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They Called Me The Babysitter

Those stories about 'preachers daughters' sometimes cum true!
They Called Me 'The Babysitter'

This is a true story of some of the sexual events of my life when I was in graduate school back in 1971-73. I was attending a college out in rural Mississippi, working on a master's degree in physics. I had not been that successful with the ladies up until then. Despite being decently good looking, and having an intense sex drive, I had been rejected so many times in high school that I didn't lose my cherry until I was a sophomore in college. That's another story.

So, there I was in graduate school, jacking off half a dozen times a day while fantasizing about the really hot girls in the tight-knit group of hippies (the "freak community") that I had started hanging out with a few months after I showed up on campus. Now, you might be asking yourself, how does a physics major come to be hanging out with a bunch of hippies? The simple answer is, they were the friendliest bunch of kids I had ever bumped into. The were totally accepting of me and my nerdy ways. They were also mostly serious students, and most of them were on the campus newspaper staff -- which I joined. For the first time in my life, I was being invited to really fun parties with really cool boys and girls. And the girls didn't wear bras, and they "slept around". A lot.

Except with me. What a fucking bummer!

It was my first summer on campus. I had asked my father to let me spend the summer in school so I could get my degree faster, and he agreed. And to save money, he also let me rent a shabby little one-room apartment, if I promised to cook most of my own meals and not eat in the Student Union Building so much. It was a fair deal.

Of course, I still spent every spare minute in the Union because that's where my newfound friends congregated every day.

About two weeks into the summer semester, I noticed new faces at the big round table in the corner of the Union. They were the high school aged brothers and sisters of my friends. I learned it was common for parents to send their younger kids off to spend a week or two with their older siblings at college, to "inspire" them to study harder. Yeah. Right.

One day, Megan, the editor of the campus newspaper (and the star of many of my masturbation fantasies), came up to me privately and asked, "What would you take to babysit my little sister tomorrow evening? She follows me everywhere. And she's hitting on my boyfriend! No way am I taking her to Sam's party. We were planning on doing some" -- she leaned in closer and grinned -- "swapping around, you know? Like maybe even some girl on girl? I can't take my baby sister there! Help me! Please?"

I found myself looking down into Megan's ample cleavage. I stammered a bit, and tried to suggest that maybe... maybe Megan could hook up with me once as a fair trade... She laughed and jiggled her tits in my face.

"Mmmm, I was thinking more like paying you eight bucks. Take her out to eat. Or to a movie. Make it ten, okay? We can discuss me hooking up with you some other time. A deal?"

I nodded morosely, and took the money.

The next day, after my relativity class, I headed over to the Union. I bought an order of fries and went over to the corner table. Other friends were drifting in from their classes. Megan was already seated, with a gorgeous girl beside her.

Megan introduced me to her sister, Charlotte, who was an absolute doll. Obviously, big breasts ran in their family. She was about five feet four, had silky brown hair almost to her tiny waist, and an elfin face with big brown eyes and a sexy smile. I could understand why Megan wouldn't want this competition around. I mean, Megan was beautiful, but Charlotte was... DAMN!

I spent the early afternoon chatting with them, telling jokes, and having a pretty good time. Charlotte was effusively chatty, and I learned she was seventeen, a junior in high school, on the honors list, and had no boyfriend back home. Around four, Megan stood up and told her sister that she was off to her "study group", and that I had promised to take her out to dinner and entertain her. Charlotte flashed me a big smile and batted her eyelashes. I took her outside to my 65 Pontiac, and drove her around campus, giving her a tour. Then we went to the local Big Boy restaurant.

While eating, Charlotte said, "I know Megan doesn't have a study group. What is she really doing? I bet she has a hot date. I've read her diary and I know she's a slut. And I'll bet she smokes weed. She's a hippie slut, isn't she?"

Her big grin and obvious excitement told me that Charlotte wanted it to be true. Despite my intention to be discrete, I wound up admitting that her big sister smoked weed and had sex with one or more of the guys in our freak community.

"Have you ever had sex with my sister? Is she good in bed? I bet she is, hunh?"

"Well, no. But I've been to parties where she and a guy would disappear into a back bedroom for a while."

What I didn't tell her was that on two occasions, I was in the same bedroom, watching Megan fuck. She was quite the exhibitionist. I paid the bill out of Megan's bribe, and we got in my car.

"So where do you live? In a dorm?"

"No. I have an apartment not far from here."

"Can you take me there? I'd love to see it. Please?"

I really couldn't believe my luck. I had thought to invite her to my apartment, but I was afraid she would think I just wanted in her panties. Which was true. For the previous hour I had been glancing at her ample curves and had been giving myself a painful erection fantasizing getting my hands on her naked body, and my throbbing dick into one or more of her orifices.

