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Tori and Amy

I again fuck my neighbor and her first time 17 year old classmate

It had been several weeks since I fucked my cute 18 year old neighbor, Tori, in my jacuzzi tub.   This particular afternoon, I was on the patio relaxing in the tub with my eyes closed while mentally reliving the wonderful experience of burying my hard cock deep into that tight teenage cunt when I heard “Hi, Mr. Mac!”.   Startled, I sat up straight and turned my head to see little Tori standing there along with a tall, cute blonde who was smiling shyly and cupping her hands.


Tori said “Mr. Mac, this is my classmate Amy…..she’s also 18 and has never been fucked.   I told her that you’d probably be happy to make her pussy happy.   Want to look at it?”   Well, I had a hard on already as a result of my daydreaming but the sight of these two cuties just made it more firm.   Those dark almond shaped eyes and short dark hair of Tori’s were totally contrasted by Amy’s wide blue eyes and long blonde pigtails.


Still chest deep in the bubbling water, I said “Tori, you know that I’m nude, don’t you?”   She giggled and replied “I told Amy that you probably weren’t wearing anything and she admitted that she had never seen an older man’s hard cock.   She gives her boyfriend Tommie head once in a while but he’s never been able to fuck her.   Every time he tries, his dick goes soft….he can only cum when she sucks him off”.


Tori was wearing a pair of bootie shorts and a t-shirt, without a bra of course.   Her hard little nipples showed very clearly through the light fabric of the shirt.   Amy had on a short skirt and a halter top, also braless.   I stood up.   My rock hard cock stood straight out and slightly tilted upward.   It was throbbing at the sight of the two young pussies.   Tori just smiled but Amy absolutely could NOT take her eyes off of my stiff 8” manhood.   I said “Amy, have you ever cum before?”   She admitted playing with herself to orgasm but had never gotten off at the hands of another person.   I told her that we were about to change that……Tori and I were going to help her.


I suggested that we adjourn to the bedroom just off my patio.   I led the way and the two girls followed my bare ass into the bedroom.   I sat on the edge of the bed and asked Amy if she wanted to touch my cock.   She nodded yes and slowly knelt down in front of me between my legs.   She carefully wrapped a little hand around my shaft and asked politely if she could kiss it.   I told her to lick the head first.   She touched her tongue to my glans and my dick jerked in her hand.   Amy got a broad smile on her face and licked it again.   But without orders to do so, she took the head of my cock into her mouth and sucked lightly.   I told her to stop because I wanted to run this training program on MY terms.


Tori was standing by watching everything.   I told her to move over toward me.   Amy backed out of the way and when Tori was in front of me, I told her to put her hands above her head.   Then I told Amy to get behind Tori and to pull her t-shirt over her head and off.   She slowly pulled the shirt over Tori’s little perky tits and then completely off.   I had Tori turn around to face her friend.   I asked “Amy, have you ever sucked Tori’s titties?”   Amy shook her head “no” and, without instruction, immediately went down on Tori’s hard nipples.   Tori wrapped her arms around Amy’s pigtailed head and kissed the top of her blonde hair.   With Tori’s ass in front of me, I pulled the bootie shorts all the way down to her ankles.   No thong bikini panties this time…..just tanned, firm butt cheeks.   She obviously went to the tanning bed with either a thong bikini on or nothing at all.


With Amy still chowing down on Tori’s tits, I spread Tori’s ass cheeks to expose the bottom of her pussy lips and her tight asshole.   Tori spread her legs instinctively as I stuck my tongue into her already wet pussy and then buried it in her sweet ass.   Tori was starting to moan as a result of the duet of attention.   But it was now time for me to inspect Amy’s charms.


I pulled my tongue out of Tori’s asshole and told Amy to stop sucking Tori’s tits.   It was apparent that she didn’t want to leave the hard little nipples but she realized that I was in charge.   I gently moved Tori’s naked body aside and told her to help Amy out of her halter top.   Amy’s breasts were a bit larger than Tori’s as were her nipples.   She started to blush as my eyes examined her luscious orbs.   I asked Amy if her pussy was wet.   She nodded “yes” and watched for her next instruction.   I told Amy to take off her shirt.   Soon she was standing in front of me in nothing but a pair of blue bikini panties.   I told her to move over in front of me so that I could perform an inspection.


I pulled the panties down to just below her tuft of blonde pussy hair.   I spread her pussy lips to expose her pink and swollen clit.   “Play with your clit” I instructed Amy.   She slowly moved her finger down to the little man in the boat and started slowly rubbing it.   I slid my thumb into her pussy and it was dripping wet.   So I pulled my thumb out and passed it over to Tori and told her to smell it.   Tori laughed and said “Yup……smells like pussy!”   Amy was getting hot as she played with herself and watched her friend get a whiff of her pussy scent.   Tori took hold of my hand and then sucked my thumb.   “Tastes like pussy too!”, she said.


