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Tori's Secret

18 year old neighbor gets first fuck in my jacuzzi

Tori is an absolutely stunning 18 year old young woman.   I’ve watched her grow up and mature as my next door neighbor.   She is nicely tanned with short black hair and piercing, almond shaped eyes.   She puts me somewhat in mind of a Caucasian Halle Berry .   I’ve always been taken with her natural beauty but now she is just plain gorgeous.


She’s not a big girl…..about 5’3” tall with a body that would make any man’s blood boil.   Tori is totally fit.   She stays in shape by playing field hockey for the local high school.   One rather mild day this past summer, I was changing the filter in my jacuzzi tub on the patio and Tori was playing ball with her dachshund, Frankie (his AKA name is “Frankfurter”).   I could see her very clearly, only about twenty feet away from where I was working.


Tori has always dressed provocatively but as she’s gotten older, the amount of skin shown has increased.   She obviously knows what she does to men so it’s very definitely on purpose.   This particular day she was wearing a very short sundress, with straps over her shoulders holding the bodice in the front.   She was obviously braless as I could see her beautiful tits bouncing under the fabric of the front of the dress.


Tori would throw the ball and “Frankie” would get his short little legs in full speed to go retrieve it and drop it back at Tori’s feet.   Every time she would bend over to get the ball, all I would see were two bare ass cheeks.   She couldn’t have been wearing any panties.   I decided that it was time for a neighborly visit.   I always avoided being alone with Tori when she was younger but she just had her “Sweet 16” birthday party so I was getting more brave.


I walked over to Tori’s yard and said hello to her.   It was a warm day so I invited her over to my patio for a class of cold lemonade.   My wife wasn’t home and wasn’t expected back until the evening.   Tori quickly accepted my invitation, bent over to pick up “Frankie” to put him back in the house.   This time she bent over with her front facing me and took an unusually long time before straightening back up.   I confirmed that she was not wearing a bra as the bib of the sundress fell forward giving me a full view of her firm teenage tits.


Tori came over to my patio as I was returning from the kitchen with two glasses of lemonade.   She sat down on the chaise and gave me a full view of what was between her legs.   She was wearing a thong which is why I saw nothing but bare ass cheeks when she bent over.   I started to chuckle and she asked what was so funny.   I told her that I thought at first that she wasn’t wearing panties because I didn’t see any when she bent over.   And then I pushed the issue a little more.   I asked her if thongs were uncomfortable with that strap running up the crack of her ass.   She showed no embarrassment at all and explained that they felt sexy and that all of her crowd wore them.   Barriers were falling one by one as our conversation led to her provocative clothing.   She said that her father didn’t like it but her mother always supported her attire selections.   Of course, I couldn’t tell her that I’d fuck her Mom in a heartbeat if I ever had the opportunity.   It was obvious where Tori got her sexy good looks.  


When I told Tori how I had always thought that she was beautiful, I expected her to show some kind of embarrassment.   Instead she handled to compliment as a matter of fact.   She smiled coyly and just said that she always knew that I was very fond of her.   She could tell by the way I looked at her.   And I always thought that I was hiding it.   Maybe it was the bulge in the front of my pants that was the giveaway.


Tori turned her head toward the bubbling jacuzzi.   She said that she always wanted to get in one and had never had the opportunity.   I jumped on this one.   I said “Then let’s get in!”   She looked at me with that baby doll smile of hers and said “But you get in there naked, don’t you?”   “Well, yes”, I replied……”but how do you know that?”   My jacuzzi is well shielded from view by shrubbery but apparently, when it gets dark, the back lighting from the house allows for a peek at my silhouette as I walk naked out of the house onto the patio.   Tori confessed that she had seen me pretty clearly naked climbing into the tub any number of times.   She admitted that she got turned on by spying on me.


I back peddled a bit and told her that I’d leave my boxers on if she wished and she could just leave her thong on.   Then she said “I need a towel or something to wrap myself in because I’m not wearing a bra”.   I handed her a large beach towel from the rack next to the tub and she retreated to the bathroom to get out of her sundress.   She emerged a few minutes later very modestly covered with the towel.   I had already stripped down to my boxer shorts but my cock was pressing hard against the fabric as I mentally undressed my little pixie.


We talked and sipped our lemonades as we sat enjoying the bubbles of the jacuzzi.   I asked if she was dating anyone and she responded that she saw several boys from her class but that they were just “boys”.   She made it a point to tell me that she thought boys her own age were immature.   Then she said very abruptly “How old are you, Mr. Mac?”   I have been called Mac for most of my life, since my last name is McDonald.   I told her 42.   Then she caught me totally off guard when she asked how old I was when I first had sex.   That’s quite a bold question from a 18 year old to ask of a man who is easily old enough to be her father.   I told her the truth……I was sixteen.


Tori asked if I could keep a secret and I assured her that I can.   She told me that she and her last boyfriend had tried it and it was a total disaster.   She said that she had done oral many times but the first try at vaginal sex just was terrible.   I told her that most everyone’s first sexual experience was not very good since you haven’t figured out what to do or how to do it right.   Then Tori totally surprised me with “Can you show me how to do it right, Mr. Mac??”


I took Tori by the hand and coaxed her over to sit in my lap in the jacuzzi.   By this time, my rock hard cock had found its way out through the pee slot in the boxers so that when Tori sat on my lap, my dick nestled itself snugly in the crack of her ass.   She leaned her back against my chest and I slowly untied the towel which was covering her.   I told Tori to sit up slightly so I could get the wet towel out of the way.   I now had this gorgeous sixteen year old sitting in my lap with nothing on but a skimpy thong.   I started massaging her shoulders.


