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Tired of Being a Virgin, Part 1

Lydia loses her virginity in an extreme way with Kallie as a witness. What will Kallie do?
“Lydia! You can’t be serious!” Kallie exclaimed as she stood next to her best friend, watching her apply makeup. 

“Why not?” Lydia replied with a flick of her hand. “I’m tired of being a virgin. I’m ready to be fucked.” Lydia giggled.

Kallie couldn’t believe what had gotten into her friend. Sure they had recently started their senior year and were still virgins, but Kallie didn’t think they were missing out on anything.

“You could get a disease! Or pregnant!” Kallie warned. 

Lydia rolled her eyes. “Duh! That’s what condoms are for. God, Kallie.”

Kallie protested, “But you’ll have to see them at school on Monday.”

“Oh my god, you are such a virgin.” Having perfected her lipstick, Lydia unwrapped her robe and stepped toward her closet, nude.

Kallie flushed and diverted her eyes. “So are you.”

Lydia snorted, “Technically. And not after tonight. Which one should I wear?”

Kallie looked up. Lydia stood in the corner, skin glowing from her recent trip to the tanning salon. There were no tan lines to obscure her perfect round breasts, not a single hair to hide the soft slope of her pussy.

“Hel-lo! Earth to Kallie!”

The dresses. Right. Kallie was supposed to help Lydia choose an outfit for tonight.

“The black one,” she answered quickly.

Lydia threw the black one back into the closet. “I don’t know why I ask you.”

She pulled a silver sheath over her head. The neckline slouched toward Lydia’s bellybutton, giving generous peeks at the sides of her breasts when she moved, let alone when she bent over like she was now.

While Lydia leaned over to slip on her strappy heels, Kallie had a perfect view of Lydia's plump young breasts, swinging free. Kallie had heard Lydia rave a thousand times about how her tits attracted all the right kinds of attention. Lydia especially loved when the boys she frequently made out with would play with her tits, sucking her perky nipples until they were rock hard. She'd told Kallie that one time a boy had pushed her boobs together around his hard cock and rubbed himself between them until he sprayed hot cum in her face.

Lydia loved telling that story. She got such a kick out of seeing Kallie's face turn bright red.

Lydia straightened up and tugged the hem of her dress back into place, barely covering her ass and pussy. Kallie speculated that Lydia liked short dresses because she could get boys to finger her without other people noticing. Like Lydia was always quick to point out, she was only technically a virgin: no cock had ever plunged its way into her tight wet hole. Yet.

"Okay, loser, let's go," Lydia called over he shoulder as she led the way to the car.

Kallie couldn't help but admire her friend's tight ass swaying as they walked to the convertible. She couldn't help wonder what role she would be assigned during tonight's sexcapades. Lydia always had a job for Kallie: guarding the door, distracting a wingman, manning Lydia's phone so that if her parents texted they wouldn't realize their daughter was “indisposed.”

Kallie sighed. Just once she'd like to have plans of her own. Sure she’d made out with a few guys, all over the clothes stuff, and sure she wasn’t really interested in having sex with any of the guys they knew from school (except maybe Seth, the hottie from English class) but she still wanted to have some memories of high school parties that didn’t include standing outside a locked door.

Arriving at the party, it was clear this was a much bigger blowout than usual. It turned out that Tim’s older brother was home from college and rumors that he had brought some friends home with him had stirred up a massive crowd.

"Oh my god, college guys! Men with experience!" Lydia squealed as they weaved through the downstairs of the house.

Kallie followed, a bit grumpy from knowing she wouldn’t be hooking up with anyone tonight.

Lydia noticed and rolled her eyes. "Lighten up, K, it's a party!"

Kallie's face apparently wasn’t very convincing because Lydia sighed and snatched a drink from someone as they walked past and handed it to Kallie.

Kallie sighed and downed the shot, then picked up another for good measure. Soon she felt the tension ease. She let Lydia drag her to a spot on a couch where they plopped down in the middle of a group of hotties.