On the way to my place, she complained that her father was so strict, that he wouldn't let her date, except with "good boys" from their church. Her father was the preacher! Oh my god, a preacher's daughter! This could be heaven or this could be hell.

She said conspiratorially, "My dad would just DIE if he knew how often I fingered myself!" And she giggled and snuggled up against me. My erection pulsed in my tight jeans.

I let her into my very small and somewhat shabby apartment. She excused herself to the bathroom while I locked the door and hid the dirty clothes under my bed. When she came out, she looked different. She had a big sexy grin on her face, and from her outstretched hand she held... her bra. You could have watered a horse out of either cup!

"This is SO much more comfortable! God, I wish I was already in college. I'd never wear these damn things again. I can't wait until I leave home and can do whatever I like, like Megan does. Do you think my breasts are as sexy as hers?"

She thrust out her chest and waggled her torso, causing her enormous breasts to jiggle violently back and forth, like two five-pound bags of pink jello. She was still wearing her green and white blouse, but the top three buttons were undone. Her cleavage was beyond awesome. And her hard nipples clearly showed through the thin summer-weight fabric. Before I could find my tongue and effect an answer, she glanced around and saw that the only two chairs were around the tiny built-in table. The only other place to sit was the queen-size bed, which took up a fair chunk of the apartment's only room. She gracefully sat on the bed, flashing me her panties in the process. I sat down beside her. She scooted closer, till our thighs touched.

My heart was literally pounding in my chest.

She said, "I know that hippies believe in Free Love. I bet you fuck a lot of girls here, don't you?"

I suddenly knew that she would not want to hear the sad truth, so I lied.

"Yeah. Six, I think. But this is only my third semester."

She smiled up at me through her eyelashes. In a quiet voice she said, "That is so exciting! When I get to college, I'm gonna be a hippie slut like Megan. I'm gonna fuck and suck all the dick I want. I hate being a virgin. It sucks."

"You're still a virgin? Wow. Have you ever fooled around at all?"

She cupped one hand casually on her breast. "I've kissed a few boys and let them, you know, touch my tits. That's all. What I really want...", she turned toward me, her nearest breast pressing against my arm, "... is some guy with a hard dick, who would rather fuck than go to church and memorize verses out of the..."

That was my cue. I put my arm around her and pulled her gently toward me. Her body surrendered against mine and her open mouth reached up. In half a second we were french kissing as deeply as we could. My free hand hesitated for a moment, then it slipped into her open blouse and caressed her warm soft breast. She moaned and her pelvis twitched.

I really could NOT believe this! Charlotte was hotter than any girl I had ever dated, even the two I had managed to have sex with when I was a college sophomore! Her nipples were hard as rocks and SO sensitive. Every time my palm rubbed over them, her entire body twitched and she moaned. Her tongue was down my throat! And she had the biggest breasts I had ever touched. They were just fucking awesome! I laid her down and worked my lips down her throat and then suckled at her erect nipples.

She moaned, "Oh god, this is so good! I wish my parents could see me now! You're making me so wet!"

I opened my eyes as I switched to the other nipple. She had pulled her pleated skirt up to her waist and she was rubbing her slit. Her pink panties were soaked! The warm rich fragrance of her genital fluids assaulted my nose and my brain. DAMN!

I reached down and put my hand on her bare thigh. Her eyes flew open and she mouthed a soundless, OHHHH! Then she grinned lasciviously up at me and took my hand, and pressed it against the growing wet spot on her panties. She licked her lips. Her hips rolled, rubbing her pussy against my fingertips. I slipped inside her panties. Oh my god, her pussy was so totally wet!

She mewled plaintively, "Oh yes! Yes! Touch me! Touch me there!"

I slipped two fingers effortlessly into her lubricated pussy. It felt as if it were full of warm melted butter. I wiggled my fingers inside her. She gasped, and unfastened the remaining buttons on her blouse. She pulled it aside, exposing her bare breasts to my eyes. I would have gone into shock had I not been so aroused. My dick hurt!

"You like my titties? I love the way you suck on them. Do it again!"

I didn't have to be asked twice. I sucked as much of her breast into my mouth as I could, flailing her hard nipple with my tongue. Her entire body started writhing, her thighs spreading apart farther and farther as I pressed my fingers ever deeper into her, and massaged the inside of her vagina.

We went on like this for several minutes, her breathing getting faster and deeper, until at last she grimaced, arched her back and let out a long, guttural moan. Her pelvis spasmed, and her vagina clamped tightly around my fingers, squeezing them so hard, I could barely force them into her. And she went on and on and on like this for a full minute. She let out a loud grunt and collapsed.

I pulled my gooey fingers out of her and stared in wonder at her smiling face. Without a word, she took my hand and inserted my fingers into her mouth and sucked noisily, and ran her tongue up between my fingers. It was pretty obvious that she was not finished.

