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They Meet at a Wedding: Part I

They Meet at a Wedding: Part I

John meets his dream girl at a wedding...
They Meet at a Wedding: Part I

John finds wedding tedious at the best of times, but business weddings are the worst. The Davidson wedding in LA was a “must attend” unfortunately. John had helped Bill Davidson raise the money to expand his hotels in Asia and now his oldest son David was getting married. David Davidson he thought, what a stupid name and chuckled to himself.

John has made his rounds and is getting ready to discreetly take his leave. He’s booked a room at one of his favorite hotels, the Beverly Wilshire, so he doesn’t have to drink and drive. He can’t wait to get back and have a swim and a workout. Opening the new office in LA has been very stressful and he needs a run.

Just as he thinks he has made his getaway John sees the groom David heading his way. Walking beside David is a lovely young woman in a striking lavender dress, walking with obvious poise and self-confidence. The dress has a wide black leather band cinching it tight at the waist giving this creature a simply amazing petite figure.

Her matching heels with little rhinestones, her long dark curled and luscious hair swept back by a black headband, her tiny diamond stud earrings, her stunning slim legs and profile, her smiling oval face and pert upturned button nose, her sparkling vivacious eyes; she looks simply gorgeous.

In addition to the young woman’s outfit John is struck by her make-up, which is flawless and understated. Her eyes rich, dark and sexy, her eyebrows arched and perfect, her skin smooth as satin, her plump soft lips a matching lavender gloss; this girl was the definition of elegance and class.

David introduces him to Kitty an ex-girlfriend of a friend from first-year college. He tells John that Kitty is twenty=three and has just finished her business degree. Kitty is interning for six months at his dad’s hotel company in marketing. David mumbles and beats around the bush a bit and then gets to the point.

David asks if anyone is using John’s guesthouse. He explains that Kitty lives in the southwest and needs a temporary place to stay while she is working in LA for a few months to get experience. David said his dad thought John’s guesthouse might be free.

Normally this kind of asking a friend a “favor” crap would put John off, but something about Kitty interests him. John mischievously thinks that he would like to give Kitty some “experience” and chuckles to himself. He turns to David.

“Look, anything for Bill. I mean he’s one of my most valued clients. Actually Henrik Jvervesons’ seventeen year old daughter, you know the steel guy from Norway, is staying in one of the rooms. She’s here checking out UCLA. But the other room’s free.”

John turns to Kitty.

“Why don’t you come over and check it out on Wednesday and see if it’s ok for you. It’s quite small. I’ll introduce you to Anna Cristina, she’s only just graduated from high school in Switzerland. She’s very sweet.”

John and Kitty start to chat as David heads back to his bride. Kitty is clearly not only beautiful, but also very classy, smart and she carries herself with confidence and poise. John’s interest is more than piqued; he is a bit smitten. As they are talking John looks down at Kitty’s ring finger and his heart sinks. Secretly he was starting to fantasize about this woman, but he sees a wedding ring.

As they talk John learns Kitty’s parents are Laotian, which explains her petite sexy body and her exotic Asian tropical sexuality. He guesses she is about 5’ or 5’1” and probably no more than 105 lbs or so with the most amazingly tight little body he has seen in a long time. John’s eyes survey Kitty in a casual and discreet manner.

John estimates she has small, firm 34B breasts and a very tiny waist, maybe 26” or 27” and with gorgeous curved hips that give her dress such a feminine profile. He can’t really tell everything that’s under her beautiful tailored dress, but he knows her body is sensational.

Shit he thinks. Just my luck, I meet “miss perfect” and she’s taken. Well Kitty still needs a place to stay for a few months so he asks if she wants to meet him on Wednesday and he’ll drive her to see the guest house. They agree to meet two days later in the lobby of the Beverly Wilshire, which is near John’s new office in the late afternoon.

John kisses Kitty lightly on the cheek to say goodbye. She is turning her body away when John decides to try a flirtatious volley,

“Kitty, remember to bring your bikini. I have a nice pool and if I know anything about Cristina she’ll be laying out there when we arrive.”

Kitty turns her head and with a saucy grin she says,

“One piece John. For you, it’s a one piece.”

They both laugh at the way Kitty has shot him down and she walks away with a wonderful sexy sway in her hips. John’s eyes remained locked on Kitty’s small firm ass and he resigns himself that some man is lucky enough to have her body, but it won’t be him.

