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Tommy and Me

This is a true story ;) We were only 17.
I laid on the couch at Tommy's house, Tommy and his older brother, Adam, sat on the recliners. Lethal Weapon 2 played on their tv. Once the credits rolled I jumped up and headed to the kitchen. Tommy crawled out of the chair and followed me. I leaned up against the counter, facing him. He leaned on me, our faces almost touched.

"Hey," he whispered, "Whats the matter?"

"Did Adam have to be here?" I whispered back. "I thought it was just gonna be you and me."

"Hmm, I'm sorry, babe. I didn't realize that that's what you wanted."

I leaned my face closer to his and he leaned in, too, and gently kissed me. His mouth split open, and my mouth instinctively opened with his. He slid his tongue into my mouth and rubbed it against mine. His hands held my hips and his thumbs hooked into my jeans. I cupped my hands around his face, holding it there.

"Eh. Get a room, you two." Adam said as he came around the corner and saw us standing there. He yanked open the fridge and bent over to search through it. Tommy wrapped his hands around my back and squeezed me hard. I leaned my cheek on his shoulder and watch Adam push food aside to look for more food behind it. "Kay, well, I gotta go. Kristen and I are going to Buffalo Wild Wings." Kristen and Adam had been dating for years.

"See ya," Tommy said. I waved and watched him run out the front door with a thing of bologna in his hand.

Tommy looked at me and we just laughed.

He came in to kiss me again and this time there wasn't anyone to interrupt us. He grabbed ahold of me and and yanked me in close. He wrapped his arms around me and passionately kissed me. As we continued to kiss he rubbed his hands all along my back. He slid his hands down and cupped them around my ass. I felt his lips pull up into a smile, and I smiled too. He grabbed my ass tight and picked me up and set me on the counter so her could reach my lips easier.

He kissed my cheek and worked his way to the base of my neck. I tipped my head back and moaned a little. Tommy ran his large, callused, hands up under the back of my shirt. He slipped his hand around to the front of me and slid it up. He felt the bottom of my bra and said, "Just say when."

When I didn't say for him to stop he slipped his hand up further and cupped my breast. I moaned quietly and he took that to mean 'yes, keep going'. He slipped his hand behind me and reached for the clasp to my bra. It took him a second or two but he got it off and let it fall. I slid down off the counter and he led me down the short hallway to his bedroom. He opened the door and I stepped in, he spun me around to him, and kissed me.

Once I was laying on his bed, Tommy stood back up and slipped his shirt off, and I slipped mine off, too. He Put his knees on either side of me, grabbed ahold of me, and slid me further onto his bed. He layed down on top of me and kissed my neck. He slowly made his way down toward my tits. He sucked on one of my tits and groped my other tit with his hand.

He got up onto his knees and unzipped my jeans and pulled them, and my underwear down. I kicked them off and layed there on his bed. Tommy stared at me for a second, but then unzipped his jeans and pulled them and his underwear down.

His long, hard cock sprang up. He layed down on top of me and slowly pushed his cock into my wet pussy. It hurt so bad at first, I almost screamed, but the my body slowly got used to the cock being inside me.

I groaned when it was fully inside me. He groaned, too, and slid it in and out. He sped up when he could tell I was happy with the feeling.

My first climax was coming and when it finally hit I almost screamed. I arched my back and moaned. Tommy moaned and fucked my pussy harder, causing my orgasm to last longer than I thought it would.

He bent forward and kissed my lips. He pulled his cock out and stood up next to his bed. I got up to a seating position. Tommy came closer to me and I took his cock in my hands and pointed it at my mouth. I licked the tip of it and tasted his pre-come. I wrapped my mouth around his cock and he slid it in deeper. I instinctively gagged and tried not to bite down. I quickly got used to his cock being in my mouth and I was able to take it deeper. I used my hand to stroke the base of his cock and swiveled my tongue around what was inside of my mouth. He moaned and pushed his cock in further.

He grabbed my hair and held my head still. He drove his cock in harder and a little bit faster each time. Right before he was going to come he slid his cock out. I held my mouth open and he then filled it with his come.

I looked up at him and swallowed the come. He smiled and I licked the come up around my mouth.

I stood up and he leaned down and kissed me. His tongue slid in my mouth and licked my tongue. He pulled away and looked down at me. I gazed back up at him and her wrapped his hands around me.

I layed stomach down on his bed and looked over my shoulder at him. "Really?" he asked.

"Yeah," I said.

He came up behind me, picked my ass up a little, and squeezed his cock in. I did scream this time. He stopped for s second, not knowing if he should pull out or not. "No, keep going," I said. He did. He pushed his cock in as far as he could and then kept fucking my ass. I loved the way it felt. I moaned and he fucked my ass harder. I stood up on all fours so he could get a better angle. He sped up now. He moaned and then I could feel him unload in my ass. It felt so great.

He pulled out and I flipped over. He slid his cock into my pussy another time. I set my foot on his shoulder and he hammered my pussy. I squeezed my tits and arched my back. As my foot slid off his shoulder he came down closer to me. He continued to hammer my pussy and he started to kiss me. He slid his arms under mine and propped my head up closer to his. I wrapped my hands around him and gripped his back muscles as my second orgasm rolled through.

He kept fucking me through the orgasm and for a while afterwards, too. He was about to come so he pulled out and climbed up me. I layed there, with my mouth open, just waiting for more come. He stroked his cock, pushing the come forward. It squirted out and went into my mouth. I swallowed and rubbed my fingers on my tits to collect the come that hadn't made it to my mouth. I rubbed that up and stuck it in my mouth. I moaned and looked up at him.

He stood up and said, "I'll be right back!" He darted out of his room, not bothering to put any clothes on. A couple seconds later he spun around the corner with my bra in hand. He flung it down next to the rest of my clothes, shut the door and walked over to his bed. He layed down next to me on his bed, and pulled his covers up over us. He faced me and set his arm over my waist, pulling me in next to him. He kissed the tip of my nose and then closed his eyes.

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