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Three Way of Love??

Be Careful what you wish for!!!

"C U Later!!" says the text message as Shane carefully walks to his Blue line train.

Shane realizes that he has a lot to do before coming home that night. But, first he must catch that blue line train to his car at the Franconia-Springfield station.

"Shit," he says as the train seems to be pulling off without him.

He is not in the mood to let time pass him by. He has an important appointment tonight with his long time girlfriend Nicole. He had a lot to do in a short amount of time. As he is riding on the train, he remembers the girl he met at the 9:30 Club one night.  She was sweeter than any girl he had talked to before and is very easy to talk to especially when he has problems at his very complicated office job. Nicole is an aspiring singer, who works at the George Washington University Hospital as a registered nurse so she can pay the rent.

Nicole's sweet personality also rubs off on Mahogany, her coworker and friend who would have a story to tell her every day about her nightly encounters with her many men. However, Nicole may listen to Mahogany a little too much. Mahogany always seems to give Nicole "relationship" advice. A couple of weeks ago, a conversation came up between the two friends that at first really puzzled Nicole. 

"See girl, I'm telling you. You need to please that nigga," said Mahogany.

Nicole said, "But, I am making him happy."

Mahogany explains, "Your sex life ain't shit. All y'all do is have 5 minutes of sex and you come and that's it. Do you expect that nigga to stay around for that shit? I mean he probably looks at those movies and shit and get ideas. Your ass is too damn shy and boring."

Nicole says, "Mahogany, he loves me!! More than anything. He doesn't care about that."

Mahogany says, "Girl, are you blind. I mean Stevie Wonder can see that shit. And even Ray Charles and that niggas dead. I mean I know I fuck my niggas and leave them and get mine and go to the next nigga. Now, you too good for that shit and you have a nice nigga. But, I'm saying you still got to do some freaky ass shit every once in a while."

Nicole says, "Well I, I give him head every night. Isn't that good enough?"

Mahogany says, "What the fuck!! He can get that from a hooker on the fuckin' street. Look, ask that nigga does he want to do a threesome and see what he says."

A puzzled Nicole says, "A threesome? No, I can't do that. And he wouldn't do that."

Mahogany says, "I tell you what. If you let me be the third person, then I will make things comfortable for you and him. It will be one time and I bet he will never leave you."

Nicole says, "Are you sure? I mean we work together and ........"

Mahogany interrupts her and says, "Don't worry about that. I'm helping you out. What you don't do for him, another bitch will. And you don't want him fuckin' no crazy bitches on the side. So, why not me? You're my girl."

Nicole says, "Ok, girl. A couple of weeks, we can do this. Let me see how Shane takes it."

Nicole comes to Shane's apartment with an awkward look on her face. She really wants to seem excited about telling him Mahogany's idea, but she is worried. She doesn't know how he will take it. But, she feels a need to spice up their relationship because of what Mahogany told her.

Nicole said, "Hey baby. You know we have been together for a year. So, I think we need to go try something a little different. You love me, right." 

Shane says, "Of course, I do baby. What are you thinking about?"

 Nicole says shyly, " How about a three some?"

"What!!!!" Shane screams. 

Nicole says, "Come on babe, this girl was talking to me at work and we was talking about our love lives and........"

Shane really wants to have a threesome but doesn't want Nicole to think he really wants it. So he says, "Well, I don't know. Who is going to be the third person?  Because I really don't want no other men fucking you."

"Umm, Mahogany said that she would help us out, " Nicole said.

Shane says, "Mahogany!!! That crazy bitch. Why are you talking to her about us for? She's the one that fucks everybody. Wow!!!!!!

Nicole says, "Well, she said everything will be alright."

 Shane says, "Wow! Well, is this what you want to do?"

Nicole says, "Anything for you, babe."

They agree to have the threesome with Mahogany. Shane has Nicole fooled though. She thinks that he really isn't very excited about it. However, he knows that Nicole will do anything for him and he wanted to have sex with Mahogany ever since Nicole started working at the hospital. Mahogany had a body to die for. She was 5'6", brown skin, dark eyes, big ass like Serena Williams, and big breasts that look like two ripe melons. She just had many relationship issues that seems to contribute to her loose attitudes about sex. The one issue that haunted her was when her fiance' was caught having sex with her cousin two weeks before the wedding. She is bent on messing up Shane and Nicole's wonderful relationship. She wants Shane for sex, but that's it. She also cannot stand the happiness and love that Shane and Nicole have for each other.

A week later, Shane sets up for his first time encounter. He's ready for the occasion. A free chance to have sex with Mahogany. Nicole and Mahogany come up to the house and enter a nicely, candle lit room with the smell of spice and romance. Mahogany starts the occasion by doing a strip tease for Shane. The bright red thong Mahogany has on really excites a normally calm Shane. Mahogany starts to remove them from her nicely toned body. Shane tells Nicole to join her in the tease. Nicole shyly goes over to Mahogany as she seems out of touch with the moment.  Shane is amazed to see his girlfriend in this situation, but realizes that he must make Nicole feel at ease. So, he kisses her all over her body, especially on her neck which makes her really horny. Nicole finally feels comfortable as she put Shane's hard dick in her mouth. Shane really feels like he is in heaven because his girlfriend is pleasing him like she hasn't done before. A strange  situation for both of them, though.  Nicole knows that she must try her best to please Shane because of what Mahogany's sexual experience which is learned through their work through the work conversations.  Mahogany enjoys this moment, but wants to join into this sexual encounter. So, Mahogany comes over and starts to eat Nicole's pussy. Nicole has never had another woman lick her pussy or even kiss her. But, Nicole realize how excited she is at this point. It really seems like she made the right choice by inviting Mahogany over for the threesome. Shane thinks, "Damn. My girl is turning into a total freak. I'm really enjoying this moment."