John calls David’s office to learn more about Kitty and is impressed. A young mother she has worked her way through college as a waitress. John likes self-sufficient individuals who have worked hard for their success. He thinks to himself she probably deserves a chance and he should try to help her out.

John waits for Kitty in the lobby of this wonderful historic hotel. When she walks in he is again taken back. Kitty is wearing a very tailored cream dress with a small bow detail at the bust. The dress is short enough to make Kitty’s legs look amazing in the cream stockings, but not short enough to be trashy.

Again her hair is curled and perfect with make-up and earrings to match. Her cream heels are high enough to make her legs have length, but again not too high. She has an LV document folder under her arm and she greets him with a smile and a very light kiss to his cheek. John asks her to walk with him out to get his car from the valet.

The conversation starts with the guesthouse, but somehow they are both blathering on and one thing leads to another and before he knows what he is doing he has invited Kitty for dinner. She blushes and turns him down reminding him firmly that she is married. Second time this woman has shot him down.

John learns that Kitty really wants this job with David’s hotel company to become fulltime. She wants to “get out of her small town.” Her daughter is staying with her mother for this internship and Kitty shows John pictures of the very cute little button nosed girl. Kitty is a bit uncomfortable saying anything, but it seems her husband is not so keen on moving to LA. John can tell Kitty feels frustrated.

John has had his maid clean the extra room in the guesthouse. He asked the maid to put out fresh strawberry soaps and shampoos in the bathroom, lavender scented oils, some pink bath towels and pink robes placed in the closet along with a little child’s robe for Kitty’s daughter in case she should come out for a visit. He also has purchased a toy for the little girl and puts a copy of Jane Eyre on the bedside table for Kitty.

When they get to his house in the canyons Kitty is amazed. Such a beautiful home with all the trees, the rock walls and the view of the canyon is spectacular. John takes her walking on a stone path around the side of the main house to the pool and the guesthouse.

As John had expected when they come into view of the pool they see a young girl laying on a blue lounge chair. Kitty can see she is blond, very blond, and also very petite like herself. The girl has an iPod in her ears so she doesn’t notice their approach.

John and Kitty are almost standing over Cristina before she notices their shadow and turns her head. Kitty gazes at Cristina’s tiny yellow bikini and the girl’s very cute body. She can see Cristina has smallish breasts like her own, perhaps 34A or small B’s, but pert and high.

Cristina jumps up and says “Hi” as John introduces them.

“Kitty this is Cristina. Everyone calls her Cris. If you decide to move in she’ll be your roommate in the other room.”

They go to take a tour of the guesthouse and Cristina comes along in her bikini. Kitty finds her eyes continually drawn to Cris’s body. The two girls quickly strike up a friendship. Kitty finally remarks,

“Cris, your English is so good. I thought you were from Norway?”

“Well, I am from Norway. But my dad shipped me off to a Swiss boarding school when I was in high school. All the naughtiest girls in Norway get shipped off to Switzerland.”

Cris giggles and laughs at her joke and Kitty and John join in. John adds,

“Cris’s father regards her as a bit of a wild child.”

Well Kitty is amazed at the guesthouse and the room and all the little details John has prepared for her. Kitty notices she has pink towels and bedding (little does John know this is her favorite color) and Cris has yellow so the girls don’t get mixed up.

When Kitty sees the little robe for her daughter and the toy she is really surprised and gives John and light hug and peck on the cheek for being so thoughtful. As she scans the bedroom her eyes fall on Jane Eyre. She looks at John with questioning eyes?

“How did you know I love Jane Eyre?” she asks.

John grins and is surprised, but happy at her reaction.

“Well, I had no idea. I just thought it was a good choice for a classy young woman like yourself.”

Kitty smiles inside and thinks how thoughtful this man is and how well he can judge her character. Before she can think about John any further Cris has pulled Kitty away to her room to show her make up and clothes. It doesn’t take long before Cris has convinced Kitty to take the offer of the room and move in with her.

John drives Kitty back to her hotel and they agree she can move into the guesthouse on Saturday. John will come and help drive some of her stuff over and she accepts his gracious offer.

As they say goodnight at her hotel Kitty leans in and gives John a hug and a light kiss on the cheek. Her curled hair, her perfume, and the closeness of her tight body send John’s head spinning and give him shivers. He shouldn’t be thinking these thoughts, but he can’t help it. My god how he’d love to get Kitty into his bed.

