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It’d been sex of a different order--frantic, intense, almost driven--and on our first date.
by Rumple Foreskin

Late afternoon sunlight reflected off nearby treetops as we climbed the scuffed wooden stairs of the old forestry service fire tower. Once above the nearby pines and oaks, the horizon opened up. Green forest stretched for miles in all directions. It had always been one of my favorite sights.

But not today—not with the incomparable, denim clad bottom of Polly Wright swaying just inches above my face as she moved ahead of me up the stairs.

Last night I’d watched it shaking all over the dance floor. About an hour later, I could feel it bouncing up and down on the front seat of my old Ford while Polly held me tight and rose to meet my every thrust. It’d been sex of a different order than I’d ever known. Frantic, intense, almost driven. At the time, I couldn’t believe what was happening. I still can’t. After all, it was our first date and the first time Polly had, well, let me tell you
 the story.

This all happened during the so-called “swinging” sixties when, according to the media, free love was sweeping the country. Maybe so, but nothing resembling any sort of sexual revolution had ever broken out in our backwater neck-of-the-woods, trust me.

Anyway, Polly and I had bumped into each other earlier that day. Neither of us was dating anyone or had any plans for the weekend. So when I suggested we break the rural boredom by going out that evening, she laughed and said okay. That sounded good to me.

Back in high school, Polly had been popular and pretty in a quiet, slender, nice girl way. Since then, things, especially her figure, had changed. Although there wasn’t much competition, she’d become one of the area’s leading lust objects. But she still possessed an aura of vulnerable innocence that somehow made guys want to protect her.

It’s her dynamite body, of course, that generates most of the lust. She always did have an incredibly tiny waist. Now it sets off high, perky boobs and that legendary ass I’ve already mentioned.

The thing is, her angelic face seems to make otherwise horny guys want to run out and kill some evil dragon in defense of her virtue. Her eyes are soft brown and slanted—almost oriental. And with her long, dark lashes, they can seem to bore right into your soul.

With her delicate features and peaches and cream skin, you’d think she never went outdoors when I know for a fact she loves to ride horse. Anyway, add in a tiny nose, pouty lips and short, chestnut hair and you’ll understand why she’s spent a lifetime having to put up with people saying she looks just like a china doll.

Last night, she told me all about how much she hated being called a china doll while finishing her first Gorilla Killer. It’s the club special and involves several bottles in the making. She’d been more interested in the hurricane lamp shaped glass that came with the drink than the booze.

Due to good taste and limited resources, I refused to help her out and stuck to beer. Later, she decided she wanted a matched set, which meant another one. It was sometime during that second Gorilla Killers that she began asking me questions about the guys she’d been dating.

“I don’t understand. Just when you’d think they’d want to, oh, you know, they stop for a cigarette or something. Not that I’d go that far, you understand, but they won’t make a move. Look, you know most of the guys I’ve dated and you’ve been around. Is it something about me?”

Before I could answer she changed subjects, sorta. “Did you know I take birth control pills?” That wasn’t exactly the question I’d been expecting. Not being sure what to say, I just shook my head. “Well, I do. I started my senior year in high school. I’d always had a problem with my, uh, cycles and all that. The pills work great, and the doctor says they’re why I grew out of training bras.”

We both laughed. But I wondered about her problem with guys. Thanks to that beatific face, and maybe her always having been quiet and shy, she’d gotten a reputation. But in her case, it was as a “good” girl. That could be more than a little frustrating for all involved. Bottom line, I would have bet good money she was still a virgin.

That’s when I invited her to share a sunset with me the next day. I offered to her pick her up around suppertime and we’d go to the fire tower a few miles from her home. She got this silly grin and said, why not?

We danced some more and when the band took its next break, she finished off her Gorilla Killer—the one she needed for a matched set of glasses. If that first drink loosened her up, the second one almost blew her away. Things were about to get very interesting.

Bashful Polly metamorphosed into a hot, seductive woman. Slow dances turned into grope and grind sessions. That’s when I discovered her bottom felt even better than it looked, and that she was a very enthusiastic kisser. This was fine with me. But if things were going to go any further, I didn’t want it to be on the dance floor. When I suggested we leave early, she agreed.

On the way back she crawled all over me. That was even more fun than the dance floor. At least it would have been if I didn’t have to worry about drunk drivers, cops, and overloaded trucks. But I remember thinking this sure wasn’t what I’d expected on a first date with Polly Wright.

