evening was also bringing on a slight chill and the sheer draped fabric on the front of Lisa’s dress revealed her hardening nipples.

As we ate the pizza amongst the busy restaurant both girls were very animated and having a wonderful time. Lisa turned to Angela,

“It’s great to be treated like an adult finally. Angela, no wonder you like Rob so much. I’m having so much fun, let’s have desert.”

All three of us ordered the strawberry shortcake with extra whipped cream (which the waitress told us was their specialty) and it was excellent. Angela got a spoonful of whipped cream on her spoon and was feeding it to me when she looked at Lisa mischievously and said,

“Lisa, there are other ways to eat whipped cream that are even more exciting than this.”

Their eyes sparkled in delight and the two of them burst into laughter while I gagged on the cream as I laughed myself. These two were two hot to handle when they were together.

After dinner we went window-shopping to walk off the food and Straits had a band on so we went in to listen to the band. Again the girls looked much older than they were and since I looked older and it wasn’t a weekend there was no one at the door to challenge them for an ID. We sat down and the girls whispered to each other. Then Angela leaned against me and whispered,

“Can we try Red Bull and vodka? Everyone says that’s the best drink, but Lisa and I have never had it. Please Rob!”

I looked at them skeptically, but their sexy pouts were irresistible, I gave in again and ordered them both Red Bull and vodka. Since I was driving and wanted also to be able to screw Angela tonight I held off and just ordered a Coke. This made the girls laugh and they made merciless fun of me since two girls were going to “out drink” an older guy.

After the Red Bull and vodka the girls wanted to try other drinks and before I knew it they were both a little drunk. After finishing the fourth drink the girls insisted they wanted to go home and watch our movie before it got too late.

At home I followed them up the stairs and again they were both holding my hand. Angela’s butt looked spectacular in her yoga pants and Lisa’s mini just barely covered her gorgeous firm rounded ass as they headed up the stairs ahead of me. The view was not lost on my cock. The blood started pumping and it proceeded to swell. I felt more than a few tingles in my groin given the proximity of these two spectacular rear ends only inches from my nose. The girls were giggling and a bit drunk still when they went into the extra room to change into something more comfortable. I did the same in my bedroom looking for comfortable clothes to relax in. I could hear shopping bags opening and a lot of animated conversation as the two girls retreated.

I put on a pair of casual black sports pants with lots of room in the front for my cock, but still a bit dressy looking. On top I put on a retro black Che Guevara cotton t-shirt from my university days, a nice black Kimono style robe with a ribbon tie waist belt that was loose and comfortable. I slipped some soft Moccasin sheepskin slippers on my feet. I went downstairs and got out some nice crisp chardonnay in a glass and waited for the girls to come down and pick the movie.

I was hoping that Lisa’s sleepover was not going to cramp Angela’s style and we’d be able to sleep together and have some hot sex tonight. I might have to come into a towel to release myself if Angela decided to be modest and sleep with her friend in the spare room instead. Pim would be coming back soon and I didn’t really know if she’d approve of what had happened with Angela or how this would all go down with Angela’s Mom.

After some time the girls made their way to the living room. I stood as they entered and my heart stopped for a short beat. I had a short intake of breath. Angela had on a white sleeveless vest style top with a shirt collar neckline that was tied just below her perfect B bust. She had on a light grey pleated mini-skirt and white knee socks with black patent shoes. Angela had dressed up in a total “school girl” sex-kitten outfit. Her blond hair shimmered and her tight firm breasts looked larger than normal with the short top and the accentuating curves of her slim waist. Angela’s choice of outfit made me more optimistic about my chances later that night and I smiled a big guilty smile.

Lisa obviously did not want to be out-shone by Angela and had on a black and gold Jaguar print body hugging baby doll tank top made out of stretch Lycra. It had black lace trim around the neckline and hem. Lisa’s body in this skin-tight creation was to die for. She had on skin-tight black sport tights, low on her hips, which emphasized her well-proportioned curvaceous athletic body. Lisa’s rounded hips and ass were incredible in their firmness and her breasts stood out high and well rounded in the Lycra stretch top. The total effect was sexy and sophisticated.