She arose up on her knees and took off her blouse, skirt and panties and tossed them on the floor. She pulled her hair back over her shoulders, gave me the most lewd grin I've ever seen on a girl's face, and waggled her breasts at me again.

"This is awesome! You wouldn't believe how long I've wanted to be naked with a guy. Any guy. As long as he had a hard dick. Do I make your dick hard? I've never seen a boy's dick before."

She was coyly rocking, causing her full pendulous breasts to sway seductively from side to side. In a few seconds, my clothes were on the floor, my fully erect cock exposed to her eyes. She slowly reached out and lightly stroked it, sending shivers up my spine.

"Oh my god, it's beautiful! And SO sexy! How many girls have you fucked with this? Tell me. I've got to know!"

I knew what she wanted. "I've had my cock inside a dozen pussies. And several more mouths. A lot more."

"Oh god, that is so hot. You know, I've never sucked a cock before. It sounds disgusting and SO dirty. My daddy says it's the dirtiest, most sinful thing a good christian girl can do."

She gave it a squeeze and came closer.

"But I've always wanted to. I dream about it all the time. I'm a very dirty girl."

As if I didn't know by then. "Well, there's a first time for everything. I love having my cock sucked. Just think what your father would say if he knew you were alone with me, and putting my hard cock in your mouth. That would drive him crazy, I bet."

She rolled her eyes and leaned down on one elbow, her face only inches from my throbbing erection. My cock was SO stiff! Her little hand was gently stroking my shaft, driving me totally insane.

"Oh god, you have no idea. My father is such a stick in the mud. He thinks I'm a little child who know nothing about sex. I wish he was here. I wish he was tied up and gagged in one of those chairs. I'd love to show him just how dirty I really am."

She grinned and licked her lips again, as she got closer and closer to my erection.

"Well why don't you show ME how dirty you really are. Because I'm a very dirty guy."

I was sitting with my back curled against the wall, my hips forward, my legs spread. I reached under her and fondled her big bovine udder. My breath was coming hard and fast. Her eyes never left mine as her lips closed over the head of my cock. She moaned and her free hand flew down between her legs and she started masturbating. DAMN, how lucky could a guy get, I fucking ask you? I thrust my cock up an inch into her mouth. I felt her tongue swirl all over my cockhead, and I almost came.

I shook my head and mentally took a step back out of my body. Oh my fucking god, this was so hot! I looked down and took it all in, the sight of her elfin face going up and down on my rigid six and a half inches, the way her breast jiggled so sensually as I fondled and squeezed it. The sucking sound of her lips, and the squishy sound of her fingers masturbating her wet cunt hole. I drew in the deep, wild aroma of her hot pussy juices. I was getting a blow job from a seventeen year old virgin slut! And she was surprisingly good! I managed to hold off cumming for maybe four or five minutes.

I had just enough time to warn her, and a second later, I felt my cock open up and spurt a huge load of semen into her mouth! She choked with surprise and paused for just a second. Then continued to suck my shaft with even more enthusiasm, accompanied by the pleading sounds of her second orgasm. Cum spurted out of her mouth and was drooling down her chin and dripping onto my balls. I scrunched my eyes and let out a long series of grunts as my cock shot yet more cum into her horny slutty mouth. Oh god oh god oh god!

I pushed against her head when my penis became too sensitive. She slowed down and stopped. I was frantically trying to catch my breath. She rose up on her knees and looked right at me, her chin coated with creamy goo. She opened her mouth and a river of pearly white semen ran out and spilled onto her fabulous breasts. She rubbed the semen all over them like it was skin cream. Then she began slapping the sides of her breasts, making them jiggle erotically. She was laughing softly, obviously proud of herself.

"Oh. My. God! That was my first ever blowjob! How did I do?"

"That... that was... awesome! Shit, I can't believe you never did that before."

"I have two cousins who suck a LOT of dick and they told me how to do it. I'd go to their house for sleepovers, and they'd tell me all about sex and we would feel each other up and masturbate together."

"You mean, you've done it with girls?"

"Hell yes. If daddy won't let me date boys who fuck, I have no choice but to play around with girls. They told me that rubbing cum into your tits will make them grow bigger. Is that true?"

"I really don't know. But your tits are already awesome big. You don't want them bigger do you?"

"I sure as fuck do! I only wear a double D-cup now. I want to wear a quadruple-D bra, so all the boys will drool over me, and want to get into my panties."

"I suspect they already do, Charlotte. I know I do. God, I'm still so hard! This has never happened to me before."

"Really? After fucking a dozen girls? Would that make me your lucky thirteenth?"

"It sure would. But we haven't fucked. And you're a virgin. Don't you want to wait for..."

She got up on her knees and gracefully straddled my lap. "Hell no. Being a virgin sucks."

