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The Woman Across the Street

After a lonely, rainy day, a teen is comforted by his attractive neigbor.
It was torrential. I could barely see three feet in front of me. I tried shielding my head with my binder but it was instantly soaked through. Only 4 and a half more blocks, I tell myself. My parents went on a 2 week vacation to beautiful Cancun, and I am stuck walking home in record level rain in San Diego. It is late October of my senior year of high school. I finally make it home. My stomach sinks when I realize I left my keys in my gym locker. "Fuck!!" I growl as I kick the the door making a small indentation. I sit on the front steps with my arms resting on my knees, finding a little shelter from the monsoonal weather under this tiny porch. I decide to sit and wait out the rain before I make the trek back to get my keys. After about 20 minutes, It hasn't even slowed down. My stomach rumbles with hunger and I decide to head back.

I start to sprint down the drive way completely soaked to the bone. As I make it to the sidewalk, out of the corner of my eye I see my neighbor, Allison, waving at me from her front porch across the street. She is signaling me to come in. Desperate to get out of this watery hell, I run to her, hoping she will offer a ride to school.

"Oh my God!" she exclaims. "Matt!! You're completely soaked through!!"

"Yeah, I left my keys in my locker at school!" I say, "My parents left on vacation last night, and won't be home for another two weeks."

"Yeah your mom told me she would be leaving." she replied, "Hurry come in and I'll throw your clothes into the dryer and draw you up a nice warm bath. Sound good?"

This felt a little awkward to me but, I was wet and freezing, and accepted her offer. As I walked in she asked me to please leave my shoes at the door because she had just vacuumed. My socks were completely soaked as well (I hate wet socks!!) so I took them off and draped them over my shoes. I turned and politely shut the door and followed Allison into her nice home. I looked around and saw pictures of her kids. I remembered Allison had divorced many years ago and moved down here to San Diego from Oakland with her children. They were a couple of years older than me. I went to the same high school as her youngest son, he was a senior when I was freshman. Now her kids are away at college in Seattle, so she has the house all to herself.

As I followed her down the hall I couldn't help but to check her out. She was pretty tall, taller than me, I would say around 5 foot 9. She had a very nice peach shaped behind, thick hips, and 36 DD breasts. She was basically built like a Latina but was white. I followed her legs with my eyes down to her feet. She had very nice feet I would say, with red manicured toe-nails. It had been a while since I have masturbated so I got turned on pretty quickly just by looking at her.

She led me to her bedroom, which I thought was a little odd. Turned and looked me up and down.

"Lets go into the bathroom" she said. I followed her into the master bath which had a really nice tub. She turned the water on and it began to steam up the room a little. The tub filled quickly.

"Ok off with those soaked clothes!" she exclaimed with a smile on her face.

"Uh... A-a-are you sure??" I asked nervously. The only other person I have ever gotten naked in front of was my mom, and that was when I was a little kid!! Now I'm a 17 year old teen going through puberty. I was a little self-conscious about myself. I was kinda skinny, and my penis wasn't very big either.

"Of course!" said Allison "come on, I am a mother of two boys! And I used to be a nurse! I've seen it all. You can trust me."

I took a deep gulp of air and pulled off my dripping sweater. I handed it to her and she tossed it into the laundry basket. Then peeled off my t-shirt and handed it to her. I took another deep breath and undid my belt. My jeans fell to floor. Suddenly everything felt like it was in slow motion. I looked down at my underwear still on me then at Allison. She was wearing a blue v-neck that revealed nice cleavage.

"Its ok." Said Allison, "Hurry before the water gets cold!"

She noticed my hesitation and bent over and grabbed the sides of my underwear. With her face very near to my package, she pulled them down to my feet and my penis popped almost hitting her in the cheek! I could feel her warm breath on the tip of my penis as she waited for me to step out of my underwear. Just that sensation alone got me more erect and I blushed. She stood up, still looking at my privates and said:

"Aww, look at that little guy," she giggled "Why don't you get in the bath while I go throw these in the laundry."