Angela looked at me with her devilishly sexy young mind clearly scheming something and said,

“So, Lisa and I are dressed for our favorite movie. Are you ready Roberto?”

And she took Lisa’s hand and the two of them burst into peels of laughter. The two girls moved towards my 52” flat screen TV and Blue-Ray. Angela dug around and then said,

“Ah Ha, here it is.”

And the two of them put on a movie turning towards me with huge sexy grins on their faces. I just couldn’t imagine what these two were up to that made them so giddy and happy? It turns out the movie they put on is “Wild Things” with a very convoluted plot of greed, betrayal and sexy seductive deception.

The girls pushed me onto the sofa and then Angela seated herself next to me and Lisa leaned against Angela. We pulled up a soft tartan blanket and sipped wine while the movie plot unfolded. The two girls in the movie are definitely hot (Denise Richards and Neve Campbell) and their sexy outfits motivated me to put my hand on Angela’s right breast under the blanket and massage her nipple. I was hoping to heat her up a bit to convince her to spend the night with me later. Her nipple responded eagerly and quickly hardened to a small pointed nib.

Angela leaned her head back and kissed me on the lips deeply and then looked over at Lisa.

“Rob looks a bit like Matt Dillon doesn’t he. Shall we call him “Sam” for tonight?”

The two of them giggled. Lisa looked at me with her big hazel eyes and said,

“Yeah, he’s pretty hunky in the chest and could pass for Sam Lombardo.”

Angela put her lips close to my ear,

“Lisa thinks you’re pretty nice. She also thinks you’re very sexy looking. I told her how good you are in bed and I think she’s a little jealous.”

Our lips connected again in a deep kiss. Her whispering and flirtatious talking was certainly getting me aroused and my almost eight-inch cock was starting to swell the front of my pants. Angela’s small left hand moved inside my sport slacks elastic waist and she started to lightly stroke my cock really bringing it to life.

After a while Angela got up and said she needed to go to the bathroom. Lisa asked her to not leave, as she would be lonely and scared. Angela whispered in Lisa’s ear and then turned to us,

“Rob will keep you company and hold you so you’re not scared.”

With that Lisa smiled and shifted over close to my body and leaned against me. Angela looked at me,

“Take care of my best friend and make sure she’s not scared.”

I put my right arm over Lisa’s shoulders and she quickly grabbed my hand and pulled arm down across her chest and snuggled her warm supple body into mine. My hand and forearm were now literally right across Lisa’s firm C breasts, which were only covered by her flimsy black tank top. I could feel her breasts and they felt warm, almost hot, next to my hand and arm.

Her bosom was rising and falling gently as Lisa was breathing. Lisa lightly slid her left hand across my thigh and let it rest on the inside of my right leg sending tingles and new sensations to my already engorged cock which had been highly excited by Angela’s recent stroking. A scary scene came on and Lisa dug her nails into my thigh causing me to shudder in excitement, which I tried my best to mask from Lisa. When the scene passed she almost absentmindedly let her left hand make featherlike motions on my inner thigh causing me to shift and move my hips to allow my almost eight-inch cock some room to throb.

Angela returned and positioned herself on my other side and tucked herself up against my back and shoulders. She took her hands and started to massage my shoulders, which felt really nice. Her pert breasts were pushed into my shoulder blades. We were all watching the show and Angela said,

“Here comes our favorite part, right Lisa?”

Lisa nodded her head in agreement. On the screen the character Sam had both girls in the bedroom and he started to undo Kelly’s (the rich blond girl’s) top and to slowly remove her panties from under the pleated skirt. A light came on in my head and I now understood why the two girls were dressed the way they were. Angela in her light grey pleated skirt and white top looked strikingly like Kelly van Ryan, the rich girl. Lisa in her black Jaguar print lycra tank top was a sultry and sexy Suzie Toller, Neve Campbell’s character. These girls really had my mind spinning now.

Angela put her warm lips next to my left ear,

“So Sam, how do you like the movie so far? Who do you think is sexier Kelly or Suzie? Or do you want to have both of us?”

