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Twenty-five Year Old Virgin (part three)

Twenty-five Year Old Virgin (part three)

My name is James. I am the twenty-five year old virgin you may have read about in earlier stories. I'm now twenty-seven. I lost my virginity to my sweet little Jewish girl Debora. Then she left me for her kibbutz. After her I met my darling little hippie girl, Samantha, and we both shared what we knew about sex. I fucked her in the ass for the first time. She was happy to learn that. She moved on to Haight/Ashbury in San Francisco. I was no longer a virgin, but I was still as horny as I could be.

Into this college town and my apartment building my best friend's sister Mandy appeared. Well, she didn't just appear. I was expecting her. Art, my Navy buddy, had told me she was coming to my university. I was ready to start my senior year. I had taken off for four years to serve in the Navy. While I was away Mandy had grown up. She was now twenty years old. She had went to a junior college down in the southern part of the state for two years. Her grades were good enough to get her into the university I was attending. It seemed a good idea for her and me to share my apartment. I had moved up to a two bedroom place. We would both save money and it would be great to really get to know her now that she was grown up.

My apartment was on the fourth floor of the building. We had ten floors, so of course there was an elevator. I helped her pack all her stuff up in the elevator and we tried to stuff it all into my apartment. It was two bedrooms with a bathroom, and the kitchenette off to the right as you entered. The rest was a large room with a sofa, an easy chair, and a table with four chairs at which to eat. I knew Mandy would like it. We were only two blocks away from campus. 

I was five feet eight inches and one hundred fifty pounds. My hair was brown and so were my eyes. I was fit after service and I kept it that way. Mandy had bright red hair and green eyes. She was only about five feet two inches and was light as a feather, maybe one hundred ten pounds. She was actually quite lovely now that she was grown a bit. She had been a gawky girl two years ago when I came home from the Navy.

With seven years difference in age I had really not known her well at all. I had been away so long. But we could get closer now, and I would help her learn the ways of a large university. She was very excited about the whole situation. I think she must have looked up to me as her brother's good friend. A lot more than I ever knew. Anyway, she was happy and we spent the first evening out eating at a good restaurant, just for a treat. We couldn't do that a lot on our budget. I couldn't help seeing the looks she got where ever we walked around town. She was a pretty thing.

We settled into a routine. We would both go to bed about the same time at 11 or 12 o'clock to get up at 7 for classes. It was easy. I liked to shower in the evening and she wanted to do that in the morning. We learned to cook for each other, sharing that chore and all the others to keep the apartment neat and clean. The A/C was not great so we kept our doors and windows open that warm fall. We were both light sleepers but it didn't bother us at first.

After about a month I started noticing that as I drifted off to sleep I would hear a soft movement and creaking in the next room as if Mandy was shifting about to find a better position maybe. Personally it did not bother me. I tried to keep my own movements quiet. You see, I was jerking off almost every night into a sock. I had learned to do that in the barracks I had shared with dozens of other sailors. I think we all did it but we never talked of it.

It finally occurred to me that maybe Mandy was doing the same thing. Not into a sock of course. Just diddling her twat. You know. It dawned on me that she had not dated at all in the time here at school. Well, neither had I for that matter. It seemed we had both been too busy. It didn't bother me that she might be sexually active. It was only fair. She was a pretty girl and twenty years old. But thinking of her putting her fingers into her pussy with its red pubic hair was a real turn on for me.

I started jerking off harder and harder every night. I was getting godawfully horny. At last, one night, Mandy came out of her room and down to mine. She switched on the light.

"Jimmy, what's all the squeaking and stuff going on in here. I can't sleep."

"Mandy, wow. Okay, I guess you're old enough to know about sex, right?"

She blushed a bright red, almost as red as her hair. Then she started to cry.

"Mandy, what's wrong? Mandy, talk to me. What's the problem? I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bring up sex."

"No, Jimmy, it's not that. Oh, hell, you don't understand. I've never had sex with anyone else. I'm still a virgin!"

I almost laughed but was smart enough to hold it back. Then I gave her the true story of her room mate James.

