The Wife Next Door: Part V-Taking Care of Angela

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Pim helps out her friend Sandra deal with an impossible daughter...Rob does what he can to help
The Wife Next Door: Part V-Taking Care of Angela

Angela is a 16-year-old knockout. She’s the stepdaughter of one of my Dad’s old friends from the law firm. Angela has the cutest face you have ever seen, complimented by sparkling blue eyes and blonde hair. When she smiles it lights up the room and the little dimples on her cheeks and her white smile dazzle everyone.

What can I say about her incredible sixteen year-old body? Flawless! Angela has a slender frame with flared hips and nice 34B breasts that are so firm and sit up very pert and high. If her breasts were any larger they wouldn’t suit her petite slim body. On Angela 34B’s actually looked pretty large and prominent.

I do pretty well with women at 6’ tall and with a 180lb athletic body that is toned from time at the gym and lots of push-ups and crunches. I have a great relationship with my divorced neighbor Pim and she has taught me a lot about sex and how to make love to women.

The only problem with Angela was that she was 16 and I was now 25 almost 26, so there was nearly a 10-year age difference. Angela’s mother Sandra was 38 and a good friend of Pim’s. Angela sometimes came over to Pim’s house and played while the moms spent “girl time” together.

Often Angela would head next door to my house to use my pool since Pim knows she has an open invitation. I have an extremely satisfying sex life with Pim and she has even set up a few dates for me with her best friend Judy, who is a hot sexy Korean.

Pim “loaned” me to Judy one night when Judy was down in the dumps from being jilted by her boyfriend. I was pretty shocked, but learned that highly sexed women are similar to men, sometimes a good session of lovemaking is just what they need to pick up their spirits. Judy is also exceptional in bed and a lover who enjoys lots of foreplay and we always seem to have several orgasms together. Judy now sometimes calls Pim and “borrows” me when she wants a sure thing for a date.

As a normal horny hot-blooded young male sixteen year-old Angela was proving hard to be around while resisting the temptation to make a move on her. At sixteen Angela had blossomed into a very beautiful young woman. She had a lithe and athletic body, an angelic face and a bubbly personality. What’s to not desire? “Down cock! Down!”

Angela would play “catch” with us in the pool sometimes and was a lot of fun to be around for a young sixteen year-old girl. Angela demonstrated a lot of intelligence and maturity for her age, but she was also infectiously bubbly and flirtatious. It was impossible as a man not to be attracted to Angela, especially a young man with a big sex drive like myself.

I know that her mom’s divorce from her dad was hard on Angela and she did not really get along with her stepdad. As Angela got older this problem worsened and in order to help Sandra out Pim would let Angela spend more and more time at her house. In the last few months the problems at home have progressed to the point where Angela basically often lives next door with Pim for several days at a time.

Now that Angela was sixteen she had started to wear extremely sexy bikinis when she was swimming in my pool. This is when it became impossible for me to ignore her incredible body. Also around Pim’s house and when Angela dressed for school her clothes started to get tighter and to be “form fitting” and shaped around her tight young body.

Angela’s skirts became shorter and shorter which caused me no end of erections. Angela got her mom to buy her the latest “skinny” designer jeans that really showed off her firm and rounded teenage butt. When Angela leaned over she would expose the top of a stringy little thong underwear. What could I do, my eyes were just naturally attracted to this teasing sixteen year-old vixen.

Just thinking about that image of Angela in my mind would raise a hard-on and get my fantasies going. When Angela walked away from me sometimes I couldn’t help but stare as her butt would swing side-to-side and her feminine hips would just look so seductive. Sometimes I could swear that she gave me a little hip wiggle.

Yes, I admit it. I was staring at Angela every chance I got. Sometimes Pim would see me staring at hot young Angela’s body and pinch me and say with a giggle, ”Control yourself young man or I’ll tell Sandra.”

Pim would see me blush and then burst out laughing. Incredible sexual tension was building up just from watching sixteen year-old Angela prance around my pool and Pim’s house in her increasingly sexy outfits.

Angela was a very sexy young woman with a hot body and she certainly knew it. It was clear Angela enjoyed the effect she had on me and wanted to flaunt her sex appeal a little. I assumed Angela was just taking her sexy new sixteen year-old body out for a test drive with some innocent teasing and flirting. Luckily I had Pim when the lights went out to deal with my blue balls.