Interestingly she didn’t say, “have both of ‘them’”, she said “both of us”. I stuttered and stammered and the girls giggled. Angela (Kelly) grabbed my glass of Chardonnay and took a sip and then her hand slipped and she spilled half the glass onto Lisa’s (Suzie’s) black top over her left breast. The two girls turned towards me at the same time and Angela said,

“Sorry Suzie, let me help you with that.”

To my shock and surprise Angela lifted up Lisa’s black top and exposed her very firm left breast and she started to lick the wine off her breast. Angela then moved her head up and kissed Lisa on the lips in a deep kiss. My head was spinning at this point and Angela turned to me,

“Rob, help me clean Lisa’s breast.”

Angela pushed my head down very firmly with her right hand until my mouth and lips were poised right above Lisa’s very swelled and round breast. Her small light brown areola and her semi-hard nipple were only millimeters from my now excited lips and eager tongue.

Lisa’s growing need, her arousal and impatience, caused her to take matters into her own hands. She took her left hand and gave my head a final push so that my hot lips met her nipple and I commenced lapping up the spilled crisp Chardonnay. My tongue flicked back and forth across Lisa’s rapidly hardening button. I swirled my tongue around the nub as it hardened and lightly bit on the rubbery tissue. The two girls kept my head held down in contact with Lisa’s breast while they resumed their own urgent kiss. My eyes rolled upwards and I watched as their tongues explored each other’s mouths in a hungry rising passion of sexual exploration.

It was clear to me that this was not a new experience for these two hot girls. In fact, it was I who was at their mercy as they used me like a prop for their sex play. I had never been with two girls before and being with two extremely sexy seventeen-year-old ones made it seem almost like a dream. My cock at this point was pulsing with blood and two young teen women were virtually straddling me and pressing their firm young breasts into my face while they got hot with each other. I could see they were so into each other that my cock held little interest for them at this point.

Angela pushed Lisa’s top up further exposing both of Lisa’s incredible breasts and they pushed my head to the other side and had me lick and nibble on her right breast. Moans and sighs became audible from the two of them as our passion levels started to increase. My mouth and eyes, my hands, were overcome by sensory over-load. Too much was happening too fast for my brain to even comprehend how fucking sexy this all was. Angela lifted my head and put my hands on her white top.

“Mr. Lombardo, do your job and follow the script.”

With this Angela put my fingers on the knot in the center of her pert breasts and had me pull her top open. This exposed a second set of breasts, this set were smaller, more pert with very light pink areolas and small flesh colored nipples. An innocent looking delicate white lace bra with a front clasp gently supported these two perfect orbs, stunning 34 B’s. I immediately undid the bra clasp exposing this set of breasts.

My mouth moved to Angela’s breasts with intense expectation as what was happening started to sink into my highly excited brain. My tongue and lips commenced the arousal of these pink pleasure zones. What I had learned about Angela was that her breasts while medium sized where very, very sensitive and responsive. Especially Angela’s nipples and areola were highly responsive and even light touches drew an amazing reaction. I knew that I could almost bring her to orgasm with just the arousal of her nipple areas and the light touching of the underside of her breasts. If I combined this arousal of her breasts with featherlike touches to her Mons pubis and her outer vagina lips she would go crazy.

Even without any penetration I could have Angela’s hips gyrating and thrusting and bring her to a mild climax. My light nibbles on her breasts produced the expected cries of intense arousal and Angela pushed her breast more firmly against my lips and tongue. I continued my light licking, flicking, swirling, sucking and nibbling on both breasts for a few minutes while the two girls embraced and kissed above me. Angela was using her small hands and fingers to gently tweak Lisa’s nipples.

The two girls then stood up in front of me and pushed me down onto the floor on my knees in front of them. Angela took my hands and placed them under her pleated skirt indicating she wanted me to remove her tiny and delicate white lace panties. I slowly pulled the panties over her rounded buttocks and hips and down her slim and firm tanned legs. I could feel the front of the panties were already soaking wet from her juices of arousal.