I retrieved my thumb and pulled Amy’s blue panties off completely.   Then I explained to the girls that, to make this afternoon complete, the two of them would have to get to know each other better.   The two naked bodies turned toward each other, wrapped arms around one another and proceeded to go into a deep, passionate kiss.   Their tongues were darting in and out of each others mouths.   What a scene.   Two hot teenagers swapping spit while totally naked.   This is bound to be a VERY memorable afternoon.


I gave the pair a few minutes to work themselves up to a frenzy and then instructed Tori to lay supine across the bed.   Then I had Amy lay on top of her in 69 position.   I was standing behind Amy as she straddled Tori’s head and spread her legs.   Tori began to furiously lick Amy’s pussy and Amy returned the favor to Tori’s cunt.   What a scene.   Pussy juice was running on both ends of the bed.   Both girls were tonguing each other relentlessly, squirming and moaning the whole time.   My dick was actually aching it was throbbing so hard.   I had to restrain myself so the two pixies could get each other off.   Only until they experienced the joy of lesbian sex would they be able to enjoy each other even when a hard cock wasn’t available.   It’s part of my responsibility as a teacher, for cripe’s sake.


It wasn’t long before my two little vixens were holding each other for dear life while their hips twitched and slammed into each others faces.   The room smelled of sweet young pussy as both came to orgasm within seconds of each other.   As Amy was cumming, I planted my head between her legs, spread her ass cheeks wide and stuck my tongue deep in her asshole.   The whole time Tori continued to tongue fuck her pussy.   I let my tongue go down to Amy’s pussy so I could share the nectar with Tori while alternating my tongue into Tori’s mouth.   Both girls were exhausted after their violent orgasms.   But my dick was still hard and I had a load of cum that needed to be released.   What now, my babies?


Tori and Amy were obviously quite exhausted but it was time for me to follow through on my promise to Amy…..Tori and I together were going the make her cum.   I told Tori that I was deputizing her as a fuck instructor in training.   While I was fucking Amy, it was Tori’s job to do whatever she thought would give her friend, and me, the most exciting experience.   I had Amy get on her knees on the bed   and bend over with her forearms on the bed.   I stuck my head between her legs from behind and began to tongue fuck her pussy.   Amy was moaning uncontrollably when I surprised her with a little more anal stimulation.   Her head jerked up when I touched my tongue to her pucker hole but then put her head back down and enjoyed the sensation.


Tori reached her hand under my head and began to finger fuck Amy’s pussy with one finger, then two, then three.   She was practically fist fucking her friend while I jammed my tongue in and out of Amy’s asshole.   Amy was going ballistic as a result of the double penetration.   But it was time to get my cock deep into Amy already dilated and dripping pussy.


I pulled my tongue out of Amy’s pooper and had her roll over on her back.   She immediately spread her legs wide for me.   As I got between her legs and prepared to skewer her with my 8” tool,   I asked her if she was on the pill or if I would need to pull out.   She told me that her mother put her on the pill several years before to help control her acne.   I was glad to hear that because I was dying to squirt my hot cum deep into that little blonde twat.   I slid my cock into her oh-so-ready love hole and Amy let out a loud groan.   I’m a big man and I didn’t want to crush her under my weight so I stayed propped on my elbows.   That gave Tori access to Amy’s cute nipples while I fucked.   I showed Amy no mercy.   I pounded my dick into her pussy.   I wanted her to know that she was being fucked by a man.   Tori’s mouth moved from one of Amy’s now hard nipples and back again.   Amy was off in ecstasy land, eyes closed and head rolling side to side.


Then Tori moved off the bed and moved behind me and between my legs.   With me fucking Amy for all I was worth, Tori spread the cheeks of my ass and attacked my anus as I had attacked hers.   She giggled and said “Turn about is fair play, Mr. Mac”.   Then, once she was sure that my rectum was well lubricated with her spit, she slid finger in right up to the third knuckle.   With the other hand she gently began to squeeze my balls.   That was all it took.   The unmistakable warmth of semen being forced out of my prostate, into my urethra and toward it final target overtook me.   My dick began that wonderful spasm known as male orgasm.   I let my body down on Amy’s and she threw her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply.   I opened my mouth to receive her tongue as my hips pounded into her with each load of cum that I deposited.


Amy never let her lips leave mine but she began making guttural noises as she too obviously went into orgasm.   Tori continued to press on my prostate which was bound to make sure that not one drop of jiz remained in my body.   As the head of my dick touched Amy’s cervix, my seed was planted right where nature had intended it to be.


Amy and I lay there heaving until I rolled off of her, my softening dick now hanging.   Cum and pussy juice were running out of Amy’s cunt.   Tori took this opportunity to clean Amy up a bit….with her tongue.   She giggled as she took down every drop of fluid she could get out of that tight little taco.   Amy turned her head toward mine and we shared a deep kiss while Tori dined.   Amy released my lips and smiled.   “Thank you, Mr. Mac……..I can now say that I had an orgasm while having my pussy eaten and fucked.   Next time I want you to teach me how to take a cock up my ass…..will you teach me?”


Of course I will, Sweetie……it would be my pleasure.

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