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Three is a Good Crowd in the Neighborhood

This was the perfect position for the rest of the lessons to be taught.

Megan sat on a bench at the park reading a book. The sun was shining and a gentle breeze rustled the trees. The birds were chirping.

        Megan felt someone staring at her but when she looked up there was no one there. After some time passed Megan collected her belongings and left the park for home.

        Home was just a few blocks away. She stopped of at the local bistro for pastries. Again she felt someone staring at her but when she looked there was no one there. She tried to ignore the feeling as she continued home.

       Megan climbed the stairs to her second story apartment. As she turned the key to unlock the door she saw her neighbor, Jake with his two buddies standing outside. As they seemed to be locked out, she invited them in until a locksmith would arrive.

      Megan’s apartment was always on the chilly side but today it was warm. Or maybe it was just her. After all, how often does she have a guy over, let alone three?     

     She asked if they were thirsty as she was preparing coffee for herself. They all concurred. Megan set about to making the coffee and setting out a plate with the pastries. She thought to herself “how fortunate that I bought so many!”

      Jake and his friends, Zack and Caleb, were wearing black tee-shirts, their muscles bulging. And so were their dicks. They slowly finished off Megan’s pastries as she watched them too embarrassed to eat any herself. Her own coffee was left untouched.

     She excused herself as she went to the bathroom. She had to get away from them before she did something she would regret. She turned on the water as she sat on the toilet and let her finger slide into her pussy and make her clitty quiver away. Megan was almost at her climax when she heard a knock at the bathroom door.

      Gasping in the throes of her “almost” ecstasy, she answered,“
Umhum. Yeah, what is it?”

       It was Jake, “Is everything all right?”

        Megan had no choice but to vacate her place of refuge and postpone her orgasm. Or so she thought. She joined the three men and sipped her coffee as they told her about their morning at the gym. Their voiced were animated. And her coffee tasted real good. The air in the room was musky with scent of the three sweaty men and the aftermath of her almost cumming. The earlier fear of at the park mixed with the senses around her gave her a distorted yet heightened awareness of confusion.

       She felt woozy and excited but didn’t understand why. Her pussy was wet and dripping and her boobs ached. Her tummy felt empty and her tits were like hard pebbles breaking through her bra. Through hazy eyes she saw Jake and Zack and Caleb approach her naked. Their clothes discarded on the floor in a heap.

         Jake came to her first and gently cupped his hand over her mouth as he explained that they had been watching her for days as she played with her pussy and they were here to help her but if she knew beforehand she would never have agreed. He removed his hand from her mouth and lowered it to her blouse and gently unbuttoned it. He gathered her breast in his palms and kneaded each one. Megan groaned.

     Zack and called turned to one another as they rubbed their long dicks to make them even longer. They approached Megan saying, “Where would you like our dicks first?”
Megan whimpered a little as she shuddered at the same time as her lower body began to gyrate. The men saw she was aroused but she needed to be taught how to cum with a man and numerous times.

       Caleb sat next to Megan and put his hand over her pussy as his large finger probed inside her wetness and stroked her button of pleasure, he could hear her heart beat faster as her button pulsed beneath his finger. Her breathing was coming faster. All could see her excitement.

       But they were there to teach and not just to let her cum. Zack told Caleb “slow down, do not let her cum!” Caleb took out his finger; all dripping wet and put it in Megan’s mouth. “Suck it baby. Taste yourself.” And Megan did all the while begging to feel a dick in any part of her body.

      Caleb slid his finger out of Megan’s mouth and stood up above her with the just right angle to ram his dick in her mouth. He moved in and out slowly until he was pumping away. Soon enough he was splashing his cum in her mouth telling her to swallow every last drop.

      No sooner had he finished, Jake was sitting on the other side of Megan on the couch ever ready for her to suck his dick. She turned over to reach his dick and her big boobs feel down towards his knees and her ass was up in the air.

     This was the perfect position for the rest of the lessons to be taught.

     Megan felt a weird sensation behind her as she felt something poke into her butt. It was so sudden and unexpected she almost bit Jake’s dick. Zack and Caleb told
Megan to relax. “It’s just my little finger probing your butt-hole. Soon we will put something even bigger up your ass after you suck each of our dicks,” said Caleb as Zack and Jake pulled and sucked on her tits.

     Megan thought of escaping. But there were three of them and part of her, her clit was in a state of no return. Her body was pulsing. And besides, they were holding her down as they took turns fucking her mouth while at the same time slowly but gently probing her butt finger by finger to open in it wider until they each could fit four fingers. Then they fucked her from behind.

      After about an hour, all were tired. Everyone put there clothes back on and they sat and chatted until Megan asked, “please can someone just hug me?” Jake came over to her and hugged her. As he did he also cupped his hand around her breast and pinched and rolled her tit between his fingers. Megan gasped and whimpered, “Please I’m wet. Put your hand in my pussy. Rub my clit! I want to – I need to cum – now!” Jake kept twirling her tits, but now one cupped in each hand.

      Zack came over and lifted her skirt and shoved his hand into her crotch rubbing vigorously at her engorged button. Caleb soon joined in. he was so aroused he had to take off his spandex pants as his dick was poking hard. He rammed it straight into Megan’s mouth yet again.

    Soon all three guys were lying on the carpet in a circle of fuck-fest slurping dicks as they each climaxed. Megan was left to her own devices. Suddenly all eyes were on her as she furiously rubbed away at her clit. Her face flushed. Her tits became like hard melons with teeny buttons poking out. She was writhing and wriggling around so much the guys were mesmerized. They cheered her on as they watched her finally climax and scream out, “Yes, yes. I’m finally cumming! Oh! Oh! Oh!” And then Megan cried tears of relief and release.



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