Angela and Lisa’s hands pushed my head further under Angela’s skirt and my nose could smell her teenage womanhood in full moist musky arousal. My hungry lips met her slick wet vagina lips and I started to run my tongue up and down her highly lubricated slit with only slight penetration, a light teasing foreplay. I did this until Angela’s hips were gyrating and humping against my face. I then located Angela’s clitoris and gave it a tender soft sucking sensation by enclosing my lips around it and sucking gently while using the lightest strokes of my rough tongue surface to tease. I then swirled my tongue rapidly in circles around Angela’s now highly excited clit. The friction of the swirling tongue caused Angela’s legs to shudder and tremble against my chest as she came within a whisper of a quick first orgasm. I was able to stop my tongue just in time to prevent her from exploding too early.

The girls pulled my hands up and pushed me back onto my wide brown leather sofa. They both pounced on top of me and Angela pulled my robes belt open and pulled the robe away from my body. Lisa meanwhile grabbed the bottom of my Che Guevara t-shirt and pulled it over my head to reveal my broad chest. Each of them grabbed one leg of my sports pants and pulled the waist down over my now engorged almost eight-inch cock and down to my ankles. I was laying there in my pale blue boxers, cock bulging in front, with two over-excited seventeen-year-old sex goddesses poised over me.

Angela leaned sideways and grabbed the waistband of Lisa’s Lycra sport pants and pulled them quickly down to the floor. Lisa was above me in nothing more than a light baby doll black tank top pulled above her large breasts and a tiny black thong panty. Angela took Lisa by her hips and proceeded to position her hips above my prone body directly over my face. My eyes, gazing up as this happened, must have looked like huge orbs dazed by the sexual frenzy about to take place.

I looked up at the tiny black triangle of fabric inches from my face. Lisa leaned her arms forward and put her hands against the back of the sofa to give her support. Lisa then lowered her hips towards my face. I used my hands to shift her thong to the side and without any words my lips met this new almost eighteen-year-old sweet smelling pussy. My tongue explored Lisa’s engorged outer vagina lips and penetrated her tangy peach flavored pussy to taste Lisa for the first time.

Lisa moaned in response to my experienced tongue action and pushed her hips harder against my mouth. I put my hands on each side of her hips and held them tightly to gain some control. My tongue probed and gently pushed forward, but her walls were very tight. I shifted my efforts to look for her clit and found it near the top of the slit. Lisa’s clitoris was somewhat larger and more prominent than Angela’s and easy to locate. My light flicks across the top of Lisa’s clit got a dramatic response with her hips surging against my straining forearms and she cried out in passionate arousal, calling my name for the first time in a cry of lust. The sound of my name coming from a throaty cry by this new teenage vixen made my cock bounce and throb in response.

Angela’s hands suddenly slipped under my boxer’s waistband and grabbed my cock. My boxers were pulled down to my ankles exposing me to her whims. Lisa’s body and hips above my face blocked my view so I couldn’t see or anticipate what was to come next. Before my brain had a chance record and process what was happening Angela’s lips were sliding over my large purple cock head.

Blissful and pulsing pleasure sensations were swirling around my brain as Angela’s soft warm lips slipped up and down over my cock, her tongue dancing and teasing, sucking and sliding sensations alternating, causing me to lose focus on my pussy licking efforts. In response to my faltering tongue Lisa started to shift her hips back and forth as she tried to increase the friction and push her arousal level higher. I tried my best to gather my mind and refocus on Lisa’s sweet pussy and her erect clit. Lisa’s soft outer lips, now soaked in slick thick juices combined with my saliva, felt wonderful against my lips and I lapped and sucked with enthusiasm.

Angela was aware of my high state of arousal and pulled her mouth off my cock just in time before I exploded my semen into her soft warm mouth. My cock flailed about, now free, bouncing up and down in the cold air looking for a new source of pleasure. Angela teasingly traced her fingernails up and down my inner thighs driving new thrills and shivers through my prone body.

Angela turned to face Lisa above me so they could kiss in a passionate kiss. My eyes gazed up in astonishment at Lisa’s smooth arched back, firm round ass and beautiful lustrous curled hair cascading down her back. I slowly slid my hands up the side of Lisa’s back and around her front to grab one breast in each hand.

