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Tired of Being a Virgin, Part 2

After watching her friend Lydia get fucked in a crowd, it's Kallie's turn to be pleasured
The guys were crowding in tighter now, trying to get close enough to get in on the action, or at least have a non-obstructed view of Lydia's virgin pussy getting pounded. One of the guys started to lose his balance and rested his hand in Kallie's lap to try and steady himself. It was the first time someone noticed her presence.

"Oh, hey." Said the attractive blonde guy Kallie didn’t recognize.

He must be one of Tim’s college buddies, she thought

He didn’t remove his hand, if anything he pressed it more firmly against her crotch. His eyes wandered hungrily up and down her body.

Kallie wondered if he could feel the heat from her pussy radiating through the thin fabric of her dress.

"You have a great rack," he said finally, eyeing her cleavage. He managed to squeeze into a the spot on the couch on the other side of her, apparently realizing he wasn’t going to get anywhere with Lydia.

Kallie was surprisingly okay with this. She thought she might be offended at being someone’s second choice, but right now she was just too horny to care.

"Want to touch them?" She sounded bolder than she felt. What if he says no? 

As an answer, he reached down the v-cut neckline of Kallie’s dress and eased her breast free of the fabric. He rubbed his thumb over her nipple, making it instantly erect.

"May I?" He asked.

Kallie nodded and he slowly flicked his tongue across the tip of her nipple. She shivered with pleasure. He then closed his lips over her nipple and began to suck, while still flicking his tongue across the very top. He paused long enough to move to her other nipple, leaving the first one wet and swollen and sensitive.

"Don't stop," she moaned as he released her from his mouth again.

He smiled. "I just wanted to ask if you wanted to involve anything else." his hand crept under her skirt. She felt his fingertips brush against her panties. "Oh!" He said, "I think you do." He withdrew his hand to show his finger tips shining from her wetness. He licked his fingers. "Oh, you really do."

Kallie couldn’t believe her luck. He is soooooo hot! And he wants to play with my pussy!

Kallie cleared her throat and spoke, "I do. I really want you to fuck me with your fingers."

"If you insist." He placed his hand under her skirt again and rubbed his fingers against the wet fabric, stimulating her clit. Kallie arched her back a little and slid her hips further out on the couch so he had better access.

He continued his slow stroking through the fabric and soon it wasn’t enough for Kallie anymore. She began pressing down on his hand, begging for more.

"Please, really do it. Just take off my panties! I want to feel your fingers in my hole!”

He smiled a wicked smile and said, “That's what I like to hear.” He reached both hands under her dress and pulled her panties off, quickly shoving them in his pocket before lifting her skirt.

Kallie was glad she kept her pussy perfectly groomed, as she noticed a few of the onlookers glance her way to catch a glimpse before directing their attention back to Lydia.

Lydia was still moaning, and most likely writhing, on the other side of a wall of bodies. "Yes! Yes! You guys know what I like. Oh, yes! Just like that. Oooooooh, again! Do that again!"

Kallie felt the blonde guy’s finger circle her hole, teasingly. It slid so easily through her wetness, tickling her swollen lips.

Kallie shivered in anticipation.

"Are you sure you want it?" He asked.

Kallie nodded vigorously.


"Yes, I want you to make me cum."

His finger slowly disappeared into the warmth of her hole and she gasped at the delicious pleasure. In and out, he curled his finger and she saw stars. He lowered his mouth to her little clit and covered it with the flat of his tongue, moaning against her sensitive skin while continuing to finger her.

Kallie grabbed his hair and pressed his mouth more firmly against her clit.

Why have I never done this before? This is exhilerating and...

“OH MY GOD!” she shouted and arched her back as she felt a fullness. She looked down at her pussy.

The guy smiled at her, “So you like a little more girth?”

She could see that he had slid another finger into her hole and was pumping his hand a little more vigorously.

“That’s wicked hot,” said an onlooker. Kallie realized it was Seth Jackson, her crush for the last two years. And he wasn’t looking at Lydia. “That’s really hot, Kallie.”