On Saturday morning John picks Kitty up from her hotel. Kitty walks out and John is again struck by her sense of style. Kitty has on pink puddle jumping shorts with three little pleats on each side pocket and four large button details at the waist. The shorts are very tailored, body hugging and look super cute on Kitty. On top she has a crisp white cotton sleeveless blouse.

Kitty still can’t believe the guesthouse is so beautiful. She tells John again how sweet and thoughtful he is to arrange pink towels, robes and a robe and toys for her daughter. She touches his arm and gives him a little kiss on the cheek and John is thrilled again. Kitty says in a low soft voice,

“I still don’t know how you knew that pink was my favorite color?”

Kitty shakes her head a bit bewildered and wonders how this man seems to know her so well. The first few days breeze by and John tries to keep his distance. He knows Kitty is married and he doesn’t want to tempt himself because he’s certain that with this young lady he won’t have much self-control.

On Thursday afternoon John has a chat with Kitty and Cris. He explains to them that he has a charity cocktail on Saturday and doesn’t have a date. Perhaps he suggests they could accompany him. It would be a good chance for Kitty to meet new people and relax. Cris can see LA high society and take in some culture. Kitty and Cris look at him skeptically. He can’t help grinning.

“What?” John says.

“You know I can’t be your date.” Kitty says firmly.

“I didn’t say you’d be my date. This will be a strictly business function for you, you’ll be collecting business cards. These people all have companies and use hotels, good contacts for you. And Cris will be coming to see the art and get a window into high society here in the USA, OK?”

John explains to the girls that the reception will be held in the Getty Center, which is a spectacular building just by itself. John tells them about Frank Gehry the world famous architect who designed it and how the center alone cost over one billion dollars to build.

Cris pulls Kitty aside and the girls whisper and giggle. Finally Kitty and Cris turn and smile and agree to attend the charity event. In a flirty little comment, John adds quietly as they’re walking out the door,

“But it’s a high roller function, so if you two happen to wear a sexy dress it wouldn’t hurt.”

Kitty turns and looks at him with a burning look that says, “Stop it!” But Kitty can’t help breaking into a smile when she sees John’s little-boy pout and his pathetic attempts to beg for her forgiveness. Kitty jaunts away laughing with Cris hanging on her arm and smiles to herself inside thinking how cute this guy is sometimes and wishing she could be closer to him.

Kitty can’t help thoughts about John creeping into her mind. John is an older guy for sure, but so handsome and funny. A real flirt, but Kitty likes it, it makes her feel attractive and special. John has no idea but Kitty has found herself thinking about him a lot lately. She knows she shouldn’t, but she’s starting to feel some sort of strong attraction to him.

On Saturday John tells the girls he needs to go into the office, but will be back by 4:00 to get ready for the reception. John tells them to relax by the pool and they’ll all plan to leave around 6:00.

Cris and Kitty are happy to have some “girl time” alone together. The girls excitedly talk about make-up and clothes. Kitty shows Cris how to do her eyes and lips with some new techniques. Cris can’t believe how Kitty can make her face look so gorgeous. They show each other clothes and then Cris says,

“Hey, Kitty, let’s go lie by the pool and relax.”

Kitty agrees and they go to put on their bathing suits. Cris puts on a very sexy and tiny gold bikini with black trim and details. Kitty puts on a blue one-piece swimsuit that covers her body. When Cris sees Kitty’s swim suit she shrieks,

“Kitty. You can’t wear that. You have such a gorgeous body.”

They talk and argue. Kitty tells her about her conservative family and upbringing. She has never had a bikini she says. She will be uncomfortable. Cris takes up the debate point by point and says they’re on their own at a secluded house. The sun is blazing and it’s only the two of them. Then Cris pulls out sexy pink bikini and makes her final unarguable point,

“PINK! It’s your favorite color. Now put it on.”

“What about John?” Asks Kitty.

“He’s gone for the day. Relax. Anyways, the guy is totally in love with you and you should tease him in that bikini, drive him a bit crazy. He’ll love it Kitty. Men love it when you tease them.”

Kitty looks at Cris as if she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Cris looks at her incredulously.

“Why are you looking at me that way?” She says to Kitty.

Kitty asks why she says that about John. Cris tells her she must be crazy if she doesn’t see how John looks at her and acts around her. Cris tells her the guy is totally besotted. Kitty says she thinks he flirts a bit, but she’s married and she thought it was just for fun. Cris explains to Kitty about men and that certain lustful look in their eyes and that, “NO”, it’s not “just for fun”.

