This One Time at Diabetic Camp Part 2

By Diabeticpower

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horny teens realize the love for each other is too powerful to be stopped
You have to read Part 1 in order to understand Part 2.

This story is 100 percent true, only the names have been changed.

I wake up from my bunk bed still smelling like sex. I really do not care because I already lost my virginity and camp has not even really begun yet. I mean, we are only on the second day with 28 days to go. After I hop in the shower, put on some clothes and check my blood sugar, I walk out of my cabin to get breakfast and start my day.

Camp Horn works like a college, we have five classes we take weekly, out of sixty we choose from on a special Camp Horn Apple App every Sunday. Camp Horn has two heated swimming pools, soccer field, 18-hole miniature golf course, archery, riflery ranges, hiking trails, lighted tennis court, lighted roller hockey court, lighted softball diamond, sand volleyball court, skate park, challenge course, paintball course, zip line, campfire area and an FCC licensed FM radio station. It is the only Camp in the Country that owns and operates a FCC radio station. A beautiful 34-acre lake stocked with fish and ready with boats, jet skis, floating Water Park, water slide and pedal boats. Yes, this place has everything a Diabetic can dream of.

My first class is Paintball. Usually females do not choose paintball unless they are in love with their boyfriends or they want to have sex in the abandoned paintball shacks, which is very common. I only go to the paint ball field to shoot up everybody in sight; it relieves stress.

After first period, I walk to my second period class, swimming. Swimming is fun and relaxing because it is meditation for the soul and a good work out. Plus, I can check out the new campers’ bodies, since everybody is just so beautiful.

I begin to fall asleep by the pool, thinking about last night. Thinking how I ripped Fish’s clothes off, touched her body, kissed her tummy, neck and pussy until she came all over the grass and on my dick.

“Hey, Boo Boo,” Starr says.

I am immediately in shock and pretty startled, since I was not expecting her.

“Starr, I thought we promised each other we would take 5th period Hiking together?”

Do not get me wrong, I am excited emotionally and dick happy to see her but, this is Lee time.

Her body is beautiful. She is wearing a beautiful, two-piece, retro, pink polkadot bikini, with a black base. The girl is my queen.

“Yes, I know we agreed on that but, I want that dick in me now and… I love you, Lee.”

I am in total shock. Shock she would admit that and even more shocked that she would say that out loud, because she fears rejection.

I ask for her hand, she puts it into my palm and I pull her into the water. She goes flying, tummy first, into the water; it is pretty funny to see her reaction. She pulls her head out of the water and starts to kick my legs.

“HAHAHA ok ok, calm down, Starr.”

She gets this sad face state and turns her body away from me for a good five seconds. I tap her on her head and say,

“I Love you too, Starr”

She turns her body back to me immediately, looks into my eyes, hops onto my waist by wrapping her legs around me, rubs my neck and we begin to kiss. Not just a short kiss, but a long, wet kiss that the entire camp can see.

Starr whispers into my ear, “I think we should go to the lodge and finish...”

I nod in agreement and run out of the pool, hop the 6ft gate, walk into the lodge and enter into the Camp Horn Bank connected next to the lodge. Yes, Camp Horn has its own currency and bank, just like the wizarding world. One US dollar is world one coin and one coin can buy you gum and a diet drink. Thank goodness, there is no real security to protect the bank, just a door that has to be unlocked by a card, only the head counselor in each cabin has. Thankfully, I was cool with the head counselor from another cabin, so she let me use her card for 150 US dollars for one day.

I open the door for her, she walks in and I shut the door to make sure nobody hears us, because the punishment is expelled from the Diabetic World forever. Which is known as a fate worst then death, since being expelled means never seeing people that are just like you again (with diabetes).

I lay her down on the ground and we kiss. We kiss like we will never see each other again. I hold her hands as tightly as possible and kiss her neck, she moans in pleasure. I move down to her tummy. Giving attention where is needed the most. I pull the string of her bikini bottom off and being to lick her body like crazy. I dip to her pussy which is the wettest I have ever seen it in my life.

I stick my tongue in it and go in and out. She screams louder and louder with every stroke.

“Oh fuck Leeie-Poo, you are amazing at your job!”

“Haha I know, Fish, now be good and make your cute little noises”

She nods in agreement and enjoys this feeling of heaven. I remove my tongue and lift up her legs. I stick her legs in the air and begin to make love to her.

“Oh my God, Lee, Yes, Yes, YES!!!”

I just go faster and faster into her pussy and we go at it for a good ten minutes. I pull out and she hops on top of my dick and we begin to fuck in that style. I grab her waist and we go for it again and again.

“Oh My God Lee, I love you so much, I’m cumming just for you! I’m cumming, I’m Cumming, I’m Cumming, IM CUMMING”

She cums at the same time I cum so our bodies’ juices can mix with love.

We hear the camp bell ringing, that tells us that 2nd period is over. We put on our clothes as quickly as possible. We head outside and run to our class as fast as we can.

Before leaving, she gives me a kiss, "Haha, love you Lee.”

I smile, “love you too Fish.”

As she walks off, I think in my head, “This is the middle of day two; I still have 28 days to go. What could possibly go wrong?”