Three Confessions - Part 1 The lover

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Early sexual fun
I have always wondered how and why our sexual preferences turn out the way they do. A few years ago I was in bed with my husband and a guy with whom we had a classic ‘ménage a trois’ for about 4 years. My husband had fallen asleep and Arnie and I had enjoyed long gentle delicious sex. I loved him taking me from behind for a long time as we tried not to wake my husband. When we were both delightfully done I lay with my head on his shoulder and asked him to tell me about his earliest sexual memories. We shared our confessions and now I will share our stories with you.

The Lover, the Wife and the Husband

The Lover

Arnie had an older sister by a couple years, and as you might expect his early sexual playtime revolved around catching her in various stages of undress, or on a good day naked in her room or in the shower. As an adult he is a big guy and by the age of 16 he was already sporting an impressive organ which he loved to expose to a daily al fresco beating while trying (often successfully) to peep through the blinds of his sister’s room.

His sister’s best friend frequently came by after school and he soon figured they were more than just friends when he caught them studying each other’s vagina then proceed to touching and masturbation. He later figured out that they knew all along that he was watching them so it was no surprise that his sister caught him in the act after a few of his voyeur episodes. He was eagerly watching the friend get out of her jeans and underwear while stroking his penis to full size. It took no time for him to be rock hard and that was how his sister caught him.

She grabbed him and dragged him inside calling him all the names she could think of which turned out to be a pretty good act as it allowed her to get Arnie to do exactly as she and her friend wanted – and it turned out that Arnie loved carrying out their commands!!

In the bedroom her girlfriend was sitting on top of a chest of drawers naked from the waist down. He already knew she had a dark thatch over her sex but his view now was rather more intimate. Her legs were open enough to show her lips and she made no attempt to cover herself. His sister instructed Arnie to show the friend what he had been doing outside under threat of her telling their parents that she had caught him. She told him to take off his shorts so that they could see him fully exposed. He ‘reluctantly’ stepped out of his clothes and was instantly erect as the girlfriend opened her legs wider and touched her sex. When Arnie began to stroke his erection both girls encouraged him to go faster. No doubt both realized the effect this would have. Arnie, of course, promptly ejaculated a torrent of semen over his sister’s bedroom floor (fortunately tiled!). She made him clean it up and then told him to leave and obviously say nothing to their parents.

Arnie confessed that he beat off again in bed that night recalling the vision of his first close up encounter with a vagina. Life quickly got better for him when school summer break started. Where we lived that break was about 8 weeks long and with parents at their offices Monday thru Friday the kids had lots of time to play. The girlfriend would come over pretty often each week and most days Arnie was called upon to add to their sexual fun. He grew into his part (no pun intended). For the first 3 or 4 encounters he recalled that his sister remained fully clothed while he was in the room although he would then later watch her undress through her blinds. After their first few encounters the girlfriend encouraged Arnie to rebel, so both of them coerced his sister into fully entering into the fun by stripping from the waist down. It seems to me funny that both girls were happy to expose their sex to Arnie but at first kept their tops on!!

On one visit the girlfriend brought a porno mag which she had found tucked away in her father’s garage. It was pretty tame by current standards but apparently showed a guy performing oral sex on a bare pussy. This put their joint exploration of things sexual on a new path. Arnie was aroused by the images in the mag and recalled taking the lead. He dropped his shorts and then took off his T leaving himself naked for the first time with the girls. When he began to masturbate very fast the girlfriend told him to slow down as they had all afternoon to play. His recalled thinking that it was now an even game, so he told her to undress if she wanted to play some more. She quickly got out of her skirt and panties but Arnie insisted she get naked like him. Despite a little reluctance she soon removed her shirt and then her bra. He was now up close and personal with a naked girl for the first time, and it got better very quickly. She realized that Arnie was really turned on by the images of the guy licking the woman’s open pussy lips and it obviously had the same effect on her.

She asked Arnie if he wanted to try it with her and before he could reply she lay on the bed with her legs spread invitingly. Just like the adult he became young Arnie needed no second invitation. He dove in and began to feast on his first vagina. Obviously neither had any previous experience but Arnie claimed they both had great fun and she eventually got him centered on her hot spot and coached him until she reached orgasm. While she lay there legs splayed Arnie masturbated and quickly ejaculated streams of semen over her belly and fluffy dark bush.

His sister had watched the whole episode from the end of her bed and she now lay next to her friend asking her how it felt etc. Her girlfriend was obviously the leader and she told Arnie’s sister she just had to try it. Her protest that he was her kid brother and she didn’t even like him much went unheeded as her shorts were pulled down followed by her panties.

Arnie had spied on his sister any number of times, and she had openly exposed herself to him over the last couple years but he was now just inches from her with her sex exposed and him naked having just cum. The girlfriend looked at Arnie and asked if he was up for it which his renewed erection probably answered. His sister offered no resistance as he moved between her legs and simply moaned with pleasure at his first tentative licks of her labia. The girlfriend lay right beside Arnie as he took to his task with relish. When his sister seemed to be slow becoming fully aroused the girlfriend began to kiss her and suck on her nipples. The response was instant and when his sister spread her thighs wide he took his time examining her swollen labia before he slid a finger into her very wet opening. The girlfriend encouraged Arnie to quickly find her sex bud as he had done with her. Moments later he hit the spot and stayed locked on until she also came.

That was his introduction to sex, other than solo masturbation. They continued their fun through the summer break. Around three times a week the girlfriend would come over when they had the house to themselves and play would commence. Skinny dipping was their starter and they progressed via the shower to the bedroom. A couple weeks later she arrived with another porno mag and several condoms she had stolen from her mother’s closet. It appeared her mother had a lover and had her own stash of protection, lubricants and aids hidden in her undies drawer and her daughter was about to try out the goods. She told Arnie she couldn’t do it with any of the guys in school as it would be all over campus before end of day so she had decided Arnie was the perfect candidate. He had a lovely cock, and wasn’t about to tell anyone of their taboo games involving his sister. She obviously didn’t need to encourage him, and when she rolled the condom onto his erection and guided him to her entrance he was inside a wet and hot vagina for the very first time. He admitted he didn’t last long but neither he nor the girl was worried too much- it was their first.

She had brought 4 or 5 condoms with her but Arnie’s sister refused point blank to progress to intercourse with him so when he had recovered a few minutes later he was quickly mounted on top enjoying his second round.

For the remaining few weeks of the holiday Arnie had sex with the girlfriend each time she visited and generally more than once. His sister watched but never did surrender to intercourse with him, although she joined in the rest of the sexual action and soon was quite addicted to the 69 position with Arnie or her girlfriend. He loved to watch the two girls have sex together as he masturbated slowly for long periods. He had quickly learned to hold off his ejaculation whether enjoying masturbation, oral or intercourse and I know from my own time with him he developed that into an art over the years that followed J.

The girlfriend graduated at the end of the year, went off to college and drifted from their lives. Arnie and his sister kept their mutual pleasure games going at every opportunity, but never did progress to full intercourse.

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