Kitty can’t believe what Cris is telling her. What worries her even more is that as they talk about John she is getting tingles inside. Cris standing so close to her in a tiny bikini is also making Kitty feel some very disturbing and sinful feelings.

Kitty has had guilty desires and dreams about girls since she was sixteen. “Wicked thoughts” her mother would call them. Sometimes she would wake-up and she would be wet and her hand would be between her legs and she would have been dreaming about a girl. But she is a “good girl” and she has always tried to push these guilty thoughts away.

Cris practically pulls her into her room and forces her to put on the pink bikini. The two girls giggle and laugh hysterically. Kitty can’t believe what she is doing. She is far away from home and no one will know, so “what the hell” she thinks. Kitty strikes a pose in the pink bikini and looks at Cris.

“So what do you think? Yes or no?”

Cris looks at Kitty and smiles,

“Kitty the answer is one hundred percent YES! You look gorgeous babes. Let’s go swimming!”

The two girls giggle and laugh as they head to the pool. The sun is blazing. In the main house, John has not left for the office as planned. A call comes just as he’s about to leave and a client asks him to go over a power point on the Internet immediately and make some changes. John pushes the power button on his 27- inch iMac and opens the client folder.

Due to the very intense sun John’s house has tinted windows. His office window overlooks the pool and he is working on the computer when he sees the two gorgeous girls walk out of the guesthouse to the pool. First he sees Cris, her striking blond hair in a ponytail, wearing a very sexy gold and black bikini and he pauses, forgets about the computer screen.

Following close behind is Kitty in an equally sexy pink bikini. So much for the one-piece John thinks to himself and chuckles. John lets out a soft whistle of appreciation. Both these girls are so gorgeous, but he is somehow drawn to Kitty. John wants to pull on his trunks and run down to the pool, but decides this will only scare Kitty off. He sits at the computer and watches instead.

Cris and Kitty jump into the pool and swim. John can see them splashing each other and having lots of fun. He is having fun just watching them. Seeing their tight bodies in these skimpy bikinis John can’t help getting a little hard.

In the pool the girls are laughing and splashing. Kitty thinks to herself this is like the lives of the rich and famous. As they play Cris keeps chasing her and grabbing her waist and tickling her. Kitty tries to fight back, but Cris is faster and more athletic. Kitty sort of likes it when this sexy girl teases her and she doesn’t try very hard to get away.

After a while the girls tire of their games and climb out onto one of the wide lounge chairs for two. They lie side by side in the baking sun. The intense heat of the sun has soon dried all the water off their bodies and Kitty has her eyes closed. She hears movements from Cris and opens her eyes a crack.

Cris is slathering suntan lotion all over her body and then lies back down to bake. The two girls are quietly enjoying the sun. After about 15 minutes Kitty who is a little dazed by the heat and the sun hears Cris’s soft voice.

“What?” Kitty asks.

“You’re going to burn Kitty. Where’s your suntan lotion.”

“I don’t have any….”

“Here, let me put some on you. Otherwise you’ll burn to a crisp.”

Kitty tries feebly to object, but she is tired from the sun, the playful games, the swimming and really just wants to lie and rest. Cris crawls closer to Kitty and pours lotion into her hand. At first the lotion feels cold and Kitty shrieks a little, but then Cris’s hand and the lotion warm and Kitty closes her eyes again.

Kitty is nervous. She is not used to another girl touching her body like this. Cris feels how tense Kitty’s body is and moves slowly and talks to her, calming her with a soothing voice. Kitty gets used to Cris’s hands, her soft whispers and she starts to think this is just like a massage at a resort. Kitty feels the firm but gentle touch of Cris’s small soft hands and she likes it and is lulled into acceptance.

Cris does Kitty’s neck and arms first, paying special attention to the sensitive underside of Kitty’s arms. She moves slowly and deliberately and smiles when she finally coaxes a soft sigh out of Kitty. Cris continues on Kitty’s back, down to the edge of her bikini fabric at her bum. Kitty tenses, but the feeling is so thrilling and erotic she is too engrossed to even think of stopping Cris’s hands.