I managed to hold her off until we reached my favorite parking spot. Before long, she began mumbling, “No. No,” while lifting her bottom off the seat to help me remove her pantyhose. After that we screwed, and screwed, and screwed. Granted, I was a heel taking advantage of a drunk girl. But hell, someone had to be first, and second, and third.

But as I said, it wasn’t like anything I’d ever done before. Polly wanted it, and wanted it bad. No doubt about that. Okay, I’ll grant you that when I’d finished with her clothes and tried to lean back and scope her out, she pulled me closer, as if ashamed of being seen nude. That was a drag because, from what little I could see, she had a great bod with boobs just begging for attention. But when I told her how much I loved the view, she just looked embarrassed.

There wasn’t much talking after that. We devoured each other. Our necks, faces, ears became late night tidbits. But even as she whimpered with desire and nuzzled my neck, I could feel the tears on her cheeks.

Being pretty sure about her being a virgin, I wanted to go slow and easy like the books say to do. But when I moved into position, she lunged up, taking almost all of me in one, frantic movement. She let out this small cry and then clung even tighter.

I waited until she caught her breath, then finished the job. Her pussy felt wet and hot and so tight it was almost painful. But what a fantastic pain.

Everything considered it’s amazing I didn’t come right then. As it was, I may have made it another ten seconds. Maybe not. But it must have been enough for her because we both exploded at the same time. All I can remember after that is an overwhelming sense of pure pleasure. I don’t remember any pause before the second time, and then the third. Both were almost as intense, but with that same odd combination of passion tinged with remorse.

Much later, when I dropped her off, we kissed and I reminded her about sunset the next day. She nodded and mumbled something. Then clutching her two hurricane glasses, she went inside.

As we now approached the top of the fire tower, I wondered how this scene would play out. She’d been quiet, acting like she felt out of it. That made sense considering how looped she’d been last night, plus all the sex.

On the last flight of stairs, I spread out an old Army blanket. The stairs were so narrow she sat a couple steps below me. You could just feel the hint of a warm, dying breeze. The sun had almost reached the distant horizon. I joked that we’d gotten here just in time. When she didn’t look at me or say anything, I asked what seemed like a logical question. “It took you awhile to come out to the car. Are you were feeling okay.”

She turned her head around and studied me for a moment. The expression on her face, the look in those exotic eyes, was sad, almost resigned. “I’m fine,” she said. “I just wasn’t dressed. I didn’t think you’d come.”

The answer floored me. It made no sense. “Why wouldn’t I?”

“After last night, and what we did, I figured you’d be telling all your friends what happened. And I didn’t think you’d want to be seen with a girl who’d do that on a first date.”

If a gold star ever shows up next to my name, it’ll be because I didn’t laugh. But the truth is, what she said bothered me, a lot. Despite what Polly might have thought, I’m no man of the world, but I am a few years older, had been to college a couple of years, and just gotten back from playing soldier in the Southeast Asian war games.

Unlike me, Polly had been around here all her life. She’d made good grades in high school and had won a small college scholarship. But right after graduation, her father almost died in an oil field accident. The doctors said his rehab would take months. So she’d stayed home and gone to work as a legal secretary. I suppose a lifetime spent here in the middle of fundamentalist nowhere could give anyone some warped ideas.

“Polly, for me, last night was fantastic. It’s something I’ll never forget. But it was a fluke. And it hasn’t changed my respect for you. Besides, I never talk. A long time ago I learned that if you keep your mouth shut, other guys think you’re getting a lot of action. If you go around talking, they figure its bullshit. So it’s in my best interest to say nothing. Anyway, just knowing we went on a date will be enough to make me the envy of every guy around here. And I like that. So I’d like for us to go out again, day or night.”

For just a second she smiled. Then her face became somber. “I don’t know. I’m scared.”

“Of what?”

“Of liking it, what we did, liking it too much. I’ve heard how once some girls start doing it, they can’t stop. And I don’t want to be like that. Think what it’d do to my folks.”

Give me a second gold star. I didn’t laugh this time either.

I noticed the sun had slipped halfway below the horizon. It looked big and red, but not angry. Maybe embarrassed. “Come closer.”

She hesitated, then moved up onto the step just below me, nestled between my legs. I wrapped my arms around her shoulders, pulled her close.