Sometimes while having sex with Pim I would fantasize that it was Angela riding me even though sex with Pim was the best sex of my whole life. As they say, “variety is the spice of life” and I was certainly becoming somewhat obsessed with Angela’s body, her vivacious smile and her bubbly hotness. It’s true, I’m a sucker for girls who tease and flirt a lot. Well Angela was certainly becoming somewhat of an expert in the field of flirtatious teasing, a veritable PhD.

I kept admiring Angela from a distance, but resisted any urge to touch her inappropriately or to send any signal of my sexual interest to her. I certainly didn’t want to get in trouble with her mom. What I did do was spend time with Angela when Pim and Angela wanted time alone for “girl talk”. I was sort of her “babysitter” if you want to put it that way.

Sometimes I would take Angela to the mall and buy her something she really wanted to make her feel good and hopefully score a few points with her. One time she really wanted a pink bag, another time a bikini and sun dress and most recently she was fixated on buying a pair of sunglasses that her Mom deemed too expensive for a 16 year-old girl.

Needless to say I bought the sunglasses for Angela. This evoked a shriek of joy from her. In her excitement Angela jumped up and down, grabbed me around my neck with her slender arms and planted a kiss on my lips.

“Oh my God Rob! You’re the best! You’re just the best! I love you! Thanks!! Oh thanks so much! My god these sunglasses are so cool. All the girls will be so jealous.”

Angela told me I was the nicest guy she had ever met and it was so nice to go shopping with me.

“It’s so much more fun shopping with you than with my mom,” Angela added.

Angela giggled and laughed and bounced up and down on her toes in her excitement at the purchase. Angela immediately had the lady cut the price tag off and she twirled and modeled the sunglasses for me pretending to look like a “hot model” as she described it. Actually, Angela did look like a “hot model” and Prada would be extremely lucky to have her modeling their stuff.

In July for her seventeenth birthday Angela got a BMW convertible from her real dad. I guess he was trying to make up for being an absent father. It was silver and Angela looked very hot driving her new car and looked more like a twenty-one year-old than a seventeen year-old. Angela had also started dating an older guy that her Mom definitely did not like. This led to more conflict at home.

Now the fights at Angela’s house were not only with her stepdad, but also with her Mom. I heard Pim and Sandra often talking about how “difficult” Angela was becoming. When Angela’s mother would punish her I would try to smooth things over and get on her good side. Angela was now a young adult and she wanted to stay out and “party” with her friends.

Now that Angela had her own car she had “wheels” and felt much more independent, which made her mom increasingly mad. I would try to talk with Angela and get her to calm down and see it from her mom’s side. At seventeen Angela was growing up fast and I had many fantasies about what she might be doing with her new older boyfriend and wished she could be doing it with me instead.

I heard from Pim that Angela had snuck her boyfriend up into her bedroom one night when she thought her mother was fast asleep. However Sandra knew exactly what seventeen year-old girls were like and was waiting for this to happen. The two of them had a huge fight when Sandra threw the boy out of the house. Sandra came over and told Pim she needed her help dealing with Angela whom she now referred to as her “impossible daughter”.

Sandra and her second husband (Angela’s stepdad) had planned a Hawaiian getaway and Sandra couldn’t bring Angela along, as Angela would ruin the whole holiday with nothing but fights. Sandra asked if Pim would take care of Angela for twelve days while she and her husband went away to Hawaii. Pim as a close friend who truly liked both Sandra and Angela agreed immediately.

Angela brought her things over and moved into Pim’s house for the next two weeks. That first night Pim and I had not had sex for a few days and Pim was definitely horny. We decided that after Angela had fallen asleep Pim would put on one of her Victoria’s Secret outfits and we would have a long hot session of lovemaking.

It was a struggle to get Angela to bed as she wanted to stay up and watch a movie, but we finally had her asleep by 10:30pm. Pim put on a polka dot apron baby doll with delicate pink trim from the PINK label at Victoria’s Secret and she looked so hot and sexy. I was hard right away as it had been a few days and I was so looking forward to pulling Pim into bed.

Pim was equally anxious to deal with her horniness and pulled me down eagerly onto the bed before I could grab her myself. Pim lost not a moment in putting my seven and a half inch steel hard cock in her warm soft mouth. Pim was an expert at sucking cock and slowly performed her magic on me driving me to head spinning heights of pleasure.

Pim brought me to the edge again and again with her swirling tongue before making me come in her mouth, which she normally didn’t do. Pim usually liked my hard rod inside her and her own number one desire was for us to come together in mutual orgasms. Today however Pim seemed to take great satisfaction in being the one in the driver’s seat and getting me to come in her mouth solo.