Cris moves to Kitty’s legs. As Cris puts the lotion on Kitty’s legs she lets her nails softly drag against Kitty’s skin, especially on her inner thighs. Kitty is now letting out soft sighs and even the softest of moans can be detected. Kitty does her best to stifle these sounds, but somehow they escape and she blushes. Cris’s nails dragging across her sensitive inner thighs send amazing tingles directly to Kitty’s pussy and she can’t help getting wet.

Cris’s hands move back up Kitty’s body to her shoulders and to the sides of Kitty’s chest and body. Kitty is very sensitive here and Cris moves ever so slowly and very softly. Cris’s hands move in soft circular motions getting closer and closer, finally touching the soft sides of Kitty’s small breasts. Kitty tenses again, but the feeling is so tantalizing that she doesn’t want it to stop.

Kitty keeps her eyes closed tightly and tries to drive from her mind that all this pleasure is coming from the small hands of a young girl. But the vision of Cris’s tight petite body, her long blond hair, her tiny pert breasts keep intruding into Kitty’s mind. Kitty can’t help it, it feels like one of her dreams, it feels like it can’t be real. Kitty closes her eyes more tightly. This is wrong she thinks, so wrong, but the tingles get worse.

Cris leans forward and places her lips right next to Kitty’s ear,

“You’d be so, so popular at my school Kitty. All the girls would want you.”

Kitty tries to ignore what she just heard Cris whisper. Girls don’t say those kinds of things to other girls. It’s wicked these kinds of thoughts. But why did I feel such a thrill when she said it? Why are my tingles growing stronger?

“Turn over and let me do your front.” Cris says softly.

Cris is lithe and athletic and much stronger than she looks. She turns Kitty’s body so she is lying on her back. The strong sun forces Kitty to keep her eyes tightly closed. Cris in one swift movement shifts her leg across Kitty’s body and straddles her and starts to apply suntan lotion to her neck and shoulders.

Sensing Kitty has tensed again Cris calms and soothes her with a gentle voice. She chitchats with regular girl chitchat to calm Kitty down. Then she says,

“You need to be very careful Kitty if you haven’t worn a bikini before. It’s easy to burn, especially around areas you’ve never tanned before.”

With that Cris takes the lotion and starts spreading it on the sides and around Kitty’s small breasts. Kitty can’t help it; her tingles grow and grow and grow. She clenches her eyes shut but can’t bring her hands to stop Cris. The feeling is just too thrilling, her touch, the tingles.

“We better not take any chances Kitty. The sun is brutal today. Let me make sure…..” Cris whispers.

With that Cris’s tiny soft hands slip easily under Kitty’s bikini top and Cris slathers her small firm breasts with the slick lotion. As Cris’s fingers and her nails drag gently across her nipples Kitty feels shock and a charge, a flush of excitement, tingles, sensations, tremors, a thrill of sexual stimulation like she has never felt before.

Cris casually massages Kitty’s breasts with lotion on the pretence of protecting them from the sun. Kitty herself tries to pretend nothing is happening, but her heart is pounding and her pussy is hot. More embarrassingly her nipples have turned to rock hard nibs.

Cris draws her nails lightly across Kitty’s breasts again and again. Kitty can’t suppress tiny faint moans of pleasure. Cris smiles but does not acknowledge the moans, knowing how skittish Kitty is at this point. Before she moves her hands down further Cris takes each hard nipple between her thumb and finger and gives them a light press. Cris whispers into Kitty’s ear,

“You have beautiful breasts baby.”

Again Kitty pretends she heard nothing, but her pussy is now soaking. She wants Cris to press her nipples again, but is far too embarrassed to ask her. She is locked in a frustrating conundrum of wanting more, of wanting Cris, but unable to act because it is wrong, it is wicked.

Kitty’s sexual frustration is intense and she wants to rock her hips, her pussy is burning to be touched, but Kitty is afraid of what might follow. In her dreams—is this a dream? She thinks—Cris’s tongue would lick her pussy until she exploded and that is what she really needs right now.

Cris now moves her hands onto Kitty’s belly and towards her hips, slathering new lotion as she goes. Kitty’s head is in a spin. Why did Cris say that? My breasts are too small Kitty thinks. But Kitty has no time to wonder, Cris’s hands are now tickling her navel, are on her hips and are so close to her pussy that the tingles are getting almost unbearable.

As John watches from his office his eyes are glued to the window and he is now very hard. He wants to take his seven and a half inch rod out and stroke it, but resists the temptation thinking he is too old to masturbate like a sixteen year old boy.

To Be Continued……

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