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This one time at diabetic camp

This is what happens when a group of horny, Type one diabetic teenagers get together
Too start off with, I am a type one diabetic and have been for 19 years. I don't mind being a diabetic for the most part. Do not get me wrong, having type one diabetes is a daily struggle but I would usually use it to my advantage. For example, I had a girl give me a blow job in my local high school because she wanted to 'make the pain go away',

I would always get A's in class because, teaches felt sorry for me, I would skip class everyday but never get caught because I would lie and say my blood sugar was low. Yah, high school was easy for me. Before I get too deep into the story, My name is Lee, I am 19, 5ft 11, light skinned black, a fair amount of muscle and a six pack that ladies love to lick, touch and kiss. I live in Arlington TX; right next to the Cowboys Station, and sadly a virgin. I do not mind because I know this summer will be the year I will lose it. Thankfully, this is my last day of school before going to a diabetic camp called Camp Horn.

Camp Horn works exactly like the Wizarding World but instead of magic, it is type one Diabetes. The only way you come to Camp Horn is if you a Diabetic. I have been going to the Camp Horn for 10 plus years and I have been a type one diabetic since 1992. Sadly, type one Diabetes, there is not a cure for type one diabetes. we must take care of ourselves for life in order to live.

In every exclusive world, you must have a crazy girl you fall in love it. Her name is Starr Pulley or some would call her, Fish. She is fun size since she just turn 16 in March, 5 ft 1, D boobs, half white/half Italian and perfectly blond hair. We did date for a few months before camp but we broke up a week before camp. When I step back into camp too see her, she is a beauty queen. She runs back into my arms and giving me a big hug, with a kiss on the lips.

"Wow, hey Fish, happy much?"

"Uh yah, I get too see Leeie-poo again."

"Haha very funny, so are you looking for a man? “

“Eh not right not but i'll let you know when."

She lets go of me and begins to walk off she blows me a kiss and screams out,

“Bye virgin!"

Embarrassing me in front of everybody. At that moment, I knew I had to get my princess back before camp is over. That night, we were at the campfire saying "Hello" to the First-Timers and letting them enjoy the sugar-free feast. I knew I would have too get her alone but she is with her group of friends. I walk up to her, tap her on the head and say,

"Hay, girl can I see you in private" she says

"well I don't know Lee, maybe if you beg I might throw you a treat"

Starr knew I was still in love with her. Starr, on the other hand, she was in love with me one minuet and in the next minuet, she was not.

"Haha Fish, come here Fish, now!" I say with an angry tone.

Her friends leave her and she screams to me,

“What in the hell you want Lee!"

I lean into her space and give her a long passionate kiss. I begin to shed a tear because I miss that girl so much. She leans away after a good 25 seconds of pure heaven and responds to me,

“Listen Lee, I love you too, but I have a man at home and we are over."

As she walks away, I think quickly to myself on how to get her back. I grab her hand and say,"Shhh, follow me"

I walk her away from the campfire but one on her friends spots us. Starr, holds the number 4 to her girlfriends witch I have no clue what that means but I really don't care. We walk a good mile up the hill to a place known as Meditation Mountain, a place at Camp Horn you remember all the campers that have passed on through the program. I hold both of her hands, tickle her tummy and she falls onto the grass. We kiss for what seems like hours but It was really 8 minutes. I take her shirt off and I suck her boobs. They are the most sensitive boobs I have ever sucked in my life. She screens as loud as she can while her eyes being to roll back.

" Starr, be quite, or we will be discovered and kicked out of Camp forever."

She just relaxes her body as best as she can and nods to agree. I pull off her shorts to kiss her thigh upwards to her pussy. She is so sensitive to my kiss, she keeps on moaning in excitement and in anticipation. I lick her pussy walls until there clean as a whistle but she is way too wet to clean perfectly. I stick my tongue in her and I go all out for her, she screens to me

"Leeie, I’m about to cum.”

I stop as soon as she says those words to torture her to death. She screens to me,"Lee, make me cum, now!"

I examame her perfect body, she looks like a Nicki Minaj Body, (but her body parts are real) with a young Taylor Swift face, with a rock star attitude like Katy Perry.

I pull off my pants and boxers and I shove my dick inside her virgin pussy. We begin to go missionary style but I want to do her from the back. I flip her over and I stick my dick into her so fast; she let out a loudest scream in life (maybe because I broke her cherry).

We go at it stroke after stroke for a good 10 minutes until she screens out,"Fuck Lee, I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm cumming!"

She cums all over my dick while I begin to shoot loads of cum into her. I pass out on top of her and begin to cuddle with her. I kiss her tummy as she moans and we begin to go for round two but we here footsteps approaching. So we decide to run back to the camp fire as fast as possible. We make it back to the camp fire with only 4 counselors looking for us. Starr returns to her cabin trying her best to redo her hair and I go back to my cabin feeling my blood sugar is at least 36. As I lay in my bunk bed, still smelling like sex, the fact is that this is one day down 29 days to go.

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