"Ok" I responded, and I awkwardly got into the bath.

The warm water felt orgasmic! I gently washed my self with a sponge and enjoyed the warmth. As I washed my privates I began to doze into a daydream. I dreamed of Allison and those crystal blue eyes and blonde hair. Of her nice round tits as they jump around. Her juicy thick hips as they wrap around my body.

"Maaatt?!?" I jumped out of my daydream as Allison called my name from the other room. "You should come out before you wrinkle! It's been almost an hour!"

Shit! I thought to myself. It didn't even realize it has been so long!

"I left a towel on the bed for you to sit on while I go grab some warm ones from the dryer." her voice trailed off.

I got out and entered the bedroom. I saw the towel she had lain out and half-sat on it. Legs were close together and my butt was on the edge of the bed. I saw myself in the mirror right in front of me. My junk was kinda pushed upward and was very exposed. It sort of felt comfortable though. Looking at myself in the mirror got my juices flowing. I got a half-chub and I didn't care if Allison saw it. In fact, I wanted her to see it. I'm still a virgin and I would actually very like to lose it to Allison. She is so sexy!

I heard footsteps and watched as Allison entered the room. Her arms were extended to her sides and she was holding a large towel that covered her from the neck down. She got in front of and looked at my dick which was now fully erect at about 5 and a half inches. I didn't care, I just let my hands hang on my sides. Allison stood there for about a minute staring at my nakedness. Eating me with her eyes. Then she threw the towel down under my feet and revealed herself to me. She was completely naked!

For a minute we stood there and took each other in. My eyes went from her beautiful face to her long neck. Down to her round smooth shoulders. Then further down to her plump breasts which hung there teasing me, calling my name. Then my eyes further explored lower to her flat belly and down to her waist. I followed her pubic triangle which was naturally bushy and inviting, down to her full, large hips.

She then got real close to me, not saying a word. We began to deep French-kiss, and fondle each other's faces. She stuck her knee in between my legs and spread them open. As she continued to intensely kiss me, her arms went down to fondle my privates. With one motion she squeezed my nuts, and with another she stroked my penis. A wave of euphoria spread over me. I inhaled her sweet breath and perfume which drove me deeper into ecstasy. Allison wrapped her hand around the base of my penis, and pulled down, exposing more sensitive areas of my manhood. Nudged closer to me pressing her breasts against my face. I drooled, licked and sucked in a frenzy.

She then began to very slowly insert my penis into her vagina. First rubbing my the head and sensitive areas to her belly button, then to her hairy bush and swirled it around a little. Then she moved it down to her vaginal lips. She slowly pressed it in. Another wave of pleasure filled me. My head was halfway in. Then with another wave of intense pleasure she inserted the full head. I began to feel her muscles tightening around the head of my penis. This whole time she was breathing against the side of my face. I felt her breath and tongue in my ear, and could smell the sweetness of her sweat and saliva. She let go of my dick one finger at a time, all the while opening her legs, straddling me with her huge hips. The entirety of my penis was in side of her now. She began to ride me right there on the side of the bed. Her giant breasts were slapping against my chest, and her hips were wrapped around me tightly. The only sounds were of our heavy breathing and the light sound of skin slapping skin.

Right when I was about to climax I felt her muscles contract. She moaned in my ear and I groaned in hers. Then with one last, deep, hard thrust we both came at the same time. A mixture of my semen and her juices splattered on the floor atop the towel she threw down moments ago. She laughed and groaned at the same time in my ear. I was panting and still in a sense of pleasure. She pulled me out of her and I could see our juices run down her inner thigh.

We lay down in bed together and smiled at each other. We kiss and make out some more. She then gets on top of me again but just puts my flaccid penis in between her hips and we lay like that, just enjoying each other's bodies.

This is going to be fun 2 weeks...

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