My thumb and forefinger lightly gripped each of Lisa’s erect nipples and I commenced light pulses of pressure on each rubbery nib. I matched this pulsing pressure on Lisa’s nipples with a simultaneous cadence of soft flicks across her clit with my tongue each time in rhythm. I increased the speed, delivering rapid pinches of light pressure on both nipples combined with a soft flick of her clit, pause and then repeat, pause and then repeat, again and again. The effect of this technique on Lisa was pretty awesome. Lisa’s athletic body was writhing in passion, her moans and cries becoming louder and louder by the minute. My arms could barely hold Lisa’s gyrating hips that were thrusting eagerly against my now wet and juice covered face.

I felt a small soft hand gently lift my cock upwards and position it upright. Two very slick and slippery soft pussy lips were soon rubbing against my cock head and down the length of the shaft. Without any warning my cock was slipping deep into Angela’s tight pussy. My cock was soon buried completely in her young cunt as Angela mounted me facing forward towards Lisa. Angela’s pleated skirt was rubbing teasingly on my stomach and thighs. Angela started to move her hips in a slow forward and backward rocking motion. Angela moved her hands and her hands joined mine in teasing Lisa’s firm breasts.

I could feel my come building in my aching balls and was doing my best to ignore Angela’s pussy gripping tightly on my cock. I focused on my tongue and thrust it as deeply as I could into Lisa, feeling her tight pussy walls resist my penetrating thrust. I rolled my tongue into a firmer tight roll so I could penetrate more easily and push against her walls tight resistance. I made several rapid thrusts deep into Lisa’s pussy with my rolled tongue feeling her shiver and shake. I moved my tongue back to the front of her pussy, returning to soft back and forth strokes to her clit. Lisa’s excitement started to build as my tongue flicked very rapidly in light butterfly kisses over the very tip of her clit. The moans and cries from the two girls were also contributing to my arousal and my come was really getting ready to explode. I need to think of anything else in an attempt to delay my release so Angela could come together with me.

In an effort to get Lisa to come before coming myself, I made a final effort to completely arouse her clit with my tongue while simultaneously inserting one of my fingers in her pussy. The walls of Lisa’s pussy were very tight, but my finger combined with the tongue action sent her over the edge. I flicked as rapidly and lightly as I could with my tongue, then sucked strongly directly on her clit and then returned to light tongue flicks, always alternating. At the same time I was flicking and sucking with my mouth I moved my finger gently and rapidly side-to-side rubbing her pussy walls. Suddenly Lisa arched her back, her body shuddered and went rigid, and she cried out in release with her hips thrashing against my tongue and mouth. I did my best to hold on and maintain contact between her pussy and my tongue.

Within seconds of Lisa becoming immersed in a huge orgasm Angela increased the speed of her hip movements and her pussy walls clenched and grabbed at my thick burning cock holding it in a tight squeeze. I cried out that I was coming and this seemed to drive the two girls into a frenzy of sexual excitement. Angela increased her hip speed even further and then, without warning, my come exploded from my body in a huge release.

As if in a daze, two warm wet pussies holding my body down, one pressing on my cock, the other pushing against my face, I heard Angela scream in pleasure just as my come started to shoot into her contracting pussy. Lisa was slowing her hip thrusts against my mouth to a gentle rock as I arched my back in the midst of my orgasm thrusting my hips upwards to push my cock as deep as possible into Angela. With a mutual climax enveloping us, both Angela and I cried out loudly in full release. My hips held Angela high above the bed as she straddled my arched body and pushed her pussy hard against my cock and pubic bone in rapid thrusts.

As the peak of my climax quickly subsided my body collapsed and my hips crashed back to the soft cotton sheets on the bed. Angela and Lisa both collapsed on top of my limp body with sweat and love juices everywhere. This had been the most incredible sexual experience of my whole life. I glanced from my prone position on the sofa, my breathing heavy and ragged, Angela and Lisa's hot bodies prostrate on top of me and I could see the TV flickering with the credits of the movie now rolling.

To be continued……

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