Except for one or two stray birds, we were alone. But I wanted to let her know this was just between the two of us. So in a low voice, I said, “Polly, I think we’re both still stunned by what happened last night. But I’m glad I wasn’t a gentleman like the other guys you’ve been dating. You’re special. Now I’m not going to lie and say I’ve fallen in love with you because of all that. But I do want us to keep going out. The thing is, after last night, I couldn’t handle being alone with you, not without our making love.”

She shook her head. “But Bobby, I acted like such a tramp. If I don’t stop now, I’m afraid I’ll never be--.”

“That’s crap,” I said, cutting her off. “You’re you. One night can’t change that. What you felt, what you did, what you still feel, all that’s normal. Maybe last night was a little extra intense, but look Polly, you’re a beautiful, passionate girl and a great lover. Trust me on that. And I know you’ve been wanting to find out what it’s like. Only those other guys always put you on a damn pedestal. Then I came along, all rude and crude. After last night, if you still feel some urge to maybe do it again, I’ll be there. But trust me, wanting something’s not the same as being an addict.”

“I wish I was sure.”

I’d been gently kneading her neck and shoulders trying to ease some of the tension from her muscles. “Let’s make a deal. For the next month or so we’ll date—see how things go. The thing is, whenever we’re together, there’ll be no playing coy or seduction. It’ll just the two of us having fun and making love.”

That earned me an uncertain look so I plowed on. “Just one thing. I really do want everyone to see us together. Like I said, it’ll make the guys envious and the girls mystified, wondering what you see in me. When the time’s up we can renegotiate, if you haven’t already told me to get lost.”
She sighed and wiggled closer, rubbing her back against my growing erection. “If we did that, when would we start?”

The very top of the sun hovered just above the distance line of dark trees. The western sky held shades of pink and red. “What about at sunset?”

As if on cue, the sun dropped out of sight. Polly twisted around and gave me a little smile. “The sun seems to like your idea. Okay, I accept. I trust you Bobby, and, and I want you. Let’s seal the deal.”

A moment later, we were face-to-face with Polly sitting astride my lap. In one fluid motion she pulled off her sweatshirt. The red glow of sunset made her skin look pink and warm. Those high, beautiful breasts were staring me in the face.

While sucking on a hard, sweet nipple I loosened her jeans and slipped my hands down over her bottom. She moaned, wrapped her arms around my head and shoved her breast against my teeth. As I chewed on the nipple, she let out another moan and her body shivered. When I squeezed on her bottom, she began hunching against me.

Her movements became more intense. I bit harder on her nipple and pinched her bottom. My reward was the sound of a low, sexy moan. Soon she was panting in time to the movement of her body against mine.  

With one hand busy on her butt, I began working the other inside the front of her jeans. She shifted around, making my job easier. When I reached my destination, she gasp and almost jumped off the tower. But with both hands inside her jeans, I managed to keep her in place.

I worked a fingertip down to her swollen clit. The reaction was incredible. She let out a cry and jerked back, snatching her nipple from between my teeth. Her eyes closed; her head kept tossing side-to-side. I started stroking her clit and she surged upward. As she strained against her jeans, I forced my hand between her thighs. When she came down, my thumb slid deep inside her pussy.

That set off another round of high-intensity passion. I’d never known any girl to react so strongly. For me, the experience was a mixture of power trip and unselfish giving. I mean, she might be in my control but my satisfaction came from pleasing her. It occurred to me that I could get to like this.

When it was over, when every drop of erotic energy had been savored, she slumped forward onto my chest. For some time we just held each other, sharing the after-glow.

I felt her shiver in the cooling air, found her sweatshirt and draped it over her shoulders. That seemed to break her reverie.

“I’m not believing what just happened,” she said. “It was incredible, sort of scary. How long were we doing that?”

“Heck if I know. Long enough to lose our sunset. Check out the stars. It’s night.”

She lifter her head and looked around at the early evening sky. “Oh, my God! I’m not believing that moon. Turn around and look behind you.”

It was a new moon, but so low on the eastern horizon it looked enormous. I had to say something. “Well, we’ve gone from sunset to moonrise. I don’t know if that means anything, but it sure makes for a great background.”

“Maybe it means we should make love in the daytime and nighttime,” said Polly, squeezing me hard.

“I’m agreeable.”

“Me too. But, Bobby, whenever we can, let’s come back here. I know this will sound silly, but to me, this isn’t just a fire tower anymore. It’s a special place, kind of like a love nest in the middle of the sky, somewhere above the trees and under the sun and the moon and the stars. I want to come back here, with you, as often as we can.”

It’d been sex of a different order-frantic, intense, almost driven.
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