"Listen girl, you should know something. I was a virgin myself until two years ago. I know, it sounds strange, but it's true. I was a twenty-five year old virgin. You're fine Mandy. You've got plenty of time."

"Are you kidding Jimmy? You were in the Navy. You've been to college. How could you be a virgin that long?"

"It's really simple, Mandy. If a girl said no, I backed off. That happened a lot and I just never forced it. Finally my girlfriend Debora taught me all about sex, and then my last girlfriend Samantha taught me anything else I needed to know. It's really very funny when you think about it. But you have no worries girl. You're a real beauty. I've seen all the guys giving you the eye. You won't be a virgin for long if you don't want to be."

She blushed and then looked at me as I sat up in my bed with the sheets over me. She looked into my eyes and asked me something.

"Jimmy, I hope you won't think I'm nasty or anything, but I think it might help me if I really saw a man for real. You know, naked? I mean, with no clothes on? For real? Would you do that for me Jimmy. Is that too bad?"

I smiled. "No Mandy, it's not bad at all. I can tell you right now that the human body is not nasty, and looking at it is always alright. I'd love to show you my body. It's not the greatest, but it will at least be the real thing, and maybe you'll never be afraid of a man again."

So I stood up out of bed, with my prick already hard, and took down my skivvy shorts. My dick sprang up and Mandy giggled. I smiled. I liked this.

She reached out and wrapped her hand around my cock. She slowly stroked it up and down learning what it felt like and making me want to come all over her face. She took my balls in her other hand and squeezed them. I moaned and she grinned at me.

"Jimmy, is it wrong that my pussy is tingling now? Does that mean I'm a whore?"

"No, of course not Mandy. I'll let you know a little secret, you're going to make me shoot my come if you keep stroking my cock. I'd love that, but it would really surprise you."

"Oh! You know Jimmy? I think I'd like to show you my body too if you don't mind? Would that be bad?"

"I don't really give a damn if it's bad or not Mandy. I just like sex and I think you will too, a lot. Honestly, I don't think anything about sex is bad unless you're forcing someone or you're messing with kids. Otherwise, I think it's all beautiful. I can't wait to see that beautiful body of yours Mandy."

She took her teddy over her red hair and showed me her perfect tits. They had ruby red nipples, hard and jutting out, and were shaped like cones pointing straight out, perky as hell. Then she drew down her panties and I could see the sweet red pubic hair in a perfect vee shape. Her labia were swollen, peeking out from the pubes with wetness shining on them. She had been creaming, I could tell. My room mate would love sex. I could see the shyness in her face as she blushed again.

"Am I alright Jimmy? Am I not too bad looking? You're so handsome and I'd hate for you to be disappointed in me."

"Damn, girl! You're the prettiest thing I've seen in months. I just want to eat you up." And I laughed as she giggled and blushed some more.

"Jimmy, I know what you just said about sex, but are you sure this is right? God, Jimmy, I want to be taught to make love. I want you to teach me. Is that so wrong Jimmy? I like you. Can I like you with my body too?"

"I never dreamed this would happen Mandy, but now that it is I am going to make sure this is the best sex you ever have. You will always remember your first time. Just don't tell your brother Art about this. I'll fuck you and suck you until you're an expert at making love. Really, sweetie, this'll be the best I can give and the most fun you've ever had."

And I picked her up in my arms. She leaned towards my face and I kissed her softly at first and then more forcefully as I french kissed her. Then I placed her gently down on my bed and crawled up between her legs. I could smell the odor of her lust exuding from her cunt. I loved that smell.

Spreading her legs apart I went down on her. She giggled, but then stopped abruptly as I sucked on her clit, and then she moaned and wrapped her legs hard around my head. I licked and sucked her into an orgasm and her cries of passion were music to my ears.

She grabbed my hair and thrust her cunt into my nose and mouth. I licked and then I bit her labia and she squealed again. She was humping my face. I was sucking her hard and taking in all the juices she could produce. Mandy was getting her first pussy eating. She loved it. I loved it.