Mahogany wants Shane to eat her, but she think its too early to touch  him. She wants to save him for later. As a result, Mahogany starts to play with her pussy for satisfaction. However, Shane is turned on by watching Mahogany masturbate,  so he lays on the floor and invites Mahogany to sit on his face. Mahogany  is very urgent at the Shane's suggestion to sit on his face, but she realizes that she has to please him also. So, she leans down and sucks his dick. She really wants to focus Shane's attention on her because she wants to fuck him really bad.  She sucks his dick even better than Nicole. She is deepthroating him and even putting his balls in her mouth, rotating them as if they were ice cubes in her mouth.  While this is going on,  a very naive Nicole is masturbating.  As Shane is about to come, Mahogany squeezes his dick with her hands and puts a condom on him with her mouth. Shane knows this is wrong, but he won't miss this chance to fuck Mahogany on this night.  He feels alright because Nicole suggested this idea to him in the first place. Mahogany then starts to ride him backwards.  Shane is pleased and so is Mahogany. The sexual chemistry between the two is like putting a iro to a magnet. Shane realizes that  Nicole is very wet but she seems out of place at this moment. Shane  calls Nicole to sit on his face like Mahogany did a while ago. A very aroused Nicole sits on Shane's face. Afterward, Mahogany turns around and kisses Nicole. Nicole is really enjoying herself right now. At this point, she doesn't seem worried that her man might be falling for Mahogany. She is very happy just as Mahogany and Shane seem happy also. Mahogany is touching Nicole and kissing her in ways that Shane hasn't.  Mahogany is really turned on by Shane as the juices are flowing from her pussy like a stream. Mahogany decides that she should just let the couple enjoy themselves. She wants Shane to herself at anothing time.  On the other hand, Nicole is very excited because Mahogany has really pleasured her in ways that she hasn't experienced before. Also, she is really turned on because Shane seems happy. As Mahogany gets off Shane, he tells Nicole to bend over the chair because he is still very horny. Nicole bends over the chair as Shane enters Nicole from behind. Mahogany gets her small purse which is packed with her vibrator.  This will allow her to come without the the aid of Shane during this very steamy sexual encounter. Shane is really into the moment. He is pulling Nicole's hair and smacking her very soft ass with his hand during his very hard and deep strokes.  Nicole has never seen this side of Shane, but she likes it. She thinks that mabye he was holding back on her and thinks that Mahogany may have been right in her assessment of their relationship. Nicole is really getting into the moment and wants him to smack her ass harder. Shane obeys her command to smack her a little harder.  The strokes get deeper and harder. So, hard that Nicole can barely take it. She is getting worn out from the intense strokes of Shane's dick. Shane has the energy of the Enegizer Bunny and the intense strokes of a professional porn star. Shane starts to wear down after a while though. So, Nicole and Shane climax in unison after the intense sexual encounter that would make Jada Fire and Sean Michaels very happy. They fall asleep in each other's arms on the sofa.  A satisfied and proud Mahogany falls asleep on the couch.

The next morning at work, Nicole can barely look at Mahogany the same way. No more talks of late night rendezvous or Mahogany's other men. They had been together the night before. Mahogany had a sexual encounter with her man is all Nicole could think of. Mahogany left early from work that day complaining of a headache. Nicole was wondering if the night before had ruined a great friendship. Mahogany happened to realize that Shane was off the next day and went over to the apartment.

"What are you doing here?" said Shane.

Mahogany says, "I really enjoyed last night. But, I want you all to myself. Nicole has to work until 6 and she won't know what happened. You know how she is."

Shane exclaims, "Get the fuck out of here with your crazy ass!!!"

Mahogany says, "Me crazy!! Hmmm, you the crazy one to pass this up. Plus, if you didn't know, Nicole has a man on the side anyway."

Shane says, "Your lying. Stop the lies. I know you by now."

Mahogany says, "Look, negro. It's getting late. Let's get this over with because I know you really want this, don't you."

Shane decides to give in. He always wanted to have sex with her . Twice in two days. He felt very lucky. Mahogany started to feel on Shane's dick and put it in her mouth. Shane felt like he was in heaven at this point. He knew that he can try many things with her that he couldn't try with Nicole. So, he started to feel on her already wet pussy. As her pussy juices drip from her nicely shaped body, he started to bend her over and wanted to try something new so he put his dick in her ass. She enjoyed every minute of it. She wanted Shane really bad from the first time she laid eyes on him. She was jealous that Nicole had him for herself. But, there was a sound of the key jingling at the door.  Nicole comes in and is very surprised that her boyfriend is fucking her co-worker and best friend.

"What the fuck!!!" says Nicole.

Nicole storms out of the house angry at Shane, Mahogany, and herself for falling for this plan. Mahogany smiles to Shane, "Ha Ha Ha!!! I got you all to myself now. That boring bitch is out of your life. You don't need her anyway."

Shane says, "No, you conniving bitch. I got you. I live a double life. I'm on DL!!!!!"

Mahogany face turns to shock as another man walks slowly out of Shane's bedroom.

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