Tori laid her head back as I rubbed and kissed the back of her neck.   I soon moved my attention down to her boobs.   Arms wrapped around from behind her, I cupped her firm young orbs and lightly caressed her nipples with the palms of my hands.   Tori whispered “That feels sooo wonderful”.   I continued to nibble on the nape of her neck while gently squeezing her breasts and then just the nipples.   I couldn’t help but start to move my hips so that my cock was sliding back and forth in the crack of her ass.   The boxers and the thong had to go.


I asked Tori to stand up and turn around to face me.   I slipped my boxers off and then I slowly pulled the thong bikinis down over her round ass and thighs.   I told her what a beautiful pussy she had with a light tuft of soft pubic hair.   She giggled and said that it needed to be trimmed for bikini season.   She said that she and her girlfriends trim each other.   I told her that she needed to come and see me the next time she wanted her pussy hair trimmed.   I told her that I could shave her bare if she wished.   We’ll do that some day.   For now, I need to explore Tori’s body some more.


I asked her to turn around so I could get a better view of her ass.   Then I got her to bend over a bit at the waist by putting her hands on her knees.   I reached forward and spread her ass cheeks as wide open as I could get them.   Her little asshole is perfect, having never been violated.   When I licked her anus, she jumped.   “WHAT are you doing, Mr. Mac?”   I asked if it felt good and she said that it just startled her.   She said “Do it again and I’ll let you know”.   This time she just bent over a little more to give me better access to her tight poop chute.   After licking it for a minute or so, I tongue fucked it for a few seconds.   This time when I asked if it felt good, she cooed “Oh, my, YES”.


It was now pussy eating time.   I turned her around again still standing in her full nakedness as I sat in the water of the jacuzzi.   I pulled little Tori forward so that I could lick her slit and suck on her clit.   I was relentless.   I could tell that she was on her way to orgasm.   She had her hands on my head to help her maintain her balance.   Tori widened her stance.   I put my head between her spread legs and began to tongue fuck her with my mouth under her crotch.   Her pussy juice was running all over my face and into my mouth.   She began to shake violently and was trying to muffle her moans.   I pressed a finger on her clit as she shook in orgasm.   Since she obviously enjoyed the anal attention, I slid my forefinger from the other hand into her already relaxed and lubricated rectum just as she was about to cum.   When she finally hit, she was holding the back of my head literally forcing my mouth into her vibrating pussy.   Tori’s knees flexed and she fell back into my lap.   She was spent.


Tori lay curled in my lap with my arms around her and her arms around me.   She was sitting somewhat sidesaddle with her head resting on my shoulder.   My dick was still ready for relief and was sticking up between her legs and lying against her pussy.   Tori slowly moved a hand down into the water and began to caress the head of my dick.   She lifted her mouth toward mine and we shared a deep, wet kiss.   Oh, my……could this eighteen year old beauty kiss.   I think it just came naturally as she had just experienced a love act.   I sucked her tongue into my mouth and then lightly licked her lips.   She returned the gesture and said that no boy had ever kissed her like that.   I told her that that was because they were boys and not men.   Men KNOW what a woman wants and will give it to her willingly.   I asked if she had ever had an orgasm before.


Tori said that for the past several years she had experimented with sex toys and her own finger in order to get off.   However, she said that this was the first time that someone else had made her cum.   The whole time we’re talking, kissing and cuddling, she continued to play with my hard dick under the water.   I finally told her that it was time for us to fuck.   I needed to get my hard dick into that warm, tight little vagina of hers.   Tori smiled and stood up in front of me again.   She squatted down and literally sat on my rock hard dick so that her tits were against my chest above the water line.   We embraced and shared tongues as we began to fuck.   Even with the effects of the jacuzzi chemically treated water, her pussy juice was enough to keep her well lubricated.   Up and down she rode my dick.   My hips reciprocated by pushing up when she squatted down.   I literally screamed “My God, you’re fucking my BRAINS out!!”


With her forehead resting against mine as we splashed jacuzzi water everywhere, Tori blurts out that she’s not on birth control.   I could feel my belly ready to explode and to push hot cum deep into her pussy so I yanked it out of her vagina, moved her body aside and let my body float to the surface of the water.   My dick was sticking straight out of the water just like an up-periscope.   Tori reached one hand under my ass and brought it up between my legs so as to grab my balls.   In doing so, she was giving me support and buoyancy.   She went down on my cock with her mouth and began to suck while she stroked it with the other hand.   I had a huge load on its way.   Tori stroked and sucked while she gently squeezed my balls.   Then it happened……I felt that unmistakable surge of warmth move from my groin to my cock and that wonderful release of hot cum into her mouth.   I truly expected her to come off of my dick as I ejaculated but, to my delight, she stayed on it and gulped every load right down.   She kept her mouth on my dick until she was sure that I was empty.


Tori allowed my body to sink to the bottom of the jacuzzi and then took a big gulp of lemonade from her glass.   She very matter-of-factly said, “I don’t mind swallowing as long as I have something to wash it down with…….”.   As I lay there in la-la land recovering from one of the most incredible fucks and blow jobs I have ever enjoyed, I asked where she learned to suck a dick like that.   She admitted that, although today was the first true vaginal sex she had ever experience, she and her girlfriends had been giving their male classmates head for a number of years.   But she further admitted that NOTHING in her past experience prepared her for this kind of ecstasy.   She finally stood up exposing the luscious naked body to me again.   I sat up on the side of the tub with my tired soldier hanging between my legs.   Tori kissed me one last time and squeezed my cock as she got out of the tub to dry off and get dressed.   Her mother and father were due home at any time.   She looked at me and whispered “Our little secret?”   It’s our little secret, Victoria , but it’s not over yet….not over by a LONG shot.

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