Oh my God, he knows my name. He knows my name! Kallie suddenly wanted Seth’s fingers on her clit. She wanted his dick buried deep in her pussy.

“It would be hotter if you did it.” She was surprised at the low quality to her voice.

Seth’s eyes widened and Kallie worried she had made a mistake. Seth had a girlfriend, Trisha: a skinny blonde with huge tits that everyone said were fake.

Doubt filled her mind, Surely he wouldn’t jeopardize that for...

And there he was, rubbing his thumb across her clit while the blonde guy continued thrusting his fingers into her tight hole.

My first fingering and it’s already a group thing. She thought through a haze of pleasure.

Kallie closed her eyes tightly. “Oh, fuck me, Seth!” she moaned.

Suddenly he stopped.

She opened her eyes and saw he was unzipping his fly.

He’s really going to do it!  Kallie panicked. In front of all these people!

Lydia was still thoroughly enjoying herself in the middle of a cheering crowd, responding to questions like, “Do you like that? Do you like my big cock?” but Kallie suddenly felt cold, exposed.

“Um, not here,” Kallie said as she pushed the blonde man’s hand away and adjusted the straps on her dress. She stood up awkwardly, half expecting Seth to laugh at her.

Seth was unfazed. He put a hand on her ass and guided her through the crowd of people. “The bedrooms are all taken,” he shouted over the music, “but I have an idea.” He opened a door and she stepped through into complete darkness as he closed the door behind them.

She felt him yanking her dress over her head as she asked, “Where are we?”

“Coat closet.” His voice was muffled as he buried his face between her breasts, licking and sucking. He pushed one hand between her legs and began massaging her whole pussy with it. She could feel his palm applying pressure to her clit, his fingers caressing her lips and teasing the edge of her hole. “Damn you are so wet. You are going to fucking love my cock.”

“Seth?” She whispered nervously. “You should know something first.”

He grunted in response, rubbing her furiously with one hand while working to get his pants down with the other.

“I’ve never had sex before.”

He stopped. “What?”

“I’ve never had sex before.”

“Fuck.” He was silent for a second. “That is so hot. Here,” he pushed her shoulders down so she was suddenly kneeling, his hand closed into a fist at the back of her head, holding her hair, “I want you to suck my dick.”

Kallie couldn’t see anything in the dark closet so she wasn’t sure what to do or where to touch. She opened her mouth to tell him this when she felt a large object press against her lips, warm and firm and a little wet at the tip.

“Lick it.” He said “I want you to lick my dick before I fuck you.”

Kallie timidly flicked her tongue across the smooth skin of Seth’s cock. He tasted salty. She liked it.

“You can do better than that.” He groaned and pushed her head forward, pressing her lips against his swollen erection. “Open your mouth.”

Kallie parted her lips a little, nervous about what to do. Seth grew impatient and pushed his dick into her mouth, making her gag a little.

“Yeah, you like that? You like my big cock in your mouth, Kallie?”

Kallie tried to nod, and in doing so she slid her tongue around the underside of his dick, which was still filling her mouth.

“God, do that again.” Seth moaned.

Kallie wiggled her tongue again, trying to duplicate the motion.

“Fuck.” Seth pulled her hair, pulling her off of his dick, then pushed her back onto it. “I like fucking your mouth. I can’t wait to fuck your tight virgin hole.”

Kallie began to move to the rhythm of Seth’s prompting, sealing her lips around his cock a little tighter, wiggling her tongue like he had liked.

“Put one of your fingers inside you.” Seth instructed. “Play with yourself while you suck my cock dry.”

Kallie placed a finger between her swollen lips and rubbed. She moaned against his cock, and he liked the vibrations.

“Yeah, you sexy little bitch. I knew you would like being a dirty girl.” Seth drove his hips into her face. “I knew you wanted my cock. I saw you looking at me in English class all those times. You were imagining this weren’t you?” He pulled his cock out of Kallie’s mouth, expecting an answer.

