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The Wife's Sister Visits

I find out how hot my sexy sister-in-law really feels
This is a true story. My lust filled sister-in-law comes to visit.

What an unexpected surprise. Lorrie, wife’s sister wanted to come and visit for a week. She had finished high school and business college. She was 22 years old.

When I heard she was coming, I did some arranging in the room to prepare for her arrival. I had a long mirror, which I positioned in the corner so that as I walked by her door, I could see the bed. This turned out to be a great asset.

From the day she arrived, the air was filled with a sexual tension. Lorrie had blossomed into a gorgeous young woman. Her breasts were incredible and her long legs were longer. She was very open and loved attention. Her room was right next to the master bedroom and she never closed the door. I would get up and walk out in the morning and glance in the mirror to see Lorrie stretched out on the bed wearing only panties, her naked breasts exposed. My cock would rise as I dreamed about what was under those tiny panties. My mouth watered at the thought of sucking her nipples.

On the third evening, after dinner, Lorrie went upstairs and I sprawled on the sofa to watch television. I had my right leg stretched across the sofa and was leaning on the high armrest. My wife took the baby upstairs to give him a bath and get him ready for bed.

Lorrie came down the stairs wearing a caftan and sat right between my open legs. She leaned her back on my chest and relaxed. I began slowly rubbing her shoulders and then ran my hands over her chest. There was no doubt she was naked under the caftan. I could feel her perfect nipples pressing hard on my hands. I continued to stroke downward over her belly. Lorrie took my right hand and guided it under the hem of the caftan. The heat of her soft skin made my cock throb and she felt it poking her in the ass. She moved back closer to me and I slid my hand over her thigh towards the junction where I knew something wonderful was lurking.

She let her thighs fall open and I slid my hand over her soft pubic hair and found she was wet between her legs. I deftly maneuvered my fingers between her swollen pussy lips and found her clit. She immediately arched her back and moaned. Her hand came over her shoulder to stroke my face and head as I spread her juices all over her pussy and began circling her clit, feeling it grow long and hard.

Her ass was grinding on my throbbing cock which was trapped in my pants. I slid a finger inside her pussy and she placed her hand on the back of mine and guided me as I brought her to a series of shuddering orgasms. She was writhing, panting and moaning. Her juices were flowing freely on my hand.My other hand was having a wonderful time cupping and fondling her left breast and nipple. She slid her left hand behind her and found my cock, rubbing it and squeezing it.

Just then we heard my wife as she started down from upstairs and our playtime ended before I had the chance to explore any further.

The next day was a warm, sunny summer day. We packed up the car and drove into Marquette to visit the park along the lakefront. We had a good time, then had lunch and drove home.

I was feeling the need for a shower,so while Lorrie and the wife chatted with neighbors and played with the baby, I went up to shower. I was in my room, with the door open, when Lorrie came up the stairs. She went to her room and a minute of so later was standing in my open doorway.

I was wearing my bathrobe and brushing my hair. I turned to look at her and noticed she had removed her form fitting jeans. She was standing there with her blouse half buttoned. I could see her sexy little panties through her pantyhose. She raised her hand and motioned for me to come to her. As I approached, she rounded the corner into her room. I followed her like a bull in heat. We stood in front of the closet and embraced. I know she could feel my hard cock poking her in the belly.

She wrapped her arms around me and we kissed passionately. Our tongues and lips were dancing and sucking. She leaned back slightly looking down and undid the tie on my robe. My hard cock thrust it’s head out. She giggled and I started unbuttoning the rest of the buttons on her blouse. With her blouse open, I found the catch on her bra and released it. I slid my hands inside the front of her blouse and upwards so that her blouse fell to the floor at our feet. I removed her bra and gloried in those amazing firm tits with the hard nipples.

She slid her hands inside my robe and soon it was on the floor too. She put one hand on my shoulder and began removing her pantyhose as I steadied her. When she had them off, I pulled her tight to me. This was the first time we had ever been skin to skin and all that separated my cock from her pussy was a this sexy pair of panties. I hooked my finger in the elastic of the top front and lowered looking down inside her panties. What a lovely sight! Soft brown pubic hair and down further, where I couldn’t see it was the core of her sexuality. I held her close and eased her back toward the bed. We turned so that she had her back to the bed and embraced again.

I could feel her quivering with excitement. My cock was standing straight out 8 inches and swollen with lust. I sat her on the edge of the bed and slid her panties off her. I knelt between her open legs and suckled those gorgeous hard nipples as the head of my cock teased her wet, open pussy lips. She was shaking and moaning then when she felt that my cock was at the entrance to her pussy, she looked me straight in the eyes, wrapped those long, firm legs around my waist and drew me in to the hilt.

She gasped and I moaned as her wet, hot, silky pussy walls enveloped my long, hard cock. I knew I wasn’t going to last long. It had been so long getting to this point and this was the culmination of years of teasing. I now had my sister-in-law impaled on my manhood and I began to pump. We knew that any minute, the wife might just start up the stairs, so we fucked like wild animals. She was moaning and thrashing as my cock ravaged her sweet pussy. It only took a couple minutes before I felt the stirring deep in my balls, telling me I was about to blow a load and I drove hard and deep inside her she clenched her pussy and squeezed my body with her legs. I exploded with one of the strongest orgasms of my young life. I rammed her hard as the jets of sperm shot into her wanton pussy.

She reached up, grabbing my shoulders and pulled herself to a half sitting position with my cock still encased and twitching in her pussy. She crushed her glorious tits to my chest, and we kissed gasping for air. She held me tight until my cock finally slid from her satisfied pussy.

Sadly, that was the only time we ever had real sex. She soon married, moved west. I have visited her home a couple times. She did tease me, allowing me to see her naked through the open bedroom door as I sat talking with her hubby, but we never have had the chance to repeat our performance.

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