I flipped Pim onto her back and reciprocated with my own now very talented tongue. I gave Pim three major orgasms with my tongue, two in the vagina and one in the bum. I pulled her favorite slim pink vibrator out of the side table and used that to make her third orgasm especially intense. I spent so long kissing Pim’s pussy and ass and teasing her body with my tongue, my fingers, the vibrator and a bottle of gel that my cock had time to recover for a second round of sex.

The passage of time together with Pim’s orgasms and extreme excitement caused my cock to rise again and I became hard for the second time. I held Pim down; her hands spread above her head and penetrated her tight vagina with my long thick cock. I don’t know why but I was impatient tonight and thrust into Pim’s tight pussy with lust and urgency.

Had Pim’s ravenousness infected me? Lost in my own lust I was not paying attention to Pim’s arousal and she was getting close to coming again without me being aware. We were both breaking our own lovemaking rules of patience and sensitivity in the midst of our overpowering yearning and voracious desire. It had been too many days and we just wanted a hard fuck.

I took Pim’s legs and lifted them over my shoulders so her pussy was fully exposed to my thrusts and I rammed into her pulsing pussy again and again. Pim had taught me to be sensitive to a woman’s signals, to her responses, to be patient and to build her up; but tonight there was something driving me forward and I needed to fuck her hard and without stopping.

Everything Pim had taught me I ignored in a kind of wild lust as I thrust into her again and again. My cock was on fire, my mind was singularly focused on my own impending orgasm. Pim could have been any woman; I was just fucking her blindly. Pim was crying out loudly beneath me and clearly enjoying the frantic enthusiasm of her young lover as she received my passion and absorbed it in the way only women are capable of.

I think this raw need set off some kind of thrill and excitement for Pim as her pussy started to pulse and contract around my cock. I was making all kinds of sounds as I gasped for air, my hips thrusting and my arms gripping her petite shoulders. My nails were digging into Pim’s delicate smooth skin in my frenzy. I looked at her firm breast and nipple and couldn’t resist giving it a light bite. I felt Pim shudder, her stomach muscles shiver and this set me over the edge. My cock exploded and with my hands gripping I thrust as deep as I could into her in a primal urge.

Pim sensed my orgasm and this seemed to set her off. Pim let out a deep hoarse cry of intense release and her body shook repeatedly under me. Her pussy seemed to contract again and again as I shot my load into her. The pleasure was too intense, my cock almost in pain from the friction now, so I slowed and held Pim’s ass tight to my hips. I savored the feeling of being one with my lover.

With my load fully expended into my lover’s body, my frenzy of energy collapsed and I was left exhausted and empty. I rested on my elbows and looked down into Pim’s glowing face, her satisfied smile and my hazel eyes looked deeply into Pim’s twinkling eyes. I chuckled and laughed in the way lovers do and apologized to Pim for my amateurish performance and headlong sprint into oblivion. She smiled, “Rob that was amazing! Sometimes we need to forget all our silly rules and just satisfy ourselves. My, my we both had huge orgasms. You were wonderful!”

Our bodies entwined into a warm cuddle and I placed my hand firmly on the small of Pim’s back to pull her closer into me. I kissed her hair and savored her smells. I kissed her cheek, her ears, her nose; the light loving kisses of a sated lover. Finally I kissed her softly on the mouth. After treating Pim like a whore I wanted to make her feel special and cared for.

I used my strong arms and chest to enfold Pim in a cocoon of warmth. I wanted Pim to know how much I appreciated her as a woman. I was guilty at having lost control, but I had to admit, it had felt so, so good. We had come together in a tremendous conclusion to the evening. Pim sighed a soft sigh of contentment and at some point we both drifted off to sleep.

The next day was a very hot July day and we all decided to lie by the pool. Pim put on a beautiful yellow bikini and sexy Angela had on an extremely stunning and seductive tiny red bikini. It was hard for me to lie there without getting a hard-on with two such sexy women only inches away.

After two hours or so Pim said she was going to the mall to shop for some things she needed. I said I was bushed and would lie by the pool. Pim giggled a soft giggle and smiled at me with a teasing smile knowing the reason I was “bushed” was our amazing lovemaking last night. Angela said she also wanted to stay home and rest by the pool and read her book. Pim left for the shopping mall and it was only Angela and I by the pool.

To be continued...