Typical Lydia. She didn’t wait for the boys to find her. She always said it was a waste of time because you invariably had to beat the undesirables off with a stick. Much more effective to make a beeline to the source. And it worked for her. When Paulo, the Italian foreign exchange student, had arrived last semester Lydia made sure she was one of the first people who introduced himself. She bragged that she was the "first American girl he ever saw naked." She had spent an entire week talking about how his long fingers had stroked her G-spot while his tongue focused solely on her sensitive clit "swirling around like magic!"

Some of the girls in their class scoffed at her but Kallie knew that Lydia had let enough guys eat her out to know when someone had special talent.

Kallie, however, was still stuck using her own fingers to rub her little cunt. As a joke Lydia had bought Kallie a Rabbit vibrator last Christmas, but Kallie hadn’t found it very funny. She had, however, found it very useful, especially after she’d spend a day with Lydia.

Lydia was always prancing around wearing very little clothing, or even nothing at all, and Kallie found it hard to focus on anything other than Lydia’s perfect body. Kallie often wanted to just lean forward and taste Lydia’s mouth, or pinch her nipples, or grab her ass, or shove that Rabbit vibrator right up Lydia’s tight, technically virgin, pussy.

Kallie sighed, and the sound of her own voice brought her out of her day dream and into the present. The group of guys they had sat with now made a circle around Kallie and Laydia's spot on the couch.

What is going on? Kallie turned to look at Lydia and it all became clear.

Lydia was still technically wearing her dress, like she was technically a virgin. One strap had slid down her elbow so her entire left boob was visible. Her skirt had also been pushed several inches up, which was all it needed to reveal her perfectly shaved pussy. She leaned back on the couch beside Kallie, smiling wickedly, knees bent and legs spread wide. No wonder everyone had gathered round: her virgin hole was on full display, glistening wet.

"Remember, boys, only one of you gets to fuck me tonight," Lydia purred, drawing a finger along her slit, covering it in her juice. "Now, let me see those big cocks." She held her hand, covered in pussy juice, over her head and didn’t even turn to see which guy closed his mouth over it.

Lydia giggled as the guys shoved each other, each trying to convince her to let him plunge into that warm soaking hole. But Kallie knew it wouldn't matter. Lydia would have already picked her man before they sat down. She just liked the show and the power she held over the poor bastards.

Lydia stroked a few of the men's shafts before wrapping her fingers around the cock of a tall brunette Kallie recognized as Tim’s older brother, the one in college.

"Mmm," Lydia licked her lips. "You'll do."

Without any more fanfare, he stepped closer to the couch and she lined up his rigid cock with her hole. Kallie could feel her pussy dripping, soaking the coach beneath her. She was so turned on watching her friend. She wished she had the guts to clamp her mouth on that exposed breast that was only inches from her.

"Remember," Lydia said with feigned innocence, "I'm a virgin."

Tim’s brother nodded distractedly and began to push into her slowly, gasping, "She is so fucking tight, guys! Holy shit!”

Lydia's breath hitched as he entered her and her eyes widened with surprise and delight. "Yes," she breathed.

“She likes it!” Tim’s brother announced, as if it wasn’t obvious to everyone else.

"Let me have all of you," Lydia purred as she grabbed her knees and opened herself even further, like the pro she already was.

Tim’s brother wasted no time burying his cock until his balls smacked against her tiny asshole.

Lydia screamed in pleasure.

The other guys were going wild. One of them leaned over the back of the couch and started sucking on Lydia's exposed tit, making Kallie both jealous and even more turned on. Lydia clamped a hand on the back of his head, pushing him to take more of her breast into his mouth.

Following his lead, someone else reached down Lydia’s top and began fondling her other breast. Lydia shrugged her other arm out of the dress so that both breasts were equally free, one being sucked, the other being massaged and pinched.

Kallie stayed seated right beside her and just stared. She knew that Lydia had really enjoyed the time she got drunk at Katelyn Bostwick's end-of-the-year party, and wound up giving blowjobs to a bunch of different guys, but Kallie would never have imagined Lydia would have let a dozen guys watch her get fucked.

But Lydia was loving it.

"Oh, yes, baby! Someone rub my clit, yeah, that’s it... Mmm, I want you to blast your cum all over me... Fuck me! Fuck me!"

To be continued.

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