She grabbed my cock and guided it into her as she lowered her body down and impaled her sloppy wet love tunnel on my cockhead. I was stunned speechless. A blowjob was one thing, but fucking a virgin was... Neither of the girls I had fucked had been virgins.

She took about an inch of my erection inside her and then winced with pain. I felt some serious resistance inside her. Her face screwed up with determination and she dropped another inch. She said, Ouch! And pushed down another inch. It was like my cock was pushing through a veil of thin silk fabric, ripping it, tearing it, and burrowing past it, into a tiny hot tunnel much too narrow for my erection. I felt it stretch and pull apart as she forced herself down onto me. It was fucking surreal.

Her eyes opened wide, staring into my face. She rose up slightly then allowed her weight to carry her down, down, down, slowly slowly down, until my entire shaft was totally inside her seething, twitching vagina. She was breathing very hard, very fast. I could feel my cockhead pushing against the far wall of her extremely tight womb. It was fantastic!

She put her hands on my shoulders for leverage and she began rocking her body up and down. I grasped her heavy, voluptuous breasts in my hands, squeezed them together, and began twirling her hard nipples with my thumbs. She proceeded to do something I had never seen before or even imagined. She bit her lip, shut her eyes and masturbated herself with my cock. I was having another out-of-body experience. God what a little whore she was! I guess those stories about "preacher's daughters" were true. She bounced up and down faster and faster, forcing my cock into her like a battering ram, a piston of blood-engorged flesh.

I couldn't help myself. If she hadn't been on top of me, I would have pulled out and put on a condom. But there was no stopping this horny little whore. I held back for as long as I could, then I was furiously ejaculating another huge load of cum deep inside her. Oh shit, it felt SO good! She gave no sign that she had felt me fill her virgin cunt with semen, but continued to slide up and down around my stiff shaft until she had made herself cum. On each downstroke, she grunted loudly.


I couldn't believe this! God, she REALLY wanted to lose her virginity! I looked down and saw streaks of red and pink around the base of my cock. She wasn't kidding!!

Finally, she let out a ragged moan and sagged down onto me. I held her in my arms. She gasped for breath for a few minutes, then began softly crying. I hugged her and kissed her ears as her tears dropped onto my chest. God, what a performance! And then her tears stopped and she was grinning at me.

"You popped my cherry! That felt so good. I hope you enjoyed it too."

I admitted that I did. Jesus Christ, what guy wouldn't?!?! I invited her to take a shower with me and we soaped each other up amidst much giggling and moaning. God, there was nothing like fondling and squeezing her huge soapy tits. After we rinsed off and got dry, we just lounged on the bed, naked, talking about our families, our dreams, our fantasies. The whole time, our hands were casually touching and caressing each other. She played with my dick until it got hard again.

I said, "Would you like to fuck some more?"

"Ohhh, I'm not sure. If I let you fuck me too much, you won't respect me tomorrow."

I could see in her face that she was joking. She wanted it bad. So did I.

Soon, I had her on her elbows and knees and I was pounding her from behind. Oh god, could that girl squeal and moan. She got incredibly wet again, as before. Her pussy juices ran down my balls and dripped onto the bed. We had incredible orgasms together, and worked up a real sweat. Since I had already cum inside her the first time, I made no effort to search for condoms. I spewed so many times in her virgin cunt that when she stood up, it drooled and oozed down her thighs. She thought that was funny. And very, very dirty.

She said, "Oh my god, can you just imagine my father seeing me like this? Wouldn't that be a scream?"

Then she pushed me back onto the bed and started rubbing her hot sweaty breasts all over my face. I wasn't complaining.

Around ten o'clock, I drove her out for a milk shake, and then back to her sister's dorm. We sat in my car, out in the dark parking lot, laughing and giggling about what we had done. She kissed me and gave me a final blowjob. Then she thanked me, jumped out, and ran into her dorm just before curfew.

I saw her three times over the following week. She would grin and wave. Or give me a hug. But it was obvious that she had gotten all she really wanted from me. Somebody with a hard dick to take her cursed virginity. I heard later from Megan, her sister, that she spent her last week on campus flitting from boy to boy, like a beautiful butterfly among the flowers.

Too bad. I was jealous for a few days, then I just missed her. I could smell her pussy juices all over my sheets every time I went to bed. I masturbated a lot. I moped around for two weeks until another freak friend came up to me and said, "Hey, my little sister is visiting for two weeks, and she is such a pain in the ass. I heard that you babysat Megan's sister. Can you take mine off my hands for a day or two? I'll pay you. Please?"

I was more than happy to accept his request. And DAMN! if I didn't get lucky again!

And AGAIN. Three gorgeous, horny high school girls in one summer! How cool was that?

My freak friends started calling me, The Babysitter. When the fall semester started, word had gotten around, and the hot hippie chicks began to hit on ME for a change. I was in heaven!!

And the next summer was even better.

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