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Top or Bottom

I had been fighting any thought about wanting to try man to man sex for a long time.
This was one of my most memorable days.

I have been curious for several years, lurking online on some gay and bisexual sites. I never knew if I would be a top or a bottom. I liked the thought of either and would get excited dreaming of what I would do.

I met this young man about a year ago and we have chatted and told each other some things we would love to try. I was honest with him and told him I had never been with another man but have dreamed about it to the point that it was consuming most of my thought process.

I am married and work at home so it is hard for me to get away or have someone over. We had discussed where he worked and he had invited me to drop in sometime and meet him, so I did, several times. I saw him and got an instant hard on, I wanted to take him into a restroom and fuck his brains out right then but we couldn't we were going to have to wait. It didn't keep us from planning for the day when we would be able to get together and play.

Then it happened, she was going to be gone for a week so I sent him a message telling him and started the planning process. He responded with a positive attitude and told me his work schedule. We made plans to meet Wednesday after he got off work. I would pick him up at his job and bring him to my home. I began early that day to prepare myself, I trimmed and shaped my pubic hair and cleaned my self out really good. I didn't know what would happen but I wanted to be ready for anything.

I arrived 30 minutes early so I patiently waited, then I saw him come out the door and head straight for my car. He got in and we started off to the house.

On the drive he reached over and started rubbing my cock through my jeans, the thought of this young man being interested in me really had me going. He must have liked what he was feeling cause I noted a nice bulge in his pants. I reached over and stroked it, it felt like a piece of steel.

When we arrived at the house as soon as we were in the living room we began groping each other. I had to see what he was hiding in his pants so I began to undress him and then it sprang into view, a beautiful piece of cock meat about 8” long and about 3-4” around, I had to put it in my mouth. I have never sucked a cock before but I had practiced with the toys I have, and I have studied from stories I had read and watched closely the movies I had seen for technique. I put all that knowledge to use and gave it my best.

He began moaning like crazy and thrusting into my mouth. At this point I knew we couldn’t last long at this pace. He suggested we take a shower together and we lathered each other’s body and explored every crevice. He used a couple of fingers to explore my ass.

This was the first time my body had been invaded by a man and it felt great. He finger fucked me for a couple of minutes then he asked me to turn around and he positioned the head of his beautiful cock at the entrance and began to ease it in.

There was some pain, I had tried to prepare myself in anticipation using various size toys I have here. His cock felt so good inside me. Unlike the toys I have used it was different feeling him slide in and out of me. He was so hard and thick I could have stayed there all day but I knew if we stayed there much longer the hot water would run out.

We finished rinsing and dried each other off and went into a bedroom, I lay down on the bed and he got between my legs and began sucking on my cock, damn he was good. I loved holding his head while he was bobbing up and down, running my fingers through his hair and grabbing it by the hand full and guiding him up and down was making me crazy.

I was wanting to have some more of his cock so he moved to a 69 position where he was on top and was fucking my mouth. I loved the feeling of his cock sliding past my lips across my tongue. I was so caught up in the moment I was trying hard to remember the things I had learned from reading and watching videos.

I opened my throat and allowed him to slide deep in my mouth and then into my throat. This felt great I was in love with this feeling. I wanted to feel his cum shooting into my mouth and throat. He let me know that if we kept this up he was going to cum, and as I said that was okay with me. I wanted to taste all he could give me but he wanted to wait. I lay him down and moved between his legs and began licking his tight ass when he said he wanted to fuck me again.

I lay on my back and he lubed his cock and my ass and slid into me holding my legs in the air. I was in heaven feeling him fucking me and watching his face. I could reach out and touch his chest and put my hand down past my balls and feel him sliding that rock hard piece of man meat in and out of my ass.

After fucking me like this for a few minutes he wanted me to turn over so I did and he took both hands and opened me for easy access, then he reentered me and began fucking me hard and fast. It felt so good feeling him sliding in and out, feeling the head of his cock almost pulling out and then being thrust back in repeatedly.

He was hitting all the right spots, my cock was hard and leaking like a faucet. He was sliding that glorious rod into me with increasing speed and going deeper with each stroke. Then I felt him begin to tense and his grunting became more noticeable and then he began to explode inside me. He kept pumping, driving his cum deeper in me.

When he pulled out I could feel his cum running down the inside of my leg. He lay down and I stood up placing my cock in his mouth. I reached around and was playing with the cum oozing out of me. His cock was still rock hard and my mouth was watering to taste it again. I leaned over and took him into my mouth and tasted the mixture of his cum and my juices. While I sucked on him I pulled out of his mouth and stroked my cock and shot my cum on his face.

We both had to rest for a few minutes before starting on round two, then we noticed the time and he needed to get home so his partner wouldn't begin to wonder where he was, so we got dressed and drove him back to his car.

We are making plans to do this again. I know I want to replay everything we have already done and then do anything else we can think of. I want to feel him shoot his sweet cum down my throat, I want to slide my cock into his tight ass and fill him up with my cum and watch it run out. I have even thought I want to eat that cream pie. I can’t wait until she leaves again.

I still don’t know if I favor being a top or a bottom but I can’t wait until next time so I can try to figure it out.

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