Kallie licked her lips “I was. My pussy was so wet in class, I was afraid people would notice when I stood up.”

Seth growled and pushed Kallie onto her back. “I’m going to fuck you so good. You’re going to be screaming my name.” He spread her legs and hovered over her. He began rubbing his cock, dripping with her saliva, against the swollen lips of her pussy. It felt amazing. He rubbed harder and Kallie felt him start to slip into her hole.

She could feel her little hole stretching to fit him as he pushed further and further. She gasped. There was a little pain but mostly she was amazed at the pleasure filling her.

“I told you you were going to love my cock.” He groaned into her ear, biting her neck. He gave her a few slow pumps before pulling out. “Turn around.” He said, “I’m going to fuck you like the naughty girl you are.”

Obediently, Kallie knelt with her back to him. He grabbed her hips and pulled them toward him, and Kallie bent on all fours. Again she felt his hard cock straining the walls of her tight hole, but she was wet enough that he didn’t have any trouble entering her completely. Her legs wobbled at the sensation.

“Oh god, oh god!” She gasped, as the pleasure began to come in waves.

“My name, scream my name.” Seth commanded.

“Seth!” Kallie yelled as a wave of pleasure crashed into her.

“Louder,” Seth growled. “Let everyone upstairs know what I’m doing to you.”

“SETH!” Kallie screamed, letting the waves consume her. “FUCK ME, SETH! FUCK ME! HARDER! OH, SETH!”

She could hear Seth’s breath coming in short bursts as he pounded against her pussy, “Your pussy is a fucking dream. I wish I could fuck you in front of Trisha. If Trisha was here I would have her suck your tits. You’d like that wouldn’t you?”

“I would love that!” Kallie replied honestly. Images filled Kallie’s mind of perfect, blonde Trish covering Kallie’s breasts with her mouth, sucking hard on Kallie’s nipples. Kallie wanted to see Trish’s enormous fake boobs stripped bare.

Seth continued to fuck Kallie from behind, reaching around to rub her clit at the same time as he said, “And then you would lick her clit, and put your fingers inside her, all while I pounded this tight hole you have.”

Kallie wanted so badly at that moment for Trish to be there. First, she’d love the look of shock on Trish’s face when she saw Kallie being fucked by Trish’s boyfriend. But what Kallie really wanted was just what Seth said. She wanted to see Trish lying on her back while Kallie drove her fingers into Trish’s hole. She wanted to watch Trish’s fake boobs bounce as Kallie finger fucked her. She wanted to feel the walls of Trish’s vagina spasm around Kallie’s fingers as she came.

Kallie felt the waves of pleasure grow closer and closer together. She curled her toes and screamed as she climaxed, “SETH JACKSON FUCK ME HARDER!!! DON’T STOP! DON’T STOP!!” Then she collapsed into the pleasure.

Suddenly Seth pulled out again and spun her around, so she lie on her back with Seth leaning over her. She felt something warm and wet hit her face, droplets spattering across her breasts and abdomen.

“You like my cum, little girl?” He gasped.

Kallie nodded but he couldn’t see her in the dark. He grabbed her hair again and sat her up. “You like it, don’t you?”

“Yes, yes. I like your cum.”

“Good, now lick me clean.”

Kallie opened her mouth and let him put his cock inside, sucking off the juices from her pussy and all his cum.

“Good girl.” He said after a few minutes of her sucking his cock. There was a rustling as he put his clothes back on and then light filled the closet as he walked out.

“Kallie Henderson,” he told a guy outside the closet, nodding back at her, “What a great fuck!”

Kallie knelt in the floor of the closet, naked and covered in cum. She laughed to herself and leaned back against the wall of the closet, listening to Lydia screaming in the next room. No doubt she was on her third or fourth guy by now. So much for “only one of you gets to fuck me.”

In a few minutes Kallie would take Lydia’s advice: she wouldn’t wait for someone to find her, she’d seek out another hottie to play with.

The night was still young after all.

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