Then I lifted up to give her the fuck she needed. I leaned over to the nightstand, took out a rubber, and tore it open.

"Here Mandy. Put this on my dick. You need to learn how to use a rubber when you fuck, for safety reasons, and to not get pregnant. I know you're not protected now."

She slid it down my prick, squeezed my cock, and giggled. Then she lay back down and spread her legs again. I lifted her legs by placing my arms under her knees and pressing them up almost against her tits. Slowly I eased my dick into her sweet, sticky, virgin cunt. I pressed slowly at first, but when I reached the maidenhead I drew back and rammed hard and deep. She groaned and then wrapped her arms about me and forced my ass to ram harder into her pussy.

I did ram harder. I was thrusting smoothly with a steady rhythm and I knew she was coming already because her tight, little cunt was rippling around my dick and she was trembling through her body. She was shaking with the passion of being fucked for the first time by a man who liked her and wanted only the best for her.

It is always my greatest pleasure to make a woman come and come over and over. It pleases me and makes me come all the harder when I finally do so. I controlled myself. I wanted to shoot but I didn't. I fucked Mandy long and hard and deep and she showed her appreciation by kissing me passionately and deeply with her tongue as I fucked her pussy.

At last, after jamming my long prick into that pussy for at least fifteen minutes, I had to shoot my spunk into the rubber and I yelled out I was coming and Mandy wrapped her legs about me again and took me as deep as she could. My spunk filled the rubber and she felt it and had a final orgasm as I pulled my still hard cock out of her sweet pussy. Then she collapsed and I lay down upon her hot, sweaty body. I kissed her eyes and her ears and then her swollen lips.

We had made love. My buddy's sister was no longer a virgin. She would never fear sex again. Now we slept together with our naked bodies together in my bed. She slept with her head on my shoulder and I held her close with my arm about her in an embrace. She had gone to sleep holding my cock. It took a long time for it to shrink down and grow soft. I held one of her luscious tits in one hand, softly squeezing it until I went to sleep too.

I slept well that night. I slept long and deep. I had no plans to go to class because it was Friday night and we were free for the whole day of Saturday. Knowing this I slept well. I was awakened in the best way possible.

I slowly opened my eyes and looked down to see Mandy holding my cock. It was limp but as she stroked up and down it grew and grew until it reached its biggest size. She was grinning with glee at her play.

"Lick it Mandy. Taste it. It's alright to love my cock."

She looked up at me with her green eyes smiling and then she sucked it into her mouth and began licking the dried come off of it. Her come and mine.

Her hair was long and curly and I grabbed two handfuls and began fucking her face. She opened her mouth and took it all gladly. She was learning all she could about sex. I was teaching her well. She tickled my balls and rubbed her hands over my chest. I wanted to give her what she needed.

She was a natural. She really loved sucking dick. That was good for some lucky dude in the future. It was damned lucky for me right now. My cock had regenerated all the spunk it could over night and I was ready to give her lots of creamy milk. I wanted her to taste it all, but I wanted to show her something she might never have heard of before.

"Mandy, you're a grand cock sucker. Really sweetie. God, this is so fucking good."

She grinned with my cock in her mouth and just kept on licking it clean and sucking between licks. I could see that she had one hand full of fingers rammed into her now well used cunt. She was learning how to really make herself come hard and long. As she sucked me her body was quivering, and she was moaning as she bit the head of my prick. I was moaning too.

At last I stopped her. I sat up as she groaned with lust for more cock. But it was time to feed her my sperm. I stood up by the bed and she leaned toward my prick begging for more. I started shooting come into her open mouth, and then I sprayed her face. She was startled, but then she giggled with glee, and I gave her a facial. When I was almost out of come I squirted onto those impressive tits of hers. As I did, her hand, working in her cunt, made her squirt her own juices out onto the bed. Mandy was a squirter.

Damn, this was good fucking. She swallowed all of the come she could get into her mouth. She sucked my cock dry. Then I laid her back down and I sucked her cunt dry. Turn about and all that. We had turned my twenty year old room mate into a veteran fucker and sucker.

This was going to be a great senior year.

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